List Of Courses For Science Students without Maths in JAMB

Is there any Courses for science students without maths? That is one of the major question am going to answer in this article, many science students have been sending different messages related to courses they can study without mathematics to me, but today am here to give you solutions to all those questions.

Courses for science students without maths

Are you finding mathematics difficult or you just don’t like the subject, the good news is that there are courses for science students without maths those subjects do not require mathematics to gain admission.

As we all already known that maths is the backbone of science the rock on which calculation is built.

But the sad gist is that this very hot subject is a nightmare to so many students.

I could remember back then in secondary school, When I hear Maths teacher is coming to teach us, my mind will start beating, in fact during the class I will be praying for him/her not to give us class work, let me not talk of assignment.

Mathematics examination and test are two fearful things for me back then.

I am thinking how I do get first 1st position in our class then! Let me not tell you my story and show you what you are actually looking for.

Are you among those searching for answer to the following question [ lScience courses one can study without mathematics, what course can i study with d7 in maths, courses that does not require mathematics in waec, science courses without mathematics in jamb, science courses that doesn’t require mathematics, What can I study without maths in South Africa?]

All the above questions have been answered here In this blog, I urge you to keep on reading.

If you are an aspirant and you do not want to choose mathematics in your upcoming JAMB UTME examination, or you already have Pass grade (D7) in your WAEC,NECO result this article is for you.

Why students fail mathematics?

  1. Laziness or lazy attitude toward learning the subject : When you feel lazy toward learning the subject how did you think you can understand it, you do not want to practice what you were thought in class because of laziness, maths need practice because practice make perfection.
  2. Teacher’s method of teaching and students mentality: some teachers when they teach you you will understand it perfectly because of their method of teaching and some teacher will teach you till tomorrow you will still not understand it, the major thing is for the teacher to solve the maths in a way that every body can understand it even without calculator , and in the part of students they should not think negatively that mathematics is hard, some students fail to attend maths class because they think that no matter what they can’t understand the subject.
  3. Lack of necessary materials for teaching/learning: if their is no necessary materials like textbooks for teacher to use and teach student might find the subject difficult to understand and if the students also do not have their own materials they might find it difficult to practice the subject talk more of understand it.
  4. Low IQ: Low IQ is among the major reasons why some students do not understand maths which might end up lead to their failure , student with low IQ will hardly grap the topics most especially things related to numbers easily.
  5. Determination: this simply means telling your self that you can do it. Believing in your self, doing your thing without doubt.

Once you believe in your self that you can solve this particular equation, you will work hard to make sure you achieve your aim.

List Of Courses For Science Students Without Maths

you can study below courses without mathematics in JAMB but you need to have atleast Pass grade (D7) in WAEC, NECO or any other O’level result before you can study those courses.

  1. Anatomy
  2. Botany
  3. Plant Biology
  4. Crop Science
  5. Soil science
  6. Forestry
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Medical Sciences
  9. Physiology
  10. Physiotherapy
  11. Medical Laboratory science
  12. Medical biochemistry
  13. Medicine and Surgery
  14. Agricultural Science
  15. Nutrition and dietics
  16. Hotel Management
  17. Marine science and technology
  18. Applied Zoology
  19. Microbiology(Optional)
  20. Optometry
  21. Biochemistry(Optional)
  22. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  23. Home Economics and Food Management
  24. Biological scince (Optional)
  25. Applied biochemistry (Optional)
  26. Chemistry(Optional)
  27. Geology(Optional)
  28. Geography(Optional)
  29. Botany and Microbiology
  30. Plant science and Biotechnology
  31. Plant science and forestry
  32. Plant Science and microbiology
  33. Genetics
  34. Genetics and Biotechnology
  35. Ecology
  36. Zoology(Optional)
  37. Biology(Optional)
  38. Marine Biology(Optional)
  39. Oceanography(Optional)

If you have any question related to courses for science students without maths feel free to ask using the comment box below.

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