10 Best Dispatch Riders in Lagos, Nigeria 2024 (Cheap And Fast)

Are you tired of being stuck in Lagos traffic, trying to deliver packages or documents yourself? Have you been scouring the internet, searching for how to get dispatch riders in Lagos? Look no further! This post is for you.

By reading this post, you will gain valuable knowledge about how dispatch riders operate in Lagos, how much they typically charge, their phone numbers for easy contact, and tips on how to source for the best dispatch riders in Lagos.


Let me ask you a question: have you ever been stuck in Lagos traffic, watching as dispatch riders whiz past you on their motorcycles, making deliveries left and right?

Dispatch rider

It’s like they have their own secret shortcut network, a hidden world of efficient transportation that the rest of us are not privy to. It’s almost like they have superpowers! Na wa oh!


But the truth is, dispatch riders are not superheroes. They are professional delivery personnel who transport items from one location to another using motorcycles or bikes.

They are an essential part of the logistics and transportation industry and are especially useful in congested cities like Lagos.


Now, let me tell you a little thing about dispatch riders in Lagos. You know how Lagosians are always in a hurry, trying to get to their destinations as quickly as possible? Well, dispatch riders are no different.

They zoom around the city, dodging cars and pedestrians, delivering packages with lightning speed. In fact, sometimes it feels like dispatch riders are the only ones who can truly keep up with the frenetic pace of Lagos life!


But on a more serious note, dispatch riders are critical for businesses that require timely delivery of goods and documents. They are often used by courier and logistics companies, eCommerce businesses, and even individuals who need to send important items quickly.


So, stay glued to this post, and we’ll take you on a journey of discovery about dispatch riders in Lagos. You’ll find out how to get in touch with them, how they operate, and the best practices for working with them. Get ready to become a dispatch rider pro!



How to source for dispatch riders in Lagos

If you’re in Lagos and in need of a reliable dispatch rider, you’re not alone. Lagosians are always on the go, and getting packages or documents delivered quickly is essential. But with so many dispatch riders in Lagos, it can be challenging to know where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

So how can you get dispatch riders in Lagos?


First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Scams. Unfortunately, some people have had bad experiences with dispatch riders in Lagos. Scammers sometimes pose as dispatch riders and take people’s money without ever delivering their packages.

It’s a sad reality, but it’s important to be aware of it when searching for a dispatch rider.

But don’t let the fear of scams stop you from using dispatch riders altogether. They are an essential part of the Lagos transportation and logistics industry, and with a bit of knowledge and caution, you can find a reliable one.


One challenge many people face with dispatch riders in Lagos is finding ones that are dependable and trustworthy. Some dispatch riders might not deliver your package on time, while others might not handle your package with care. It’s crucial to find a dispatch rider who is reliable, efficient, and professional.

So, how do you get a dependable dispatch rider in Lagos? Here are some tips:

  • Ask for referrals: Talk to friends or colleagues who have used dispatch riders in Lagos before. They might have some recommendations for you. Word-of-mouth referrals are often the most reliable way to find a dependable dispatch rider.
  • Check online reviews: Many dispatch riders have online profiles, and their customers can leave reviews of their services. Look for dispatch riders with positive reviews, and avoid those with negative ones.
  • Ask for their credentials: A legitimate dispatch rider in Lagos should have a valid rider’s license, identification card, and /or insurance. Ask to see these documents before hiring them.
  • Discuss pricing: Different dispatch riders in Lagos have different pricing structures. Some might charge by distance, while others might charge by weight. Discuss pricing with your chosen dispatch rider before hiring them to avoid any misunderstandings.

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff. Once you’ve found a dependable dispatch rider in Lagos, you’re in for a treat. Dispatch riders are often the super heroes of Lagos life. They know all the shortcuts, and they can get your package delivered quickly, no matter how bad the traffic is.


Plus, dispatch riders in Lagos have a sense of humor. They know how to make light of the crazy situations they find themselves in while navigating the city.


Getting a dependable dispatch rider in Lagos is possible with a bit of research and caution, which is why we believe you are reading this post. Don’t let the fear of scams or unreliable service stop you from using dispatch riders altogether.

With the tips we’ve shared, you’ll be able to find a reliable dispatch rider who can get your packages delivered quickly and efficiently. Stay tuned for our next section, where we’ll share some of the best dispatch riders in Lagos that you can contact for your delivery needs.


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Food Dispatch Riders in Lagos and Other Types of Delivery Riders

In Lagos, dispatch riders are not only used for regular deliveries but also for food delivery services. Yes, you heard me right – food delivery services.

In a city where time is money and the traffic can be unbearable, it’s not surprising that people prefer to have their food delivered to them rather than going out to get it themselves.

Food dispatch riders are just like regular dispatch riders, except they specialize in delivering food from restaurants and fast-food joints to customers’ doorsteps.

This type of delivery service has become increasingly popular in Lagos, especially with the rise of online food ordering platforms like Jumia Food, Uber Eats, and Bolt Food.


Aside from food dispatch riders, there are also other types of delivery riders in Lagos. These include riders who specialize in delivering documents, parcels, and other items that require urgent delivery.

They are especially useful for businesses that need to make urgent deliveries to their customers or clients.


In this post, we show give you a combined list of the food dispatch riders in Lagos and other types of delivery riders.


List of best dispatch riders in Lagos

Here’s the list of some of the best dispatch riders in Lagos and their contact details. We highly recommend that you verify their details before using their services to avoid any inconvenience.


1. GoKada:

This is one of the most popular dispatch services in Lagos. They offer bike hailing services that can be booked via their app. GoKada has a large fleet of bikes, and their riders are trained and insured.

Dispatch riders in Lagos

Contact them at +234017006743 or visit their website for more information.


2. Redstar Express:

Redstar Express is a courier and logistics company that provides same-day delivery services across Nigeria. They offer a wide range of delivery options, including next-day delivery, express delivery, and special delivery.

Dispatch riders in Lagos

Contact them at 01-2715670 or visit their website for more information.

Head office: 70, International Airport Road.


3. Brain Express Courier Service:

Brain Express Courier Service is a courier and logistics company that provides same-day delivery services in Lagos and nearby areas. Contact them at 0809 266 5506 for more information.


4. EasyDispatch:

EasyDispatch is a reliable dispatch service with good reviews from satisfied customers. They offer door-to-door delivery services and their delivery cost starts from a fee as low as N375 for a 1km distance.

Contact them at 0816 281 8379 or visit their website for more information.


5. GidiRide Services:

GidiRide Services is a dispatch service that offers reliable and efficient delivery services across Lagos and nearby areas. Contact them at 0705 371 8880 or visit their website for more information.


6. DIN Logistics:

DIN Logistics is a courier and logistics company that provides reliable and efficient delivery services in Lagos and nearby areas.

Contact them at 0809 444 5693 or visit their website for more information.


7. QuickSafe Logistics:

QuickSafe Logistics is a door-to-door delivery service that offers fast, reliable, and affordable delivery services across Lagos.

They operate from Monday to Saturday, 8 am – 6 pm. Contact them at 0814 521 8932 for more information.


8. Deliveryman.ng

Deliveryman.ng is a courier and logistics company that offers a well-structured system of logistics solutions to cater to your business’s last-mile delivery needs.

Contact them at 0817 111 1132 or email them at info@deliveryman.ng for more information.


9. EasyDispatch:

EasyDispatch is a dispatch service that has an app that you can use to book their services. They offer reliable door-to-door delivery services at an affordable price.

Contact them at +234(0)816 281 8379 or visit their website for more information.


10. MGL Logistic Service:

MGL Logistic Service offers efficient and effective delivery services to make your move easier and faster. They are committed to delivering on time.

Contact them at 08103375940 or 0811 481 5574 for more information.


How Does GoKada Delivery works?

Since GoKada is one of the most popular dispatch riders in Lagos we decided to give you more information on how you can book a dispatch rider.


Gokada is a popular on-demand motorcycle delivery and ride-hailing service in Lagos, Nigeria. If you’re curious about how their delivery service works, read on!

  • Firstly, you need to have the Gokada app installed on your phone. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to sign up for an account by providing your name, phone number, email address, and payment information.
  • To make a delivery request, you simply need to select the “Delivery” option on the app’s main screen, and then enter your pickup and drop-off locations. You’ll then be shown an estimated fare for the delivery, which is calculated based on the distance between the two points.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the details of your delivery, a Gokada dispatch rider will be assigned to your request. The rider will then make their way to the pickup location and collect the package or item that needs to be delivered.
  • During the delivery process, you can track the progress of the rider using the app. This allows you to see the estimated time of arrival and track the rider’s location on a map in real-time.
  • Once the rider reaches the drop-off location, they will hand over the package or item to the recipient and mark the delivery as completed on the app. The fare for the delivery will then be charged to your Gokada account.

Overall, the Gokada delivery service is a convenient and reliable way to get items delivered in Lagos. With a large fleet of dispatch riders and a user-friendly app, it’s easy to see why Gokada has become such a popular choice for delivery in the city.


How much do dispatch riders charge in Lagos

Dispatch riders are a popular mode of transportation in Lagos, Nigeria, and are widely used for quick and reliable delivery services. If you are looking to hire a dispatch rider in Lagos, one of the key factors that you may be interested in is the cost.


The cost of hiring a dispatch rider in Lagos can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the distance of the delivery, the weight of the package, and the urgency of the delivery.

Generally speaking, dispatch riders in Lagos charge anywhere from ₦500 to ₦5,000 for a single delivery, with some charging more for long distance deliveries or deliveries that require multiple stops.


However, it is important to note that not all dispatch riders in Lagos are created equal, and some may offer cheaper rates than others. If you are on a budget and looking for cheap dispatch riders in Lagos, you may want to do some research and compare prices from different riders.


One way to find cheap dispatch riders in Lagos is to ask for referrals from friends or colleagues who have used dispatch services in the past. They may be able to recommend a reliable and affordable dispatch rider that they have used before.


Another way to find cheap dispatch riders in Lagos is to search online. There are many dispatch rider companies that operate in Lagos, and they often have websites or social media pages where they advertise their services and prices. You can also use online platforms like Jumia, Konga or Jiji to search for dispatch riders in your area.


When searching for cheap dispatch riders in Lagos, it is important to remember that price is not the only factor to consider. You should also make sure that the rider you choose is reliable, experienced, and has a good track record of delivering packages on time and in good condition.



If you are looking for cheap dispatch riders in Lagos, there are many options available. By doing some research and comparing prices, you can find a reliable and affordable rider that meets your needs and budget.

However, be sure to also consider factors such as reliability and experience when making your choice.

Remember, always verify the contact details and services of any dispatch service you intend to use. This will save you from falling into scams and avoidable inconvenience.

With this list, you can select the best dispatch service that suits your needs in Lagos.

Did you have any questions about dispatch services in Lagos state?

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