Top 40 Best Daily Income Business In Nigeria To Earn 150k Weekly

Are you planning to start a daily income business in Nigeria? Here is a comprehensive list of profitable business that brings daily income in Nigeria.

There are a lot of persons who want to earn money to take care of their daily needs rather than remaining idle.

I think it is clear and straight to point that starting a business in Nigeria or any part of the world is not about ideas and there are so many business ones can start without investment.

If starting a business is all about having the best ideas then so many big startups even with their investments and ideas will not be struggling to survive.

Before you start your daily lucrative business in Nigeria, it is best to read this post to get a full idea of what is required of you.

It is not enough to have a bunch of ideas in your head, a common case scenario is that with proper guidance and direction or without stepping out with the right foot you may later end up deciding to switch business plan.

In this post, I will give you the best and easy to start jobs that pays daily cash in Nigeria.

Stay reminded that starting a daily income business in Nigeria needs utmost determination and hard work, you have to be ready to work extra hard, there are a bunch of daily income business ideas that people of any class can do.

To make the hustle easier, we have drawn up a list of 40 daily lucrative business ideas that you can start with low or no investment and we will be showing you the list soon.

If you are the type of person with daily needs then considering a business that pays daily is a very good solution.

NOTE: This article contain 40 daily income businesses, but we are going to divide it into two parts (online/offline).


What is daily income business?

Daily income business is a business or job that you do that pays you daily.

Here is a typical example of a daily business;

Take, for example, shops and sellers that sell goods and items to customers daily, this is an example of a daily income business and the most popular category of course are shop owners.

That is to say, rather than been paid monthly, weekly or bi-weekly you get paid at the end of each day, or you make sales after each item you sell for those who go into trade.

Part 1.

Online Daily Income Business in Nigeria

Daily income business in Nigeria

Below are the top 20 online jobs that pay daily cash in Nigeria with less stress.

1. Freelancing Job on Fiverr

Freelancing job is an online daily income business in Nigeria today, is a platform where you can sign up and start making money with your skills.

Let’ assume you know how to write, then all you need to do is, go to this platform, sign up and create your profile.

Then, you should start getting people who will patronize you to write for them, if you can write and deliver in a day then you are going to be getting daily passive income from this platform.

There are so many other skills you can use to make money, and there are so many other platforms apart from that you can go to start making money online every day from the comfort of your home.

But I always recommend Fiverr because I have tried all the available options and it is the best.

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2. Apps and online Services

Another daily income online business in Nigeria today is offering apps and online services to people.

Can you build apps or do you have an idea of an online service that people needs? You can start this up and once you can grow your customer base you can start making money online.

For example, I have once built a Movie streaming app and launched it for people to subscribe and usually get a good number of daily subscribers, there are so many things you can try all you need to do is to know and find out which online service to start.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online daily income business in Nigeria with free registration that you can start which of course pays well. The way these business works is simple.

You sign up for affiliate programs and earn money for each people you refer, that is to say, your job will be to refer your friends or anyone to patronize any online services established by reputable companies or individuals when you successfully refer a good amount of people to these other parties, then you will be paid for each referrer.

There are so many ways you can get a good number of people referred even those you don’t know.


4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is for those that have marketing skills and your skills must apply to the digital world.

All you have to do is help companies market their products or services and they will pay you for this service.

This Is an interesting daily income business in Nigeria because if you look at the online space there are so many people available to market to.

There are also so many platforms that you can use to find those people when you do find a way to get started then you will start earning some cool cash daily or whatever way it comes.


5. Blogging

Daily income business in Nigeria

So many people choose blogging but blogging is also hard to get up running smooth, it also takes a bit of time to start making something from your blog.

There are so many ways you can make money in Nigeria daily from your blog but the most important thing is to set up your blog first, then build an audience of followers, once you can attract a good amount of daily traffic then you are on your way to making a good daily passive income.


6. E-Commere Business:

This is also similar to trading, that is buying and selling, but this time around you are going to be selling online.

To start you need to set up a website, an app or any medium that you can use to portray the things you sell then when people see and know that you sell those things they will get to buy from you and that is a great way to start earning money daily for yourself.

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7. Online teaching

Online daily income business in Nigeria

If you are among those asking what can I do to get daily income? Online tutoring is a good one, if are good in a particular course you may start teaching people what you know while you get paid, you can start by organizing WhatsApp, Facebook or telegram class for people to attend.

Online teaching comes in various forms, you can create and sell video or text content for people, these are often regarded as courses you can upload some of them on a platform like Udemy.

Apart from pre-creating this content, you can also make yourself available for tutoring, or you can set up your online class and be sure to expect people to come to learn from you if you are teaching what people need.

To earn daily income income in Nigeria doing online tutoring you can register on website like the amount you earn per day will depends on the number of students you are teaching daily.


8. Become an Influencer

An influence is someone that has a good social media follower base, anyone can build a follower base if they understand how to entertain and provide information for their audience.

How can I make money in Nigeria daily as a social media influencer? The business side of this is that, companies and starts up will come to you to advertise their business, you can do this and become successful.


9. Dropshipping

This is also one of the online jobs that pay daily cash in Nigeria. Dropshipping is when a vendor fulfils orders from a third party and has them ship directly to the customer.

The vendor usually pays for the item at a discount by working directly with a manufacturer or wholesaler; their profit comes from the difference in the initial item cost and whatever price they sell it at.

It works and you can try it too to start making daily passive income.

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10. Consulting

If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a specific topic (business, social media, marketing, human resources, leadership, communication, etc.), starting a consultant business can be a lucrative business.

You can start your consulting business on your own, then grow your business and hire other consultants over time, it is also a very good daily income business in Nigeria.


11. Publish eBook on amazon KDP

If you are an author publishing your eBook on Amazon kDP will be a very good option for you to make daily income in Nigeria.

Most writers sometimes find it hard publishing the hard copy of their book due to lack of funds, this mostly occur to beginners that has not written any book before.

To be able to raise some cash for your daily need or to prepare for your next book that you need to publish as hard copy, you need to first convert your book to PDF and publishing it by your self on amazon kindle.

Amazon kindle is one of the best online eBook self publishing platform world wide that is legit and easy to use.

You can earn 40 to 60% commission from your eBook for any sale on the platform depending on the price.


12. SEO service

Are you a search engine optimization expert? If yes! Offering your SEO service to people that really need it will be a good source of income for you.

Offering SEO service is one of the online daily income business in Nigeria that is very profitable.

As an SEO expert you must be able to write high quality article that search engine and human will like, you must also be able to build quality links that will boost your client’s ranking.

This business is one of the legit ways to start earning in dollars in Nigeria as most of your clients will also be coming from foreign countries.


13. Become a proofreader

Proofreading is one of the best daily income business in Nigeria, If you are good in proofreading and editing of articles, you can make money doing this for people.

Different companies are looking for people with editing and proofreading skills that can be helping them to proofread their write up.

Proofreading is not just an ordinary daily income business in Nigeria but, one of the best profitable skills that can make you a millionaire.

As a proof reader you must have technical knowledge on how to use; grammarly app, ms word to correct typographical errors, spellings, grammars and punctuations.

You can start your proof reading service through;


14. Graphic designing

Different people are searching for professional graphic designer that can help them to design either; logo, flier or poster for their business or events.

As a graphic designer you must be able to use Photoshop, pixelab for mobile design and other graphic designing tools.

To start earning daily income from this lucrative business you need to edit some beautiful works and use it to advertise, you can even run Facebook ads to get more clients.


15. Become an online ad agent

Every new and old company need an ad expert that can be handling their promotion for them, advertisement is a way of creating more awareness about your company.

If you an an ads expert you need to also run ads that will target your main audience too.

A business without advert will remain stagnant; even big companies like; Facebook, Usulorinform, Google are still running advert even though that they are already popular.

If you are good in advertising that is capable of converting either; google or Facebook advert, you can start helping people to run ads.

Since every business owners are looking for new customers, you can help them to achieve that with your skill while you keep getting paid.

Online ads agent is one of the high demanding online daily income business in Nigeria right now.


16. Grow social media group and pages

Are you a social media lover just like me? You can make a lot of money by turning your passion into profession.

You can start creating active social media pages and groups on flatforms like; Telegram and Facebook.

Make the group or page to be very active on any niche (entertainment, fashion, education) you will see people that will start asking you is the group or pages for sale?

Many bloggers, affiliate marketer and firms will be willing to purchase it at any price.

You can be making not less than N100,000 in a week from this business and I mostly recommend this to students.


17. Become a paid blogger

If you are good in blogging but looking for ways to start earning daily income in Nigeria, Becoming a paid blogger at should be your best option.

Or you may contact other popular blogger for you to partner with them so that you can be helping them to publish articles on their blog daily while you keep getting paid either daily or week.


18. Writing for operanews

Operanews is a news platform in Nigeria that pay writers for publishing article on their platform. If your articles are getting high engagement you will be earning more.

They have different categories (entertainment, fashion, news, education etc) you only have to focus on one niche you are passionate about.

Opera news writers are earning high income daily for those that are serious about the business you can simply register on the platform and start publishing articles while they will be paying you daily into your Opay wallet.

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19. Buying and Selling Domain

This particular online business is also referred to as “Domain Flipping.” It involves buying domain names and selling them to individuals or companies that may need them in future time.

If you are so creative enough, you can always brainstorm and come up with nice and fantastic domain names, which many people would wish to have.

Domain flipping is really one of the untapped business in Nigeria today, which only few people know about.

This is one of the online daily income business in Nigeria that you can start buying and selling your nice domain names from hosting Companies like Namecheap, domainking  and so on.

Once people search for such fantastic domain names and see that you have registered them already, you may be surprised at the amount of money they would offer to buy them from you.


20. Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptography, and can be used for payment of goods and services online.

Crypto currency trading has really turned to be a very good online business that pays daily in Nigeria, as many people have turned it to be there daily income store.

With little knowledge of Crypto currency, you can actually turn it into a daily income store and start making your daily income in trading.

Because of how profitable this business is, there are really many ways to make money from Crypto Currency.

You can make money by trading, or by buying and holding some coins like; BTC, SHIBA inu coin etc, when the price is lower, and then selling them when the price is higher.



Part 2.

20 offline daily income business in Nigeria

Daily income businessThese are businesses that generates daily income that you can easily start offline, you do not need any internet access to be able to start any of the businesses below.

1. Gym Business

The first daily lucrative business in Nigeria on our list is setting up a Gym business and the short of this is that you will have a lot of people coming to register at your fitness centre and is also one of the great business ideas that can earn you a lot once you have everything put together.

However, it will not be so easy starting a gym business anywhere in Nigeria. But if you can get something up you can achieve so much daily income running a fitness centre.

Remember the notion that says health is wealth, the belief of this will bring many people to want to register for fitness and body training.

This business is not only patronized by big sized people, but you can also get lots of customers so it’s indeed a good business idea to start.


2. Mobile phone repairs

If you know about phone or accessories repair then this is one of the profitable business you might want to venture into. People tend to have issues with their phones and they need to get them repaired.

This is one of the fast-moving daily income business in Nigeria to start but it is usually for people who know phone repair.

Perhaps, you might want to consider learning how to fix phone and gadgets so that you can start making money daily.


3. Car Wash Business:

Car wash business

If you are among people asking question like; what business can bring money daily I think car wash business is the best.

This business doesn’t require so much apart from finding a space that you can use for your car washing business.

You will find people that want to wash their vehicles every day so it is a very lucrative daily income business that you can start if you put together all you need.

You can seek advice from people who have done something like this before so that you can successfully start your own daily income business.


4. Hairstylist

Ranging from the male and female hairstylist, no one needs to be told of how well this business yields income daily because you are also one of the people who require this service.

So if everyone does require a hairstylist at one point or the other it means it is a business that is on high demand.

As the population in Nigeria increases, it is safe to say that anyone who decides to start a hairstylist business, as long as they have the skills then they are sure to succeed.

All you have to do is to set up a saloon and then start getting people to patronize you daily.

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5. Sports Betting Business

Sport betting business in Nigeria

Sports is very popular and people of all ages are often interested in sports. Many people are making so much money doing the sports betting business.

Not only does it works you can keep your flow of income steady as long as you know about running sports betting business

Getting started is easy as finding a space, getting computers and other things you need, once you set up your sport betting business, expect to start making some money for yourself on each passing day.


6. Trading Business

The sixth business that can being money daily in Nigeria on our list today is trading business.

Trading simply means buying and selling, and that is to say, all you have to do is buy cheap goods and items usually in bulk and set up a physical store to sell your goods either as a retailer or as a manufacturer.

This is also one of the fastest moving daily income business in Nigeria because people will always have needs, and if you can present those needs to them in exchange for money, you are successful and entrepreneur making daily income.

Remember to understand the concept of income, income is usually the profit you make from your business, you might be required to have sufficient capital in other to start a daily income business.


7. Tailor and Fashion Design Business

Some people are wealthy and they make a living from the fashion design business. Of course, we also have the common day to day tailors that sews and amend our clothe.

This is also a good business idea for anyone that have tailoring skills. You can always find a way to learn new skills needed to start this business however but be sure to have the skill because no one will come to you if you don’t have the skills.

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8. Baking Business

There are so many things you can bake and sell, a lot of people do this business and they are making a lot of money.

Just like the few other offline businesses we have discussed, you need to have the skills, you need to be a good baker then people will patronize you daily.


9. Uberpreneur Busines

Have you heard of ORide? Have you heard of Uber? Have you heard of In- driver? Have you heard of Bolt?

There are a few companies that allow people to use their car to make money daily, of course, you will get a lot of customers if you can rent a car or you have a car of your own then you can start earning daily passive income when your register with any of these companies.


10. Laundry Business

This business remains one of the best in Nigeria because many big guys and ladies do not usually have much time to wash their cloths rather, they will prefer to look for someone to wash it for them.

If you are good in washing, you should not think twice before starting this hot business.

Well if you want to start this daily income business in Nigeria and survive in it in the long run, you need to get a Washing machine, set up an office and start the business.


11. Restaurant business

This list can’t be complete without restaurant business because people always need it. Most guys do no longer prepare food at home rather they will prefer to go out and eat.

If you are a good cook, I will advice you to start this restaurant business, this business is not only for ladies men also can start it as far as you know how to cook.

You can also be preparing fast food also in your restaurant and selling cold drinks and water, all these will enable you to be making extra cash.


12. Selling food stuff

This is what humans can’t do without, we eat everyday so we will always be looking for where to buy cheap food stuff around us.

You can always travel inside the villages and purchase most of the foods stuff like; melon, ogbono and more from the farmers take it to the city and start selling to people.

Not only that you can also be purchasing some food ingredients and resell at moderate price like; Maggi, salt, onions etc.

Even if you have other salary job that you are currently doing you can take this as your daily income business in Nigeria that you can be managing at local night market near you.

This business will not only boost your cash flow as a salary earn but it will enable you depend less on your salary.


13. Open a Cyber cafe:

This business mostly boom in campus or area close to school, it is one of the cheapest business in Nigeria any one may think of doing.

The major thing you need to start this business is to buy a laptop, generator, photocopy machine and printer. Once you get these things you are good to go.

I could remember when I was in university, I had my own personal cyber cafe where I do help people; type assignment, check result and much more.

And I strongly recommend this business to students looking for side hustle business that pays daily.


14. Phone charging business

This is not a new lucrative business in Nigeria because it has started long ago due to lack of constantly electricity.

When there is power interruption, or NEPA has not supply light for days people will start looking for where to charge their phones and they will be whilling to pays for that.

Starting this business does not require much capital you just need money to purchase a box of sucked and chargers that you will be using including generator.

Phone charging business mostly boom in an area where this is always low power supply.


15. Bear parlour business:

Another profitable daily income business in Nigeria you may think of starting is bear parlor business because men will always like to visit to take one bottle.

Most guys are willing to spend any amount drinking bears, and it is your opportunity to tap from the oil.

People will always come to your bear parlor for any social gathering, and they will be purchasing drinks as they come while you keep making your money.


16. Charcoal business

Because of high rate of gas price now majority of individuals have developed interest in using charcoal stove for cooking.

If you can start selling the charcoal you will be making enough money, not only that charcoal business is very cheap to start and you will be making enough profits from it.


17. Okrika business

Okrika business is a very profitable daily income business in Nigeria that is very cheap to start. This business deal with buying and selling of fairly used cloths.

You can be purchasing it from Lagos or Aba and be reselling in some rural and semi-urban areas. You may also sell your own old clothes on the Vinted app and make money.


18. Selling of spare parts

You may start selling vehicles spare parts by purchasing different type of vehicle spare parts and keep whenever any one need it you sell it out.

People will always want to buy it because we have believe that anything secondhand usually last.


19. POS business

POS business is one of the most popular business right now because every business owners are making use of it to earn daily income.

To start this business is simple, all you have to do is to look for any bank of your choice and request for their POS machine once you have paid all the necessary payment you may start using it to help people perform financial transaction while you get paid for each transaction.

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20. Phone repairing

The last business that gives daily income in Nigeria is phone reparing. Some times our phone due develop fault or it contact virus, it will required the service of a phone engineer to look at it and know the problem.

It takes less than one year to master this skill and you will start earning by helping people repair their phones.


Few things to keep in mind before starting a daily income business:

  • Many of the popular business you hear of in Nigeria and other places of the world usually involves an online business model.
  • If you are going to choose from our list of daily lucrative business ideas remember to choose a business that you are knowledgeable and passionate about, and if in any case you have an interest in either of these businesses but don’t have the skills you need be ready to learn some new skills.
  • Before starting a business, either from our list or from your ideas, you have to determine if there is a demand for what you want to provide.


Why you should start a Daily income business and how does it work?

When setting out on a daily business route, some records need to set straight and some important questions need to be asked!

  1. First, how much can one make a day doing a daily business?
  2. Are there employers looking for daily workers?
  3. Will I start my own business?

In a brief, I will answer these pertinent questions, but let’s get some things said plain, without mincing words, starting or doing a daily business comes in various forms as an entrepreneur or as an employee and the good news is that daily business pays well.

it solves each day problem and this allow you have to keep money in your pocket after each day task.


3 Important reasons to start a Business that generates daily income:

Daily income business in Nigeria

Let’s discuss some vital reasons why you should start a daily income business in Nigeria.

Getting paid every day may not seem like a reality if you don’t know what to start, many people have little or no knowledge of the kind of daily business they can venture into and start cashing out daily.

some still do not know whether to spend their time doing a daily business or to focus on the weekly or monthly payments.

Traditional employers may pay weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly due to payroll terms and restrictions, but there are still daily business ideas that pay daily and below are few reasons to try out business that brings daily income in Nigeria.

  1. One of the reasons to start a daily income business in Nigeria is that they are usually simple too, both the online and offline business categories, they do not require that your super skills, with the basic knowledge you can start your daily business.

Many of the offline and online daily businesses are low-payers, mainly because the work is simple and easy to do or requires only little effort to set up.

  1. Some of the daily income business ideas like the online business ideas can be carried out from the comfort of your home.
  1. Daily income business is very suitable for students depending on the kind of job and task.
  2. Most of the times you don’t require any money or capital to start a daily income business.
  3. We all want to be able to make money fast, there are a lot of individuals that end up having daily emergencies or needs, not everyone will have the patience to wait through the week or month most people end up as borrowers when they encounter emergency financial needs that’s why many people choose to do daily income business in Nigeria that creates a steady flow of income and you too can be one of them.
  1. Some of the Online business that pays daily, they mainly require to set up something in ahead that can pay you daily, that way it means you might need to be working every day.

Let’s say you build an app that is in high demand, after building and launch this app, you launch it and set a kind of subscription or sales of digital products, which means while you sleeping you will be generating daily income for yourself.


Things to avoid and watch for while running a business that gives daily income in Nigeria:

Is it that easy to start a daily business income business in Nigeria as it sounds? Well, no one will tell you it is easy and it is not a get rich quick scheme either.

To make money at all, whether daily or weekly you always need to be ready to work, it may appear as a quicker means of making money but it is not a short path to wealth.

There is no such thing as a simple formula to wealth, but if you are ready to invest your time and knowledge then you can make money working daily.

I want to share a few things to know and avoid if you have considered starting an online business in Nigeria.

  1. Do not go looking for employers that pay daily;

I decided to write this post because it was highly necessary, so many people have been asking me to write a post that lists out companies that where people can get paid shortly or the same day after they sign up with them for the job.

But I always recommend to people the safest and easiest route so I have no list of companies that pays daily in Nigeria because the only ones you will find that are genuine are factory workers.

Yea, you will find a selected few factories that employ people to work daily in Nigeria and get paid at the end of the day, but again these kind of jobs are good but not everyone considers them great.

Apart from the factory workers then we have those who will employ you to work as bricklayers.

These days people prefer to work on their own, because of most of the unforeseen or unproductive aspect of working for most employers that offer daily payment are some of them are highly demanding.

Nowadays people establish their own business which they run and get daily pay, and the most paying aspect of daily income business in Nigeria is the online services.

The coronavirus outbreak which came as a global pandemic disrupted many of our regular lives.

One of the changes then was the inability to get out, it stayed a long time and so many people were finding activities to do inside their homes.

That increased  the demand for online freelancers to perform one task or the other and most of them get paid daily.

Are there any websites that would pay us for doing work from home? All of these questions are very normal. And I am going to tell you answers to all these questions in this article. So, be hooked to it till the end.


  1. Remember that daily income businesses sometimes takes a lot to set up;

There’s no free money, daily businesses looks pretty like a nice catch and a passive income alternative.

But all of those who end up being successful are those that go through setting up the daily business in the best way.

Do not rush into starting your daily business so that you don’t end up doing things that might not pay you enough as you desire.


When to consider offline or Online Daily Income Business:

As you have learned from this post there are offline and online daily pay business in Nigeria that anyone can do.

Sometimes it is perfect to stay at home and work, yes some moms and dads enjoy working from home,  and there are so many youths in Nigeria that are glued to the online world.

Those looking to work part-time, students, those who work outside the home, or anyone who has access to a computer or smartphone and would like to earn extra money from home.

Many simple tasks can be done in addition to any other jobs that you do and it’s part of the daily business.

There are occasions where you need to settle for daily income online business instead of offline, and for cases or those who are not good with handling Digital kinds of stuff then they can do well by starting an offline business.



I have provided you with a list of trending offline and online daily income business in Nigeria you may start, I also discussed how they work and what you will gain by starting either online or offline.

I hope you derived values from this post?

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