How Long Does It Take To Get A Canadian Student Visa In Nigeria 2021

How long does it take to get a canadian student visa in Nigeria 2021?

Studying abroad have been one of the dreams of most Nigerian students because studying in country like Canada is a fantastic privilege. It open door for different opportunities. Which cause the reason why many students are asking: how long does it take to get a Canadian student visa in Nigeria?

Chill, because am going to show you answer to different questions such as:

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Canadian Student Visa In Nigeria 2021

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa in Nigeria

some people were saying that to get a Canada student visa in Nigeria is very hard but after checking it I noticed that it is very easy but lack of information at the right time usually restricted many students from getting there Canadian visa essily.

Now back to the question How Long Does It Take To Get A Canadian Student Visa In Nigeria? Just 4 months (16 weeks).

Sometimes it might not reach up to 4 months and sometimes it will pass, it just depends on when your request was confirmed.

Sometimes, the factor that cause delay is the number of request they received at a particular period of time by the embassy.


Benefits of studying in Canada.

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America, In fact to study in Canada is the dream of many Nigerian students because;

  1. You get a chance of studying at very high-quality institutions, were you receive quality education not only that, you Enjoy the Canadian student lifestyle wow!
  2. Improve your English skills, you also Make friends from all corners of the world and also get international experience for your CV and much more.
  3. degree, diploma or certificate from Canada is usually recognized globally as being equivalent to those obtained from other developed countries like: United State or commonwealth countries.

If you are considering to study in Canada, In fact you have made a very good decision.

Eligibility for Canada Students Visa

  1. A Canadian Institution have offered you a provisional admission.
  2. show the proof that you have no criminal record.
  3. You need to be healthy.
  4. You must prove that you will return to Nigeria after your authorized visa expired.
  5. You must fulfill and answer all questions you were as during the interview appropriately.

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What are the Canada students visa requirements?

for you to get a Canada visa, their are some documents you need to take along with you, those documents are what they will use to screen or verify you also.

The visa in which you have applied for online or Offline at Canada embassy in Nigeria either at Lagos or Abuja. Those documents are what am going to point out here for you to see.

  • Proof of identity; you must register your identity with the agency, that is were you came from must be known, for it to be easy for you go along with your local government identification with two recently taken photos and valid passport.

And if you have any other relevant identification document go along with it also.

  • Letter of explanations; This letter is very important because it explain the purpose and why you want to visit Canada.

In this you will also give details about your identity for instance:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. How long you are planning to stay in Canada.
  4. Your purpose of going to Canada for instance; is might be for tourism, just to visit family or to study. In this case your purpose of going to Canada is to study.
  5. When will you graduate or leave Canada , that is when you will graduate and come back to Nigeria.
  • Proof of Acceptance; You need to get an acceptance letter before you think of going to Canada, for you to show that you are ready to go to Canada to receive a formal education, a school in Canadian must send an acceptance letter , it is not possible to get a students visa without an acceptance letter from a Canadian school.
  • Financial support proof: For you not to stand as a problem to Canadian government you must have a document or what will show your ability to cover all the expenditures during the academic year.

To avoid you being stranded when you get to Canadian school, this document must be present , to show that you can pay up or that you do not have any issue when it comes to finance.

And also for students going through scholarship the necessary confirmatory document to it would be needed, after the confirmation you are ready to move to Canada.

Let move on to show you all the necessary things before we talk about how long does it take to get a canada student visa in nigeria .

Apply for the Canadian students visa you can do that online or offline, I recommend this offline to all Nigerian. For you to register offline just move to Canada visa application center (CVAC), to pay for the visa processing fees.

You will be charged an additional service fee of (N6,200) $39.82 at the CVAC.

The CVAC is located at No. 16, Billings way, ore gun industrial area ikeja, Lagos state.

After the payment you will submit your application form and other documents that I have mentioned above and proof of payment of your visa processing and biometric fees.

Make sure you collect receipt for any payment that you made because one of those receipts will contain a unique tracking number or code that you can use and track the status of your application online.

Do not forget to be checking your email or phone inbox because Canadian government may request for your passport at CVAC. Once they request for it move on and submit it and keep checking to no when it will be ready for you to collect it back.

and for most of you asking me is there an interview for Canada student visa?

Yes! That is part of the screening.

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