Top 5 Exam Tips And Tricks For School Students Revealed

Exam tips and tricks to pass any examination easily is what we are going to look at here, Exam may be one of the hardest thing in school. It may also be one of the hardest thing in life.

exam tips and tricks

Some people assume that those who are not able to pass exams has failed in life, The truth is that every one has his or her believe.

Passing an exam is the joy of everyone. No one wants to fail. Everyone want to succeed. Human beings are like that. We all want to succeed. We all want to be successful.

One thing that is usually tough is passing this exam. This problem of passing exams may have prompted the last person who asked me concerning exam tips and tricks to ask his question in this direction “How can I improve my performance in exams?”

Others has recently been asking various questions too such as; How can I be successful in exams?, Exam tips and tricks for school student PDF, What are the easy ways on how to study effectively in university?, Exam preparation tips for high school, Tips to do well in exams, Study tips for students, etc.

However, all the above questions are part of the questions I have been receiving from students who are anxious to know one or two things.

Today, I will be sharing with you natural ways to pass exams easily which is known as exam tips and tricks. Are you ready to follow me along as we discuss this together. Go and get your bottle water and get me my pop corn as we flow along on “Natural ways of passing exams easily”, You know I love pop corn a lot.

You may be wondering is there a natural way of passing exams or you may have it as a thought thinking something like this ” is there any way I can be successful in exams”?

The answer to your question is yes!

Yes, there are natural ways of passing exams easily. These study tips for exams is what we are going to discuss i sincerely believe after the discussion, you will understand the natural ways to pass exams easily.

I may also be forced after this article to write on “exam study tips” but for the sake of focus, let’s concentrate on Natural ways of passing exams easily.

Are you ready to hear the secret you have been wondering over the years. There is no doubt that everything in life has one or two secrets.

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These natural ways of passing exams easily may be seen as a secret ,because those who understand these natural ways of passing exams easily excels than those who don’t.

I was once labelled a jazz person, a wizard back in secondary school. This may have been because of my natural ways of passing exams easily which I discovered and developed. This improvement and discovery allows me to be very flexibility, natural, original.

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Exam Tips And Tricks For School Students

1.) Attending classes.

One who wishes to pass an exam must attend classes regularly. Attending classes whether you like it or not. Whether you like the teacher, lecturer or not there is a need for you to attend his or her classes.

Attending class whether you understood what the lecturer said or not will still enable you to pass your exams. The reason why I have marked this as one of natural ways of passing exams easily is because it is so natural.

What then do we see as natural?

Natural are those things which are the way they ought to be. It is a Normal thing to pay school fees. It is also a normal thing to attend classes. Any student who pays his or her school fees and then refused to attend classes is living a life of abnormality.

So, attending classes is one of the natural ways of passing exams easily.

Benefits of attending classes.

The benefits of attending classes are not far fetched. They may be seen as the following.

I. Information.

Information is very important. Those are informed are never deformed. It is when one is present that one can get the gist, news or happenings in his or her class

ii. Recalling.

Being present can help you recall all what the teacher said during the class. Recalling is synonymous to remembering.

When you recall, answering a question won’t be a problem unlike when you are unable to recall. This study tips can help you reach your desired Mark in school.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to use the lecturer’s words the exact way the lecturer may have used them. It is only recalling that will help you arrange your words to your taste.

Iii. A sign of seriousness.

It is believed that unserious people do not like attending, the feeling or believe of seriousness is mostly attributed to those who are always in the class. Been in the class does not mean one is serious, but it will surely build your image or portray of being serious. We shall discuss other natural ways of passing exams easily unlike just attributing it to being serious.

2.) Not having monkey brain (Monkey face)

You know, when monkey sees you and you are looking at it, the funny animal will find time to cover his face. He will think he is wise, but a very foolish thing.

Monkey is not beautiful, yet covers it face. Is it for us not to see it beauty or for what?

Some people in the society today are like that. They don’t know yet they claim to know. They are not sound yet claims to be very sound.

Why claim what you are not. You go about boasting meanwhile you are nothing.

You have to accept you don’t know in order to know. Those who feel they knows it all are those that know nothing.

Uncover yourself today. It is only when you uncover yourself that you will experience this natural ways to pass exams easily.

Not reading your purchased materials.

Why do you buy texts / textbooks / handouts?

Why do you buy the books you have as collection in your various homes?

Do you buy them , because the lecturers forced you to buy them or you bought them , because others were buying?

These are questions that can provide solutions to natural ways of passing exams easily.

You can’t pass exams when you buy books and you don’t read them. Should in case you pass , you will not pass with high grades.

A purchased materials ought to be used for its purposes.

You don’t just buy those and then decorate your book stores. No, you buy books to read, to gain more knowledge, to understanding the author and even to communicate the author if possible.

Causes of not reading our purchased materials.

I. Dyslexia

This is a disease kind. I call it disease because it makes student feel tired of always angry with their books. This disease does not allow the individual to develop interest in reading.

Ii. Laziness

Laziness is another cause of not reading purchased materials, because if one willingly wants to learn, you will be compiled by something. That driver or things that drives you will enable you to study what you have purchased.

Iii. Not motivated

Like I said before that there ought to be a driver that drives one to study. So, if there is no driver, one may find it difficult in studying their purchased materials.

I always say to People

follow the systems and not being motivated.

The system is that you are born to read whatever material you have in your possessions or whatever material you may purchase with your money.

A glance at a line in a page.

This is another disease. Some people looks at a page and they feel it is boring or that they already know it. You need to keep reading to understand everything the writer is saying and also interpreting it for easier memory access.

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3.) Be organized.

An organized individual is one who has a well planned method or strategy of doing things, When you are organized, you will find things very easy. You will discover that reading for a length of two hours is a minor thing unlike when you are disorganized.

Why you must be organized

It is only when you are organized that you will be able to practice this exam tips and tricks.

Tips on how to be organized

  1. Write everything down
  2. Make schedule/deadlines
  3. Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination is a disease.
  4. Give everything a home.
  5. Reduce stress by decluttering things
  6. Keep items needed
  7. Discard unneeded items
  8. Try to delegate activities.

Time will not permit to lay emphasis on this but we shall considere it in our future articles since it is important not just in natural ways of passing exams easily, but also in our homes, work place, schools and life as an entirety.

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4.) Do what others are doing

Are you always alone in a boat or you are among the moving train?

The answer is left for you to consider. In life, there must be set of things, actions, activities as well as set of people.

Your decision to follow them is in your hands. This your decision has lot impact in your life not just in school life. The choice is among the natural ways of passing exams easily, but it is only when you make positive choice.

Let me inform you now. Though it will sound like a reminder.

In school, the two set of people you will encounter are;

Positive set of people

The positive set of people are usually students who have come to school to get their degree and leave for next action in life. This set of people usually finish their schooling within the given period of the university. They don’t exceed the years they ought to study in school.

They know the importance of coming to school. The need to improve in their life skills, grades and all aspect of life.

They indulge themselves in activities they are beneficial and symbiotic. They are symbiotic in nature if I am to say.

Negative set of people

These are another set of people. They are often referred to as professional students. They are big boys and big girls who has come to school to either show or display power. They never see the need to leave school. They make 4 years course 5 years, 6 years, 7 years while some may decide to make it 10 years.

They don’t usually care about their grade in school and GPA is usually a child talk. They will tell you “result na result“. “You go comot with your result and I go comot with mine”

Other categories of students in school may not be classified now, but we believe we shall discuss that together in our coming posts. Pleases bear with us.

5.) Rehearsing what you have previously learnt

Exam tips and tricks That is Natural ways of passing exams easily can be experienced when relearn must have taken place.

Rehearsing is a state of relearning what an individual has learnt in previous time or stage. It is a practice. Doing something which has been done before again and again.

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Why must you rehearse?

The need for you to rehearse are not far fetched. Below are the reasons why you must rehearse.

I. You don’t want to fail

Ii. You don’t want to score low mark in your exams

Iii. You don’t want to fuk up

Iv. You want to be employed after schooling right?. Then you must be ready to rehearse.

Most of the things we do in life is based on rehearsal. We practice to become a better version of ourselves.

Even the Bible made us to understand that “We have to be perfect , because of our Lord is perfect”

We can’t not be perfect ,good, better or improve without practicing.

When you do things mentioned above, put them in practice after discovering this natural ways of passing exams easily, then success is yours in academic, home, work place and in life.

I will like to hangup here for now on the topic Exam tips and tricks (Natural ways to pass exam easily).

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