Top 10 Best Payment Gateway In Nigeria (Fast and Secure Platforms)

Have you been looking for the best payment gateway in Nigeria that you can use to receive payment in your online business?

Payment gateways are the financial technological process by which e-commerce business owners receive funds from their customers or clients online through debit/credit card.

What brought about payment gateway? In the past e-commerce or online business owners usually find it difficult to receive payment from their customers or clients, while most customers normmaly go to the bank and queue for many hours before they can be able to pay for the goods or services, they want to buy on internet.

While, most online business owners will have to deliver the goods first and receive payment on delivery which limited e-commerce growth in Nigeria.

To solve this problems, many payment gateway in Nigeria was introduced to allow swift and secure payment transactions between the buyers and the sellers online.


10 Best payment gateway in Nigeria:

Payment gateway in Nigeria

Online payment platforms in Nigeria are those digital platforms that enables your customers to make payments on your website. They are many but below are the most popular ones we have tested, so it’s better for us to share review based on our personal experience to educate our audience.

Building a business is hard receiving payment shouldn’t be.

1. PayPal Payment gateway

PayPal is one of the best payment gateway in Nigeria today because it is a financial tool that allows transactions online without entering your financial details into every website.

It is the biggest global online payment gateways platform that anyone whose online business is targeting global market needs to be using.

The good news is that, you do not need to pay any money to set It up, they do not charge any hidden fees, they can only charge you when their is currency conversion.

Your Customers can pay with almost any debit card except verve card. You can receive payment from over 202 countries with 25 currencies.

Your funds is secure and safe, you will also have a dashboard where you can be monitoring any payments activities.

Two types of PayPal gateway:

  1. Payflow pro
  2. Payflow link

Payflow pro is the paid version while payflow link is the free version of the PayPal gateway.

You may ask, can I receive money into my Nigerian PayPal account? Yes, PayPal account is now working in Nigeria and you can easily Open a PayPal business account in Nigeria to start collecting payments.


2. Opay payment gateway

Opay is a company that offers fast payment methods that makes it easier for customers to pay online, with the help of Opay payment gateway for woocommece wordpress plugin you can easily install and start receiving payments into your Opay account from your online clients.

How does it works? OPay WooCommence plugin supports consumers to pay with Bank Card, Reference Code, Shahry, ValU, Mobile Wallets, Bank Installment and OPay Now (Buy now Pay latter). With a few steps you can manage different payment methods through your Dashboard.

OPay also provide professional customer services. If you encounter problems during the payment process, OPay will offer an expert team to deal with the relevant problems.

To start using Opay payment gateway in Nigeria you need to do the following;

  • Create your e-commerce website using WordPress.
  • Install OPay WooCommence plugin
  • Set up the plugin, through your dashboard by connecting it to your OPAY wallet.

Opay will help you to give your customers the easiest and smartest payment solutions ever.


3. Paystack payment gateway

The most popular online payment gateway in Nigeria is paystack, it is the fastest, simplest way to start accepting online payments in Nigeria. From signup to receiving real payments can take within 15 minutes.

Paystack is the modern offline and online payment platforms in Africa. It helps business owners in Africa to get paid by anyone, from any where in the world. It is trusted by many popular companies in Nigeria including MTN and Bolt.

The good things about paystack is that it gives your customers the gift of modern, and painless payments experience. That is your customers can pay you the way they want to through paystack they may use; bank account, card, bank transfer, USSD and mobile money.

Paystack is trusted by over 70,000 businesses part of the reasons for the trust is that, it protect you and your customers with advanced fraud detection.

To integrate this payment system is free and it has zero maintenance fee but they only charge you small fee per each successful transaction. You can go to there website sign up and integrate the payment gateway system into your online store.


4. Flutterwave payment gateway

Payment gateway

Flutterwave is the best payment gateway in Nigeria that helped online business owners to easily receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world this will help you to enjoy a secure payments system that protects your money and data from fraud as you grow revenue.

It also helps you to accept payment in more than thirty (30) currencies. This will help small business owners to sell like mad on internet.

This service will enable businesses who needs financial wallets to grow sales, stand on the already shoulder of Flutterwave. Flutterwave provides you with the checkout interface where your customers will pay for the services you provide.

Your customers can be able to hold wallets and budget within your website or app. You can customize the interface to suit your business culture.

This Flutterwave’s technology is powering piggvest business model. This means that Flutterwave provides piggvest the ability to have wallets.

With the latest Flutterwave funding, the technology will be released to the market. With this, local businesses can have an app with a wallet.


5. Remita payment gateway

Remita is one of the most popular online payment platforms in Nigeria that both small and big business owners are using to recieve payment from their customers easily.

Almost all higher institutional in Nigeria accept payments through remita, which means the students need to generate remita to pay their school fees or their school acceptance fee.

Though, remita has a lot of card options, which means a stronger chance that more people will be able to buy from you easily, since means of payment will not be a problem.

Their are many means of receiving funds through remita such as; Card, bank transfer, USSD, QR code etc.

You can also pay by generating Remita invoice and use to make the payment the RRR number on the remita is the account number so all your details that you filled before generating the remita is attached to the unique remita number.

Even after the payment you will still receive evidence of payment on your email. All these makes remita the best payment gateway in Nigeria, because it helps you to empower your customers to pay you easily as you grow.


6. Pay U

PayU is one of the fastest growing online payment platforms in Nigeria that accept both local and international payment systems. The major reason why majority of business owners like this fintech company is that they accept online payments for goods and services even if you do not have a website.

They offer local payment processing across their market through connections to acquiring banks and alternative payment methods. They also allow your customers to pay through; RCS, Card, EFT, Masterpass, and VCO.

How do PayU works?

You just need to collect the customer’s email address or phone number.

Email or SMS the payment link to your customer, and let them pay easily by card.

Major reason why people choose PayU;

  • They have stronger online security throughout all their payment channels.
  • No website needed, simply end payment requests directly to your customer.
  • You can brand your company name with the payment method.
  • Payment link can be adapted to your communication e.g email, invoice etc.
  • You can be able to increase collections on overdue accounts.

Have you seen that payU is not just the best payment gateway in Nigeria but one of the fastest growing fintech company in the world.


7. Voguepay

Voguepay is a new international payment gateway in Nigeria that was founded in 2012, it was launched with the primary aim of helping business owners to collect payments from local customers, even for one-off or variable amounts.

If your customers are still finding it difficult to pay for goods and services then, you may be losing customers to solve payment problems between you and your clients voguepay has brought payment solution that is designed to help you capture more revenue.

The platform is user friendly with strong secure payment processor and borderless banking platform. It offers personal digital wallets and business payments accounts to all users.

If your aim is to protect your business from fraud and increase authorization rules on every transaction using voguepay, they protect you and your customer with their advanced fraud detecting system.

This online payment gateway in Nigeria has many methods of payments to choose from.


8. Interswitch

This is another Africa leading payment platform that was design to make payment easy, it helps you to make payment from anywhere in Africa including bill payment through quickteller.

You can easily create an account on the platform and integrate it on your website or e-commerce platform. This platform was create to sustain a payment ecosystem that helps commerce and businesses to grow and individual to thrive.

However, it is the best payment gateway in Nigeria that many Africa top corporate companies depends on to power their payments.

You might have used this means of online payment to make payment or pay bill like DSTV without you knowing. It is fast, secure and their customer support is top-notch.


9. Lazerpay

Lazerpay is a great tool that can help you to grow your business, how? By integrating an advanced method of payment into your online store. With lazerpay online gateway, you can easily accept payment from anywhere in any currency.

The good thing about this online international payment platform is that it helps you to accept crypto into your wallet with ease. They will help you to take your business international within 10 minutes, since anyone can easily make payment on the platform.

They also gives you an opportuneity to invest and earn daily by using their platform to do your business. You can invest your crypto on their platform as you are receiving it and still be earning interest.

You can simply sign up on their platform to get secure business wallet to accept and manage your crypto in one place.


10. Fluidcoins

Fluidcoins is the latest payment gateway in Nigeria that helps you to accept international payment, through this platform you can accept crypto currency payment from any whoere in the world.

I mostly recommend Fluidcoins to freelancers that are looking for best means to receive their payment online, fluidcoins will give you the opportunity to quickly receive payment for your global gigs faster and easily.

Employers from across the globe can pay you in up to 8+ cryptocurrencies. Fluidcoins simplifies international payments, empowering you to find jobs anywhere and receive your earnings from anywhere.

Not just only freelancers can make use of this platform to receive payment anyone can, including fintech, e-commerce, betting platform etc. It help you to give your employer a new way to pay you.

This platform is fast, very secure, all you just need to do after creating an account on the platform is to create a unique payment links for each person that you want to send it to.

When you are looking for best payment gateway in Nigeria that eliminate fraud, fluidcoins should be your best choice.

However, it is an easiest way for your business to start acceptting crypto payment in Nigeria, and the good thing about this is that; when customers pay you, you will always receive the exact value in your local currency regardless of crypto market fluctuations.


Which is better between Flutterwave and Paystack?

Flutterwave is more innovative, i have been using their get barter and rave pay for a while without any issue. Though, paystack is also reliable and simple to use.

Both can be used for e-commerce, but flutterwave is better because you can receive payment from other countries including USA.

Both paystack and flutterwave are free to set up as an online payment gateway in Nigeria. With flutterwave you can create virtual MasterCard and VISA cards for yourself and for people.

For local transactions, paystack charges 1.5% +100 for every transaction above N2,500. Flutterwave charge 1.4% per transactions. For both platforms the maximum charge for any transaction is N2,000.

For international payment, flutterwave charges a processing fee of 3.8% per transaction, while paystack charges a processing fee of 3.9% + N100.

Which is better between PayPal and Flutterwave?

Flutterwave is faster in transaction no glitch like PayPal. If their is glitch they will refund you automatically or cancel the transaction.

But both are international payment gateway in Nigeria, that you can use to send and receive payment in Nigeria.

Which is the best payment gateway for international transaction?

  • Remita,
  • PayPal,
  • voguepay,
  • 2checkout.

Which payment gateway is best in Africa?

  • Skrill,
  • flutterwave,
  • PayPal,
  • paystack.

Best payment gateway without OTP in Nigeria?

If you are looking for the best online payment platform that you can use without any OTP then you may not find it on this list, because all the payment gateways above uses OTP to verify all users.

Paystack and flutterwave doesn’t joke with OTP they must send it to you to actually know if you owns the card that you want to use for the payment.

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