Full Dating Format 2024: Billing Message For Woman To Man

Yahoo dating format message copy and paste for client to trust and fall in love, question and answer for woman to man.

Dating billing format is very common on dating apps as wealthy sugar mummies mostly end up getting scammed after trusting and falling in love with a younger guy.

In this post am going to show you simple ways to detect a fake sugar boys on dating sites and how to understand when anyone want to use dating format to bill you so you can flee!

However, if anyone that you meet on any dating sites want to use the yahoo dating billing format on you, then it’s time to end the conversation and block the person or disappear.

Note: The goal of this post is not to promote fraud (Yahoo) rather to inform our readers so they can avoid getting scammed.

If you are always making use of any dating apps or looking for sugar boy or girl online then this post is must read for all sugar Mummy and daddy, do not let them scam you of your hard earned money!


Dating format

Scammers use this dating billing format to make their client trust and fall in love with them so they can start collecting something of values from them.

Dating format

Understand the strategies they use for chatting format for dating, birthday billing format, food, gas and vacation billing format and stay vigilant.


Come over billing format

A yahoo boy pretending to be a pretty lady will use this method;

  • Both of you may meet on dating app she will make you fall in love with her.
  • Both of you will keep chatting as lovers each day until you will wish if she can visit you in your country.
  • She will tell you that she didn’t have enough money to come over but if you can help her complete it that she will be ready to come.
  • You that have seen a cute lady, will be ready to send her any amount so she can come and visit you.
  • Once, she received the money she might block you the following day or start giving you excuses or looking for other means to bill you more.

Unknown to you that you are actually chatting with your fellow man thinking he is a lady.

Warning ⚠️ Never send any lady/guy you meet on dating sites money except both of you meet physically.


Military dating billing Format

Most of this yahoo boys normally use black American Military personnel or a doctor as their profile picture claiming to be the person.

  1. The yahoo boy will go to social media and download the pictures of any handsome military man
  2. Register on dating sites like; badoo, Tinder or Facebook using VPN to stay Anonymous and start looking for rich women
  3. Set location to be Iraq or Ukraine or any country where active military service is required.
  4. Downloads a cloning app to help fake a video call.
  5. When he connect with any old woman of around 50 years he will pretend to be 35 or 40 years old since old women like young guys.
  6. He will tell you that the wife died in a fatal accident. And the friends advice him to give love a second chance and that is why he registered on dating app.
  7. The scammer will switch you over to google hangout to avoid suspension on the dating app.
  8. Both of them will create a good relationship as they keep chatting, until they trust each other then billing will start.
  9. If the client request for video call, the yahoo boy may use cloning app to make the fake video call.
  10. The scammer may tell you that he will like to live the war zone just to come and see you, with the reason that he have no cash at the war zone.
  11. The sugar mummy will send the money and once he has received enough by using different methods, he will block her.

While on dating sites or app either as someone looking for real lover or hookup girl to avoid scam, never send anyone you never meet physically money.


According to a redditor; “The aim of the 419 military format is to make your client trust you as a good citizen of America and to avoid the whole brouhaha of video calls and phone calls,”


How to avoid a military scam?

A military scammer is someone posing as a military personnel asking for cash, asking for money to eat as they don’t get good food, needing money for equipment, asking for money to fly home and all sorts of other reasons.

I have done some research and have discovered that all those things they ask for are all covered under the military. Don’t be fooled by their request.

Do not answer any emails that claim to be a person in the service (unless you knew them before they went into the service) or have met them on a military base in uniform.

If they request money it is a SCAM. if they request money cards (iTunes, phone cards etc,), it is a scam.

If they propose marriage, never having met you it is a SCAM, never send money, or cards to a person, you have never met in person!


Birthday Billing Format

Birthday format for billing client is very common on dating app, and many men and women do fall victim of this.

Scammers do apply this upcoming birthday tactics to get money from their victim, once they know you are in love with them, they will start inform you about their upcoming birthday.

The constant but subtle reminder is enormous and affects the clients (victims) psychologically, making them convince themselves to do something for the con man on their special day.

But scammers won’t just be using girl’s strategy; they will refine it a bit to make it more effective.

When the client asks for the con man’s birthday, this is usually a good sign that they want to mark it as a special day for him.

So, he closely reminds the client once the birthday date is getting closer.

The scammer’s birthday is usually three weeks from when the client falls in love with him.

He ensures the client is deeply attached to him.

The birthday billing format is used before any other format, to enable them get more money. He/she requests gift cards as a gift.

Here is the text message sample used when a scammer bills the client for birthday money:

Hey dear, I just wanted to let you know my birthday is coming up on the 2rd of December.

I will celebrate it because it’s been a tough year for me, and I am so excited to mark my birthday this year.

You know getting gifts from you won’t be a bad idea. Haha…

Anything that comes with love from your heart, I will be so excited to receive.I love you so much, darling.


Dating format billing message

Hi dear,

Am Joel, am in peace keeping mission in Ukraine. Though, the battle field have been tough but it can’t stop me from looking for the love of my life which I have finally found.

The Sugar mummy will be glad that she finally get a young handsome black military as sugar boy.

The scammer will use this to capture her and start billing;

I wish you can help me, I have not eating a good food for the past 2 months, and I have no money to travel back to my country.

Even am planning to come over to meet you in your country but, since I have no money, I can’t.

The above message food billing format and come over format, will cause pity and triggers her helping emotions.

A woman I interviewed before writing this post told me that the scammer even did a video call with her!

They are fake! They will just collect your hard earn money and run.

Though, he was a hungry scammer but am smarter than him, I just block him.

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Yahoo Dating Format message Copy and Paste

These are the love and trust dating format message used for clients.

  • Thank you for always reaching out, even though we’re not together. Your constant messages bridge the gap between us, and I’m eager to connect with you again.
  • I love the way you grin whenever I crack one of my silly jokes. I love how you enjoy yourself, even under pressure.
  • I love seeing your dimples when you smile. They are God’s gift and a message that you deserve to smile a lot.
  • Though you are many miles from me, my feelings for you grow stronger. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder
  • You are the symbol of all the great things that have happened in my life. You represent goodness, sweetness, and love. I love you.
  • I know this distance is only for a short period. My beat is beating wilder for you daily. I love and trust you more every day.
  • I love how transparent we are with each other. We have that vulnerable space where our bond is strengthened. We practically talk about everything and nothing at all.
  • I miss having you close to me. Know that despite your physical distance from me, you dwell in the deepest part of my heart.
  • Life can be funny, but you inspire me to forge ahead. The mere thought of you gives me a burst of energy to do better. You are my lucky charm.



Yahoo boys does not just use only one format to extort money from people that trust and fall in love with them, they also use;

Engineering billing format, Trust dating format PDF download, Construction engineering dating format, Contractor Engineer format, Engineering vacation format, Marine engineer billing format, civil engineer scammer, dating format for married woman.

Knowing when anyone is trying to use any of those means to scam you is very important so you can easily block the person or end the chat.

Dating formats are been use to bill clients once they noticed that the client trust and love them.

Never send money to anyone you have never seen or meet physically, no real military man, most especially American personnel will tell you to send them money for food or to return home as government always take care of that for them.


Remember, yahoo is illegal, money gotten through scam can never be valuable so, I have written some articles that can help you to make legit money online more than romance scam as a teenager.

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