Top 10 Best Web Hosting In Nigeria (Affordable And Reliable)

In case you have been searching about the best web hosting in Nigeria, and how the hosting packages they provide work, then you have stumbled on the right post.

Today, I will be sharing with you a very detailed article about web hosting in Nigeria, we discussed the most common hosting packages and reseller hosting.

I know sometimes you can’t help but wonder how these hosting works, you must have heard precisely that own or operate a website, you are required to have a hosting, in other words, it’s impossible to talk about websites or pages sitting on the web without talking about hosting, hosting is without doubt a vital component of the web.

But many people end up looking for the best web hosting providers and how their hosting packages work.

This post will also be helpful to you if you are new to making sites or any web software, I will expose you into knowing the various types of hosting we have, how to choose the best hosting and most importantly, I will list out the best hosting companies in Nigeria.

Note: There are numerous hosting companies around the world, in Nigeria and internationally. Base on statistics, the best web hosting in the world are internationally owned, there are however local companies within Nigeria offering global standard hosting services.

But to cut the chase, this article will be focused more on the best web hosting companies known in Nigeria, that is to say, we will show you the best hosting companies that many Nigerians have found very reliable and effective, both the ones that are locally and internationally owned.

By the end of this post, you will know a lot about how hosting works, the companies that are providing the best hosting services and you will know which to choose, whenever you decide to purchase a hosting for your websites or software programs hosted on the world wide web (www).

Technical Details you should know about web hosting and how it works before choosing a hosting provider.

You must have already known that hosting companies provides a means for people to host their websites and programs on the World wide web (www).

If you do not yet know how the world wide web works, we are talking about the internet, the internet is a place where you go to, to find any website by entering an address into the web browser.

The existence of these websites that are sitting on the web, are as a result of them being hosted, that is to say, all the pages or website you visit through google or by entering an address into your browser are all hosted somewhere.

So if you would like to have a website that does something such as;

Then you would need to have a website that is hosted on the internet just like;

With the above explanation, you should know how hosting works. Knowing how hosting works will help you when making a choice as to which hosting company to use.


How to determine the best web hosting in Nigeria?

Just as I hinted you before, there are innumerable amount of hosting providers around the world, so how do we know the best web hosting provider in Nigeria?

Below are some of the criteria we are going to look out to determine the companies that are offering the most experienced and quality hosting service.

These are what you must look out for before choosing any hosting provider.

1. Hosting company that provides Up-time guarantee:

Before choosing any web hosting provider, it will be a huge mistake for you if you fail to first observe the up-time guarantee, this means that your website will always be accessible through all hours of the day and never down.

There are many web hosting providers who do not offer a 99.9% up-time guarantee, which we always see advertised by many hosting company.

But first let me show you the value.

Have you ever visited a website only be welcomed by an error page?

Oops! Or maybe a very slow website, that fails to connect and show you just what you are looking for? Well yes, there are many website that falls in this category, they simply would not be accessible, this can be caused by the hosting company, their resources or bandwidth may be affecting your website, or their undergoing maintenance.

While the downtime are most times short lived, they always create a miss and a bad impression, so if you are looking to purchasing a host where you will host your website, you need to be sure that the hosting company’s server will not go down, there are many hosting companies that promises 99.9% grantee, this is a way of saying your website will never experience a downtime, except of course, you break your site by yourself.

2. Hosting companies that provides daily backup:

Let’s say you finally choosing a hosting company and host your website, then one day something goes wrong, maybe an update that failed and corrupted your files or database or someone hacked your website and corrupted your website files.

When such situations like this occurs, the best way to have it resolved would usually be to roll back the last stable backup.

A backup can be done manually or automatically, almost all hosting companies should have a means of allowing you take manual backup, but the most important are automatic backups.

That means, less stress! Your website will be backup daily or weekly, in case you ever need to revert back when any of your files get corrupted.

Not choosing the right hosting company will become a night mare for you, most hosting do not provide backup at all, and only a select few will offer you automatic backup base on the hosting package you choose.

In summary, we will be using this as one of the criteria for picking out the best web hosting service In Nigeria.

3. Hosting company that have efficient server level protection:

There are so many things going on today in the world web web. A lot of people are taking advantages of the world wide webs to conduct web attacks, scams and hacks on various websites and pages sitting on the internet.

The number of scams and web attacks these days have risen high, we now have attacks such as
– Password hijacking
– Credit card stealing and different kinds of web attacks.

The best way to be safe on the internet, for you and anyone that will be visiting your website is to ensure that you are using a hosting provider that offers sufficient amount of server level protection.

Many hosting services today, builds firewalls and cdn’s around to protect websites hosted on their server, so this should be something you want to look out for, and this is one of the criteria we have used to list out the best hosting service provider.

Most of the hosting providers, we listed in this article provides certain level of security on your behalf, and also they give you a tool to scan your websites and check for any virus then have them automatically removed, or you will be shown or to remove this viruses or malicious codes that may have been injected into your site by hackers.

4. Hosting companies that provide unlimited domain based Email addresses:

Another thing we are looking at to determine the best web hosting in Nigeria is the domain based feature that comes with hosting packages.

These days, it’s always common and recommended to have an email associated with your website domain name, this always helps when you are offering essential service and customer support.

It would not be advisable to share your personal email address to the customers visiting your website, usually offering them an email address associated with your domain will create trust for them to know that they are dealing with a secured company and also It provides other benefits.

An example could be using an email that looks like this: or to send sales emails or receipt to your customers, this will appear more professional other than using your personal or private emails.

This feature however is not provided by most hosting companies, while most will offer you a limited amount of email or storage that you can access, so you need to check and be sure. However this is also one of the criteria we looked out for.

5. Free 24/7 Customer support:

This should be your number one priority check, when making a choice among the best hosting providers.

Hosting is a technical service, breaking things or your site having errors is very common and most times inevitable especially when you don’t have the best knowledge of the technical details work. This is why it’s good to have a hosting service that provides customer support.

There are many popular web hosting providers, especially hosting companies in Nigeria whose customer support suck, it usably takes days to get replies from their support, assuming you ran into an error in your site, and your site is no longer accessible, it will be a night mare, and this could cause you to loose customer.

But when you can be able to contact the hosting support and get quick response then that could be a great relief.

The hosting companies we have researched on to be among the best service providers, will offer you support either at night or at day, but it’s also important to note that not all of the hosting companies that provides support are great, and not all of the ones that don’t provide support are bad.

It also depends on many other factors such as the packages offered by the hosting provider.

6. Hosting that provides c-panel control:

C-panel gives you everything you need to control and run a proper website. It is something that you use to do any of the important setup needed for your website to run. It is also a tool that reduces the technicality of setting up a website.

C-panel is a short form of control panel, and as the name suggests it gives you easier control for your websites. Without a c-panel, you might be required to run and execute codes, or install software to setup every single part of your website.

C-panel reduces the technicality, so getting your website up and running would take you only 2-10 minutes using c-panel after you purchase an hosting.

Not all hosting service providers, will offer you a c-panel, this means that for certain configurations on your website, you might need to contact a programmer if you don’t know the technical details, or contact your hosting provider if they provide quick support channels.

We have made sure to pick out hosting companies that offers this in our list of best web hosting companies in Nigeria that you would soon see in this article.


7. Hosting company that supports cloudflare integration:

Most hosting companies makes it easier to use cloud-flare on their server and some are not very straight forward. Cloud-flare is a web hosting dns provider that you can setup to secure your site over https protocol and to also make your website fast using some caching system.

This a very popular tool that millions of sites on the internet are using for better performance, so you might want to check and be sure that it would be easy to setup cloudflare on the hosting you have choose.

This would mean that your hosting company would have easy ways of managing the dns zones in other to setup cloudflare,

There also some hosting companies that makes this less stressful, by providing you with all the tools and documentation you need to set this up on your server.

The seven important criteria are some of the things that you should look out for, it will help when deciding on which hosting company to choose and I hope it must have also provided you some knowledge of how hosting works and the technical side of it.

Types of hosting packages

It’s good to mention that there are various scopes and types of hosting, knowing the types of hosting there is will help you when deciding on which host to use for your websites.

As you must have learned in this article, web hosting is a very essential part of creating and managing websites hosted on the web, and all websites sitting on the internet are hosted in specific servers. There are different types of servers and they offer different levels of features, security and services.

If you would be purchasing a web-hosting, you will come to see that there prices of purchasing or owning an hosting differs, and most of the best web hosting in Nigeria operate each of these individual type of hosting different.

This is why we think you should know the different major categories of hosting that are common today and are sold by various hosting companies.

1. Shared Web Hosting:

The most popular type of hosting is called Shared hosting, it’s usually type of hosting for small businesses and individuals who just want to start small and scale later. Shared hosting is also the cheapest type of hosting, and it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The major advantage that choosing a shared hosting will offer you is a reduced cost, usually it means that you can have your website and hosted, by purchasing and hosting package for as low as ₦900 (Nigerian Naira) to ₦5000 per month, with a discount if you are purchasing annually.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people go for web hosting, you pay less and get your website, accessible at all times on the internet.

There are however certain limitations you will experience, but first you need to understand how shared hosting works. Shared hosting is usually a single server. A single server shared by multiple people which will include you, this means that all the incoming traffic will be sent through that singular server where your websites will be hosted.

Also, all the people placed on a shared server, which could range from few to hundred, will share the same resources and IP and server address, this could be a limitation as you would have to share certain things and resources usually with people you don’t know or need to know.

Basically the features and customizations that you can use on a shared hosting will be limited to as to not affect other people on the same sever. Shared hosting also, may be secured but is not going to be totally secured since you are under a shared server.

There are other hosting which provides dedicated IP-address for example and are more secured.

If you do not mind the little limitations that are placed in shared hosting, and you are not building a website that will getting tons, or millions of traffic a day, then shared hosting will be a good fit for you to start with.

2. Virtual Private Server

The second type of web hosting packages provide by hosting companies in Nigeria and everywhere across the world is called Virtual private server or put for short, VPS.

It’s also very common and has a bigger advantage over shared hosting which we mentioned above.
VPS servers are considered private to an extent, hosting service provider, you will still be sharing servers with other websites, that is to say the hosting company will share the server resources such as CPU and Ram into what we call virtual servers.

But this time the number of people on each server is reduced and you have access to a lot of feature that you weren’t able to access in shared hosting.

One of the advantages is that you will be provided root access to your own virtual server, and that gives you the privilege to further make specific technical changes or enhancement on your hosting, most of the times you would not really require this root access if your hosting provider provides maintenance and support on your virtual private server.

This is also one of the things that count when considering the best hosting company in Nigeria because many will not provide you with the necessary support to manage.

Maintain or configure certain aspect of your hosting once you are on a VPS and if you do not have the technical background you could mess things up via since you are given root access to configure as much as there is in what makes up an hosting.

Having a VPS will make your website perform far better and a able to handle a larger amount of traffic since you will be having more resources. Lastly, it’s important to note that this type of hosting comes with more cost.

3. Reseller hosting:

Before we look into another type of hosting that offers something more than a VPS, let’s us look into having a reseller hosting.

A lot of people today ask about the reseller hosting in Nigeria, and while this is not very commonly used by most businesses and individual it’s also a type of hosting package or service that can be provided by hosting companies.

This is a type of hosting that allows clients, such as you to become a hosting provider yourself, usually if you would want to run a hosting businesses this is usually a great way to do that, this amounts to you purchasing a larger sized host that can server a lot of people, and you will be given the opportunity to sell and host other people on your reseller hosting.

Like I have mentioned reseller hosting is not for everyone, it’s usually suited for those who run hosting businesses for their clients. The summary of how this works is that you will be purchasing a large host at wholesale prices, and you can then sell out the hosting to as many clients as possible for a price you deem fit.

There are many web hosting reseller in Nigeria, and you can purchasing from any of these companies, it’s however great to know that purchasing reseller hosting could be expensive depending on the company and they operate, if you are however interested in the cheapest reseller hosting in Nigeria, you can find a list of the available one by researching.

To avoid making this article extremely long, and to give you the most important information about hosting only, we won’t be listing the reseller hosting in Nigeria in this article, but we will consider discussing them in another.

4. Dedicated Server:

Another type of hosting package that you would like to know is dedicated server, and this is also an hosting that is commonly used by a lot of websites hosted on the internet today.

For dedicated hosting you will get your own server, this time you won’t be sharing your server with anyone and you get to enjoy more than you could have in other types of hosting such as shared hosting and VPS.

You will also be given root access to manage any portion of your server that you are interested in, you will experience faster loading speeds on your websites, because you won’t be sharing resources or anything with anyone and your website will operate at peak performance.

This great benefit and privileges that comes with having a dedicated server always comes at a cost, it’s the best choice of hosting but also the most expensive. The good side is that you are in full control and you can do whatever you wish on your hosting, it’s like a house of your own.

If you can bear the cost, or to simply put, if your business or company is huge enough and really in need of this type of hosting then you can always opt in for this type of hosting.

5. WordPress hosting:

The fifth type of hosting on our list is WordPress hosting. Please note this is slightly different type of hosting, the other types of hosting we have mentioned In this article can let you host any type of websites, such as websites that are built with WordPress.

(WordPress is a software you can install to get your website running as fast as possible, with little to no coding knowledge), and other types of website such as the ones built with PHP, python, node.js and so on.

In light of this, a WordPress hosting is a specific type of costing that will only allow you host a single unit site built on WordPress, WordPress will be installed on your domain on this hosting and you can get your site up and running fast, by instantly any theme (design) of your choice from a list of thousands of designs or what is known as themes that have been built by experts, and you will get the choice to customize it and put your site name, logo and information on it.

This is a faster way of hosting a site, and also reduces a lot of the work, with WordPress you don’t need to be a programmer to have a website, so if this is the what you want you can always go for a WordPress hosting, it’s the cheapest but also known you will not be able to do most customizations or have root access to the hosting as you would in other types of hosting we have discussed.

6. Cloud Hosting:

The last type of hosting, we are going to discuss in this post is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is considered an hybrid version of VPS hosting, but a much more costly hosting package that also has its own advantages.

Cloud hosting comes with multiple servers, if any of the server goes down, then the other servers on the network will pick up and take over the responsibilities.

Websites that hosted on this type of hosting also perform very well, there will be almost no server failures. One of the things that could cause a website to go offline is when an unpredictable traffic hits your website, for smaller websites you can always go with the option of using the traditional hosting, cloud hosting is usually suited for bigger businesses and website expecting a lot of traffic.


List of 10 best Web hosting in Nigeria

Now let’s discuss the best web hosting companies in Nigeria as of 2022/2023, we have done a research and curated this list of hosting companies base on certain criteria must of which we have listed on this article, if you are about to, or looking forward to purchasing an hosting then you might want to consider one of these hosting companies.

Web hosting in Nigeria

Most of the hosting companies in Nigeria offers very poor services, this is why it’s important to carefully choose a hosting company where you will be hosting your websites, or you will end getting a very poor experience that may affect your hosting.

While looking through, please note that what makes a hosting good depends on the type of services that they offer, most cheap web hosting always appear to be the worst to choose from because they offer you cheap hosting with very less or annoying quality.

Most hosting companies are also not very good in terms of offering customer support, some will lie about offering you large resources only for you to start experiencing downtime along the line on your website.

If you do nor want to end up with a hosting company that will make you end up frustrated then you need to consider your options carefully.

Our top 10 list of best hosting companies in Nigeria that we have listed below have been carefully choose, we have also tried and confirm that these companies really offer the best, they are companies where you do not have to break the bank to get a very good hosting for your website. So let’s look at them.

1. Namecheap Hosting:

One of the hosting companies you can always place a bet on is Name-cheap, it’s is one of the best hosting service provider in Nigeria. Name-cheap stands out on three particular reasons, they are the most affordable hosting company, but yet the resources and quality of their server is almost as high as other web hosting companies.

Also while they offer very quality servers with 99.8% up-time guarantee they also have the best customer support, name-cheap staffs are always a minute away from you, they provide a live chat which you can use to contact them and get response within 1 minute, any time of the day and even at nights.

If you ever experience issues on your sites, then you can get quick solution contacting Namecheap team.

Namecheap offers all the type of hosting package we mentioned in this article at a very convenient price rates. We have tested their service and can safely recommend them as the number one hosting company in Nigeria, they also provide other services such as purchasing and registering domain names

Namecheap however is not owned or located in Nigeria, it’s is an international company offering global standards.

2. Hostinger:

Hostinger is also one of the best hosting service company in Nigeria, they are good at what they do and they also provide good server resources. When talking about website resources we are not talking about numbers but how well they perform.

We also found out that hostinger is one of the beginner friendly hosting provide, it’s fast and easy to get your website running when you purchase an hosting from them. It’s second on our list.

Hostinger also provides one of the best customer experience you can have, they have experienced and cautious staffs sitting and waiting for whenever you would need them, it’s also good to note that their hosting is not very expensive, they are incredibly affordable.

Hostinger is also an internationally owned company.

3. Qserver:

Qserver, is a web hosting company in Nigeria that also offers great up-time guarantee and web hosting resources, unlike the other companies we have mentioned, they have their head office suited right here in Nigeria, at Lagos state.

We have hosted several websites with them and also purchased domains from them, we hardly experience downtime and they are a reliable web hosting company in Nigeria that you can consider.

They offer cheap hosting as low a ₦900 a month and ₦9000 yearly.

4. Bluehost:

Bluehost is another internationally owned web hosting company that we have tested to be offering great hosting service.

Compared to many others, their resources are efficient and their service is also as great as many of the ones we have mentioned, however in terms of the pricing of each of the hosting companies we have mentioned, they may not be the best option, but to an extent they have cheap hosting plans that you can choose from.

Most people are familiar with bluehost and always prefer them, so it’s up to you to decide if you would be going for them or any of the other web hosting companies that we have mentioned, but of course there are still more to choose from so don’t be in a hurry.

5. Godaddy:

Godaddy is one of the most popular hosting companies, they usually provide a very cheap price for domains and hosting for the first years.

You can also safely place a bet on their up-time service guarantee, sites hosted on Go-daddy always perform well base on our test and observations.

Howeve we noticed that as you use the service, the prices for most of their product may go up for the next year when you want to renew, but usually you enjoy the first year paying less.

While we know that Godaddy offers a very good hosting service, their customer support is not always the best especially for people in certain countries, it might take longer to get response from their customer support on certain type of cases, so be sure that you are confident enough to manage your site if any error pops up in case you do not get customer support on time to address your issue when hosting with companies like Godaddy.

6. WhoGoHost:

The next on out list of the best web hosting in Nigeria is WhoGoHost, this is also one of the web hosting that operates in Nigeria, and this is seen in the origin of the name “Who Go Host”, they are also very reliable to certain extents, and their hosting package prices are very friendly. It’s a very common hosting providers among Nigerian bloggers and website owners.

At some point, they were the best web hosting company in Nigeria, and they were always the first choice of many people, with WhoGoHost you can host your website for as low as ₦800 per month.

7. Web4Africa:

Web4Africa is also a very good hosting company that started with a focus on the Africa audience, they also standout as one of the popular hosting companies In Nigeria, we have confirmed that they offer very good hosting services far more better than most hosting companies that exist today, and it remains a choice of many bloggers and website owners in Nigeria,

8. Domain King:

At a point in time, domainking was the go to platform for many bloggers and website owners in Nigeria, they are an Indian web hosting company which also have a presence in Africa, have their main office in South Africa.

Like other host, they offer great support and 99.9% uptime guarantee. The fact is that we have hosted many websites on domainking and confirm that they are among the best web hosting in Nigeria.

9. DreamHost:

DreamHost is yet another internationally owned hosting company that does provide great service as good as the others we have mentioned, why their prices are not the very best our there, you can always rely on their up time guarantee and customer support.

Dreamhost is used by millions of people across the globe and base on the experience we have with them they are reliable and will also make a good hosting company choice.

10. HostGator:

Last on our list Hostgator, they do well just like others, their prices are also friendly and they have good hosting resources that is allocated for the various type of hosting packages that they offer.

So far so good, we believe that’s all you would want to know about the best web hosting in Nigeria.

It’s up to you to make the choice of which company to choose among the best hosting companies that we have mentioned, I also believe that you gathered enough information about how web hosting works, as this is going to be very beneficial to you especially if you are a novice in web hosting.

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