10 Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria [Roadside/Manufacturing]

Will you like to know the best business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria? Do you want to start business in the village, I have some business ideas that can help you to make millions.

It’s true that many people prefer doing business in the urban area due to large population but trust me their are some business that you can do in rural areas and you will keep making money daily.

Years ago, my elder brother started poultry farming in our community but trust me people normally come from different villages and towns to patronize him.

The key thing here is for you to look for what people need and is high in demand and start selling it, am also going to share roadside business ideas and manufacturing business ideas in Nigeria that you can venture into so make cool cash.


Things to consider before you start business in rural community

Being an entrepreneur is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to be a solution finder. Things to consider before deciding on which business is suitable for you include factors such as:

  • Roads and transport routes,
  • Spaces and location,
  • Capital and expenses,
  • Electricity (Power supply),
  • Skill,
  • Network connection in your area.

What do I mean, their are some business that you can do in rural areas that require constant electricity and if electricity is not available you will find it difficult except you look for alternative like buying Generator.

You may not do POS business in a community that have no network and roadside business like, selling cold water and drinks require power supply to make the dirnk cold which means lack of electricity might stop you from doing such business.

You will find it very difficult to so some business if the road that lead to the city is bad which means you will always find it difficult to supply it to people in the city or other communities may not be able to come and patronize you.

Which ever business you choose to do make sure you consider some of the above factors before you start as that will help you to make more money from your business.


10 Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria

These are some retail or wholesale business ideas in Village area that anyone can start to earn without much investment this year.

Business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria

Though, most of this business requirements some investment while some does not require any investment at all, all you just need is a good location to get start, and what are those businesses?

1. POS business

I put this as the first due to how hard people in the village normally try to come to town to withdraw money, with the help of POS business individuals and business owners can easily perform finalcial transaction in the rural areas.

Money is a day to day necessity, making money available and easy for withdrawal and transfer is a lucrative business. In the village people doing POS business usually collect high charges for example: for each 1k they will charge you 100 which means you can be earning up to N10,000 to N20,000 if you are having more customers daily.

The only issue you may be having in this business are; network issues and security issues, but if you are able to stay in an area that is secured and you have network there you will be making more money than people working in the bank as staff.


2. Transportation company

Being able to move both goods and people from rural areas to cities and from cities to rural areas is a service that never goes out of style and because of his I recommend transport business as one of the best business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria.

Most people are always finding it difficult to convey their goods from rural area to urban, you can always charge them to carry it for them, not just that you can be running from Village to village from one market to another as that will help you earn daily income.

Do you know you can make enough money as a driver in the village, this is still an untapped business because many people does not like doing business in the village as their prefer city life.


3. Pure water and bottle water manufacturing

Do people in the rural areas drink pure water or bottle water, not really but why opening the industry in the village? Because it’s cheaper to run in the village them city, you can easily source for water for the production in the village than city.

Lack of good quality drinking water is a very big problem in Nigeria and producing clear water for sale will help you earn good income, so providing drinkable water is always a good business in rural areas.

You can always supply for different communities and cities by so doing you will turn unknown village into town because of clean water they you are producing, good market sell it self.


4. Phone charging business

Every household in Nigeria has one or more electronic device that needs to be charged, It’s no news that electricity is one of the biggest problems in Nigeria. Solving such delimma is worth investing in.

You can buy all the required equipments that you can use to start the business such as; generator, board of extension and different chargers. The amount of money you will be making from this business even someone working as a government working in Nigeria can’t earn it.

Village is village and the kind of money in the village is too big and only those that understand the techniques on how to extract it can earn it. You need to discover a village business ideas that give money to be able to tap from this.


5. Cyber cafe/ computer training institutes

This is a good business ideas in rural area in Nigeria as solving the problem of rural students going to the city for checking online results and gaining access to the internet will have to end.

Most teachers and students in the rural communities are always finding it difficult to do photocopy, typing and browse the Internet if you can bring this business closer to them, you will always be having many customers on a daily bases as this kind of business is not common in the village.


6. Palm wine tapping business

If you have palm wine tapping skill and you are good at it, why not take it as your full time job. A man from south eastern Nigeria who took this business as his full time job was able to build mansion, buy car from money earned from palm wine tapping business.

People in the rural communities and cities understand the value of palm wine and producing it in large quantities to sell in different places will help you earn legit cash. The fact is that most palm wine tappers in the village earn more money than mostt bank managers.


7. Poultry/live stock farming

You can never go wrong with agriculture, with enough space and easy access to raw materials you are good to go. Meat remains an important part of all cuisine.

Starting poultry farming business will help you earn cool cash, not just that you will also be selling eggs to since you will also be getting it from your poultry farm too. I have writing article that can help you to start poultry farming business in Nigeria.


8. Rural Podcast

Not everyone is aware of how fun and adventurous rural areas can be. Not everyone knows what and how people who live in rural areas survived. Bring this information to the masses and you may be handsomely rewarded.

With a little capital, space and skill you can solve a need and also make money, you can decide to create a youtube channel or blog where you  will be sharing things that happen in different rural communities, their culture and news, and people in the city will always be glad to see it.


9. Barbing salon busines

Both in the city and village people do have their hair cut but the competition is always touch in the city due to numbers of existing barbing salon, but the case is different in the urban area because their is always limited number of salon.

In most village you will find it difficult to see a barbing salon, you can easily see salon to cut your hair when you go the village market or city. Having a standard salon in the village market square will help you earn a lot of money.

The reason why i recommend this business is that people in rural areas only care about cutting the hair, they do not care about maintenance. That is buying much expensive equipments to make the shop look too beautiful is not necessary and the cost of shop rent is always low too.

If you have barbing skill and you are looking for business ideas, I will advise you to choose salon business.


10. Selling tailoring materials

Tailors are common in the village because people in rural area prefer sewing cloths instead of going to market to buy. But you will always find it difficult to see people selling tailoring materials.

Tailors in the rural communities always move to town to get tailoring materials which do cost them transport fare, bring this business closer to them will help them reduce cost and in turn turn you will earn.

I have revealed simple ways to start tailoring materials business in Nigeria and I believe following my guide will help you earn daily income from this business.


Roadside business ideas in Nigeria

If you are living along express high way, starting a road side business is a great idea. Starting a traveler-aimed business will help you to earn enough money since travelers will always need most things such as food and where to rest and much more.

  1. Food restaurant
  2. Provision store
  3. Bakery
  4. Selling of Ice cream
  5. Cupcake business
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Shoe store
  8. POS business
  9. Become a travel agency
  10. Selling cold soft drinks.

Above are business you may like to do if you like traveling or living along high way, most individuals traveling from city to village always like to buy things like bread, soft drinks either for their personal intake or for people they are going to meet, you may turn this opportunity into a business and earn money.



I have been able to share with you some business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria, roadside and manufacturing business ideas and things you need to know before you start any business in a rural community.

Though, I didn’t list online business ideas for rural areas because I know how difficult it will be doing online business in an area with limited power supply i hope you find this article helpful.

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