Top 5 Best Skills To Learn In Nigeria 2021

Best skills to learn in Nigeria as a boy, girl, woman or man, this is must read for undergraduates and graduates who are ready to boost their cash flow this year through skill they have acquired or are ready to acquire.

Best skills to learn in Nigeria.

If I knew what I am about to share with you right now when I was still an undergraduate or while graduating from the university back then i would have made my first entrance into building a 6 figure online marketing agency.

So take every word in this post serious. Don’t try to scroll past except you are not interested in tackling your financial embarrassment.

While the educational institutions are making arrangements for you to graduate from school and move into the labour Market with your certificate, try and learn one of this lucrative best skills to learn in Nigeria along side, because with the help of your smart phone you can learn any of this lucrative skills.

As a graduate/undergraduate you need to fortify yourself ahead of time because the world is no longer in the realm of certificates, salaries and what did you study in school alone.

We are in that period where your entry into an organization or an influential gathering is the level of your skill accuracy and delivery. Before I start mentioning the skills and the income streams they come with, you need to understand as an undergraduate/graduate, your worth is not in what you studied but what you can deliver as results.

What you studied is no longer relevant until you combine it with a high income skill. What do I mean? So let’s say you studied mass communication right, instead of just looking for any job with that certificate, go learn editing skills and content creation. Organizations and business brands will be on queues just to get you work with them.

This is how you add value to what you studied in school instead of accepting any kind of job even when it doesn’t relate to what you envision as your career path.

Because of time, let me quickly list the best skills to learn in Nigeria using your smartphone to earn a minimum of N40,000 monthly online with.

List Of Profitable And Best Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Below are the skills you can learn to prepare your self for better job, freelancing, or to boost your income using your smartphone within 3 months.

1. SmartPhone Income Generating Skills

These are skills that you learn using your smartphone and in turn boost your cash flow when you apply the right strategies.

For instance, let’s say you learn Whiteboard Animation Skill, using this skill to make money won’t happen by magic but applying the right techniques. One of them is carving out a video marketing service for business owners.

Just imagine charging at least N10,000 per business owner for video marketing services and 10 of them pay you monthly? That is N100,000 already right?

So you see it is more about the right strategies not just the skills. There are other best skills to learn in Nigeria you can make money from using your smartphone like; graphic design, social media management, video editing and so much more.

Don’t waste the usefulness of your smartphone this month, learn a skill and start making money with it.

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2. Online Training Skills

I have used this skill to make money over and over again teaching people what I know online because it is a money generating skill and I recommend it for anyone especially smartphone users.

You can develop this skill and organize WhatsApp trainings around a highly demanding problem which people can pay you for, I learnt this great skill from coach Eno Sam, the president of BEWA Africa.

This week alone, I have at least five online trainings that will bring in income for me because it is a skill I have developed over the years.

Instead of getting confused on what business to start this month, why not consider starting an online training business? This is an escape route for you already.

3. Affiliate Marketing Skills

This is one of the best and lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria, south Africa, USA or any where in the world, that involves you selling others products or services. You get a commission for each sales you make. There is nothing like creating your own product or services rather you only sell what others have created.

Surprising right? This is where you need to be careful because it is a skill you learn not something you rush into. One of the requirements for you to get consistent income from affiliate marketing is the fact that you know how to sell especially online.

4. Facebook Ads

This is a high income skill which once you master, it can create a lifetime of income streams for you and your family. Everyday people run Facebook ads. Businesses are in need of more customers and visibility. They need a better way of reaching out to their target prospects and clients.

With Facebook ads they can achieve that, you can learn this skill using your smartphone and get paid doing this for personal brands, organizations and business brands.

5. Video Creation and Editing

This is another one of the best skills to learn in Nigeria you can learn using your smartphone. There are free tools and applications you will need to create exceptional videos and edit them professionally for clients. It has been confirmed that people consume videos more online.

There are business owners and personal brands that don’t have time to create these videos, you can come in and help them create these videos. You may ask, how do I get clients? This is why learning the Facebook ads gives you an advantage.

There are thousands of high income skills you can learn using your smartphone, such as WordPress website design, copywriting, funnel building etc.

But I will stop here for now on the topic best skills to learn in Nigeria that are lucrative and high in demand the fact is that you can learn any of this skills within 3 months or less then.

I know you got so much value. What skill will you want to learn from the ones I have mentioned or which I did not mention which you want to learn?

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