10 Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria (I Earned N250k+ From No. 6)

Are you looking for highest paying affiliate programs in Nigeria? Here, am going to show you top affiliate platforms that pay daily or weekly that you can register for free.

It is not a news that I have personally tried some of this affiliate platforms before sharing them with you, and I have earned close to N300,000 selling digital products online.

Even, if you are a student, stay at home mom or a complete beginner in the digital space you do not need to worry.

Affiliate marketing is the new oil well, you can make as much money as you want. Earning 50k daily from the comfort of your home shouldn’t be a news as many individuals are earning higher than that.


What is Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs is a medium through which people can join and earn a fee for advertising other people or company’s products.


Affiliate programs in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing: join high paying affiliate programs + promote products = earn money.

The income is tracked through an affiliate link from the website of the company or person you are promoting his or her products.


Requirements to join best affiliate programs in Nigeria

To join and start making money from any Nigerian affiliate marketing platforms, these are basic requirements and documents need to register:

  • You must be at least 18years old.
  • You must have an active social media account, blog or youtube channel.
  • Must have a valid means of identity (National ID, voter’s card or International passport).
  • Nigeria bank account, PayPal account or Crypto wallet for payment.


Does Nigeria affiliate marketing pay?

Nigeria’s affiliate marketing pays well. For instance, promoting an online fashion store, you earn a commission for each sale made through your referral link.

With a large population and growing e-commerce, Nigeria offers vast potential for affiliate marketers to earn substantial income.


10 best affiliate programs in Nigeria that pays 2023

These are popular and high paying affiliate marketing platforms to register on, these platforms are still very active and paying affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

Note: there are so many affiliate platforms, however we decided to pick out the most popular ones to show you.

I included a few top internationally owned affiliate platform,  the rest are affiliate programs owned by companies in Nigeria, the reason for this is that not all affiliate platforms allow Nigerians.

most that do either pay very low for conversion, lead or sale or they are biased on their tracking and rewards.

We do not want you to waste your time or effort advertising or promoting a platform whereby at the end of the day it will be impossible or hard for you to withdraw or see your earnings.

It would be a painful experience that is why I have picked out the most trusted and sure affiliate platform that you can try out today.

We have done the work for you to research this list, and if you have read this article well you must have learned a lot and have a prior understanding of how these affiliate programs works.

With that being said please note that I cannot guarantee how much you should expect to make from this platform.

But, I can tell you that if you are skilled enough and can take it serious, you will earn enough to foot your bills.

I have tested most of these platforms and you are welcome to try them out too.

1. Amazon affiliate program:

The first high paying affiliate programs in Nigeria on our list is amazon affiliate marketing program, an internationally owned affiliate platform where you can earn a lot of money.

It’s also one of the trusted affiliate program all over the world. Now let’s talk about what Amazon sells.

Amazon is an e-commerce platform that sells books, DVDs, software cloud computing Ai and more, it’s is also one of the biggest and top 5 tech companies in the world.

Base on my research Amazon affiliate program is the largest and the most paying, you will surely earn quite well by being an Amazon affiliate.

You will find millions of products on their site to earn some commission. As at now, Amazon pays 10% commission from qualifying purchases and programs.

If you would like to register on Amazon associate program, you can visit the amazon affiliate program website to register.


2. Jumia affiliate program:

The next popular and high paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria I will share with you in this article is Jumia affiliate program.

This is absolutely and of the best and the most reliable affiliate platform as far as Nigeria is concerned, they are very consistent in paying their partners.

You can earn money on Jumia by directing traffic to the website, and if any of your referrals makes a purchase on the platform, you will earn a commission for the sale or conversion.

To succeed in this business line, it’s good to have a blog, social media account or website, to drive traffic.

Jumia pays as high as 10% for each purchase made through your referral link within 30 days of the purchase.


3. Web4Africa Affiliate Program:

Have you heard of Web4Africa before? Well if you haven’t, Web4Africa is a web hosting and domain registrar. The company is based in Africa, Ghana to be precise, and it’s is one of the most popular hosting companies.

So you can refer customers to the platform to purchase domains or hosting and you will earn a commission for every conversion.

Web4Africa also provides 10% commission when the people you referred carry out any paying transaction on the platform.

It’s very easy to earn money in this type of industry, however to succeed in it, it would make sense if you are into the tech industry.

That way you will understand the rudiments and know how to convince people to patronize the platform through your referral link. To get started you can visit Web4Africa platform to signup.


4. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program:

Whogohost is also another web hosting and domain registrar providing hosting services and domain purchase to their clients. They are one of the top-tier companies known globally.

Similarly, if you are into the tech industry, then you will surely perform well as an Whogohost affiliate marketer.

The company provides up to 15% commission when any of the purchases your referral makes, that is interesting, isn’t it?

Also you get to withdraw your earnings into your bank once it reaches up to  ₦3000.


5. PiggyVest affiliate program

Another interesting platform to participate in their affiliate marketing program in Nigeria is PiggyVest.

PiggyVest is a finance company in Nigeria, they have one of the best affiliate marketing program in the finance sector, the company helps it customers save and invest their money, it’s trusted and registered company in Nigeria.

You will earn a commission when you promote and bring more users to the platform.

The good thing about the program is, they pay both you and whomever you have referred. If a user visits the platform and completes the registration, PiggyVest will pay both you and the person ₦1000.

To know more about Piggy Vest affiliate program works and to get registered, you can visit the platform.


6. Bet9ja Affiliate program:

Of course, you have heard of Bet9ja, but maybe you don’t yet know that they also have an interesting affiliate marketing program, on our list Bet9ja is one of the coolest affiliate programs in Nigeria.

Bet9ja as you may have already known is a betting platform, apart from betting, Bet9ja also offer casino and virtual gaming.

You will be given up to 20% of how much your referral has lost won on the betting platform, also the great thing about Bet9ja affiliate is that you could get up to 50% revenue share in the first month of your referrals joining.

That’s is not the only benefit however of joining the Bet9ja affiliate marketing program, you can join the program by visiting Bet9ja website and getting yourself registered. After that, you will be given your unique affiliate link.

To make your advertising easy, the company has an in-house team that does designs for banners that you use to promote.


7. 1XBet Affiliate program:

Another great betting platform that has a very good affiliate marketing platform is 1XBet which has grown really popular in the recent years.

1XBet is an opportunity for you to earn really big, all you need apparently is to promote the companies products on any of your channels, social media accounts or blog.

1XBet will pay you a commission once any of the people referred through you registers and deposit.

As a former 1XBet affiliate, I can tell you that if you take it seriously, you can earn up to N300,000 a month.

To join 1XBet affiliate marketing, visit their website and get registered, you will then be given an affiliate link, you can start promoting and expect to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account.

I will recommend this affiliate marketing platform to you if you are a social media influencer, YouTuber or video content creator.


8. Konga Affiliate Program

We talked about Jumia in this article, Konga is also another big affiliate programs in Nigeria that you could also benefit from today.

The company is into e-commerce, they sell thousands of products on their platform.

Also Konga pays their partners a very impressive commission. Once any of your referrals goes to the website and makes any purchase, you will be given up to 9% commission.

They have an accurate tracking method and they have made their affiliate marketing program very easy for starters.

So basically all you need is to ensure you have a good platform which you can use to start promoting the services and products that they sell.

To get started, visit Konga affiliate website, get registered, you will be given your affiliate link.

Embed your link on your website, or create post on your social media accounts and include your link on those platforms to start driving traffic.

You will get your 9% commission payout for every sale coming through you at the 30th of every month, if your balance is at least N10,000.


9. Wakanow affiliate program:

Now, let’s talk about an affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria in the travel industry. I made sure to include various affiliate platform from different industry.

Wakanow is Nigeria’s leading online travel agency, their company runs the program to assist travel agency and individuals who sell travel products such as flights.

Airport pick-ups, hotels or tour-guides, this is offered in discount offers with huge profits.

So if you want to try out travel  business, you can give wakanow affiliate program a try. All you have to do is partner with them as affiliate and you will earn steady flow of income from your commission.

Their commission comes In discounted offers and this let’s you sell a world of travel products.

To get started, simply visit Wakanow affiliate platform and get registered. You can also find more information on how their affiliate program works on the platform.


10. IQ Option Affiliate Program

The last high commission Affiliate programs in Nigeria I will share with you in this article is IQ option, and this is in the crypto/finance industry. They are known as one of the big players in the most widely used binary option brokers

Joining IQ option affiliate program will definitely be a great choice for those who have interest in this industry.

The company offers several types of affiliate marketing program, one of which is the option to get half 50% of all of the brokers profit coming through you, that means that you get all profit for the users add up to one amount.

With the affiliate getting 50%, or an option to receive 40% of the brokers profit for each trader separately.



I have been able to show you affiliate programs in Nigeria that pays daily, weekly or monthly. If you want to start making money by selling other people’s products then the platforms listed above will surely help you.

Did you have any questions? Ask now.

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