How To Start Goat Farming In Nigeria (Beginners Business Plan)

Are you interested in goat farming? Today you will learn all there is to know about goat farming in Nigeria, this will be one of the informative and detailed posts where you will find all information you need to know about goat farming in Nigeria.

Just like how farmers breed sheep and cows, goats are also reared by farmers for different purposes which will be covered in today’s post.

Goat farming is indeed a profitable business and it’s very popular in Africa, a lot of people rear goats for various needs, most people rear goats for their meat.

Goat meat is one of the commonly eaten meats as it has over time been a huge domestic demand in all parts of the world.

Goat farming generally considered a lucrative business, apart from the meat, many farmers rear goats for harvesting milk and fibre.

So should you start a goat farm, is it profitable?


Because, when you start goat farming in Nigeria, there are many great financial benefits, goat raising is not as strenuous as raising cows and for many reasons it is a good business, that can yield profit for many years.

The demand for goat meat, fibre and milk all over the world is high to a good extent, and goat farming has the capability of good financial returns as many farmers today make a lot of money from goat rearing.

A lot of agencies and government bodies in most countries teach young people how to rear goats.

Presently, goat farming in Nigeria has become a beneficial business and requires extremely low capital to start because of its multi-useful utility.

Likewise, goat farmers enjoy the business as it is adding to the economy and sustenance of the country to a great extent.

Goats are popularly known as multi-functional animals. That is to say, there is a lot of useful products one can get from a goat such as milk, meat, fibre, manure and so on.

Also, the milk of goat is utilized for creating full cream goat powder, skimmed goat milk powder, goat margarine, goat milk cream, new goat milk and so forth.

And as we already know, goat meat is an incredible part of consumable meat which is exceptionally delicious, nutritious and healthy.

On the other hand, goat’s woo is utilized for different purposes and its skin has been but an essential item in the leather industry.


Summary of what you will get in this post;
  • We are going to discuss the benefit of goat rearing in case you have an interest in this. So do you wish to know the benefits of goat farming in Nigeria? Stick with me as I am going to show just why it is interesting.
  • Also, in this post, I will share tips that will help you become a successful goat farmer.
  • We will discuss how you can begin a productive goat farming business in Nigeria. This article will give answers to your load of inquiries about goat farming and will assist you with discovering extraordinary benefits in this.


Advantages of starting Goat farming in Nigeria:

Before you start your goat farm, or if you are just starting your goat business, let me share with you the benefits of rearing goats.

There are many, but let’s discuss those that matter.

  1. Goat products are very much healthy and goat meat is easily digestible
  2. Goat farming requires less capital to start and less maintenance compared to cow farming.
  3. Goat farms do not usually require a huge space to set up.
  4. Goats are easy to rear, adapts easily and less prone to disease.
  5. It is not subject to season, goats are healthy in all seasons and this means there is less risk in business.
  6. Male and female goats sell well in the market
  7. Goat milk is nutritious and best


  1. Goat products are very much healthy and goat meat is easily digestible;

Goat products, for example, milk and meat are nutritious and effectively edible but are also a great source of regular income for the poor, landless and minimal farmers can have goat farms.

It contributes tremendous benefits to the rural economy and national income. Its meat and milk are without cholesterol and effectively edible.

Goat is used for making various kinds of food sources. They can produce milk, meat, skin, fibre and compost at the same time.


  1. Goat farming requires less capital to start and less maintenance compared to cow farming;

Goats are not as large as cows, so they do not require so your farm will not require so much maintenance and you do not have to spend so much on starting your goat farm, goats are handily kept up with and can be cared for by women and children.

However, to be an effective goat farmer, you have a few and important requirements to do, some normal tasks like taking care of, cleaning the environment and milking.

These tasks don’t need a lot of gear, capital, work or so much effort to be put in.

The benefits too that are gotten from the investment is wonderful to a great extent, as goat farming business is entirely beneficial, thus numerous people and non-government banks in Nigeria are giving loans for people willing to start goat business.


  1. Goat farms do not usually require a huge space to set up;

If you plan to start a goat farm, the good news is that you do not need to have a huge space, goats can fit well into not so big land because of their little body size, unlike cows.

The most interesting part is that goats can share their living space with their owners or his/her other livestock animals. Adding to it, goats are animals that easily blend in when mixed with other livestock animals.


  1. Goats are easy to rear, adapts easily and less prone to disease;

If you have been around farmers who breed goats one thing you will notice is that goats are lovely and in most cases friendly, they are considered easy to rear because of their nature.

You will be amazed to also know that their sexual development starts when they are 7 to 12 months and they give birth to their kid within a very short time frame. Likewise, some goat breed produces numerous kids per kidding.

Goats are also specially fit for adapting to any climate and environment with practically a wide range of agro-climatic conditions.

They can even bear kids in cold and hot climate conditions all through the world and live cheerfully, less prone to diseases.

Adding to it, they can endure in a hot environment more than some other animals. Infections are additionally less in goats when contrasted with other homegrown animals.


  1. It is not subject to season, goats are healthy in all seasons and this means there is less risk in business;

If you wish to consider goat farming in Nigeria or any part of the world, It is great to know that there is less risk.

Goats are perfectly raised in any climate conditions, even in the dry season and very hot inclined regions, goat farming stays very productive.

This however may not apply to most livestock animal farming businesses. Goats can be milked as frequently as required. This additionally forestalls refrigeration expenses and milk storage issues.


  1. Male and female goats sell well in the market;

Something is interesting about goat farming; do you know that both male and female goats have practically equivalent worth/cost on the market?

Well Yes! That is correct. Likewise, there is no strict no-no against goat farming and meat utilization when it comes to male and female goats.

Accordingly, the goat farming business has fostered a possible means of work for unemployed individuals.

Their meat has a colossal demand and high price in the market and global business sectors.

You can likewise think about exporting goat meats milk and fibre to other parts of the world outside Nigeria for more benefits.


  1. Goat milk is nutritious and best

Because of this quality in goats, goats are prevalently known as the “non-permanent mother of humans”.

Their milk is considered as the best milk for human consumption than some other types of animals creature’s milk.

The milk is also low cost, nutritious, healthy and effectively absorbable. Truth be told, all ages of individuals from children to older people can easily process goat’s milk.

Goat milk additionally has lesser hypersensitive issues. It is additionally utilized as an Ayurvedic medication for individuals who are ailing with diabetes, asthma, cough and so forth


Important things to know if you want to be a successful goat farmer in  Nigeria or any part of the world;

A lot of people who have an interest in goat framing usually lack adequate information and most people cannot exactly pinpoint all the factors, checks and most important things when it comes to rearing goats, so in this section, I will show some important things to know and keep in mind.

  1. When starting a goat farm you need to choose a good location.
  2. Don’t worry about bigger space, all your goat needs are the right shelter.
  3. There are different types of goat breeds, you should choose the right breed and know how to care for them.
  4. When starting your goat farm, keep in mind that most times, a goat Veterinarian will be needed.
  5. Goats must not be raised poorly, they should be properly fed in other to stay healthy.
  6. It is also good to sometimes have your goat farm close to a market or where you can easily sell them.
  7. Your goats need constant care and management, also try to keep them in a clean environment.
  8. Consider Vaccination when due
  9. Calculate what will be the total expenses for starting and maintaining your goat farm and ensure you are fully ready.


  1. When starting a goat farm you need to choose a good location

So if you are planning to start a goat farm, the ideal step to take first is to find a good place where it will be okay to launch your goat farm, this is the first and most significant step to take for beginners.

You should check that the temperature of the environment is calm, you might also want to consider building a roofed structure to prevent rain or too hot weather.

However, common goats, by and large, will survive in almost any climate, but it is wise to keep your goats in warm regions that are all around covered.

Other than temperature. Goat lives in groups, henceforth singular pens are not viable. Even though it understandable that you do not need to have the biggest space to start your goat farm, but, in a field or place where they can easily roam about, this step is appropriate as it will help goats generally to have better protection from sickness and disease.

The best areas considered for a goat farm are places a bit far away from towns as urban pollution is hazardous to animal wellbeing. As goats eat a great deal of grass consistently. In this way, one should ensure their food source is frequently available and not very far away from where they are raised.


  1. Don’t worry about bigger space all your goat needs is the right shelter;

This is similar to what we have discussed above, but to shed more light.

Goats can be reared intensively on small acreage by using the supplemental feed. If you are using an extensive system, then 2 to 10 goats per acre is a rough guide depending on the supply of grass and brush.


  1. There are different types of goat breeds, you should choose the right breed and know how to care for them;

There are different types of goat breeds, there are breeds that produce more milk while there are others that grow fast. Subsequently, choose which kind of breed to raise base on your Interest, they are all profitable. You can likewise have the two kinds of breeds and you will produce both meat and milk.

Nonetheless, you should take note of the fact that both kinds of breeds require various degrees of care.

You need to be sure to choose the one best for your kind of environment and ensure that you have full knowledge of care and management.


  1. When starting your goat farm, keep in mind that most times, a goat Veterinarian will be needed.

Easy access to a veterinarian plays an important role in goat farming. When beginning a goat farm, there are chances your animals can contract diseases especially due to poor feeding or a badly polluted environment. Hence, a veterinarian can help in disease prevention and total management to keep your goats from dying.

They assist you with diagnosing sicknesses or prescribe nutrients and enhancements to keep your animals healthy particularly during distressing circumstances like weaning.


  1. Goats must not be raised poorly, they should be properly fed in other to stay healthy;

Goats are often picky with food. They don’t eat dried or ruined grass. You should try to have sufficient perfect, new grass for them so they don’t go hungry. Notably, goats are not predatory creatures.

They generally really like to eat grasses, plants, bushes, weeds and spices. Goats likewise need energy, partition, nutrients, fibre and water for appropriate development.

Be sure that you put your goats in a well-covered barn or shed and offer great care to them, remember that the care you give to your goats will help you with harvesting all the benefits from goat farming.

Continuously keep the goat house perfect, clean and dry. Orchestrate appropriate ventilation and build a well-lit barn all around to guarantee the accessibility of adequate natural air and light inside the house.


  1. It is also good to sometimes have your goat farm close to a market or where you can easily sell them;

A market close to the goat farm will be ideal, as it will assist you with selling your items effectively and purchase important wares.


  1. Your goat needs constant care and management, also try to keep them in a clean environment;

Continuously attempt to take frequent care and proper inspection of your goats. Never feed them contaminated food or dirty water. Keep their home however much clean and free from dumbs.

Try to clean their home consistently. Take additional consideration to the rearing bucks, kids and give extra care to your pregnant goats. Save the children with their mom for half a month after their arrival to the world.

Try not to utilize the same buck for mating with various goats on the same day. Artificial insemination is also a good way for breeding yours does. Inoculate them on a convenient premise, to keep them liberated from a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions. Keep a supply of some essential immunizations and prescriptions.


  1. Consider Vaccination when due;

Numerous sorts of viral infections like PPR, goat pox, foot and mouth illnesses and bacterial sicknesses like Bacillus anthracis, brucellosis and so on are destructive for goats.

Subsequently, legitimate immunization is an absolute necessity to forestall these kinds of sicknesses. Goats that have not been immunized PPR, goat pox, brucellosis immunizations already, vaccinate at the fifth month of the incubation period. You should vaccinate the children PPR immunization when they arrive at 5 months old.


  1. Calculate what will be the total expenses for starting and maintaining your goat farm and ensure you are fully ready;

Total expense profit calculation when starting your goat farming business will be dependent on the farming system, location, breeds, feeding cost and few other factors but you should make a good estimate of the overall budget so that you do not run into a need during your goat farming business.

With good planning and proper management, one can easily make the goat farming business profitable. On one hand, small scale farming requires less investment and the profit can contribute to your regular income.

Also worth knowing, large scale or commercial production requires high investment and some other additional costs.

Here are takeaway tips from everything we have discussed in this post on how to raise goats that you will find profitable and be able to make a maximum profit:

Try to follow the tips below; they will help you when starting your goat farming business.

  1. Study and do legitimate checks before you start your goat farm business, do you have enough capital, enough time to always check and care for the goats?
  2. Do not slack or forget to check your goat farm, be there to see to their upkeep frequently so you can easily spot when things are not going right with your goats
  3. Pick the right and high useful goat breeds for your business.
  4. You can learn about the goat farming business from the goat farmers especially those who are doing pretty well in the business, see the steps they have taken to become successful goat farmers.
  5. As we discussed in the section before this, goats like to live in gatherings. subsequently, try to give them an open space so they can roam freely.
  6. You need to have complete access to all types of equipment that are fundamental for goat farming.
  7. Make sure your goats are always healthy, to create better milk, meat and to keep the goat liberated from dying of disease or poor nutrition.
  8. According to the day to day needs of goats, give them adequate clean water, food and new grasses.
  9. Never feed goats with contaminated food or contaminated water.
  10. Give additional care to the pregnant goats, so they can give birth to healthy kids.
  11. Feed the buck extra nutritious food during the time of mating.
  12. To further develop your goat’s wellbeing contact or visit a veterinarian consistently (at all times possible).
  13. Throughout the dry season or hot weather, give them salt and mineral with a lot of water.
  14. Get them far from cold and rain to keep away from mass death.
  15. Even though there is no risk in goat farming, it is wise to know there might some traceable danger to the business if you do not have good management Be that as it may, taking appropriate care and great management can guarantee better profits and high returns in investment. Goat farming can be concluded as traditional, profitable, beneficial in its nature, the risk is less and extremely a simple business because of its multi-utility and quickly growing rate. They are likewise as poverty reduction means for farmers as it provided jobs to them and assume a vital part in the financial development of a country.


How to start goat farming in Nigeria as a beginner:

If you want to start goat farming in Nigeria, you need to follow the step by step guide we are going to show you in this section, remember this post is a complete guide to all you need to know about goat farming so let’s point out each key aspect of starting the goat business in Nigeria.

This post is very important for you  especially when you are new to goat farming in Nigeria, you will need all the information and guidance that you can get, without ado let’s dive right in.


This is the very first thing you have to do before you start your goat farm, and even before you head on straight to buy your goats.

Where would you be raising these goats? It is important to build a barn or a shed that can cover your goats from rain and harsh weather conditions.

While choosing land for where you will place your goat farm and start your business, the following should help you.

  • Select an appropriate environment that has an incredible wellspring of fresh and clean water.
  • Choose an area where there is enough grass, crop and other green plants that goats eat. These are the most common goat feed to decrease the cost of buying foods or other kinds of food sources for goats.
  • As we advised, you should choose a place where people can easily see your farm and buy your goats.
  • It will help if there is an appropriate market close to your chosen region for buying essential items and medications so you do not need to travel far to buy your needs
  • See whether there are some other goat farms situated in your chose area. A reasonable area with high requests for goat meat, milk and others will be an advantage.
  • Try to choose land in a town region. Since lands and labour can without much of a stretch be found inside common areas in town regions.
  • Ensure accessibility of a wide range of veterinary care is nearby. If not accessible, stock a wide range of important immunizations and meds on your farm.
  • A great transportation framework can help, so you can without much of a stretch sell your items and purchase fundamental wares from the closest market or town.



This step will help you make choices when choosing a breed for your goat farming business.

Before the beginning of your goat farming business in Nigeria, decide the goat products that you need to get from your farm.

At an equivalent time, you can produce great meat and milk, productive and significant goat fibre, wool or fertilizer from the goat.

So you need to figure out what kind of goat products you need to produce and do the subsequent processes.

You can without much stress go with just the meat and milk goat farming business. Since goat meat and milk has an incredible demand in Nigeria more than farming goats for fibre and manure

What’s more, setting up meat or milk goat farming business is entirely beneficial than skin or fibre products.

Also before beginning, visit your closest neighbourhood market and attempt to find out which goat product has an incredible demand and great cost.

Then, at that point make a choice and pick appropriate varieties/breeds of goat.



The next step is determining your goat breed.

There are various goat breeds accessible in Nigeria. In any case, all goats are not so good for business which is why you need to choose the right breed.

Some goat breeds are exceptionally useful and entirely reasonable for business in Nigeria why others are not.

Since you will need to know everything, let me share with you the type of goat breed.

  1. Jamunapari Goat:

Goat farming in Nigeria

Jamunapari goat is a local goat variety of Nigeria. It is an exceptionally milk and meat useful goat. Be that as it may, they are raised predominantly for their profound milk creation limit.

A female goat can deliver around 2-3 litter milk day by day. A grown-up male loads around 65-90 kg and female goat loads around 40-60 kg.


  1. Boer Goat:

Goat Farming Business Plan

Boer goat is a South African goat breed however reasonable for cultivating in Nigeria. They are meat useful goat breeds.

Furthermore, grown-up Boer goat loads around 110-115 kg and female goat loads around 90-100 kg.

  1. Dark Bengal Goat:

Goat farming in NigeriaBlack Bengal goat is a Bangladeshi goat breed. This goat breed is considered a significant little domesticated animal in Bangladesh.

They are entirely appropriate for meat, milk, skin and fibre creation. This goat breed can receive itself in practically a wide range of environments without any problem.

Their meat and milk are extremely delicious and has an extraordinary interest. This type of goat is mostly rear in goat farming in Nigeria.


  1. Beetal Goat:

Goat Farming

Beetal goat is a local Indian goat breed. They are an exceptionally milk useful goat breed. Additionally reasonable for exceptionally meat creation.

They can create about 2.5-4 litter milk day by day. A grown-up male goat loads around 65 kg and a female around 45 kg.


  1. Saanen Goat:

Goat Rearing in Nigeria

Saanen goat is a dairy goat type of Switzerland. In any case, reasonable for business milk creation in Nigeria. They can create milk profoundly like Jamunapari and Alpine goat.

They can deliver about 3.8 litres of milk every day. A grown-up male Saanen goat loads around 70-90 kg and female around 60-70 kg.



These days, goat housing plan with stall feeding system or structure is famous and this style guarantees high production and benefit than other conventional structures.

Nonetheless, you need to consider the following while making a house for your goat farming business in Nigeria.

  • For beneficial business creation, you need to keep your goats in clean pens that are liberated from moistness, specks of dirt and irritations like flies and rodents.
  • Put your goats in a legitimate and well-ventilated goat house and ensure there is a stream of adequate natural air and light.
  • Make appropriate drainage and sterilization structures inside the house. So that, you can without much of a stretch clean the house.
  • Try to make the house in higher lands to keep the house consistently dry and free from erosions in rainy seasons
  • The house must be free from enchanting rising water and rainfall flowing inside the house. Since the goats hate rain.
  • Make sure the temperature of the house is under control, so you can without much of a stretch keep your goats warm in the winter season and moderate temperature in the summer season.
  • Keep all the feeding equipment you use and watering gear perfect and clean.
  • Goathouse structures differ as per the type and breeds. Make a powerful goat building structure as per your ideal products and breeds.



Now that you have your goats and everything else In place we need to discuss the next important thing which is feeding.

Goats can grow fast and very healthy and at the same time produce great products by taking care of them and providing nutritious food.

Always ensure the availability of all types of necessary ingredients in their food. The best recent day goat farmers feed their goats 12% to 18% protein-containing feeds.

Add a wide range of vital nutrients, minerals and other important things in legitimate proportion.

Guarantee an adequate stockpile of green grasses or other green food sources. Never attempt to give them contaminated or lapsed food sources.

Making a field or eating spot will be compelling for higher production. Ensure there is an adequate measure of fresh and clean water accessible as indicated for the day to day needs of goats alongside giving great food sources.



Accessibility to veterinary assistance is an unquestionable requirement for setting up your goat farming in Nigeria. In this way, guarantee that there is veterinary care for your goats.

Stock a wide range of important immunizations and meds on your farm. This will help you if something turns out badly and expanding creations from goat farming.

Always check the well-being of your goats. Screen every one of them. Separate the frail goats from sound ones and give fundamental treatment to the ones that appear sick.

Vaccinate them opportune to avoid undesirable issues and for keeping your goats solid and healthy.

Never let them go outside the farm region. So that your goats do not get contaminated by external factors not within your control, consistently feed them new nutritious food with an adequate measure of green components.

Never attempt to blend bad or contaminated food components with their standard food.

Take exceptional consideration to the reproducing bucks and does. Take extraordinary consideration to the children for few weeks.

Continuously check all their water and food. During your journey of raising goats, you will gain proficiency with the rest uncommon consideration and the executives that will make you achieve your desired results in the goat cultivating farming business.



If you followed all the steps we have mentioned, everything should work out In case everything works out in a good way, then it’s an ideal opportunity to showcase the products. Great advertising methodologies can amplify profits.

There are different setup and appropriate markets for selling all your goat products in Nigeria and a wide range of goat products like meat and milk has enormous demand in Nigeria.

Taking some exceptional steps can amplify benefits. For instance, if you sell your goat meat during some strict celebrations seasons like different kinds of festive seasons in Nigeria you are sure to sell well.

Practically all neighbourhood market of Nigeria has an incredible demand of goat milk and meat. In this way, you don’t need to stress over promoting the products. Simply begin raising goats for your financial profits.


Difficulties you might face; take note of them:

We have discussed the benefits you will get from goat farming in Nigeria, and the step by step process to start your goat farm, in this section, we will discuss some difficulties you will face.

There are some difficulties with goat farming in Nigeria. The main difficulties which might be obstructing your goat farming are listed below.

  1. Absence of adequate information about goat farming viably. Also, individuals are not utilizing present-day farming techniques in the goat raising business, thanks to all the information you have gathered from this post.
  2. Nonappearance of uniquely planned vehicles which are valuable for shipping live goats starting with one spot then onto the next.
  3. The novices with no viable goat raising knowledge face a high death rate in goats because of some deadly goat infections like PPR, pneumonia, loose bowels, lockjaw and so forth As they lose cash during the first time, they would prefer not to begin raising goats any more.
  4. The goat farmers can’t pick the right variety for production because of the absence of information. Subsequently, they can’t create their ideal products and lose their advantage in goat farming. Picking the right goat breed can expand the creation of a homestead in a great way.
  5. Non-accessibility of all vaccines(especially PPR) and veterinary specialists all through the country.
  6. In certain districts of Nigeria, the farmers don’t get legitimate costs for their homestead items. Which debilitate them in enormous creation.
  7. Absence of capital. A large portion of individuals cannot purchase an adequate number (50-100) of goats for beginning the business. A farm of 50-100 goats can create attractive pay.

Did you have any question related to goat farming in Nigeria?, if yes! Ask using the comment box below.

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