10 Best Games That Pay Real Money In Nigeria (2024 Updated)

Are you a game lover like me, Do you like playing games for fun? Did you know that there are legit games that pay real money in Nigeria which you can play and start cashing out for free.

It is true that many of us play different games for fun at our leisure time, but this is different. Here you earn money doing what you like doing.

In my previous article, I was able to reveal secrets on how to play and win bet9ja every time you play it without losing but as a football lover their are football games that pay real money in Nigeria too.

You can also play ludo and earn real money in Nigeria, if you are ready to make money playing games on your smartphone, then keep reading…


Games that pay real money in Nigeria directly to bank account

Here are legit games that are capable of turning you into a millionaire, their is a lot of joy in earning money by doing what you like while others are wasting time playing it without earning you are cashing out from it.

The fact is that, I discovered most of these games few years ago when I was unable to pay my school fees, I was able to make money through games into my Nigerian bank account from the comfort of my home.

Will you also like to know game apps that you can install, and play to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria?


1. Waje game

Do you like playing whot with your friends at home? Why not use that same skill to play the whot card game on waje app to earn reward.

Waje game help you to enjoy whot game when playing it online while you earn real money.

Games that pay real money in Nigeria

Did you know that I have earned over N50,000 by playing Waje game this month, just by downloading the app and register.

WAJE is a digital based gaming platform where users can play Nigerian-based games like Whot, Rolling Dice and other casino games, and win some real money.

Challenge your friends and thousands of other Nigerians with as little as N200 to interesting games like Whot and make some cool cash off just playing!

You can bet as low as N200 on the platform and if you win the game you may cash out over N30,000 immediately and you are sure of earning up to N100,000 weekly if you are good in playing whot game online.


2. Flip em all

Flip em all is one of the trending game now that people are making money from and you can earn up to $100 daily just by playing this game.

It is one of the highest paying android game that pay real money in Nigeria, you win the game once you are able to flip all squares. It is a free casual game that is very accessible and smooth to play.

If you are game lover, you will be very addictive in playing flip em all game. it is a very interesting and challenging game, simple and funny flips.

To play this game is very simple, just download the game after the installation you can click and drag your finger to control the direction of the ball when playing it, and straighten all the squares.

Spin and win real money in Nigeria, After completing the level, Flip Em All will offer you a generous cash prize, but there is a catch:

You will be enticed to click the button to activate a short promotional video and watch it fully to claim the reward.

Flip Em All rewards players with virtual Amazon cards that can also be converted into real money and withdraw into your opay account.


3. Wealth words

By the name you will discover that this is not just a game, but place that can help you to become a self made millionaire fast.

Wealth words will help you to earn enough money to the point that people around you will think you are now a yahoo boy, unknown to them that you are earning your income through games.


If I may ask, do you love playing with words? What if you can earn real money by playing easy and interesting crossword puzzles online?

Wealth Words brings the super exciting word puzzle to make your puzzling experience an amazing one!

Wealth Words lets you spread your magic of words and showcase your talent to the world.

These easy online crossword puzzles can be completed in minutes anywhere, where an internet connection is available!

Things you need to know when playing this game is that; Make sure to SUBMIT your answers within the one-hour time limit and stay in the race to win the money!

If you do not have the time to finish the game all at once, you can pause it and return to it when time allows you to do so.

So, bring your inner creativity out and win a handsome amount of money just by playing with words and if you are good in guessing you can also earn cool cash by playing guess the hidden word game.


4. Mypoints

I call this multiple ways app because it is not just one of the game apps that pay instantly to paypal but also pay you for performing certain activities with your phone.

Earn points and rewards with MyPoints by shopping online, reading emails, taking surveys, searching the web etc.

You also have the opportunity to earn 5 Points for every 10 profile questions you answer, through survey section of the app.

Redeem your points for cash, gift cards, or even airline miles. The good news is that you can get paid to your Nigerian Paypal account or you can use your points to shop online.

However, you will earn points for each 1 dollar you spend on mypoints app for instance, you will earn 1point/$ on Ebay, 3point/$ on Walmart 8points on Amazon and 50points/$ on Best buy store.

How do I earn Points in the MyPoints Program?
  • Shopping online, using their site as a starting point
  • Clicking on emails they send out on behalf of their partners
  • Booking travel with the sites you already trust
  • Taking surveys
  • Playing online games
  • Telling your friends about mypoints app


5. Tap Away 3D

Tap Away 3D is a mobile game created by Popcore GmbH that allows users to earn rewards for playing.

The primary way the app makes money is through in-app purchases of virtual currency, which can be used to purchase special items or power-ups within the game.

If you are a puzzle game lover, you will like Tap Away 3D game, it is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game.Tap the blocks to unpuzzle them and fly away.

But the puzzle blocks will only fly away in one direction, you got to approach this swiping game and brain teaser carefully! Help the color bricks escape! Tricky, challenging yet stress relieving

I do not only like this game because it pays me real money into my opay account rather because it helps boost my logic and critical thinking too.

If you are looking for how to make money with game in Nigeria then, playing this game will help you earn not less than N5,000 daily.


6. The Exodus3000

This is not a new game, but one of the most popular games that pay real money in Nigeria directly to bank account. Though, it is an interesting game that am sure you will like.

Exodus3000 game focus on a story where years ago in the future the world is no longer reliable and sustainable for living because of a disastrous incident on the planet Earth which made humans flee to Planet Mars.

The humans are assumed to be transferred to around a thousand years in the future. And the currency they use on that planner is called; Mars dollars. That is, you earn in “Mars Dollars” which is the game’s world currency.

All occupants are given a task to locate these “Mars Dollars” from their base. And once you register on this game you will be giving a bonus that you can use to get started.

However, this is good for individuals that like multiplayer games like RPGs.

Mars Dollars are earned through either exploration/mining or attacking other players. And you can also use your mass dollar to upgrade to another interesting level of the game.

When a certain amount of Mars Dollars is reached the player may exchange obtained Mars Dollars for at least $20 USD to PayPal.


7. MPL Game

Mobile premier league is a popular ludo game that pay real cash in Nigeria. In this ludo game you can spin and win real money to your bank account.

MPL game app allows you to play Online ludo game and earn money in nigeria which you can withdraw instantly to your Opay account or directly to your PayPal account.

How to play ludo game and win cash on MPL
  • Download MPL game App
  • Sign up on the MPL app using your phone number
  • Choose a game to play play for stakes or free.
  • Score higher to beat your opponent and win cash.

You can withdraw your earning immediately into your bank account or play another tournament to win more money into your Palmpay account.

Battle for 20,000 naira daily in ludo dice and if you win you can cash out your earnings. You will also earn more money by inviting your enemies and friends to play ludo game on this app.


8. Gamezy

I was searching for football games that pay real money in Nigeria when I stumble upon this fun ludo game known as gamezy a popular South Africa game that pay real money which Nigerians also can also play.

I have earned over 5,000 naira on this game app after winning my first tournament. Gamezy is a real money multi-games app which is not limited to online ludo game online but also, Football, cricket and more.

Download this online ludo game and play to win real cash reward. One of the best game that pay real money in Nigeria.

How to play online ludo game on gamezy and win money
  • Download gamezy game app
  • Signing up, and Add Cash to your Ludo Culture wallets.
  • Choose the “Classic Ludo” game and enter a cash game for either 2 or 4 player battle!
  • Now you can start playing the game.

When the player wins a game, they will then receive their winnings in their Ludo Culture wallets.


9. Paripesa

One of the best football games that pay real money directly to bank account in Nigeria is paripesa a sport b£t game site where you can win money by playing football game.

They offer the best odds, best football game app with the fastest live b£tting experience

Apart from making money using your b£tting knowledge, you can also promote Paripesa and get a revenue share from every single player you refer through paripesa affiliate program.

Though, this is not the only football games that pay real money in Nigeria to bank account, SportyBet, Bet9ja and more are also trying though I have not use them before.


10. Blitz game

For those that enjoy playing competitive game online, Blitz is the latest game app currently, it is an app game that contains more than 10 games that pay real money in Nigeria which you can play online and earn reward.

In this game, you can only compete with real human that are in the same level with you on any tournaments and not playing with bots.

However, this gaming competition app help you to win real money by playing fun, popular games such as Solitaire cash game, Bingo, Pool, Helix, and more!

How to win real cash on Blitz

After downloading the app, register to start playing, you need to deposit money in the App through an Instant Deposit in the Shop or a limited-time offer to enable you play against an opponents at the same level.

After your deposit, the money will appear in your balance. You can then use it to play Cash Games against other players.

Regular Cash Games

When playing a Cash Game, you pay an entry fee to play a match against an opponent. The player with the best score will then get the cash prize.


Cash League

If you have enough experience in the App, you can access a Diamond League with a shared prize pool.

When you win a Cash Game, you earn trophies. And the more trophies you win, the higher you rank in the league!



I have been able to show you best games that pay real money in Nigeria, most of those game apps can be downloaded on play store and you can register an account with any of them and play while you earn reward.

However, most of them require you to place a b£t with money before you can have access to play the game and Waje game offers this feature.

I always advice individuals to only b£t any amount they can afford to loss in case if they didn’t win, though their are cheats to play most of the game but the fact is, not all of them works.

Which of these games have you tried before? Tell us your experience.

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