15 Best Businesses You Can Start With 5k (5,000 Naira) in Nigeria

Are there businesses you can start with 5k in Nigeria either online or offline with good daily income? There are lots of small businesses you can invest 5,000 Naira.

5000 is not too small to start up a business but knowing a lucrative business you can invest your money into is always an issue, and am here to show you businesses that anyone can easily start with just 5k.

If you are a young lady, student or housewife, this business to start with 5k in Nigeria is all you need right now, instead of looking for where to borrow urgent 2k loan you can always generate your urgent 2k daily from this business.

These business is capable of generating 100k monthly income for you if you are truly passionate about it before you get started.

Businesses You Can Start With 5k


1. Selling of fruits

Fruit selling is one of the profitable business you can start with 5k and you will be sure of earn daily income to your wallet. This business is always good in students environment or urban area.

You can be selling fruits like, Apples, bananas, pineapples, star Apples, mangoes, sugar cane, guavas and more.

Most of these fruits are easy to get in the rural areas, which means you can always go to rural areas where farmers are much and be buying the fruits from them at a low price.

Many people in the urban areas will always buy the fruits from you at a fair rate, you can also be selling fruits salad too as this will help you earn more money.


2. Okrika business

Another small scale business to start with 5k in Nigeria is selling of fairly used clothes. Buying new clothes currently in boutique is very costly and not everyone can afford it.

Buying of London used cloth is the best alternative for those that can’t afford getting new clothes. This business is not difficult to start if you understand the business.

To get started, you need to go to where okrika is been sold in bulk and request to buy N5,000 own. Once you get it, you can always visit the nearest market close to you to market it to people that need it.

The profit you will be earning from this business will be high than those selling new clothes. Even many of the okrika clothes do look new most especially if you always have time to rewash and iron them before taking them to market.


3. Reselling spoilt products

There are many items in our homes that can be used to reconstruct or make other items. Most individuals throw them away. You can easily earn money by starting to buy those spoilt items from people around you and be reselling.

Best items that can give you 100% cash back are DVD, spoilt generator, refrigerator and more. These items can be prepared or use some of it parts to prepare other similar items.

The money you will be earning from this business will always shock you, because majority of individuals will always sell it at a cheapest rate to you because they see it as waste.

With your N5,000 capital you can be making over 20k profit, the reason for this high profit is because people are selling this to you as a means of removing waste, while you take it as business.


4. Selling of cold drinks and water

Now that the weather is hot, majority of people in the streets will always be craving for cold pure water, fanta or coke to drink. With just 5k you can start this business from the comfort of your home.

You do not need to start hawking on the street, rather you can start getting the drinks in whole sell and be reselling to retailers. You will earn more from this business if you already have refrigerator at home else you will need to be buying ice blocks.

From the comfort of your home you can be making profit of 2 to 3k daily from this business.


5. Fast food business

Fast food business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with 5k (N5,000) capital. It is easy to start and capable of generating daily income to your wallet.

These days people no longer wait to eat at home or have enough time to prepare food at home. Getting food from nearest fast food vendor is always the quickest means to quench our hunger most times.

Apart from the fact that we can easily get cheaper foods from fast food vendors, people with low income no longer visit restaurants do to cost of food there.

Though, you may already have frying pan, with your 5k you can start with preparing of noodles and frying puff puff for people, you can easily get ingredients for puff puff or get half carton of indomie and eggs and when your profits keep boosting you can always invest more.


6. Liquid soap production

Liquid soap production is a good business for ladies or house wife to start with 5k and be making consistent profits. Though, you need to learn how to produce the soap for free on YouTube or with quick search on Google.

Your 5,000 is for buying of the ingredients for producing the soap. People hardly buy detergents these days because of how expensive it has been mostly individuals who own restaurant or car wash.

Liquid soap has turned to their best alternative and the producers are making enough money by producing and supplying this soap to people who needed it.


7. Laundry business

Another business you can start with N5,000 is offering laundry services to people. Many individuals do no longer has enough time to do laundry at home.

You can fill this gap by offering this service to them, you can always go to their home and pick this cloths wash, iron and deliver it back to them while you get paid.

You are not only getting paid for your services they will always pay for your transportation. Many rich man may always offer you more than your actually price for the laundry and this will depends on your good job.


9. Trading Farm produce

If you visit different villages in rural areas mostly in Northern and western Nigeria you will see lots of individuals moving round the communities in search of farm produce to buy.

You can buy different farm products in the rural area with your 5k and transport it to urban area and resell it at a good rate while you earn your profit.

Though, you may not earn much for a start but you will definitely get a profit that will make you smile. This business is very profitable because their is always a high demands of farm produce in urban areas.


10. Selling of food stuffs

Another profitable business you can start with 5k is food stuffs selling, since people can’t do without eating and because of this the demand for food stuffs keep going higher.

You can be doing this business in front of your house or look for a space in any daily market and be selling your stuffs while you make your daily profits.

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Online Businesses You Can Start With 5k In Nigeria


11. Affiliate marketing

For those asking what business can I start online with 5k in Nigeria?, affiliate marketing is the best online business you can start with N5,000 and be sure of earning daily or weekly income.

This business only involves you selling other people’s products using your unique affiliate link. To get started; look for any legit affiliate marketing platform and register, get your affiliate link and start using it to market.

For anyone that sign up or buy a products through your affiliate links you will earn a commission.


12. Sell on Facebook market place

You can sell your physical products on Facebook market place for free. The only reason why you need 5,000 capital is for the promotion.

Apart from running Facebook ads to your products you can also pay some WhatsApp TV owners to help you promote your products using their WhatsApp status.

The profits you will be making daily or weekly will always be more than 10 to 20k depends on the products.


13. Blogging

Blogging is another profitable online business you can start with 5k in Nigeria and their is possibility you can start earning 100k to 200k monthly in the future if you can work more harder on your blog.

You can use your 5k capital to purchase a domain name and use free platform like blogspot to host it. When you work on your blog for some months you can then look for mean of monetization.

You can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing or Ezoic. I mostly recommend this business to students and graduates looking for cheap business they can start with potential to keep increasing in value and profits as it grows.


14. Freelance writing

Are you a students looking for cheapest online business that you can start with 5k in Nigeria freelance writing is the best online side hustle you can start.

This online writing job can be started by anyone who like writing different contents. 500 words of article on fiver is about $5 which means earning $100 to $200 monthly as a good writing will never a difficult task for you.

Freelance writing is not for weak minds, it’s for individuals who are good in researching and dishing out out valuable ideas that can help the readers.


15. Online tutorial business

If you are still searching for cheap online business you can start with 5k as a student or graduate then I will recommend online tutorial business for you.

Many students and graduates are earning lots of money by teaching other students either in a close WhatsApp group or private Facebook group.

Not just only school subjects, if you are a professional in any skill, like; Graphic design, video editing, and more you can focus on teaching others while they pay you.

Your 5k is just for your to run Facebook ads to get more students to join your online tutorials class.


FAQ on business ideas to invest 5,000 naira:

What kind of business can I start with 5000 Naira in Nigeria?

The best business you can start with 5,000 naira in Nigeria is trading farm produce, this business will help you generate lots of profits even with your low capital.

Buying farm produce from the rural areas at low price and moving it to urban areas for resell at a reasonable rate.


How to make money fast with 5k?

The best way to make money fast either online or offline with 5k is to invest it into any lucrative business with high potential.

Businesses like, okrika business, liquid soap making can be a good source of income for you.


What online business can I invest 5k in Nigeria as a student?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online tutorial business
  • eBook publishing.

Are some of the best online businesses that you can invest 5k as a student.

This business ideas may not require up to 5,000 naira to set up but you may need the money for advert to help boost your income.



I have been able to show you some of the small businesses you can start with 5k in Nigeria with high profit margin. This business ideas are capable of turning you into millionaire at young age.

The small scale business you started with just 5,000 naira can increase in the future and become a multi-million business.

As a student or jobless graduate I will advice you to invest your money wisely and the list above can help you in your choice.

Or did you know any other online or offline business idea that one can invest 5k in Nigeria with high profit?

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