8 Best Online Jobs in Ghana That Pay You Through Mobile Money

There are lots of online jobs in Ghana that you can do to earn money online by working from home and earn up to 1000Gh¢ daily.

How will you feel earning 500Gh¢ a day from the comfort of your home? What if I show you legit online jobs that pays in dollars without investment, will you like to do it?

Are you a student or graduate looking for a way to start making money online without engaging in yahoo or hookup then this article is for you.

In this article am going to show you online part-time jobs in Ghana that pay you through mobile money, if your plan is to boost your cash flow this year then you need to read this article in between the line.


Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money

As a poor Ghanaian secondary school dropout whose parents will hardly afford to send to high institution, how I was able to start earning 500Gh¢ daily as a beginner is still a surprise to me.

I was able to sponsor myself through one of the top private universities in Ghana with the help of the money I was making online.

Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money

Working from the comfort of my home is one of the good thing I enjoyed, even as a housewife or unemployed graduate you can earn money daily by doing any of these jobs.


1. Online Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money. There are many online platforms where one can register to offer his/her skills for money such as 15ghana, Upwork, Cedijob, Freelancer, and Fiverr etc.

From graphic design and programming to content writing and virtual assistance, the possibilities are vast.

Freelancing not only offers flexible working hours but also allows individuals to capitalize on their skills and earn a competitive income.

However, with the help of online jobs students, housewives, or individuals that want to start working form home can work from the comfort of their homes and get paid in US dollars or Ghanaian cedi.

15ghana provides you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent, skill or a hobby into a permanent or temporal source of income.

The platform is in charge of provide you with online security, privacy, convenience and timely payments, so you can keep doing what you love the most.

Here, they do not just offer online services they also offer offline services too, but 15ghana helps you to get connected with someone that needs your skills/services.

Here, you can get someone that will create a building plan for your house for at least ¢499, someone that cab paint or house cleaner for as low as ¢50.

While, cedijob is basically only services platform where you get clients that need your online services such as; proofreading, game and app development, voiceover/ music producer etc.

However, it is a legit digital market place that assists individuals and business owners to hire trusted and highly skilled professionals to perform a tasks for them remotely.


2. Online Tutoring job

The rise of online tutorial platforms has revolutionized the way Ghanaians access learning opportunities.

Online tutoring and teaching have gained popularity, providing access to quality education from the comfort of one’s home.

Platforms like Udemy and Coursera enable Ghanaians to create and sell their courses, leveraging their expertise.

Additionally, online tutoring in subjects like language learning, mathematics, and science has become a lucrative option for individuals with teaching skills.

Platform like virtutoronline.com is one of the best for teachers looking for online jobs in Ghana to earn money online without investment.

If you are good in any subject you can register on the platform as a tutor and you will see a lot of students they will be looking up to you to help them change their academic game.

As an online tutor you can be earning $200 to $300 weekly, depends on the platform you registered.

Many teachers are earning over $2000 monthly because their registered as tutor on many online websites and they earn.


3. E-Commerce and Online Retail

The rise of e-commerce has opened up numerous opportunities for Ghanaians to start their own online businesses.

But online Platforms like Jumia, Tonaton, and OLX have gained popularity, enabling individuals to sell products and services online.

The convenience of online shopping has fueled the growth of this sector, creating avenues for entrepreneurs to tap into the vast online customer base in Ghana.

If you are a good marketer searching for online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money, then, starting an e-commerce job will be a great idea of start making money.

Many Ghanaians are currently working as e-commerce agents or own e-commerce shop, the type of currency you receive depends on payment gateway you are using as most payment gateway mostly pay in dollars or cedis.


4. Virtual Assistance

I have worked a virtual assistance for year’s and I can confirm to you that it worth doing, earning ¢1500 weekly is not bad at all and you can even earn more depends on your activities.

Virtual assistance has emerged as a thriving sector in Ghana, with individuals providing administrative, technical, and creative support remotely.

Many businesses and professionals seek virtual assistants to handle tasks such as email management, social media management, data entry, and research.

This online job sector offers flexibility and the opportunity to work with clients from various industries, both locally and internationally.


5. Blogging job

Blogging is another popular job in Ghana that can help both students and graduates to earn money online in Ghana through mobile money without investment.

You can easily start this job and earn money from the comfort of your home. Unlike other jobs that have limited ways to earn, you have many opportunities as a blogger and earning in dollars becomes easier.

All you just need is a blog, SEO content writing skills and time, soon you will see a lot of companies messaging you to advertise for them. Not just that, you can also offer your writing services too and earn in Cedies.

As a blogger you can be earning above $1000 monthly depending on how intentional you are based on the job.


6. Affiliate marketing

I call affiliate marketing the new oil well, in fact anybody can do it and still earn. You can start today and start making money that same day. It is one of the lucrative online jobs for students in Ghana.

You can be doing it as a part-time job and earn money online without any investment directly into your Ghanaian bank account.

Here, you make money selling other peoples product. Which means you do not have to create any product, just apply to sell for the person and for each sales you successfully made, you will get a commission.

You can be earning 30 to 50% per sale and it all depends on the product. Anybody can do it and it’s very easy to start, I already outline the simple ways to start affiliate marketing in my previous post.


7. Social media influencer job

These days, almost everyone are always active on social media. People like entertainment and gossip and they want to enjoy the news from the comfort of their homes.

Many companies are looking for social media influencers with a lot of followers to influence their products and services, these companies know that with your influence they can attract new customers which in turn boost sales.

To become a social media influencer;

  • Create a social media page
  • Choose a niche and start creative contents (videos/articles) based on your niche
  • Get much active followers and start looking for advertisers
  • Charge each advertisers based on your numbers of followers
  • Finally, earn money both directly from the platform and from different individuals and companies.


8. Start trading forex

Another online jobs in Ghana that pay without investment is forex trading. Forex market is a global marketplace for trading national currencies against each other.

With over $5 trillion traded everyday and it worth over $2 quadrillion. Foreign Exchange market is too big to the extent that anyone can join.

However, USD/EUR is a pair which means you are trading the US dollars against tge EURO.

This is just like bureau de change, forex is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Due to it increase in demand and supply you can easily convert assets to cash easily.

How to start this online job in Ghana

  • Register with any best forex brokers in Ghana that is legit.
  • Practice your trading using a demo account.
  • Then, you can move to a cent account, later, to a real account.


Things you need to know:

Despite the numerous opportunities, online jobs in Ghana also come with some challenges and you need to know some of them;

  1. Limited access to reliable internet connections in some areas in Ghana remains a significant issue.
  2. Lack of awareness about online job opportunities and the requisite skills needed to thrive in the digital marketplace can hinder individuals from fully exploiting the potential of online jobs.

However, addressing challenges such as internet connectivity and skill development is crucial to ensure that individuals can fully benefit from these online job opportunities.

As Ghana’s digital landscape continues to evolve, online jobs are set to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of work in the Ghana.



Starting an online jobs in Ghana that pays daily through mobile money is very easy and you can earn huge amount of money from the job without investment.

As someone living in Accra, or any part of Ghana if you are broke it is your forth.

You have a smartphone why not use  it and start any of these online jobs that pays daily that we have listed out and work from home.

As a student you have no reason to be broke in school, you do not need to depends on your parent for everything.

Register now for free and start earning money online in Ghana directly into your bank account.

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