Best Chinese Gift Card Vendors Whatsapp Number (Buy & Sell)

Let me guess, you have searched all over the Internet for best Chinese gift card vendors but you are still left wondering if they’re legit.

Wait! wait… someone may have offered to buy your gift card at a very good rate only for you to end up being scammed.

Phew!! Many of us have been there, that leaves you wondering, where can I find the best gift card vendors, whether in Nigeria or the UAE?

Before I even start telling you anything, take a pause and smile, yes there’s a solution on how you could get the best vendors for your gift card and that’s where Chinese gift card vendors comes in.

In this post, we’ll delve into the world of Chinese gift card vendors and explore why they may be the best choice for buying and selling gift cards.

We’ll discuss the advantages of working with China vendors and provide insights on how you can find reliable vendors who offer excellent service.

So whether you’re looking to sell unused gift cards or purchase discounted ones, keep reading to learn how Chinese gift card vendors can help you get the most out of your gift cards.


Why you should patronise Chinese gift card vendors.

Wondering why you should deal with Chinese gift card vendors for your gift cards?

Chinese gift card vendors

Here, let me enlighten you.

1. Great rates

You read  that right, wondering if i actually intended to state that multiple times? Yes, because I want you to understand that this is one of the great reasons to deal with Chinese gift card vendors so you read that right.

These guys offer reliable service, as long as you approach the right ones and not people posing to be one only to scam you.


2. Worldwide recognition is another great advantage

Many gift card vendors exist all over the world, but I must say I don’t really have enough words to express that Chinese gift card vendors are simply the best, prove it, if i am wrong, their diversity and popularity all over the world is unquestionably true.

Why? For many reasons.


China has an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers that can supply a wide range of products.

This allows gift card vendors to have access to a broad range of materials, equipment, and other resources that are necessary for the production of gift cards.

The availability of these resources makes it easier for Chinese gift card vendors to respond quickly to changing customer demands


3. Developed efficient logistics capabilities to ensure timely delivery of products to customers

This is facilitated by the country’s well-established transportation and logistics infrastructure, which includes major ports, airports, and highways.

These logistics capabilities allow gift card vendors to ship products quickly and at a lower cost, which translates into faster turnaround times and lower shipping costs for customers.

These are just some of the reasons why Chinese gift card vendors are an excellent choice for people looking to buy or sell gift cards.


Summary here is, one of the main advantages of working with Chinese gift card vendors is their ability to offer the best rates in the market.

Thanks to their vast network of suppliers, Chinese vendors can source gift cards at a lower cost and pass on the savings to their customers.

This means that you can get more value for your money when you buy or sell gift cards with Chinese vendors.


In addition to offering great rates, Chinese gift card vendors are also known for their reliability. They have a reputation for providing prompt and efficient service, ensuring that you get your gift cards on time and in good condition.

With Chinese vendors, you can rest assured that your transactions are secure and that your gift cards will be delivered as promised.


How to source for the best Chinese gift card vendors anywhere in the world;

If you have not already known, it’s very easy to make mistakes with your gift cards that could become a loss to you.

So think twice the next time you buy or sell a gift card. Ask yourself am I getting the best rates, are there better gift card vendors.

There is a saying that, with information comes great power once you have the right information, them you are in safe hand which is why we will advise you to make use of the information in this post, I have highlighted the best Chinese gift card vendors that won’t fail you.

Before I give you more details of Chinese gift card vendors that won’t fail you as well as the rates offered let me highlight some things you can take note of.

The first step to sourcing for the best Chinese gift card vendors is to do accurate research.


  • Look for vendors who have a website or a social media presence, or reputable platforms that trade gift cards.

There are websites that allows you sell your gift cards, while we advise you to watch out for scams, there are some reliable ecommerce platform where you can sell your gift cards.


Most gift card vendors also have websites, read through their reviews and feedback from previous customers. This will give you an idea of their reputation and the quality of their service.


  • Another way to find reliable Chinese gift card vendors is to ask for recommendations.

You can ask from friends, family, or business associates who have used their services before. They may be able to point you in the direction of a reputable vendor who offers excellent service.

In this post I will recommend you to some trust worthy Chinese gift card vendors that you can rely on anytime you can connect with this Chinese  gift card company easily on WhatsApp.


When you’ve narrowed down your list of potential Chinese gift card vendors, take the time to reach out and ask questions.

Ask about their rates, delivery times, payment options, and any other concerns you may have. This will give you a better idea of their level of customer service and their willingness to address your needs.


Overall, sourcing for the best Chinese gift card vendors requires some research and being careful. Look for vendors with a solid reputation, ask for recommendations, check for physical locations or offices, and reach out to them to ask questions.

By doing so, you can find reliable vendors who offer quality service at competitive rates, no matter where you are in the world.


Trusted Chinese gift card vendors to trade with.

Wherever you are in the world you can contact these Chinese gift card vendors;


Dingsheng Technology

Dingsheng Technology, is a reliable and trustworthy vendor for various types of gift cards.

His reputation precedes him, as he is well-known worldwide for his exceptional services in this field.

He is known to buy gift cards from various companies, including iTunes, eBay, Google, and more.

Dingsheng Technology offers competitive exchange rates for different types of gift cards.

For instance, a $100 Steam Gift Card, Google Card, or eBay Card goes for N57,000, N57,000, and N44,000, respectively.


The exchange rate for a $100 Tunes Card is N40,000, while a $100 Razer Gold or Macy’s Card goes for N44,000. A $100 Vanilla Card is exchanged for N39,000, while a $100 American Express Card goes for N51,000.

Additionally, a $500 Sephora Card goes for N200,000, and a $500 American Express Card goes for N255,000.


Dingsheng’s services also cover gift cards from Nike and Visa, with exchange rates of $100 for N45,000 and $100 for N42,000, respectively.

Furthermore, Dingsheng Technology also offers Zelle Gift Cards, with a $100 Zelle Card going for N47,000.

You can connect with them via WhatsApp +8618005134838


WeiAi Technology

WeiAi Technology is a reliable Chinese gift card vendor that is known for its honesty and trustworthiness.

As mentioned earlier, they offer the best exchange rates in the industry, making them the go-to place for anyone who wants to enjoy top-notch services.

If you have a gift card that needs to be redeemed, WeiAi Technology is the place to go. They offer excellent services and provide the best exchange rates for various types of gift cards.

You can rest assured that you will get the best value for your gift card if you choose to work with WeiAi Technology.


To take advantage of their services, you can contact them directly. They have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist you with your needs.

So, whether you have a Google Card, an iTunes Card, or any other type of gift card that you need to redeem, Canoe Technology has got you covered.

  • Steam gift card —- (USD$100=65000naira)
  • Google Play gift card – USD$100 = 47,000 naira
  • Apple gift card —- (USD–100=53000naira)
  • Slow price – USD$500*1 = 315,000 naira
  • Razer Gold —- (USD–100*1=64000naira)
  • eBay gift card – USD$100 = 43,000 naira
  • Amazon —- (USD–100=49000naira)
  • Vanilla 3779 – USD$100 = 46,000 naira
  • CashApp – USD$100 = 54,000 naira
  • Xbox gift card – USD$100 = 43,000 naira
  • Zelle – USD$100 = 53,000 naira
  • PayPal – USD$100 = 55,000 naira

Note: For other countries, please consult the exchange rate.

To contact or connect with WeiAi Technology on WhatsApp use this number: +8618061376648


Wanghai Exchange

Wanghai Exchange (Technology) is a reputable Chinese gift card vendor that offers high exchange rates for various gift cards.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift card exchanger in Nigeria, you should consider Wanghai Technology. The company deals with popular gift cards such as eBay, Google, Steam, Sephora, Razer Gold, Vanilla, Nordstrom, American Express, iTunes, Macy’s, and Nike.

Here are the exchange rates offered by Wanghai Technology Gift Card:

  • Steam Gift Card: $100 goes for ₦65,000
  • Amazon: $100 goes for ₦48,000
  • Google Card: $100 goes for ₦49,000
  • iTunes Card: $100 goes for ₦46,000
  • eBay Card: $100 goes for ₦44,000
  • Razer Gold: $100 goes for ₦64,000
  • Sephora: $100 goes for ₦44,000 and $500 goes for ₦220,000
  • Vanilla: $100 goes for ₦39,000
  • Macy’s: $100 goes for ₦44,000
  • Nordstrom Card: $100 goes for ₦44,000
  • Nike Card: $100 goes for ₦45,000

To contact or connect with them via WhatsApp use this number: +8618005134830


Dingsheng Technology

Dingsheng Technology is a reputable Chinese gift card vendors that provides the best exchange rates possible. The company prides itself on transparency and honesty, making it a reliable option for anyone looking to exchange gift cards.

They accept a wide range of gift cards, including Steam, Amazon, Playstation, iTunes, Nintendo, Xbite, Google, Macy’s, American Express, Nordstrom, Sephora, Xbox, eBay, and Razer Gold.

At Dingsheng Technology, you can expect to get the highest rates for your gift cards in Nigeria, UAE, the USA, and beyond. Below are the current exchange rates:

  • Steam Gift Card: $100 goes for N65,000
  • Google Card: $100 goes for N49,000
  •  iTunes Card: $100 goes for N46,000
  • eBay Card: $100 goes for N44,000
  • Razer Gold: $100 goes for N64,000
  • Sephora: $100 USD goes for N44,000
  • Vanilla: $100 USD goes for N39,000
  • Macy’s: $100 USD goes for N44,000
  • Apple Card: $100 goes for N46,000
  • Xbox Card: $100 goes for N39,000
  •  Nordstrom Card: $100 goes for N44,000

If you have any gift cards that you would like to sell, Dingsheng Technology is the ideal place to go to get the best rates possible.



It’s should no longer be news to you that Chinese gift card vendors have become increasingly popular as long as gift cards are concerned, as people are always in search of a reliable and trustworthy way to exchange their gift cards.

From what i know, I have come across several Chinese gift card vendors who have proven to be reputable in their services.

Dingsheng Technology and Wanghai Exchange (Technology) are among the reputable Chinese gift vendors listed, and they offer gift card exchange services for different types of gift cards such as Steam, Amazon, Google, iTunes, and many others.

These vendors offer competitive exchange rates that are quite reasonable, making them an attractive choice for anyone looking to exchange their gift cards.

However, among all the Chinese gift vendors currently in 2023, WeiAi Technology stands out as the best choice. WeiAi Technology is a reliable and trustworthy Chinese gift card vendor that offers the best exchange rates for gift cards.

They have proven to be consistent in their services, and their customers have attested to their reliability and trustworthiness.

You can contact them on WhatsApp via +8618005134830

Therefore, we advise you to patronize only the best Chinese gift card vendors when in need of gift card exchange services.

While there may be several Chinese gift vendors to choose from, WeiAi Technology, Dingsheng Technology, and Wanghai Exchange (Technology) are among the reputable ones.

We recommend WeiAi Technology as the best option due to their reliability, trustworthiness, and best exchange rates.

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