After JAMB 2021 What Next? | 10 Things To Do Before Admission

After JAMB what next? What are the necessary things that a JAMB 2021 candidate need to do once he/she finished writing JAMB 2021/2022 Examination that is the basic thing that am going to talk about in this article.

after jamb what next?

Have you been asking questions such as;
After JAMB what Next?, after post utme what next, what to do in order to enter school after good jamb result etc those questions are what am going to answer in this article, but before we move on let me tell you a short story.

I could remember my mistakes immediately I finished my JAMB examination back then, I keep on playing with the joy that yes! I have finished writing JAMB now am calmly waiting for admission.

I do not even think of preparing for post UTME the funniest thing then was that I chose a very high competitive course which is law in University of Lagos (UNILAG).

I was shock the day I heared that Post UTME registration have started, I rush to buy the post UTME form but I need to check my JAMB result before I move on to pick up the form, as I enter cyber cafe and checked my result chai! I scored 190.

I moved on and purchased the post UTME form but I failed to understand one thing which is What next after checking JAMB result, I wrote post UTME and I still score very low! And my chance of gaining admission that year reduced to 4%.

I have no one around me then that can tell me that it is almost impossible to gain admission to study law in UNILAG with my low JAMB score (190), I wish I have a mentor then, or I saw this kind of post you are reading right now! I would have been happy.

if you really want to take your academic journey serious most especially when it comes to admission race you need to read this life changing guide which am going to answer this mighty question, after JAMB what next?

After Writing JAMB 2021 What Next?

1. Fall in love with your textbooks/Notebooks

almost 80% of JAMB candidates do forget about reading immediately after they finished writing JAMB examination, they think that they have no reason to read again since They have finished writing JAMB, I will urge you now to fall deeply in love with your books immediately after JAMB examination.

You are a student just exactly like an army your moral should be high always, even if you are not preparing for any exam you need to read not just reading study and teach others what you learn’t since you are not doing any thing and you have free chance.

Call your junior students around you and teach them what you think they should know, some of the things you learn’t then, you may later come across it in the future either in the exam or just ordinary class room question.

Reading immediately after JAMB will give you an opportunity to face any admission screening exam such as post UTME but failure to read after JAMB might make you to fail or score low in screening exam if you are to go for screening before admission.

2. Check your JAMB score and and your choice of institution

After JAMB what next? This is one of the major things to do, now JAMB examination have come and go my question is have you check your JAMB score ? If yes! What did you score ? 180, 200 , 250 or above 300 or Did you score low or high?

Now! Check your choice of institution most especially first choice ask your self will they accept my score?, just move on to the next step to confirm the answer to your question.

3. Check the school cut off mark and your course

Is the school offering the course that you are aspiring for? If yes! What is their cut off mark for that course ? Is it 180, 200 or below, check the school cut off mark for that particular course that you are going for, check if their is any chance for you to gain admission with that your score if not move over to the next step.

4. Check if you are to change institution or course

Now! Think if you can gain admission with that your score and if the score is low do not worry just do change of course to the one that is less competitive that you can easily gain admission let me give you a real life example;

when one of my friends wrote JAMB in 2020 he chose law but because of his low JAMB score he changed the course from law to sociology and His name appear for the first list when admission list came out.

5. Check the institution that you chose to know if they do conduct Post UTME Screening Examination

Immediately after JAMB what next ? do not keep on playing like me move out and make enquiries about the School, ask questions to no if they do conduct post UTME screening examination or not.

This will help you to no the gear that you are going to put either to put more effort studying or less effort studying, but I will advice you to put much effort studying even if your choice of institution do not use to conduct post UTME examination.

6. Make research about the school acceptance fee , school fees , and the cost of everything that requires money.

I could remember the last time that I wrote JAMB, I chose UNILAG, I took it as a job to search both offline and online, i asked questions such as: What is UNILAG school fees, what are the o’level requirements to study law in UNILAG etc at the end I got the school fees, acceptance fees price, ready and the amount for every thing that am going to pay for once they offer me admission into Unilag.

7. Ask questions or make research about all the required document you may need before you inter

Try and make sure you get all the documents down even before you gain admission to avoid you rushing any how immediately you gain admission, documents like;

  • Local Government Identification,
  • Birth certificate or Birth declaration,
  • o’level result (WAEC,NECO) and
  • JAMB result etc.

8. Seek more advice from those who are already In the school

Yes! this is very important look for any student that is already in the school ask him/her questions about the school and the course you are going to study.

Many of them will give you both positive and Negative opinion but do not neglect any just think about it and no how to fix it, let me gist you small.

When my brother is seeking admission into Ebonyi state University (EBSU) many people were telling him that the school is very though and some are saying the school is the best, but my brother just think about all those things and pick the relevant once.

No matter what people say never reduce your determination to pursue your dream.

He who ask question, never miss road.

9. Learn Handwork/Skill

Have you ever be broke when you are in secondary school?, did you have to depend on your parent always even if your parent are going to be sending all your need to you it is not always, their are  times that will come they will be tired of sending things to you.

take note that it is not every time that you can tell your parent to give you money to buy something, you have to think now that you still have the little Chance to learn any handwork or skill, in my own time I learn’t how to barb, you also can look for any handwork that a student can be doing and still be going to school .

Or didn’t you want to be financial independent? You can check out some of my article below it will help you.

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10. Start Visiting Usulorinform

After JAMB what Next ? you need information and guide to keep moving when it comes to academic journey, here we do share relevants informations and guide on how to pass any examination in one sitting without cheating, you need information to keep you going.

I will advice you to keep visiting usulorinform for guidance and counsellorship on JAMB , O’level and General academic guide.

If you are not informed you will be deformed

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