Top 10 Best Handwork For Ladies In Nigeria To Learn (2022 List)

Are you tired of sitting at home as a young lady and you have decided to look for something productive to start doing to make money as a female instead of depending on someone.

If learning handwork is your target I will show you the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn to make money and become self employed.

Good news: you must not have a degree before you can learn handwork in Nigeria, that is why I always advice all girls to learn handwork or skill immediately after their secondary school.

After learning any of those lucrative handwork in Nigeria you may decide to further your education or get married if not you will be among those that will be asking guys for urgent 2k that you can easily get from your workshop through the help of your handwork.

Most ladies does not become prostitute by choice rather frustration of life push them to engage in such, why? because they failed to do the right thing at the right time.

Bitter truth; men value ladies with lucrative skill and handwork in Nigeria and they respect them a lot, than beautiful idle ladies looking for who to give them urgent 2k to eat.

If you are a girl, lady or woman I will advice you to read this post in-between the line to be able to get my full gist because am going to show you the most profitable handwork for ladies in Nigeria that is very easy to learn, and capable of making you rich.

This article contain both latest handwork and skill that any woman can acquire in Nigeria to make money.


What skill can I learn as a lady?

These are most of the high demand skills for ladies in Nigeria to learn to make serious money either online and offline.

  1. Soap making
  2. Body cream making
  3. Typing skill
  4. Content writing
  5. Digital marketing skill
  6. Proofreading
  7. Web designing.

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Most lucrative handwork for ladies in Nigeria To Acquire

These are some handwork that can turn any poor lady to rich one within 3 to 1year.

They are carefully sellected out of all the richest handworks and below are the top choices.


1. Makeup artistry

Handwork female can learn

We are in era where by no one cares about natural beauty again, that is why makeup artistry is the best handwork for ladies in Nigeria to learn.

Ladies visit make up shop always to beautify their faces most especially when they are preparing to go to events like; birthday party, wedding ceremony, conference etc.

People also due hire make up artist during their wedding to help them beautify their wife’s face to make them look more gorgeous.

Make up artistry is a very high demanding handwork in Nigeria, even they also hire them to do make up for people acting film, theatre television, fashion and magazines including all modeling industry.

Did you know how much you will earn if you are to be hired to do makeup for governor’s wife?

And you know they can’t just hire any how person, rather a standard professional makeup artist will be hired.

If you want to learn how to apply make up like a professional you need to visit any standard make up shop to register.


2. Hair dressing

handwork for ladies

This lucrative handwork involves; plaiting, styling and dressing of people’s hair. Ladies hate barbing their hair they prefer to keep it and be maintaining it.

95% of ladies in Nigeria usually plait their hair, unlike men hair that you can easily barb with at least N500, ladies can spend more than N20,000 on one hair. And guess who will collect the 20,000 naira? A hair dresser.

Acquiring this skill and take it as your business you will make much cash doing it since hair dressing is one of the business that moves fast in Nigeria.


3. Graphic design

This is one of the best hand work for ladies in Nigeria to learn to make money using their mobile phone or PC. You can learn graphic design free on youtube or pay to learn it incan’t computer center.

As churches, companies and other business owners, are always in need of someone to design; logo, fliers, and banners for them, you can learn this handwork to tap from the opportunity.

The basic tools you need to know how to use as a graphic designer are; Photoshop, corel draw, Adobe illustrator, and PixelLab.

This skill demand your creativity and close attention.


4. Bead making

Bead making is the best handwork for ladies to learn in Nigeria because all cultures in Nigeria make use of bead, Nigeria have a very diverse and rich cultures.

Since there is demand for beads in Nigeria acquiring skill on how to make bead is a good idea, kings in Nigeria wear beads, and most people were bead for fashion.

In yoruba land you will see people selling beads in king’s palace, because they know that there is high demand of beads there.

Beads are been make using some materials like; Bone, stone, wood, rubber etc. this handwork do not require that you must have office or shop before you can do it, you can stay at home and be doing it while people come to you to buy.


5. Cooking

Handwork for female

I know you will ask is cooking a handbook? Yes! Any productive work you can do with your hand is a handwork. If you know how to cook delicious meal you can set up a restaurant or start cooking fast food.

Many ladies know how to cook very well, you can take that as your handwork let people know what you are capable of doing, people are looking for women that know how to cook delicious meal everyday, for their party, and other important events.

I know of a lady that earn not less than N30,000 daily from her small restaurant, not only that she is currently sponsoring her self in University now.


6. Content development

Content development have become one of the trending skills nowadays that every ladies want to venture into, if you check every new industry, companies need a good content writer that can be writing for them.

Even many bloggers are still searching for content developer that can be helping them to be writing articles on their blogs, I no of a good friend of mine that earn over N50,000 as a content developer each month, and she work form home.

In fact, this is one of the best handwork for females in Nigeria that I will recommend for any graduate and for those of you asking what kind of handwork can a graduate do.

in fact I will also recommend this to all those asking for handwork to learn as a married woman.

Why I will recommend this to a married women is that you can be doing this at the comfort of your home, I mean you can be working from home, you do not need to have office before you become a content developer in Nigeria.

The only thing in content development is your ability to make research, think and solve peoples problem with different strategies either through writing on paper or typing with your laptop or PC, If you have passion for writing I will advise you to go into this.

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7. Amazon kindle writing

This is related to content development but it is actually different, if you are good in writing, stories, Books of any kind amazon is a nice place to publish your book.

Most ladies are writers but because they are unemployed they can’t get money to publish the book offline, the good news is that if you are a writer you can actually publish your book online and start earning from your book immediately.

Once any person buy your book you will be credited immediately, You can earn at least $300 each month on amazon publishing as a source of lifetime income, but do not worry am Here to help you actualize that your great dream.


How to make cool money on Amazon

  • Visit Amazon KDP create an account as a publisher
  • Fill all your necessarily details and submit
  • Now, convert your book as PDF, and upload on your account on Amazon
  • Hit publish, and your book will go live.

Uploading your ebook on Amazon is free and Once anyone purchased your ebook you will be paid immediately through Amazon.

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8. Interior decoration

This is not just hand work but a great skill you can acquire as a lady, if you check well most of the men after building their house/home they will not even no how they can decorate it to look nice.

Even were to drop a table will be a problem to them to solve all this confusion issue they will need a good interior decorator to do the job.

If you are good in decoration it is a good skill, because you might be called to decorate for example a new home, a wedding even etc.


9. Fashion designing/Tailoring

Type of hand work

Another high income handwork female can learn is fashion designing, since people will always want to stay up to the trend, you will need to be creative here to make money.

What is fashion design?

It is the art of applying design and natural beauty to clothing and it’s accessories.

For you to be a good fashion designer you must:

  • Have strong drawing skill
  • A competitive spirit
  • Try to be a trendsetter.

To keep your idea fresh you must have a good understanding of the economy and the fashion industry.

Fashion designing and tailoring are almost the same but not exactly, Tailor are just those that sew cloths using the design that have been drafted out by the fashion designers.

But fashion designers sew cloths, drafted out new design etc. you also can join because it is a good handwork for ladies to learn in Nigeria, you can earn huge income from this handwork in fact you can also do this work as a graduate.

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10. Photography

latest handwork

Men have dominated this industry, but the fact still remain that photography is one of the best handwork anyone can do to make money in Nigeria.

If you wish to learn photography as a lady you need to look for someone that knows it very well meet the person and register.

This handwork is very profitable in Nigeria since party and wedding are always going on everyday, you may be invite to cover an event.

Did you know how much you will earn by just snapping 1000 people only in an event, and a copy of picture now in my location is N200.

The fact is that photography is a high demanding handwork for ladies in Nigeria because; Social media influencers, President, governors, and other rich men and women need them.


Qualities of a good photographer;

  • You must have keen eye to be able to detect photo opportunity.
  • Quality education is very important
  • You must be creative
  • You must be very alert and little aggressive to be able to get result.

If you have these qualities you are good to move on with your camera.


Between Handwork and  Business, Which one Should I Do?

It all depends on your choice, if you are married with little to no time to go and learn handwork I will advise you to start a business if you have capital.

But, if you are still a student or young lady I will advise you to start learning handwork now, because starting a business that will keep bringing reliable into to your purse will need huge sum of money.

While acquiring a skill or handwork, will cost you less capital and you will earn more in the future offering your service to people.

You may easily fail or get into loss in business but in handwork you may not easily get into loss except you are not a professional in what you are doing or you are not getting customers.

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I have being able to show you some females handwork and skills that pays in Nigeria, and you can learn most of them within 3 to 6 months.

Remember, handwork is very important and it is advisable for every young ladies to have one before moving into a man’s house.

Your husband will respect you more if you have one of the best handwork in Nigeria, even if you do not have money to open a shop, he might help.

You can even acquire most of these skills on YouTube for free without paying any money, the only money you will spend is money for data bundle.


Did you know another profitable handwork that ladies can learn in Nigeria? Tell us.

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