How To Make Money As a Yahoo Boy In Nigeria Fast

Few weeks ago, I wrote about yahoo boys WhatsApp group to join as an upcoming yahoo boy and today I will be showing you how to become a successful yahoo boy not just that I will also show you free site to get rich clients.

Over five thousand (5,000) Nigerians search for how to become a yahoo boy each month based on my research, it is no more news that the country is hard and youths are looking for means to make money.

Do you think yahoo is the only way now? We shall find out in this article but the fact is that many yahoo boys are cashing out daily but the question is did you really understand what those successful yahoo boys did to get to where their are, remember no means of making money is easy.

In this yahoo boys orientation guide am going to show you how to become a successful yahoo boy and start cashing out, the meaning, dangers and the disadvantages.

Note: The major aim of this post is not to promote fraud (Yahoo), or support the act rather to inform the youths about the dangers so they can stay away from such act and also not to fall victim to scammers either in Nigeria or abroad.


How to Become a successful Yahoo Boy

These are the major requirements you need to become a yahoo boy or girl and start cashing out immediately.

How to become a successful yahoo boy

  • Smartness
  • Laptop/smartphone
  • Steady Internet Connection
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • VPN
  • Dating Apps
  • Email Bombing App
  • Cloning Apps
  • Google Hangout
  • Google Translate
  • Foreign Phone Numbers
  • Foreign Email Addresses
  • WhatsApp
  • Grammarly
  • A Picker
  • Bank Drop or Anonymous Wallet
  • Fake Social Media Accounts

It’s a fact that those items are what yahoo boys make use of, but you can still use those items to work online and get paid in dollars legitimatly, or do you prefer money gotten through fraud which will not allow your mind to be at rest.


Who is a yahoo boy?

A yahoo boy is someone that engages in 419 scam, it can also be refer to as G Boy.

It is not good to be a yahoo boy and it’s illegal all over the world including in Nigeria as the law enforcement agencies are always looking out for those engaging in such illegal act.


Meaning of HK in yahoo

Hk means headquarters in yahoo boy code. It is a place where the fraudsters come together to carryout their criminal activities.

Who is a client?

A client is a victim of the scam. A person that a yahoo boy convinces to send him money, silver, gold, iPhone, bank details etc. The client may be a foreigner living in country like USA, China, Canada or Uk.

A yahoo boy finds his clients using yahoo boys app or website like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, telegram and, Instagram.

What does picker mean?

In yahoo boys language, a picker is a person who stays in the same country as the scammer’s target, he/she help to collect the money on behalf of the fraudsters.


Yahoo Boy Format

These are latest format that yahoo boys are using to scam their clients now, The following are all yahoo boy billing format to cash out;

  • Yahoo format to make client fall in love
  • Yahoo format for selling cars
  • Food billing format for yahoo
  • Delivery format for yahoo
  • NFT format for yahoo
  • Birthday billing format for client
  • Phone Billing Format for Client
  • Sickness Billing Format for client
  • Fake Medical Bills Format
  • Accident Billing Format for Client
  • Fake Online Banking Format
  • Love and Trust Format for Client Pdf
  • Online Banking Billing Format
  • Format to Collect Credit Card from Client
  • Format to Collect Driving License from Client
  • Menstruation Billing Format
  • Hookup Format for Yahoo Boy
  • Female Dating Format for Yahoo
  • Yahoo Dating Format question and answer
  • Gay chat format.

Consequences of being a yahoo boy

The disadvantages in being a yahoo boy is too high which is why I will never advice any teenager, boy, girl even my enemy to join yahoo.

Based on my findings I noticed that majority of youths are looking for how they can make quick money due to peer pressure which is very bad. And below are the major reasons you should never try to join yahoo.

  1.  The risk is too high
  2. It will destroy your name in the society. Remember, a good name is still better than great riches of a yahoo boy.
  3. You can spoil your country’s name in the global space.
  4. It can destroy your future, if you were caught by the law enforcement agencies.
  5. You will hardly sleep, which means no time to rest nor will you have peace of mind.
  6. Death in extreme cases, maybe from rival groups or agreement with the Deities.
  7. Being a yahoo boy can lead to someones early death
  8. None of your friends will trust you again and they will start staying away from you.
  9. You won’t spend the money well.
  10. You will become lonely and you will be trying to appear busy on social world.

If an average guy who scams people use his expertise on a legit internet job, my statistics shows that he would make more money legitimately.


My Advice

Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit. Stop searching for how to be a successful yahoo boy and start looking for how to make money online legitimately without engaging in scam.

How to become a yahoo boy

Look for high income skills in Nigeria and learn that will not only give you peace of mind it will also make your parents to be proud of you.

If you are still thinking of becoming a yahoo boy in this 2023 just know that you are thinking of entering danger, the internet you are using wrongly searching for how to become a successful yahoo boy is also the same internet you can use to search for how to make money online legitimately.

I know things are hard for many youths and the country is difficult right now, but believe me their is hope for those who think positive about earning money legally without having to make others cry first.

Stop looking for free site to get rich clients or best dating sites to meet wealthy men and start looking for legit sites you can get high-paying clients that will buy your digital products or services.

I know hunger, greed and peer pressure is mostly the causes of some boys or girls thinking of engaging in fraud but remember, you can still use same strategy or energy to look for means to get that money legally.

What one of the legit hard working men I interviewed on the street told me before I started writing this article:

I lost a cousin to the cold hands of death because he scammed the wrong spiritualist and refused to return the money. The man pin my cousin down till he died. He was practically shouting fire for weeks before he died.


Digital Skills/business to learn instead of learning how to do yahoo.

I have already told you that there are thousands of ways to earn dollars without doing yahoo since the risk of being a successful yahoo boy or girl is too high, I will advise you to focus on legitimate ways to make money online.

However, I always advise youths to learn digital skills instead of looking for how to become a yahoo boy or girl. No matter the kind of job you are currently doing or if you are jobless with no job at all, this digital skill will help you to become a self-made boss which will make you more employable and more productive.

If you are already a business owner trying to boost the productivity of your business learning digital skills like; SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing, will help you to grow your business by creating brand awareness and reaching more target audiences.

Instead of visiting yahoo boys website or app looking for how you can scam people, you should visit youtube to learn most of these digital skills for free and in turn you will start making cool cash offering your services to people.


1. Programming

This is one of the best digital skills you can learn instead of learning how to do yahoo, programming involves you writing codes known as algorithms that gives instructions to computer device. The process of creating these algorithm that direct the computer how to function is known as programming.

With the help of different programming languages like; python, basic, javascript, PHP, C++, FORTRAN, Ada, cobol, etc. you can build different websites or application that can help people to perform different tasks.

For example, in the past before the introduction of most fintech companies in Nigeria anytime you want to borrow money you will have to go to the bank with lots of documents and start filling forms with collateral, but today you can stay in the comfort of your home and download any loan app in Nigeria and request for the load and you will get it fast without any collateral.

You can learn coding on youtube video tutorials, programming websites, and books about coding.

So learning programming languages on your own, won’t be easy. Coding is a highly technical job that entails different algorithms and complex data structures. On the flip side, learning by yourself allows you to set the pace of your education.


2. Online business planning

If you already have business experience, you can offer your services as a business planner, with this you can assist other entrepreneurs in starting and running their businesses effectively.

Help your clients integrate their ideas, money, and business goals into a single, well-organized business road map. In order to verify whether a client’s firm has the potential to be successful or whether it needs to make changes or take a different path, you can also assist in conducting market research.

I have already told you that yahoo is not a business and if you already have a business esperinece instead of going into fraud, working as online business planner should be your target.


3. Become a social media influencer

One of the best ways to make money and become richer than yahoo boys is to become a social media influencer. It is not a news that different social media apps pay content creators but the fact is that content creators also earn money by helping business owners to promote their businesses online.

A social media influencer is someone that has built trust, or establish credibility in a specific niche. He/she has many active followers that enjoys his/her contents and he has power to recommend a products/service to the followers.

For instance, a social media influencer like; Untouchable comedies with over 3.6 million followers can easily be paid by a big company to help them market their product to his audience and in turn he will get paid.

To become a social media influencer you need to choose a particular niche of your choice and start creating contents consistently to feed your audience with what they likes, you need to have Facebook page, Instagram account youtube account and the rest, this will not only help you to make money but will make you famous too.


4. Video editing

Video editing is a good skill I will advice any teenager to learn, people are now consuming video contents more than ordinary text, learning this skill will not increase your chance of been more employyable rather it will help you to earn more income since many people including social media influencers are always in search of best video editor.

Instead of learning how to be a yahoo boy kindly use that same time to focus and learn video editing you can learn this skill for free on YouTube.


5. Blogger/Youtuber

Instead of thinking of becoming a successful yahoo boy why not consider blogging/vblogging that will keep generating legit income for you when you are asleep.

If you have a great deal of writing skills? You can do writing, you can be employed as a writer for blogs or companies, writing as a freelancer. Companies of all sizes will pay significantly for someone to write for their blog. Writing may be for you if you have a skill for putting words together.

Starting off and getting a company to hire you requires a lot of networking, but if you have a portfolio to showcase your abilities, you will be able to convince clients that you are the exact writer they require.

Additionally, if you have a passion for vlogging which is all about recording videos and posting on Youtube, you can go for this too as a long-term and career, and once you have created enough videos in your vlog, you will start making money from those vidoes on Youtube.


6. Graphic Designer.

As a graphic designer you have to create a portfolio for yourself, and build a business you are proud of instead of engaging in fraud, graphic design is a skill you can start online/offline, you set your own hours, and decide which projects to work on.

Many businesses go to skilled graphic designers for assistance on a range of initiatives, including website design, blog graphics, and more.

The positive news is that you don’t need to be certified, although obtaining a certification (such as a graphic design certificate can give you a more global recognition by showing that you are a certified pro) but having any sort of degree in design is not necessary to work as a freelance graphic designer, but it can help you feel more confident when you present your portfolio and finish your first few projects.


7. Freelancer

If you are good in any skill you can decide to offer your service through any freelance platform like, upwork etc. Those website will help you to get connected with your clients.

Those are free sites to get rich client’s that can patronize you as a freelancer, you can be working as a graphic designer, a writer, web designer etc what ever skill you have you can offer your services to earn money on those platforms.



Yahoo is not a good career, yahoo is not a job or business it is illegal stop looking for how to do yahoo. Their are so many apps used by yahoo guys including Facebook and WhatsApp you need to be very careful not to fall victim.

Parent should stop putting pressure on their children about making quick money rather they should advice and give them guide on how they can make genuine money which will come from their legit hard work.

Youths, do not allow peer pressure and greed to put your life in danger, their is no gain in yahoo.

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