Top 10 Best Handwork For A Man In Nigeria To Learn (Hot Cake)

Here, I will show you best handwork for a man in Nigeria to learn and make more money this 2022.

Handwork is an important asset that a man need to have even if you have a paid job, it will help you to earn more income as a side hustle.

Even if you are a student or youth corpper I will advise you to acquire at least one handwork to be able to become financial stable after school.


However, Their are alot of best handwork for a man in Nigeria to acquire but choosing the high demanding one is always one of the major problem.


Good news!


I am going to list out top ten high paying handworks for men in Nigeria that are high in demand currently.

But why must you learn handwork as a man?


Read my shocking story! On why I started learning handwork:

I am a civil servant earning N30,000 per month but before the month will even end I would have spent more than my salary.


Though, as an average salary earner who struggle to pay his bills, the first bitter truth I had to accept was that I can’t be rich through my monthly salary alone.


After I embraced this hard truth I started asking myself, what’s the way forward?

Then I realized that the solution lies in my ability to make money. Then the next question is, how do I make money?


The answer I got was that the only way to make money in Nigeria is to offer services or sell product to people. Rendering services makes men rich.

Just look around and examine the rich!


Money makers are people with handwork, the answer I received, though very simple, was the beggining of my liberation and financial empowerment.

It was a perfect solution to my problem.


You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


That statement is true in religion, life and business. If you have a handwork you will keep receiving money for the solution you offer to people.


So, in reality, people who acquire hand work are solution providers. It’s a noble job to do.

Handwork is a win-win situation for both the service provider and the customer.

You make people happy when you offer them a perfect solution to their needs or problem. Do you want to make money  everyday? Provider service to people everyday.


Hard work and commitment create success but sacrifice to humanity defines greatness.

He who keeps buying without selling will end up begging.

But wait!


Will you like to see the most profitable handwork for men in Nigeria that is very lucrative and capable of making you rich?


Best handwork for a man in Nigeria to acquire


These are some of the high demanding handworks in Nigeria that any guy can learn, I will advice you to read line by line to be able to know the profitable one to choose.


1.) Vehicle Mechanic

This is one of the most lucrative handwork here in Nigeria if you can check very well you will notice that those that are doing this Job are earning huge income daily, because many people in this our modem day owns different kind of vehicles.


What then happen when the vehicle have problem?

This will require the driver to look for some one with a sound knowledge of motor technology.

The problem might even be the engine, break or any other part of the car.

Sometimes just a little thing will be the problem, because the person driven the motor did not know how to repair it.


He/she will have to look for a motor mechanic to repair it, once you fix the motor and is working well the owner will feel happy to ask you how much?

Then you tell him/her your price, Motor mechanic can turn you into millionaire within six months if you calm down and learn the work well.

 Qualities of a good Vehicle mechanic are;

  • A good communication skill , because you will need to interact with the owner of the motor that you want to repair
  • Ability to listen first and follow instructions
  • Ability to solve a technical problem and willingness to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to remain focus.

Once you have those qualities as a mechanic wow! You are good to move on.

Were you can learn vehicle mechanic;

You may learn vehicle mechanic from someone that is already into the business.

For instance someone that want to learn vehicle mechanic in Lagos state might look for a near by mechanic to learn from. This work can take you less than two year to be a professional.


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2.) Painting

People are building new houses almost every day, some are packing from one house to another while others are moving from one room to another, those building new houses, packing into new room etc might need you if you learn this great handwork.

Many people need a beautiful designed house to reside most especially students.

Infact if you are a student asking me of the best side hustles for students in Nigeria , I will not think twice rather I will tell you “Painting”.

A man once ask me what kind of handwork can a graduate do I told him painting.


Why do I recommend painting for students?

It is because it doesn’t take much time to understand how to paint, painting doesn’t require that you work from morning till night, you can go work any time you wish, in fact this is one of the best handwork for a man in Nigeria to learn.


3.) Plumber

This is another best handwork for a man in Nigeria to learn because this work is only for heros, Any one who has faced broken toilet or busted tap in a room will tell you, why plumbers are hero.


Let me tell you a story;
It was after our matriculation that I noticed that staying closer to plumbers is a good, I just came back with my mother and my younger sister from my school because that day was our matriculation.

As I just open door water have busted into my room from our tap because the pipe that connected it passed through my room.
Haha! What might caused this? What is the solution now! I rushed out to look for a plumber I couldn’t find any as I eventually see one.

chai! Just to join pipe he said is Ten thousand Naira! I was even happy that I saw one.
Within 20 minute this young man have collected his 10k and go.


The only thing in plumber work is that is physically demanding, except if it is set to be done at a particular time.

Plumbers repair, they also install water supply lines, wast disposal system and other related appliances and fixtures to keep Business and home flowing smoothly.

All I can say is that plumbing work is really great.


4.) Phone Reparing

In this our jet age almost every one has phone, people use phone to communicate with their friends, parents most especially for business purpose.

The fact is that those device call phone due have some fault some times, which will required someone that is good in repairing it to do the job.

Repairing of phone is a good handwork for men in Nigeria To move into because you can earn a lot of Cash through this work.

I know a good friend of mine that earn cool cash every day through phone repairing, this work is not must that you must have a shop before you do it, you can stay any were and do the work.

Learning this skill required that you go to any one that know how to repair phone and learn from the person, it takes less than a year to learn this great handwork, if you are looking for skills to learn within 3 months phone reparing is the best.


5.) Photographer

How did you feel when someone tell you that “I am a photographer” sometimes you view that work as work that is made for street guys or jobless guys, you will think how can a reasonable human being learn ordinary how to snap picx.


Attending different parties, invited or uninvited, are you thinking those things have you ever try to take a look at how much the person earn as a photographer.

Now! Tell me those photographers that do travel with presidents, Governors, senators etc how much are they paying them?

Let me not even take you high at all let me move to the root so you can understand that much cash is in photographing work.

Now calculator, How much is one copy of picture in your area? In my own area here it is Two hundred naira a copy, for The photographer to print the picture out cost him just fifty naira, then sell it two hundred, he gain hundred and fifty naira, what a great job.

What if he snap hundred people in a day calculator that in one month, if I keep in telling you many benefits if being a photographer, you might think that am not saying the fact the main thing is for you to give it a try by venturing into it.


6.) Carpentry

Carpentry work is one of the best and most lucrative handwork for a man in Nigeria to learn, But let me explain it before I go deep into the benefits and why you should choose it.

Who is a Carpenter?
A Carpenter is someone that repair or make wooden objects or structure.

What is Carpentry ?
Carpentry is a handwork in which the primary work done is the cutting, installation, shaping of building materials during the construction of buildings , ships, bridge etc.

It is one of the high income handwork a serious man will like to venture into because the more capable and skillful you are the more you earn.

I know of a man beside our house that have built mansion with money earned from carpenter work not only that this man have Two different private Cars and one bus for his business.

Been a Carpenter have so many benefits such as;

If you want to build your own house you will not need to hire any one to do the job rather you will do it by your self, while you same your money that you would have paid someone for doing it. You might be give a contract by government with them employing you.

You will automatically turn into your own boss etc.
I hope with those explanation you will like to choose ccarpentry as your handwork.


7.) Brick Laying

This is another great skill which is also very technical, Brick layers are those that build house, bridge using cement or sand.

Let take for instance that one part your house just fell off, who will you call? “Brick layer”.

As a brick layer you can earn much cash from the work let check this; someone give you a contract to build house  did you know how much you will earn building one house,

infact for those of you asking me what kind of work can a married man do?
I will recommend this because it give you hug income more than you expect.


8.) Barbing

Is barbing a good handwork in Nigeria?

Almost every man do have their hair cut either weekly or every three days except if the person just leave the hair to grow just for fashion.


Barbing is one of the most popular skills among guys most especially students, you will never regret acquiring this profitable skill.

The major thing is for you to look for a nice salon that you will register and learn it, it will take you up to 6 to 1 year to be an expert.

Starting the business is not even difficult and it does not cost much unlike other handworks.

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9.) Shoe Making

I so much love this handwork because it is very skillful and technical, if you are not good in designing you might fail in this business.

You must have a kin eye to be able to detect the measurement of the shoe or foot wear that you are making, in fact this is a great handwork for a man in Nigeria to learn.

Some people view this work as work made only for disabled ones,

No! it is not made for them at all, the only reason why most of them do it is that once you know how to do it, you can stay any were and do it while you earn, I do not need to talk much about this.


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10.) Electrician

This is another great technical skill for a man to learn infact the whole world need you as an electrician because almost every were in Nigeria in fact the whole world are making use of electricity or electronic appliances.

let me ask you, what did you do when your television have fault?

Did you throw it away or you give it to someone to repare for you, I no your answer is that you will give it to someone to repair.

let me tell you, you can’t give it to any other person except an electrician because any other person will be unable to repare the television.

I no a man that earn not less than N100,000 every week from this handwork, it takes at least 6 months to learn this hand work.


I will like to hang up here on the topic best handwork for a man in Nigeria to learn, choosing any one of those handwork will make you to be self independent and you become the boss of your self.

You really tried by reading this article to this point, I so much appreciate.


Question: Which one of these handworks will you like to acquire and your reason?

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