Top 10 Best Handwork For Ladies In Nigeria To Learn (2021 List)

After my previous post on Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria many ladies started messaging me to write on best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to acquire. For that reason, I am going to show you list of high paying handworks females can learn.

However, I will advice every ladies, girls and women to read this article, because it is what you have in your head that takes you ahead and not big head.


Handwork give you more value as a young lady most especially unmarried ones, acquiring a skill before moving into a man’s house will make your husband value and respect you.


Instead of waiting for urgent 2k, is it not better you wake up now and pursue what is pursuing you!

Alot of Nigeria ladies has built many mighty houses through the help of money earned from their handwork/skill.


Instead of regreting your today, tomorrow why not look for the problem and solution before it arises.


Even if you want to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant tomorrow why not acquire one of the high paying skills for ladies to be able to sponsor your self to any level you want.

A word is enough for the wise.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today.

Unemployment is bad, it murders dream, but your handwork can help you and your generation to eradicate poverty and create more thousands of job in Nigeria for others.


Unemployment is the worst thing that can face you as a lady, you need to look for one type of handwork for female but make sure you have passion for the handwork or skill you want to learn.


Make sure you follow your passion when you want to learn any handwork/skill, a friend of my once said” Take the bull by it’s horn and follow your passion”.

Make your passion your profession and success will chase you pasts down.

This article will serve as an eye opening guide for you to be able to choose a high demand skills in Nigeria.


High demand skills Ladies can acquire

  • Soup making
  • Body cream making
  • Typing skills
  • Digital marketing
  • Web designing
  • Blogging


List Of Handwork For Ladies In Nigeria

Below are the high paying hand work ladies can acquire to be able to improve their financial status, if you are ready to tackle your financial embarrassment then continue reading.


1. Photography

Best handwork for ladies in Nigeria This Is a lucrative best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to acquire because many people in the Industry are earning cool cash from it.

Back then when girl tell you that she want to be a photographer you look at the work as local job for poor people Even some are thinking that the job is only made for men to do, note this, what a man can do a woman may do it better.


If you think been a photographer is your passion move straight to it because it is among the most lucrative hand work in Nigeria, check this events such as Birthday, Wedding etc are been celebrated every day.


You might be called to take Care of any thing photos in the event you might snap let take for example: a copy of photo is been printed at the rate of N50 naira but you can sell it to the owner at the rate of N200 that is #150 gain check if you are able to snap up to Hundred persons in the event, you are already a millionaire.

Let me stop my story and show you qualities of a good photographer;

  1. You must make sure you have keen eye to be able to detect photo opportunity.
  2. Quality education is very important
  3. You must be creative
  4. You must be very alert and little aggressive to be able to get result .

Once you have those qualities you are good to move on with your camera.


2. Fashion designing/Tailoring

high paying handworkWhat is fashion design? It is the art of applying design and natural beauty to clothing and it’s accessories. For you to be a good fashion designer you must:

  1. you must have strong drawing skill
  2. A competitive spirit
  3. Try to be a trendsetter
  4. To keep your idea fresh you must have a good understanding of the economy and the fashion industry.


Fashion designing and tailoring are almost the same but not exactly, Tailor are just those that sew cloths using the design that have been drafted out by the fashion designers.


But fashion designers sew cloths, drafted out new design etc. you also can join because it is a good handwork for ladies to learn, you can earn hug income from this handwork in fact you can also do this work as a graduate.

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3. Content development

Content development have become one of the trending skills nowadays that every ladies want to venture into, if you check every new industry, companies need a good content writer that can be writing for them.


Even many bloggers are still searching for content developer that can be helping them to be writing articles on their blogs, I no of a good friend of mine that earn over N50,000 as a content developer each month, and she work from home.


In fact this is one of the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria that I will recommend for any graduate and for those of you asking what kind of handwork can a graduate do, in fact I will also recommend this to all those asking for handwork to learn as a married woman.


Why I will recommend this to a married woman is that you can be doing this at the comfort of your home, I mean you can be working from home, you do not need to have office before you become a content developer in Nigeria.


The only thing in content development is your ability to make research, think and solve peoples problem with different strategies either through writing on paper or typing with your laptop or PC, If you have passion for writing I will advise you to go into this.


4. Baking

This is one of the most profitable handwork in Nigeria to learn as a female because you might be called to bake cake for wedding ceremony or birthday.


The most backed items are; Cake, Bread, meat pie etc over thousand of people eat all this items daily, you also you can learn the handwork and become a pro.

what is baking if I may ask? Baking according to Wikipedia is a method of preparing food that uses dry heat, normally in an oven.


A baker is a person who prepares baked goods as a profession. Why I may recommend this handwork to any lady is that you can be doing it and also be doing another Job, You can be doing this at home without even going outside or shop before you bake any thing, except when you want to go and sell it.

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5. Makeup artistry

Skills For LadiesThis is another trending skills to learn in Nigeria as a lady, as a makeup artists you can make thousands of naira daily or month, I no of a good friend of mine that earn over N15,000 daily from her cosmetics and makeup shop.


If you have made up your mind to go to makeup industry and become a pro, it is a great idea, but before that let me make it clear to you by answering some questions such as who is a make up artist.


According to Wikipedia A makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the body, applying makeup and prosthetics on others for theatre television, film, fashion, magazines etc including all aspect of modeling industry.


Did you no how much you will earn just to do make up for film industry while they are shooting film, let me not talk much just learn it and let me no using the comment box, so I can call you on my wedding day lol!


6. Beads making

Are you still asking question like; what is the best handwork to learn in Nigeria? Ask no more because if you choose bead making as a lady nice one.


Bead making is a good handwork you can consider doing because from it you can earn hug income making beads.

Beads are been make using some materials like; Bone, stone, wood, rubber etc this handwork do not required that you must have office or shop before you can do it, you can stay at home and be doing it will people come to you to buy.


7. Hair dressing

handwork for ladies

Among the handwork that i have been mentioning, Hair dressing still remine the highest paying handwork in Nigeria currently.


The only thing is that you need to have a nice place or shop that you will be staying if you want to earn much from it because it is very competitive.

If it is not competitive to me money is not their.

In any area were you can earn hug income daily, much people will come to compete with you, if you loose hope they will take the star will you go down. If you want to make money as a lady learn barbing or hair dressing.

However, hair dressing still remine the richest handwork in Nigeria for big ladies.

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8. Interior decoration

This is not just hand work but a great skill you can acquire as a lady, if you check well most of the men after building their house/home they will not even no how they can decorate it to look nice.

Even were to drop a table will be a problem to them to solve all this confusion issue they will need a good interior decorator to do the job.


If you are good in decoration it is a good skill, because you might be called to decorate for example a new home, a wedding event venue etc will you do your job and earn.


9. Amazon kindle writing

This is related to content development but it is actually different, if you are good in writing, stories, Books of any kind amazon is a nice place to publish your book.

Once any person buy you will be credited immediately, You can earn at least $300 each month on amazon publishing as a source of lifetime income, but do not worry am Here to help you actualize that your great dream.


How to make cool money on Amazon

  1. Go to Amazon and Signup on Amazon kindle , then
  2. Fill out all necessary information that you need to fill
  3. Attach the necessary extensions that will aid you to do your job
  4. Write your book and make sure it is interesting or solve problem , before you publish it. That is all.


10. Cooking/Food vendor

Handwork for female Who didn’t eat?, in fact every body eat daily, and most unmarried men find it difficult to cook at home, they will prefer to go outside and look for delicious food to eat. Been a food vendor can bring a lot of cash to your purse as a lady.


I no of a Yoruba woman who is a food vendor in front of our house she make not less than N10,000 each day after removing all her expenses.

Not only that she is been called in a wedding, and other ceremonies to come and cook while she get paid, If you consider been a food vendor and you no how to cook nice food wow! people from different Places will be looking for you just to eat your delicious food.


I could also remember one of our secondary school food vendor, that is sponsoring her three children in the high institution with money gotten from selling food, in fact if I should continue talking about food vendor I will talk till next week and I can’t be able to finish talking.


I hope you will consider learning one of those profitable handwork for ladies in Nigeria listed and explained above, never be afraid of much competition once you are good in the area move in and join the competition, your passion matters a lot.

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