Top 15 High Income Skills In Nigeria To Learn This Year 2021

High income skills in Nigeria to learn as a boy, girl, woman or man, this is must read for undergraduates and graduates who are ready to boost their cash flow this year through skill they have acquired or are ready to acquire.

most profitable skills to learn

If I knew what I am about to share with you right now when I was still an undergraduate or while graduating from the university back then i would have made my first entrance into buildng a six figure online marketing agency.


Skill acquisition is one of the best thing that can happen to an undergraduate before graduating from school, because this will give you an edge over others while searching for job that is, it will make you more employable.

In fact, the first steps to because an entrepreneur is to acquire one of the high income skills in Nigeria. The skill acquired could depend on your area of interest but it can go a long way to sustaining you and your family after school.

So, take every word in this post serious. Don’t try to scroll past except you are not interested in tackling your financial embarrassment.


While the educational institutions are making arrangements for you to graduate from school and move into the labour Market with your certificate, try and acquire one of these best high paying skills in Nigeria along side, because with the help of your smart phone you can learn any of this lucrative skills.

As a graduate/undergraduate you need to fortify yourself ahead of time because the world is no longer in the realm of certificates, salaries and what did you study in school alone.

We are in that period where your entry into an organization or an influential gathering is the level of your skill accuracy and delivery.

Before I start mentioning the skills and the income streams they come with, you need to understand as an undergraduate/graduate, your worth is not in what you studied but what you can deliver as results.

What you studied is no longer relevant until you combine it with a high income skill. What do I mean? So let’s say you studied mass communication right, instead of just looking for any job with that certificate, go learn editing skills and content creation. Organizations and business brands will be on queues just to get you work with them.

This is how you add value to what you studied in school instead of accepting any kind of job even when it doesn’t relate to what you envision as your career path.


Because of time, let me quickly list the most profitable skills to learn in Nigeria using your smartphone to earn a minimum of N50,000 monthly online with.


Top 15 High Income Skills In Nigeria 2021

Below are the best high demand skills in Nigeria to acquire to prepare your self for better job, freelancing, or to boost your income using your smartphone within 3 months.

If you are ready to alleviate your financial challenges or you want to be financial independent, to monetize your skill or support yourself and family you need to calm down and read this article.


1. SmartPhone Income Generating Skills

These are skills that you learn using your smartphone and in turn boost your cash flow when you apply the right strategies.

For instance, let’s say you learn Whiteboard Animation Skill, using this skill to make money won’t happen by magic but applying the right techniques. One of them is carving out a video marketing service for business owners.

Just imagine charging at least N10,000 per business owner for video marketing services and 10 of them pay you monthly? That is N100,000 already right?

So you see it is more about the right strategies not just the skills. There are other high income skills in Nigeria to learn that you can make money from using your smartphone like; graphic design, social media management, video editing and so much more.

Don’t waste the usefulness of your smartphone this month, learn a skill and start making money with it.


2. Online Training Skills

I have used this skill to make money over and over again teaching people what I know online because it is a money generating skill and I recommend it for anyone especially smartphone users.

You can develop this skill and organize WhatsApp trainings around a highly demanding problem which people can pay you for, I learnt this great skill from coach Eno Sam, the president of BEWA Africa.

This week alone, I have at least five online trainings that will bring in income for me because it is a skill I have developed over the years.

Instead of getting confused on what business to start this month, why not consider starting an online training business? This is an escape route for you already.


3. Affiliate Marketing Skills

This is one of the high paying skills in Nigeria, south Africa, USA, UK or any where in the world, that involves you selling others products or services. You get a commission for each sales you make. There is nothing like creating your own product or services rather you only sell what others have created.

Surprising right? This is where you need to be careful because it is a skill you learn not something you rush into. One of the requirements for you to get consistent income from affiliate marketing is the fact that you know how to sell especially online.

Imagine me earning 60% commission from selling a digital product online, product that is not even mine! Youu too can.

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4. Facebook Ads

High income skills In Nigeria

This is a high income skill which once you master, it can create a lifetime of income streams for you and your family. Everyday people run Facebook ads. Businesses are in need of more customers and visibility. They need a better way of reaching out to their target prospects and clients.

With Facebook ads they can achieve that, you can learn this skill using your smartphone and get paid doing this for personal brands, organizations and business brands.


5. Video Creation and Editing

This is another one of the skills to learn to make money in Nigeria you can acquire using your smartphone. There are free tools and applications you will need to create exceptional videos and edit them professionally for clients. It has been confirmed that people consume videos more online.

There are business owners and personal brands that don’t have time to create these videos, you can come in and help them create these videos. You may ask, how do I get clients? This is why learning the Facebook ads gives you an advantage.

6. Freelance Writing And Copywriting

Best Skills To Acquire In Nigeria

If you are a good writer with a very nice writing skill being a freelancer can be one of the key to your financial freedom, many business owners need copywriter that can help them write their business review, articles to their website etc.

However, with the help of your smartphone you can do this job, you can also help authors, bloggers to write a quality article for guest posting. In fact I have earned X writing quality articles for bloggers and you also can also do the same.
You must not have an office before you can showcase this high income skill all you just need is your smartphone and advertising your copywriting skill.


7. Social media management

high income skills to learn in Nigeria
Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platform which many individuals are addicted to, most especially teenagers who visit the platform to have fun, chat with friends etc.

But did you know that you can actually turn social media into your office? That is you can turn your social media addiction to money making opportunity. By helping celebrities, business people, bloggers etc manage their social media channel.

You can earn a lot of cash through this, I earned my first income online helping a church to manage their Facebook page with over 100,000 followers, and I was getting paid monthly doing this.

Being a social media manager is a good skill on it own because you need to understand how the social media platforms works their does and don’t and you must be consistent in your services.


8. Editing and proofreading service

This is also one of the most profitable skills to learn in Nigeria that is high in demand, the rate at which people are looking for individuals that can help them proofread their write up is very high in Nigeria and if you have such high demanding skill you can make a lot of money.

You can help bloggers/companies to proofread their blog posts, articles, scripts, ebooks, stories, and projects documents etc.

Propfreading or editing will help you to improve the qualities of the contents and make it look more relevantt and exceptional from others.

In fact if you are good in English language or any major Nigerian Language you can earn a lot editing people’s work using applications likes Grammarly, MS word to correct the typographies, spellings, grammars and punctuations.


9. Teaching/Tutoring

Did you have a good teaching skill, can you teach any subject and make it more clearer to Students? if your answers are yes! Them you have a high chance of earning a lot of money teaching students.

You can be doing lesson for JAMB/WAEC candidates or tutoring your junior students in school will they pay you for teaching them.

Many parents are ready to pay you high for teaching their children as far as you can help their children improve academically, I know a friend that is earning over N54,000 monthly teaching people’s children.

Some parents are even busy to help their children do their home work you can be helping the children to do it while you get paid, tell every parents, paste posters in the street so you can get more people to teach.


10. Coding

High Demand Skills In Nigeria

We are now in the digital age were almost every companies need a professional website and application And for you to develop either website or app you need a good knowledge of coding.

Coding is the fundamental skill for jobs such as software development. There is currently high demand of software developers worldwide, so learning to code can be an easy route into an open field of work.

There are thousands of high income skills in Nigeria you can learn using your smartphone, such as WordPress website design, copywriting, funnel building etc.


11. Brand story telling

Can you use a story to capture customers attention as you pass your message? Can you strategically tell story that will make people understand the reason they should purchase a newly produced products without forcing them? If yes! You can earn huge amount of money. Story telling is one of the high demand skills in Nigeria currently.

A brand story is not just a catchy tagline that is pasted on a billboard to attract attention for short period of time. Your story is the foundation of your brand and a strategy for future growth.

Your story is not just what you tell people it is also what they believe about you based on the signals your brand or brand you are representing sends. The story is a complete picture made up of facts, feelings and interpretations, which means that part of your story is not even told by you.

Many companies are looking for individuals with such skills in Nigeria, that can help them advertise their products/services using stories.

The best brands are built on great stories. (Ian Rowden)



SEO means: Search Engine Optimization while, SEM means: Search Engine Marketing. It is one of the most profitable best skills to learn in Nigeria because many employers need it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that search engine and human will like it, and search engine like Google, Yahoo will like to show it as a top result for searcher for a certain keyword. And visitor will be visiting your online content through search engines for free.

However, Search engine marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing is also alternately referred to as paid search or pay per click (PPC).

The main difference between SEM and  SEO is that SEM is a paid strategy and SEO is an organic strategy. Like most things in the search industry, the definitions related to search marketing have evolved. Some marketers may consider SEM to be an umbrella term that includes both paid and organic strategies.

Not everyone can do these but if you have the skill you will keep on earning high income doing this in Nigeria.


13. Creating Video Animation

Many companies want to use animation object or image to pass their message to their target audience without showing their own real face!

Learning this skill in Nigeria will improve your chance of getting a job in some highest paying companies in Nigeria, you can learn how to design animation image and video on YouTube for free.

The good news is that you can learn this skill using your mobile phone and within one month you will be an expert in creating video animations. I mostly recommend this skill for students that are looking for best side hustle to start in school.

You can’t keep postponing your days of beginning and still wondering why you are too far from the future you admire.

If you do nothing, something won’t emerge in the realm of time.


14. Business Management skill

Not everybody can be able to manage a business, some will even be loosing money and customers instead of making gain and more customers.

Since everyone can’t manage a business or company professionally learning how to manage a business can boost your change of gaining a job and make more money since different companies are looking for managers that can be managing their business for them.

As a business manager you must be able to lead, organize, and control to produce meaningful results that are in line with the business aim. You will also be require to be monitoring staffs to ensure effective delivery of services to customers.

Business Management skills is one of the most profitable skills with high income in Nigeria as a business manager you may be earning above N100,000 per month.


15. Write an Ebook

Writing an ebook on your area of interest is another high income skills to learn in Nigeria, some people want to write a book but they do not know where to start from, they do not even understand ways to make money from the book.

The first steps before you start making plan to write an ebook is for you to discover a particular problem large number of people are currently facing in Nigeria and write an ebook about it.

A friend of mine earned Iver N200,000 from his ebook last year, when he wrote about “How to start snail farming in Nigeria” since many persons do not know how to start the business they started purchasing the ebook so that they can learn it.

To write an ebook it’s better you consult a professional in the field to guide you, to get much people to buy your new ebook you can place your ebook on Amazon or advertise it using Facebook or Google ads, the amount you can earn from your ebook is limitless.

The great destination you foresee will demand the intelligent investment of your time and energy.


Nevertheless, I will like to stop here for now on most profitable skills to learn, the fact is that you can acquire any of these skills within 3 months or more than.

I know you got so much value from this write up. What type of skill will you like to learn from the ones I have mentioned or which I did not mention?



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