How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria (10 Best Programs To Join)

Will you like to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Have you been curious about what affiliate marketers do? I am sure you must have come across where affiliate marketing was mentioned and you were not quite sure what it’s all about.

In this article you will find out everything about affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria. If you are not entirely familiar with the nitty gritty of affiliate marketing, then stick to this post.

Before we get into the details, I have a question for you; what if you could make cash at any time, from anywhere — even at the same time as you sleep, without needing to leave your house?

This is the idea of what affiliate marketers does.


I have been in digital marketing for years and I do have enough experience to coach you on this topic, I also used to be an affiliate marketer so you will find the information very useful if you are interested in starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this article, I will share you all the possible affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria which can be very valuable to people hoping to make money through affiliate marketing, but before we look into a lost of profitable affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, let me enlighten you on what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is a medium through which people can earn a fee for advertising other people or company’s products.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

It’s definitely simple, you do not have to go hawking the products in the street, in reality, as an affiliate marketer, you will search for a product you know your followers, friends or family will like to buy, then promotes that product and earn a percentage of every sale you make.

Usually, the income is tracked through an affiliate link from from the website of the company or person you are promoting his or her products.


How Affiliate marketing works

Have you ever come across that friend on WhatsApp asking you to share their link? That friend or sibling who may be advertising one product or the other.

Have you ever read a tweet or thread on Twitter and saw some advertisement of certain products, or maybe you have been recommended a certain product or service by some influencers when you were watching a Youtube videos.

All these are example of how affiliate marketing works, these people bring some certain products to your awareness and recommend you patronizing them.

These people maybe after using a product or service and found It helpful, decided to become an affiliate of those particular products or services.

Then they share a link with you and maybe say if you purchase the product or service you get a discount. Also these persons or people through which you patronize a product or service, will earn a commission from the sales or conversion depending on the type of product and affiliate program.

That’s the simple idea, but let’s dive deep into how they get to become affiliate marketers and how you can also become an affiliate marketer.


The process of becoming an affiliate marketer

Now that you are familiar with how affiliate marketing programs works in Nigeria, let me share with you the process of getting into affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Please note: There are offline and online affiliate marketers, which means there are organizations you can register on as an affiliate marketer, but in this article we will focus on the online affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria, the process below will guide you through how you can join any company’s affiliate marketing platform online.

  1. First locate an affiliate marketing platform:

There are several affiliate marketing platforms, you should be looking for a platform that offers services of products you are interested in.

It’s very important to choose a platform that  Is related to what you do or like to do, in this post, I will share with you some affliate marketing platforms that pays well.

As a quick example of the type of platforms that does affiliate marketing is Jumia or You can become an affiliate marketer in any of these, for those that will be interested in such niche.

For those interested in tech, there are so tech related niche that you can join their affliate marketing. In summary all you have to do is find a platform in the niche you are interested In because that is what will determine how easy it will be for you to get patronage.


  1. After you locate and sign up on any of the affiliate marketing platform:

Okay let’s assume you have found a platform you would love to join their affiliate marketing program, what next?

The company or the individual that owns the product or service (such person or company is/are known as a service provider) which you need to market or promote will give  you a completely unique link, usually after you register to the affiliate marketing program, you will find your affiliate link on your profile.

Your affiliate link will help the service provider to track where they are getting a sale or conversion from and it could be through you so, you will automatically be given a commission or percentage from the sale or referrals coming through you.

Notice, I mentioned referral above, that means that you could be referring people who do not necessarily have to make a purchase through your referral before you earn your commission.


  1. Start promoting the product or service of the company

After becoming an affiliate, by signing up on any of the affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria, some of which I am going to share on this post, then you can start promoting the service or product to earn your commission.

You can use your website if you have one to promote your link, one of the effective channels to promote and get people to patronize a service or product through you is a blog, it’s also possible to use a YouTube channel, your twitter or Instagram page, and other social media platforms.

The idea is to share the link to as many people as possible convincing them to patronize the service provider through you, you can choose any channel where you would promote the products you are serving as an affiliate.

If you have or do not have a website or blog, it’s is also possible to write articles and place your affiliate link on the article which you can share on your blog referring to the goods you’re selling or for your YouTube description or hyperlink to your Instagram bio, etc.

You can place that article on forums like Nairaland and other places just in case you don’t have a blog.

In all, how well you will perform in all of it relies on the platform you choose to use to promote the goods you’re selling or service you are promoting.


What do you need to become an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, are there any special requirements?

Just in case you are curious as to if there will be anything required from you to approved into an affiliate marketing program of any company then the short answer is there are no requirements.

But when it comes down to how you promote the service in order to get your income, then you would want to have a website, a blog, or maybe a YouTube channel in which you will sell/promote the goods of the service provider which you are affiliating for.

As long as you have a channel that gets traffic, then you are ready to become an affiliate marketer.


How Do Companies or individuals pay Affiliate Marketers?

This should be an interesting question you need to ask before diving into affiliate marketing business. The truth is, it’s not everyone that click your affiliate link that will patronize the service so what will really happens, at what point will you be paid?

In this scenario the service provider may look at many things. If you refer 10 people for example, they all clicked through your link but didn’t purchase, there is a possibility you will still earn a commission.

This means that the customer or people clicking your link doesn’t usually have to purchase the product for you to earn. Depending on the type of affiliate marketing program, and the affiliate marketing platform you register on.


There are numerous system that affiliate marketing platforms use to track and determine when an affiliate earns, and we are going to look into the most common ones below.

  1. You get paid for each sale:

This is the most common way affiliate marketers get paid, it’s very common and widely used. In this type of affiliate program, the service provider can pay you the affiliate marketer a percent of the sale rate of the product that is sold through you.

This is after the customer purchases the product through your affiliate or referral link. In different words, to get a sale you must convince your audience to make a purchase through your referral link.

Some of the companies doing this are those who sale certain products, and there are many platforms you can register on for this type of affiliate program.


  1. You get paid for each lead:

This type of affiliate program that pays for lead is not very common but is still much in use as a way most companies pay their affiliate marketers.

It’s is a bit of complex system that’s calculated in the system, the company pay in line for lead associated with your advertising and marketing referrals, this means that the company compensates the affiliate marketer based on the conversion of leads.

To get a lead, an affiliate marketer have to convince the customer to go to the service provider’s website and perform a particular action this action could be filling out a form, taking a survey, or signing up for an offer of a product, subscribing to a publication or downloading a software, app or files.

When your referrals perform any of this action, it’s considered a lead and you will be rewarded for that by the service provider.


  1. You get paid for each click

Affiliate advertising and marketing is basically all about producing the website of your affiliate program with visitors which is mostly referred to as traffic, the visitors are therefore maybe to perform an action or make a purchase.

On this regards, there are service providers who pay their affiliate marketers per each click on their affiliate link. This is called PPC.

PPC (pay per click) program is usually the most simplest, however you may need to earn a lot of traffic to the site to get a reasonable payment, hat is expected of you is to simply redirect people through your affiliate marketing link to the service provider’s website or blog.

So assuming you direct 1000 people to a website through your link, the service provider might decide to pay you for each of the people that went to that platform by clicking your link.

The affiliate is paid primarily based on the traffic and visitors redirected to the website.

Most service provider however treat PPC differently. Let me give you an idea of how PPC is calculated on most websites.

If the website receives 100 traffic from a people in a particular region, they can decide to pay you higher, e.g ₦50 naira for each of those traffic, so for 100 people clicking and visiting a website through your link you could be paid ₦5000.

Sometimes PPC is also considered as a lead, which means that the visitors you are referring might need to perform an action on the website or stay on the website for a particular time in order for you to be rewarded.


  1. You get paid per install:

This type of affiliate program is used by software companies. Basically what you have to do is drive traffic to the app or software, and you will be paid when someone installs the app or software through your affiliate link.

This is also profitable as long as you are skilled in driving engagements and traffic on any of the platforms that you choose to use.

Above are the the different ways affiliate marketers get paid, now that you know them, you will know how how to track your earnings when signing up to any affiliate marketing programs offering any of these.


Some benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria

Just in case you are curious if it really pays to become and affiliate marketer in Nigeria, I will share with you some benefits and why we think it pays to become an affiliate.

There are endless opportunities out there for affiliate marketers but, let me shed light on the most important reasons that may intrigue you.

So below are some opportunities and interesting reasons to consider affiliate marketing

  1. Make money while you sleep:

The simple fact is that most regular jobs, requires you to be at work/office and you only get to be paid at the end of every month, these are the kind of jobs known as Salary jobs.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it gives you the opportunity to get paid while you sleep.

There is no rocket science about that, the reality is that, what you do is promote your affiliate link as far as you can, then relax and see your earnings grow.

As the people you referred through your link visits your affiliate link or make purchases on the platform, you will be rewarded over days/weeks.  Even while you’re now no longer in the front of your computer, your marketing skills will be providing you a daily flow of income.


  1. You do not need to provide support for the service you are marketing:

When it comes to selling a product or service, one thing that is important is providing support to the customers/clients and also providing answers to certain question they may have regarding the product.

Thanks to the affiliate marketing structure, you’ll in no way need to be worried about customer service or consumer satisfaction.

The only responsibility of the affiliate marketer is to link the vendor with the client through your affiliate link. The seller will deal with any customer complaints,  and you will still receive your commission from the sale as usual.


  1. You get to work from home.

If you’re a person who hates going to the office, then affiliate marketing in Nigeria is the perfect kind of business you should consider.

You will only be marketing the goods, products or services that other service providers or sellers have created, from your home or wherever you are and of course you get to earn a commission.

Being an affiliate marketer will not stop you from doing any other thing as long as you send enough time marketing and promoting your affiliate link.


  1. Affiliate marketing does not necessarily require any capital to start

Most business you would think of starting requires you to have a capital upfront, most business requires a physical location, which means you would need to rent office spaces or shop, in summary, apart from being an employee if you are running a business of your own it sure requires financing.

However, affiliate advertising may be performed at a low  or no cost, which means you can start immediately with zero naira in your account, however if you really want to perform very well then you might need to create a blog or website, as far as I can tell you, that might be the only thing you need to pay for to start making a great income from affiliate marketing.

There aren’t any any mandatory charges to fear approximately and no need for you to pay for the products or services that you will be marketing. Becoming an affiliate market is very easy and straightforward.


  1. Affiliate marketing is a risk free and convenient business to do.

Being an affliate marketer makes you an independent business person, basically you do not have to fear or any risk that usually comes with running a business, also one of the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you won’t be forces to sell particular product or service.

You can choose to sell or promote any time or product, goods or service that you are interested in, there are a bunch of websites online with different type of products and service that you can research.

Also, you get to work anytime you like, you are not working on a schedule, you pick the time convenient for you and how you promote your affiliate link is all up to you.

This also means that you are free to do other side hustles along side affiliate marketing or strictly focus on affiliate marketing. You will also be free from any company regulations or policy binding you to a contract or having to report to someone.


  1. You are not on a salary, you make money daily/weekly/monthly based on your performance.

With regular jobs, you could be made to work from Monday till Friday, 8am to 4pm, doing heavy and simple tasks and still be paid the same salary at the end of the month.

But when it comes to affiliate marketing, the good thing is that your earnings will be based on how you perform, like how well you promoted your affiliate link and the traffic you are able to gather, you could go as far as you want, you will be rewarded equally for the amount of effort you put in.

The time you put in, the efforts and the knowledge you apply into promoting the product or service you are an affiliate off is directly proportional to how you will be rewarded.

This might be difficult for starters, people who do not really know how well to market a service, or for people who do not have a great platform with a lot of audience to advertise or market the product. However you can always learn and improve everyday.

You can create also succeed in this if you are a very good writer, by writing good blog post or by writing interesting post on your social media accounts, then you can be able to drive traffic to the product or service you are an affiliate for.


Top 10 best affiliate platforms in Nigeria that pays in 2022

Below, I have listed the top 10 popular and best affiliate marketing platforms to register on, as of 2022, these platforms are still very active and paying affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

Please note that there are so many affiliate platforms, however we decided to pick out the most popular one to show you.

I included a few top internationally owned affiliate platform,  the rest are affiliate programs owned by companies in Nigeria, the reason for this is that not all affiliate platforms allow Nigerians. most that do either pay very low for conversion, lead or sale or they are biased on their tracking and rewards.

We do not want you to waste your time or effort advertising or promoting a platform whereby at the end of the day it will be impossible or hard for you to withdraw or see your earnings.

It would be a painful experience that is why I have picked out the most trusted and sure affiliate platform that you can try out today.

We have done the work for you to research this list, and if you have read this article well you must have learned a lot and have a prior understanding of how these affiliate programs works.

With that being said please note that I cannot guarantee how much you should expect to make from this platform, but I can tell you that if you are skilled enough and can take it serious, you will earn enough to foot your bills.

I have tested most of these platforms and you are welcome to try them out too.


1. Amazon affiliate program:

First on my list here is amazon affiliate marketing program, an internationally owned affiliate platform where you can earn a lot of money. It’s also one of the trusted affiliate program all over the world.

Now let’s talk about what Amazon sells. Amazon is an e-commerce platform that  sells books, DVDs, software cloud computing Ai and more, it’s is also one of the biggest an top 5 tech companies in the world.

Base on my research Amazon affiliate program is the largest and the most paying, you will sure earn quite well by being an Amazon affiliate. You will find millions of products on their site to earn some commission. As at now, Amazon pays 10% commission from qualifying purchases and programs.

If you would like to register on Amazon associate program, you can visit the amazon affiliate program website.


2. Jumia affiliate program:

The next popular and high paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria I will share with you in this article is Jumia affiliate program.

This is absolutely and of the best and the most reliable affiliate platform as far as Nigeria is concerned, they are very consistent in paying their partners.

You can earn money on Jumia by directing traffic to the website, and if any of your referrals makes a purchase on the platform, you will earn a commission for the sale or conversion.

Like I have advised you in this post to succeed in this business line, it’s good to have a blog, social media account or website, to drive traffic. Jumia pays as high as 10% for each purchase made through your referral link within 30 days of the purchase.


3. Web4Africa Affiliate Program:

Have you heard of Web4Africa before? Well if you haven’t, Web4Africa is a web hosting and domain registrar. The company is based in Africa, Ghana to be precise, and it’s is one of the most popular hosting companies.

So you can refer customers to the platform to purchase domains or hosting and you will earn a commission for every conversion.

Web4Africa also provides 10% commission when the people you referred carry out any paying transaction on the platform.

It’s very easy to earn money in this type of industry, however to succeed in it, it would make sense if you are into the tech industry.

That way you will understand the rudiments and know how to convince people to patronize the platform through your referral link. To get started you can visit Web4Africa platform to signup.


4. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program:

Whogohost is also another web hosting and domain registrar providing hosting services and domain purchase to their clients. They are one of the top-tier companies known globally.

Similarly, if you are into the tech industry, then you will surely perform well as an Whogohost affiliate marketer.

The company provides up to 15% commission when any of the purchases your referral makes, that is interesting, isn’t it?

Also you get to withdraw your earnings into your bank once it reaches up to  ₦3000.


5. PiggyVest affiliate program

Another interesting platform to participate in their affiliate marketing program in Nigeria is PiggyVest.

PiggyVest is a finance company in Nigeria, they have one of the best affiliate marketing program in the finance sector, the company helps it customers save and invest their money, it’s trusted and registered company in Nigeria.

You will earn a commission when you promote and bring more users to the platform.

The good thing about the program is, they pay both you and whomever you have referred.  If a user visits the platform and completes the registration, PiggyVest will pay both you and the person ₦1000.

To know more about Piggy Vest affiliate program works and to get registered, you can visit the platform.


6. Bet9ja Affiliate program:

Of course, you have heard of Bet9ja, but maybe you don’t yet know that they also have an interesting affiliate marketing program, on our list Bet9ja is one of the coolest affiliate marketing platform.

Bet9ja as you may have already known is a betting platform, apart from betting, Bet9ja also offer casino and virtual gaming.

You will be given up to 20% of how much your referral has lost won on the betting platform, also the great thing about Bet9ja affiliate is that you could get up to 50% revenue share in the first month of your referrals joining.

That’s is not the only benefit however of joining the Bet9ja affiliate marketing program, you can join the program by visiting Bet9ja website and getting yourself registered. After that, you will be given your unique affiliate link.

To make your advertising easy, the company has an in-house team that does designs for banners that you use to promote.


7. 1XBet Affiliate program:

Another great betting platform that has a very good affiliate marketing platform is 1XBet which has grown really popular in the recent years.

1XBet is an opportunity for you to earn really big, all you need apparently is to promote the companies products on any of your channels, social media accounts or blog. 1XBet will pay you a commission once any of the people referred through you registers and deposit.

As a former 1XBet affiliate, I can tell you that if you take it seriously, you can earn up to N300,000 a month.

To join 1XBet affiliate marketing, visit their website and get registered, you will then be given an affiliate link, you can the start promoting and expect to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account.


8. Konga Affiliate Program

We talked about Jumia in this article, Konga is also another big affiliate marketing program in Nigeria that you could also benefit from today. The company is into e-commerce, they sell thousands of products on their platform.

Also Konga pays their partners a very impressive commission. Once any of your referrals goes to the website and makes any purchase, you will be given up to 9% commission.

They have an accurate tracking method and they have made their affiliate marketing program very easy for starters, so basically all you need is to ensure you have a good platform which you can use to start promoting the services and products that they sell.

To get started, visit Konga affiliate website, get registered, you will be given your affiliate link. Embed your link on your website, or create post on your social media accounts and include your link on those platforms to start driving traffic.

You will get your 9% commission payout for every sale coming through you at the 30th of every month, if your balance is at least N10,000.


9. Wakanow affiliate program:

Now, let’s talk about an affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria in the travel industry. I made sure to include various affiliate platform from different industry.

Wakanow is Nigeria’s leading online travel agency, their company runs the program to assist travel agency and individuals who sell travel products such as flights, airport pick-ups, hotels or tour-guides, this is offered in discount offers with huge profits.

So if you want to try out travel  business, you can give wakanow affiliate program a try. All you have to do is partner with them as affiliate and you will earn steady flow of income from your commission.

Their commission comes In discounted offers and this let’s you sell a world of travel products.

To get started, simply visit Wakanow affiliate platform and get registered. You can also find more information on how their affiliate program works on the platform.


10. IQ Option Affiliate Program

The last Affiliate marketing platform I will share with you in this article is IQ option, and this is in the crypto/finance industry. They are known as one of the big players in the most widely used binary option brokers

Joining IQ option affiliate program will definitely be a great choice for those who have interest in this industry.

The company offers several types of affiliate marketing program, one of which is the option to get half 50% of all of the brokers profit coming through you, that means that you get all profit for the users add up to one amount.

With the affiliate getting 50%, or an option to receive 40% of the brokers profit for each trader separately. For more clarity on how this works you can IQ option affiliate platform.


That’s all for the affiliate programs in Nigeria that pays.


How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website

Okay, I decided to chip this in, just in case you are curious, yes a lot of people would definitely want to know this.

In fact most of the people making a lot of income today from affiliate marketing do not all have websites or blog, so I am going to brief you on how you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website.

1. Create a social media account:

If creating a website cost to setup and or maybe pay for hosting of the website, creating a social media account isn’t. This is also one of the latest ways a lot of influencers and individuals are using to cash out big time.

There is a huge benefit for using social media for your affiliate marketing, of course you will get access to ton of traffic if you can create good post to engage users on the platform.

Some of the platforms that I have tested and I know sure works are twitter and Instagram.


2. Create a YouTube channel:

Another way to start affiliate marketing In Nigeria without having a blog is to create a YouTube channel, this is also free.

One of the trick to success of using a Youtube channel for affiliate marketing is that you should be able to create video, there’s already a wide audience waiting on the platform for great videos.

So if you can be creative in creating videos that are related to the type of affiliate program you are advertising for, then you can always include  your affiliate link In the video an urge your viewers to patronize.


3. Write guest post for other websites:

Another great way to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website to write post for other websites or blogs who are already getting a lot of daily traffic, if they allow, then you can place your affiliate link within the post.


Wrap up!!!

So there you go with the most comprehensive and detailed article out there about affiliate marketing in Nigeria, remember to avoid click bait when promoting your affiliate link after you have finally started.

Always try to provide people with value and give them a good reason to visit or patronize the service provider then you will succeed.

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