How To Become A Freelance Writer In Nigeria Free (Earn $500 Monthly)

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to become a freelance writer in Nigeria with no experience and make millions of dollars in 2024.

Are you slaving away each and everyday going to a job you hate? Coming home with a million matters to attend to and all you want to do is to write.

That’s right. I am quite sure you are here today reading this article because you want to know how to be a successful and profitable freelance writer in order to begin make a living?

If this is the case, then this post is for you. Read carefully as we take you through important thing you need to know to become a paid freelance writer in Nigeria.

Before we show you the 6 key steps on how to become a freelance writer in Nigeria, let’s us take you through some vital information which you need to get acquainted to first before knowing who a freelance writer is.


I am sure, you must have heard about whom freelance writers are or what they do, cool! But also we do know that they are various types of writing when it comes to freelancing,

so we are going to highlights on each of the freelance writing types, ad give you a few information on getting good clients, ways you can improve yourself in your writing and which platform you can signup on as a freelance writer in Nigeria,

Are you ready…….?

No worries, I will not be wasting your time in today’s article, every single paragraph in this article contains information that will apparently get you set and take you through the journey of becoming a freelance writer in Nigeria, so read through carefully.

The big question! Before we even go straight to the key steps, what the hell or who the hell is a freelance writer by the way.

Got any idea? Oh I am sure you do.

A freelance writer is said to be an independent worker who takes writing as a job. A freelance writer does not require being directed by any boss because he is the boss of himself.

Basically a freelance writer does not have constant time or working hours, he only executes his entire task as long as he can, depending on his ability.

A freelance writer can also work for drivers publications depending on how capable he is.



How to become a freelance writer in Nigeria

We call these kind of jobs remote jobs (working from home).

A writer is referred to as a freelance because he is self-employed. Such people will only accept a writing job and decide what amount is to be paid.

To be a good freelance writer, it is important to know which aspect of freelance writing you can perform well as there are various kinds of freelance writing.

All of these types of freelance writing are very important in different ways and their functions. This sometimes requires having vivid and intrinsic knowledge about them so as to meet up with your client’s expectation.

Written below are types of freelance writing. From here, you can choose the one that best suits you or any of the one which you can best perform.

  • Blog writing job
  • Content writing job
  • Ghost writing job
  • SEO writing job
  • Copywriting
  • Editing jobs



This is a type of freelance writer that you can be, by writing for blogs you can become a freelance writer in Nigeria. Though these people are sometimes being referred as Bloggers.

What does it mean to be a blogger, let’s take a quick glance of it as this will highlight what bloggers do as a freelancer writer, so the question, what do bloggers write and how does one get to it. Then you can know if you will be interested or ready to be a blogger…

A blogger is a person who writes materials for a blog, blogging is a career that allows you to explore your ability to research and write about topics which people are interested in.

A blogger is a person who posts regular online contents that can instruct, educate, enlighten, inspire and entertain people.

Bloggers share their expertise through online platforms, they are willing to give their ideas on what they best know how to do without been taken back.

A good blogger doesn’t post or make online content just for his own interest, he is always willing to make sure that each post he makes out there is of great importance to readers and can yield positive result and interest on their side.

A blogger can also be an online teacher, they share stories and experience which could also educate people, he uses his content to add value to people.

Bloggers can get paid by others to write contents on their blog and this is also known as freelance writing, becoming a blogger is easy.

The summary of these type of freelance writing is that, you can get jobs from people to become a full-time or part-time writer for their blog. And with this you can make a lot of money writing.



This is the second type of freelance writing we will talk about before we show you the key 6 steps on how to become a freelance writer.

A content writer is someone who creates relevant, engaging written content for websites.

Every website is created with a specific target audience in mind, and that audience requires well-written, informative and high-quality content.

Typically, the content created by a content writer will include keywords aimed at improving a website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

These kind of writers are found on freelance platforms like Fiverr, upwork and a few other freelance platforms that exist today.

A content writer is usually experienced and must know the rudiments of writing for websites such as using keywords.

Keywords are specific, business-related words or phrases that internet users may enter when looking for specific services or products.

By focusing on these, content writers increase the audience of people who will find their content when they enter relevant search terms into search engines.



A ghost writer is a person who is hired to write but doesn’t take credit for the work done.

It is usually an agreement between two Parties which are the ghost writer and the author. The ghost writer only decides the amount he is to be paid for the work done.

A ghostwriter is hired for his or her quality of work, and not necessarily for his or her “name” as a book writer.

When someone needs a new copy for a website, they may hire a ghostwriter to rewrite original copy.

Writing ads or business copy or providing new or rewritten material for personal or business use are all lot of similar jobs.

The ghost writer is only hired as a professional writer to produce high quality copy that is professional to read.



This is a special type of writing jobs, that involves some critical approach. It did be similar to content writing which we discussed above, but sometimes these kind of content are more directed to search engine for various reasons and people are getting paid for it.

The way in which you plan, create and optimize content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines is known as SEO writing.

SEO which stands for (Search Engine Optimization) SEO writers always perform the task of making sure that whatever content they write is solely for the possibility that it ranks on search engines.

In this case, you have it in mind that you are working on SEO based content before writing anything down.




This is another type of freelance writing we will talk about.

The act or profession of writing text for the aim of advertising or other forms of marketing is known as copywriting.

The product, also referred as copy or sales copy, is published content that focuses on increasing product awareness persuade an individual or group to reach potential.

A copywriter is responsible for writing texts used for promotional materials. A copywriter makes persuasive contents that convince people to take specific action



Editing is a way of correcting, modifying and rearraging words in a way that can be suitable to the reader. The importance of editing is to make sure that ideas are clearly stated and presented to your reader.

Now that you are familiar with the type of freelance writing job you can get your hands on. Now, let’s discuss the key steps to become one.


How To Become A Freelance Writer In Nigeria

How to become a paid freelance writer in Nigeria


1. Hone your skills by taking a freelancer writing course:

Something  you must understand before starting the freelance writing job is that, the space may already be competitive with so many people trying to get jobs to stay on.

Your best bet would be to have the best skills possible, think of your clients how best you can attract them and make them come back to you, to start your journey as a freelancer writer in Nigeria, you must have a very good skill.

So you must start by taking online courses or any tutorials that will help you become a perfect writer.

From this you can become very relevant and you can use your expertise to hook your clients.

Freelancing may sound easier, I mean it’s just about getting a piece of content out there, yes it’s.

But it’s the fundamental, how well you write will determine the kind of contracts and Job you get as a freelancer writer so be very sure that you are good.


2. Get your freelancer writing site profile and portfolio all set up:

The next step on how to become a freelance writer in Nigeria is to create your profile. You can do this by building a simple website which will show basic information about you, what you charge, topics you write on and how people can be able to reach you.

Another thing you can have on your website is a portfolio which obviously shows your works.

This helps people connect with you, and it is very important especially for freelancers who work outside freelance platforms.

Your website and portfolio helps people make a connection to your work, so don’t skip this step.


3. Make sure to upload sample works or previously done jobs on your portfolio or website.

Nigerian freelancer

To add more light on step three, after getting your website. Write down samples of your work especially if you are just starting out as a freelance writer In Nigeria.

If you have already done some jobs, then make copies of your work available on your platform (NB: this should be advisable only when you are sure the client is fine with the content being displayed,

mostly whether  the client has already posted this content on his/her site, or at worse for not upload jobs that you are not supposed to, preferably show samples of your work).

You want to ensure that you do not disappoint your clients and you keep them coming to you for  more jobs.


4. Grow yourself on social media and try marketing funnels:

The fourth step is start making people to know about you in order to get prospective clients or job referrals from people who know you.

The thing about becoming a freelance writer in Nigeria is that, getting jobs might pose some threats, so you want to be sure that you make yourself available, make people to know about you and you will stand a chance of getting people to give you jobs.

You can use social media platforms and create a marketing funnels, get people contact when you can and reach out to them from time to time,

let them know you are available for any job and make sure to always show a sample of your work so they become sure.

From these marketing funnels you can be sure that within a short amount of time you will start getting jobs as a freelancer in Nigeria.


5. Sign up on freelance writing platforms:

How To become a paid freelance writer in Nigeria

This is also one of the mediums you can use to get clients to order your service.

There are up to 5 major freelance websites today, where you can get clients and people to give you writing jobs.

Some of these sites are;

And more, it’s also possible to sigup on sites like LinkedIn. Once you have an account on these sites, make sure you spend time building your profile In order to attract prospective clients.


6. Start freelancing and building your networks:

With the five steps above, you should already be on your way to becoming a freelancer in Nigeria, those are the basics on how to become a freelancer in Nigeria.

However, remember that once you start doing jobs and getting clients, render a good service, from here you can build your networks.

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