15 Ways To Earn Money Online In Pakistan Without Investment 2024

How do I earn money online in Pakistan without investment? There are many ways by which people make money online in Pakistan which you too can register for free.

Making money online is now easy these days and the majority of individuals both graduates and undergraduate students are now freelancing instead of carrying CVs around and looking for salary jobs.

If you are broke in 2023 it is your fault, because, with your smartphone and data connection, you can easily start making money on the internet.

Many teenagers have turned themselves into self-made millionnaire and it is possible for you too, even if you are poor from a poor background, trust me your poor background does not limit you from earning money online in Pakistan.

If you are poor or rich and you want to know how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment, continue reading this article as I reveal the basic things you need to know before you start working on the internet, let go.


How to earn money online in Pakistan 2023

There are various ways by which individuals make money online in Pakistan and most of these ways are what am going to show you here so you to can start working online to make real money.

Earn money online in Pakistan

To earn real money online you need to be ready to work, you need to choose area you are passionate about and been consistent in any area you choose will help you earn steady income on internet and what are those ways;


1. Online tutoring

Internet has make almost everything easy for us, which means we can now learn anything from the comfort of our home, it is a fact that learning has gone digital and a lot of websites are available on internet for both tutors and students.

If you are good in any particular subject or skill and you are willing to teach it online a lot of platforms offers you the chance to teach online and make money as students, hire you or buy your online course.

Teacheron is one of the best online platforms for tutors to register and teach online or you may be booked to teach students in their home or help them do their assignment.

You can also earn money online in Pakistan by package what you know as a course or E-book and sell online and some of the platforms that offer this opportunity include:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Lynda
  • Khan Academy
  • Udacity
  • Pluralsight


2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process where by you promote other people’s product and each one that is sold through your promotion you will earn a commission, here you do not need to create any product, you just need to have an audience that you can market to.

This is one of the best ways by which people earn money online in Pakistan without investment because you can simply market the affiliate product through your WhatsApp status, Facebook profile and much more without spending any money on ads.

If you want to start affiliate marketing that you can make money from, I have written a comprehensive guide on that and the best affiliate marketing programs in Pakistan that you need to join today.

Some great affiliate marketing platforms include:

  • JVZoo
  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Flex Offers
  • MaxBounty


3. Gaming

Do you like playing online games? I am the kind of person that love game so mych and I usually spend all my extra time playing games online but lately I realized that I have been missing a lot, i didn’t know I could earn money playing online games in Pakistan.

I have personally earned (and received) thousands of dollars by playing games on my phone without investment.

I have always believed that real money gaming is for entertainment purposes only, but I was truly surprised at how fun and profitable it can be.

Even if you usually just play games for fun or to pass the time, it is possible to bring in some extra cash while also enjoying your game-playing.

Here, I will show you best earning games in Pakistan that I have personally earned real money from which you too can play and also earn cool cash and withdraw through easypaisa.

However, the best game to play and earn money online in Pakistan is Solitaire game, it is an online card game which is fun to play, you earn money doing what you actual like doing.


4. E-commerce

If you are still looking for how to make money online in Pakistan without investment then, you can start selling online through e-commerce stores; Amazon and Alibaba are the two biggest e-commerce companies in the world.

These stores are place where people put up their products for sale online. If you are a marketer you can take some of your products and put them in the store for buyers.

However, on every sale you get, the e-commerce store will get a commission from you for using their platform. Another best e-commerce website you can also register to sell on is mercari.

With this you do not need to build your own online store, but if you are ready to invest some money to build your own online store, here is a guide on the cost of building ecommerce website.


5. Academic writing

If you are a professional in any subject you can earn money by helping students write their assignment since majority of students normally find it difficult writing their assignment at home by themselves you can always help them to do it while you get paid.

You can also become a project writer for some final year students that do not know how they can go about writing their project, they can send you the approved topic while you write it and send to them.

This is one of the best online jobs for students in Pakistan without investment, that both graduate and undergraduate can also do to earn money online.


6. Cryptocurrency trading

You can now earn money in Pakistan by learning how to trade crypto currency, if you are good in trading crypto currencies like; Bitcoin, ethereum, shiba Inu, thron etc, you can make hug amount of money in dollars from the comfort of your home.

Both rich and boy guys and girls are earning money online just by trading crypto currencies and you too as a student can even earn more higher if you understand the technical and fundamental analysis of trading.


7. Copywriting

Copywriter is a creative writer who writes sales copy for businesses. This is the act of writing constructively to persuade the readers to take a certain action that you want them to take without forcing them.

If you are a copywriter you can help business owners to write sales copy for their advert or help affiliate marketers to write article that will make the readers click his/her affiliate link to sign up for a program or buy a recommended product through the affiliate link on the page.

Copywriting is a skill that worth learning and if you have such skill you can make money online in Pakistan by helping different individuals to write eye catching sales page that will make their audience take action.


8. Proofreading

If you are a professional in English language and you can edit written article very well to be grammatical error free then you can earn money online in Pakistan by helping writers, bloggers and authors edit their written or printed materials before they print it out or publish it.

There are some websites where blogger, content writer go to to hire English proofreaders in Pakistan and experts that can help them format their written work and mark any errors and truelancer is one of the top freelance website in Pakistan for such, you can visit the website as a professional proofreader and register while you wait for individuals that will hire you.


9. YouTube

Youtube is a global platform where people upload videos about their area of interest which may be Education, business, technology etc. And based on the kind of content they publish and the users they are attracting, advertisers will be coming to them for advert on their channel.

It is a free platform where any video content creators can register to upload their work, and based in the number of viewers you are getting advertisers will be coming to your channel for you to run advert for them while you charge them, apart from that youtube also pays you too.

If you are a comedian, musician or someone with handwork like tailor or teacher you can decide to be teaching people what you are good at online will you make money from it.


10. Digital Marketing

If you are good in getting customers or clients through the internet, you can start helping business owners to use internet, social media, different search engines and other channels to reach their target customers.

As a digital marketer, you can also connect business owners to their customers without location been a barrier. With your digital marketing skill you can target audience in Pakistan or Nigeria that are in Need of a particular product.

However, this are people that make good use of digital space to connect business owner to their customers easily using their technical skill which might be their SEO knowledge added with copywriting skill and content writing.


11. Web development

Are you a programmer, with a good knowledge of coding? You can earn money online in Pakistan without investment by helping people to build platforms online.

Different business owners, companies are looking for professionals that can build a good website, application or blog for their business and this will not be free, many of them have high budget which can change your financial life if you are able to build, the can of project they want for them.


12. Freelancing

If your aim is to start working from home while you earn money in Pakistan without investment with just your digital skill you can make real money online. Internet is a global village where anyone can survive, their are many platforms where you can register as a freelancer to offer your services.

Fiverr, upwork, and freelance are some of the best freelancing platforms in Pakistan but I mostly recommend Fiverr because you can easily register today and start getting clients right away and I have explained how to make money on Fiverr platform in my previous article.


13. Reviewing

There are so many survey sites that pays users for reviews, you can register on some of these platforms if you want to earn money online in Pakistan without investment.

You can even create a blog where you will focus majorly on writing reviews of different products, example; you may focus on writing reviews about different types of phones, and you can monetize your blog using affiliate marketing by placing affiliate links on where people can get each phones that you reviewed.


14. Graphic Designing

This is a great skill that you can use to make real money if you are good at it, there are thousands of companies looking for graphic designer that can design logo, flies etc for them.

You can help bloggers, design infograph, logo for their blog and much more this skill is high demand in Pakistan and you can earn money in Pakistan by offering this service without investment.


15. Blogging

I decided to make this the last one because I see it as an investment for those that are ready to work, I won’t say it’s an online business in Pakistan without investment because you will need capital to start (you will buy domain and hosting).

And you will also need to be publishing articles on your blog always to keep your audience updated, but the fact is that it pays to own a blog.

If you are a students or graduate and you can write very well you can learn more about how to write blog post that can easily rank on search engine so you can be getting free traffic from search engine like Google.

The good thing about having a blog is that it will keep generating income for you always, either small or big.



I have been able to show you how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment for free at home and things you need to know before you start earning online.

It is a fact that, there are so many benefits of working online from home, but most individuals sometimes fails to utilize the idea or benefits well.

Working from home may be easy, but if you do not have a digital skill that you can offer or product you can sell it will be very hard for you to make money online in Pakistan, the good thing about internet is that it enables you to earning money doing what you like most e.g playing game like solitaire game.

Finally, which of these businesses that I listed above will you like to start?

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