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EBSU Portal the official portal of Ebonyi state university (EBSU) is what am going to show you here , am going to review all the activities you can perform on Ebonyi state university portal not only that am going to show you the portal benefits in fact this page is strictly created for Ebonyi state university official portal.

Ebsu portal

Are you a new student , old student or you just want to check something on Ebonyi state university official website calm down and read this article because all you are looking for are all here .

Are you among those searching for [ EBSU result checker, EBSU result news, EBSU admission portal, EBSU portal login, EBSU student portal login, www ebsu edu net ] If yes! You are in the right place, because all the answer to those questions have been answered in this article , so let move on.

List of EBSU Portal/Websites

Many students have been asking me series of questions concerning the main EBSU portal login , how many website do Ebonyi state university have and what are the purpose of those website, how can we use those website , move on do not worry your self I have a good news for you.

  1. https://ebsu.edu.ng/ ( Ebonyi state university official portal)
  2. https://iportal.ebsu.edu.ng/portal/ (EBSU students portal )
  3. https://portal.ebsu.edu.ng/

Those are the main important Ebonyi state university portal I think I should list out though their are more.

Benefits Of Ebonyi State University Official Portal

https://ebsu.edu.ng/ : This is the main Ebonyi state university (EBSU) official portal were students and None student can read latest news about the institution , This website is created for everyone because you do not need to enter password before you can see information on it.

Ebsu.edu.ng is just like the power house of Ebonyi state University (EBSU) because it is were EBSU latest news are been published.

News like, EBSU Direct Entry form, EBSU academic calendar, List of courses offers in EBSU, EBSU cut off mark for admission etc.

EBSU Student Login Potal (Iportal)

https://iportal.ebsu.edu.ng/portal/ : This is Ebonyi state university (EBSU) students portal , that is only the admitted candidates have access to this portal because they will have to login with their matriculation Number and Password.

Ebsu result checker
EBSU Iportal

This website is part of the school website , all academic activities such as Bio data registration, Course Registration, Result checking, school fees payment etc are all carried out through the portal.

Basic Things You Can Do On EBSU Iportal Are :

This are the major things you can do on EBSU Iportal if you have created account as an undergraduate student of Ebonyi state University (EBSU) ,

Print admission letter :

Here you can print your school admission letter, this admission letter is different from JAMB admission letter.

How To check EBSU Admission List on Iportal, EBSU admission checker

  1. Visit EBSU admission status checking portal at https://iportal.ebsu.edu.ng/app/admissions/adm_status_default_page.
  2. Choose type of programme i.e. Merit or Supplementary.
  3. Select search pattern i.e. By JAMB Registration Number or By using Name.
  4. Provide your JAMB registration Number or name depending on your pattern of search
  5. Finally, click on “Check Admission Status” button to access your EBSU admission status.

Acceptance Fees :

this is were you can get your Ebonyi state university (EBSU) acceptance invoice. On this same category you will can also get acceptance letter that is your EBSU Acceptance letter online.

before you can pay EBSU acceptance fee you will need to generate an invoice that you will use to make the payment through remitter after the payment proceed and print your acceptance letter online.

School fees :

on this category you can also do two things ,

(a.) Get school fees invoice ; This is were you will generate your school fees payment invoice that you will use to pay your EBSU school fees.

(b.) Get school fee receipt : immediately you have finished making the payment move straight to cyber cafe or use your phone and enter your payment RRR number after that you will need to print out your school fee receipt , that is online receipt (This is different from the school fee receipt) this is what will make your name reflect that you have paid for school fees.

When you want to go and collect your main school receipt go along with the one that bank gave you plus the one you printed online.

Course management :

you can aso do the following ,

(a.) Do course registration (b.) Reprint registration slip.

EBSU Result :

here you can check your sessional result on EBSU result checker.

Checking your semester result on EBSU result checker is simple , simply follow the steps below to check your Ebonyi state university (EBSU) result on EBSU result checker.

How To check EBSU result on EBSU result checker

  1. Visit ebsu student portal loging page , enter your Registration number and Password.
  2. Immediately you login at the top right hand side of your dashboard you will see a category box.
  3. Click on the category box, and scroll down and select “Result”
  4. Another link that will appear which is “Check session result”
  5. click on it and select your “Level” e.I 100 level , 200 level etc , select your “semester” in the second colum , in the third colum select “Session” e.I (2020/2021).
  6. Finally, click on “Proceed” , the next window that will appear is your result.

If you are having any issue checking your EBSU result on EBSU result checker feel free to let me no using the comment box below.

Account :

this is for management of profile (your details is here) e.I name , date of birth , Reg. Number etc.

The above are what you are going to see in EBSU students portal once you login to the dashboard.

EBSU Student/Aspirants Portal Login

This is also part of EBSU portal , on this portal you can check JUPEB admission status , ESBU Post UTME result , Predegree profile details update, predegree view result, etc

Note : Ebonyi state university (EBSU) portal is easy to navigate , once you no the activity you want to perform and you can read wow! Just visit EBSU portal and perform the activity by your self .

In fact you can check your EBSU semester result on ESBU result checker using your mobile phone or PC.

Drop your question if you have any question related to EBSU portal 2020 or how to check EBSU admission or session Result.

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