Top 7 Cheap Nursing Schools In USA For International Students

Studying nursing in United States of America have been the dream of many students, but financial difficulties is one of the common issue among most International students looking forward to study abroad. However, I have compiled the complete list of cheap Nursing schools in USA for international students.

cheap nursing schools in USA

So, their are some tuition free Nursing schools for international students in USA but in the case of this article we are focusing on low tuition schools to study Nursing in United States of America.

Why USA is best for study

  1. Unique curriculum
  2. Quality education
  3. Multi cultural environment
  4. Abundant opportunities.

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List Of Cheap Nursing schools In USA For International students

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas

I rank this as one of the first cheap nursing schools in USA because it has the lowest tuition fees, it is located in Las Vegas, it is also one of the best institution that any international student who want to obtain degree abroad at affordable fees can enroll.

The tuition fees per semester for department of nursing in University of Nevada is $2,872 per semester. Not only that this institution also offer students the opportunity to study and also be working at the same time.

Lamar University

This University came second in U.S news, and world report rankings and also come second in our list. It has a tuition fees of about $3,120 per semester for international students.

Lamar University is a top choice for foreign students who are interested in pursuing a Nursing degree in United States. Without any doubt the Lamar university department of Nursing program has the best blend of top quality and affordability.

This institution seriously prepares hardworking nursing students for good life in the clinic by training them to provide quality healthcare and imbibing good thinking skills in them to solve difficult assignments.

University of Missouri

This University is also known as the Sinclair School of Nursing. The University of Missouri equips students in the nursing program with world class teaching backed up with quality research skills.

However, this university is not as cheap as the other institutions, but the University of Missouri still offers nursing students top rated education at a reasonable fee. For undergraduate programs, the tuition fee for the nursing program is put at $282.00 per credit for students from the United States and International students are required to pay $557.30 per credit.

Based on that, the University of Missouri also has an added benefits because it provides students the opportunity to learn with its flexible distance learning program which allows students to obtain a quality education at the comfort of their homes.

Stony Brook University

If you are aiming to study nursing at cheap rate, this University is one of the must go to. Furthermore, stony brook university currently ranks high in the U.S.A news and world report record.

The tuition fee for nursing program at stony Brook University is $2,785 per semester. The department of nursing stony Brook University, recommend new students to first finish a compulsory basic program and gain a grade point average(GPA) of at least 2.9 in order to qualify for her bachelor’s nursing degree, it takes two years to complete the program.

Northwestern Michigan College

This institution was established in 1951, the Northwestern Michigan College is popular for its amazing easy distance learning programs.

It is one of the leading universities that offer an Associate degree in Nursing administration, Northwestern Michigan College, is also one of the most cheapest nursing schools in USA.

The Northwestern Michigan College is a member of the North Central Colleges and Schools and also has full accreditation from the Higher Learning Education. Its affordability and flexibility makes it a good fit for international students.

University of Michigan – Flint

Another university to look into if you want to study for a nursing degree abroad while at a relatively cheap cost is University of Michigan -Flint. While the University of Michigan’s Nursing program is not as affordable as others, it’s amazing rank in the U.S News and World record makes it a suitable destination for international students who want to get a standard education in nursing administration.

The tuition fee for the Nursing program of the University of Michigan is about $4551. Another thing to consider is that this Talso offers face-to-face distance learning programs for students who would like to learn from the comfort of their homes.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Michigan – Flint takes as little as a year and four months.

Indiana State University

The Indiana State University is equally a very reputable university which offers quality nursing education at low tuition. It was founded in 1965, The tuition fee for the nursing program at Indiana State University is $3,949 per semester.

Indiana State University has grown to become one of the leaders in the provision of top rated education in the United States for both traditional and distance learning programs.

Indiana State University equally offers graduate students the opportunity to further their nursing education through their RN to BSN and their LPN to BSN programs. In addition to this, Indiana State University offers graduate nursing students the opportunity to earn a master’s degree as well as a Doctorate in nursing administration.

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Can a poor student study abroad?

Yes! I have received this kind of question countless times mostly from Nigeria and Indian students. Studying abroad as a poor student will require you either to go through scholarship or attend an institution where you can be working and be studying at the same time.

Can I work while studying in USA?

Yes! But their is restriction for foreigners, students who have an F-1 and M-1 visa are allowed to work on campus and in some training programs. Students are not allowed to work outside campus during their first academic year.

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