Top 25 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria Universities

Knowing the opportunities attached to a particular course before you choose it is always a good idea, no student will ever like to choose course that does not have value attached to it, because of this I am going to show you the list of best courses to study in Nigeria university that are lucrative and have much value attached.

Best Courses To Study In Nigeria Universities

In my previous article I discussed major reasons for choosing a course of study in higher institutions, because some students will just choose any course they like without any knowledge of what it is all about.

Not only that their are some good factors that you need to look at before you choose any course such as; graduate employment rate, the reputation of the institution, the general ranking of the University and quality of facilities present in the university.

However, if you are a JAMB candidate preparing for JAMB 2021 examination or any pre degree examination I will like you to take a look at this list of best courses to study at University.

List of best courses to study in Nigeria Universities

Since we have listed out some courses that we consider as the best, let quickly list out worst courses to study at University, wait! that it is worst does not mean that those courses are totally valueless rather the opportunities attached to them are very low, and for some you will hardly get employeed in Nigeria.

Worst courses to study in Nigeria universities

  • Primary Education.
  • Music.
  • Philosophy.
  • Social Studies.
  • English Literature.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Counseling Psychology
  • French.
  • Political Science.
  • Sport.
  • Zoology
  • Theatre Art.
  • Language; Igbo, House, Yoruba.
  • Geography.
  • Physical Education.
  • Library and Information Science.
  • Fine Art.
  • Botany.

My advise to students, when you are choosing any course make research about career opportunities, and what you intend to achieve after spending at least four years to study the course, can you be able to start up any business after school based on your field of study?

Those are some hot questions that you need to get the answer before choosing any courses to study, do not follow crowd, that is do not choose course simply because your friends are in the department.

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I wish you good luck.

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