Best Business To Start With 100k (#100,000) Capital In Nigeria 2024

As I was trying to enter a supermarket yesterday I overhead a lady and a guy discussing about business to start with 100k in Nigeria that is profitable and easy to set up. Their discussion goes this way:

Lady: This country is hard now ooo!!, but what business can I start with 100k that will be giving me at least profit of N1,000 daily?

Guy: Ngozi, I thought you are a teacher in one of the government school in this city?

Lady: my brother, if I see any business that will be paying me 2k daily I am ready to leave that teaching job, can you believe that; we have not been paid for the past 5 months and they are still forcing us to be going to work!

Guy: chai! I can feel your pain, As for me I make not less than 5k daily from my poultry farm and I still have many investment in one of the best investment companies in Nigeria.

Lady: please sir, show your girl way ooo, before I die in this town! Cut small soap for me eeeh!. This white collar work is useless, even before the salary will be paid self, we would have borrowed loan from different places.

Guy: there is no soap to be given, the only soap I can give you now is to show you some best business to start with 100k in Nigeria. These businesses are profitable, easy to start in any location in 2024.

One of the reasons men don’t achieve goals is because they never set any.

It is the goal that you set that we determine where to focus, if you are a salary earner and you are not investing your monthly earning you are making a mistake, which you may later regret.


List of Business to start with 100k in Nigeria

What business can I start with 100k

Their are many profitable business to start with N100,000 in Nigeria that can make you rich if done well.

These businesses have been tested by other great entrepreneur like Obi Cubana, Aliko Dangote including Otedola.

Most of those great business men started their businesses with less than 100k but today those business have grown and earning them more than 100k daily income.

some of those best businesses that give high profits are;


1. POS business

POS simply means; Point Of Sale business, is the act of helping people to perform activities such as withdraw/deposit money, make payment such as; GOTV subscriptions buy airtime etc. In return for those transactions you get paid.

To start this business you just need to apply for the POS machine in any bank of your choice, get the POS machine and start transacting with it.

You can start POS business with less than 100k and you will be making a good profit daily from the business.


2. Selling animals feeds

Another profitable business to start with 100k in Nigeria is selling of animals feeds, this business is untapped and very lucrative in Nigeria.

You may be selling different kinds of animals feeds such as; poultry feeds, fish feeds, etc you must not have a shop before you start this business you can be doing it at home and be supplying to those that need it.

All you just need to do it to be advertising to your target customers, you will see how different people will keep patronizing you daily.


3. Barbing salon business

Men have their haircut almost every two to three days, this might be your chance to tap into the business by learning how to barb from any professional, open your own in a very busy area and start earning daily income.

You must not rob a bank before you can start this business, you can easily start this business with 100k and above in Nigeria and you will be sure of earning high income daily, all these depends on the area were your salon is located.

The best location for this business is student area, or urban area where people will always like to look neat always.

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4. Computer business centre

This is Popularly known as cyber cafe, it is one of the best daily income business in Nigeria that you can start with N100,000 and you will be sure of never to lack cash in your wallet.

Computer business centre mostly thrive well in a students area where people will always have something to; type, photocopy and scan.

You do not need much equipments to get started all you just need is to purchase things like; a generator, laptop and photocopy machine and a scanner.


5. Restaurant business

Restaurant business is among the fastest moving business in Nigeria, this business is capable of giving you more than N200,000 daily profits.

Restaurant is a place were people normal go to eat food, you may also be selling beer and other soft drinks to be able to increase your cash flow.

This is the kind of business that one of the richest men in Igbo land by name; Obi Kubana did before he became a millionaire.

for you to succeed in this business you need to work more harder and make sure that you know how to cook what people want.


6. Selling of cooking gas

People have developed much interest in the use of gas and loosing interest in the use of stove for cooking. This has added to the reason for the fast rising of this business.

The good news is that you must not have a big gas station before you can start this business, you can simply purchase at least two big gas cylinder and fill it with gas, and start refilling it to people and be making your profit.

If you have been searching for business to start with 100k that is capable of giving you 5k daily profits this business is for you.


Note: Never do this business near people’s home, or restaurants or near fire.


7. Pure water business

Water is one of the most important thing to human beings, we drink water to be able to quench our thirst.

Starting this business will really help you to earn some Burk, you do not need to carry pure water on your head and be selling, all you just need to start this business is; refrigerator and generator those two things will help you to thrive in this business.

You will be selling it in retailer price to people that will be hawking it around the market or street and you will just sit in one place and be earning your cash.


8. Cement business

Another best business to start with 100k in Nigeria is cement business, that is buying and selling of cement.

You may start this business by connecting to any cement industry like; Ibeto or Dangote. Purchase the cement from them in very low price and be selling it to others at a normal price while you keep making your gain.

You do not need to go to the industry before you can purchase the cement, just look for their contact and call them, they will deliver it to you at your destination.


9. phone charging business

Due to the lack of constant supply of electricity in Nigeria, many individuals have developed interest in this business, by helping people to charge their phones while they get paid.

In some urban area people normally charge their phones at the rate of N50 but in most rural areas the price goes to N100 per phone, calculate how much you will be making for charging up to 20 phones per day.

The major things you need to begin this business is; generator, chargers and board of suckets that is all.


10. Pig farming business

Pig farming is one of the most lucrative business ever, the profit you will be making from this business is always shocking, as a sow could lay as many as 9 young female piglet once.

Starting this business will really help in boosting your financial grade, as people so much like eating pock meat. This business mostly move faster in non Muslim area.


11. Selling of food stuff

As people can’t stay a day without cooking, doing this business will really be great. you just need to look for a market or a busy location where you will be staying, purchase the food stuff in high quantity and be selling to those that need it.


12. Goat farming business

Goat farming is also among the fast moving business in Nigeria due to high rate of goat meat consumption in Nigeria.

If you are looking for what to invest in Nigeria with 100k, then goat farming is the best as it will give you a good return on investment.

One female goat may born up to 3 to 4 young goat at a time, check if you purchase upto 10 small goats with 100k you will make extra gain.


13. Dog breeding

Another profitable business to start with 100k in Nigeria is dog breeding, as 1 female dog can give birth to up to 5 puppies at a time.

People so much like eating dog meat because of it delicious taste and most use dog as security. All this make the business lucrative.


Since we have been able to revealed up to 13 offline business to start with 100k capital in Nigeria, let quickly look at top 8 best online business to start with 100k in Nigeria too.


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What business can I start with 100k Online?

Business to start with 100k

Below are some of the profitable online business with 100k capital that any one can easily start without stress.


Note: you can start most of the online business that am about to list out now with zero capital, the major thing here is for you to be able to access the internet.


1. Content writing;

The need for people with content writing skill is boosting everyday, as so many companies are in need of content writers. As a content writer you need to be specific on the type of content you usually write.

We have different type of content writing; Copywriting content writer, SEO content writer etc.

You can register on platform like; Fiverr or Upwork to market your writing skill.

Advertise your skill on social media, and wait as many people will be contacting you for your service.

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2. Social media manager

Here you can turn your addiction to social media into money making opportunity, by helping people to manage their social media platforms.

By increasing the platforms engagement, replying to comments, posting on the platform etc, at the end you get paid either monthly or weekly.

You do not need up to 100k to start this business, the major things is to have access to the internet.


3. Amazon eBook publishing

I see alot of writer complaining about lack of money to publish their book, did you know that as a writer you can actually earn money by publishing your book on amazon.

You can write an eBook on a very interesting topic that people will like, the ebook must solve a particular problem so that people that have the problem will like to purchase it.

Design a cover for eBook and list it on amazon for people to buy.


4. Mini importation business

Mini importation is a very profitable online business to start with 100k, this involves buying goods online from a company overseas and start selling it in Nigeria and be making your gain.


5. SEO Specialist

Many companies want to increase their online search engine visibility, and most of these companies always need someone with SEO knowledge to do it for them.

As an SEO specialist you can register on a platform like fiver advertise your Service and wait for people that need your Service.


6. Web designer

Can you design a website or blog? If yes! You can make millions designing website for people.

Different companies are looking for people that can design their company website for them, if you are good in website designing you can advertise your business online so that those that need your service can contact you.


7. Affiliate marketing

This is a good means to earn money online, by helping people to market their product while you get a commission for any sales.

You may register on any affiliate platform, create a blog for this or start promoting the product on social media using the affiliate link.

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, I always advice for you to start with products with low price, most people usually jump into promoting high price products so that they can make much profits from each sales, but this usually make them to sell little or no product for many months.


8. Graphic designing

Can you design; logo, banner, and flyer? If yes! You can make a lot of cash designing for people.

All you just need to do is to, design some samples, using it and run Facebook ads to be able to get clients. design any work given to you very well and call your price, you will make a lot of money doing this.



I strongly believe that you have seen answer to your question; what business can I start with 100k in 2023? Try to take action by investing into any of these above businesses.

In fact, the businesses listed above are some best businesses to start with N100,000 with little or no risk at all. Most of those business are capable of given you huge profit in return.

Invest wisely, treat your business like a baby, I wish you success in your business.

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