Top 13 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria [Earn #750k Monthly]

Here is a list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria with degree or without university degree and their salary.

Getting a degree is very good but what if you do not have the opportunity to go to school, does that mean that you can not earn high income working?

Or may be you graduated with low grade or you are getting old and you do not want to spend much time schooling, or maybe you couldn’t afford to go to school.

You do not need to worry because I will be sharing with you all high paying jobs in Nigeria both the one with degree or without degree certificate.


Why must you read this post?

This post is important because it will open your eye in the area of career that pays high, it serves as guide to teenagers that want to make the best career choice.

Most individuals want to enroll into higher institution but don’t know the course they can go for that will lead them to high paying job in the future, this post will help this category of people to make the right decision.

However, this post will also show you highest paying jobs in Nigeria that do not need a university degree at all that can easily turn you into a dollar millionaire.

You must not be educated before you can become rich or make more money, the only thing is that school will help you to be more standard and grow more.

Remember, the reason you know what you know is to know what to do.


List Of Highest paying JOBS in Nigeria:

In this section, I will be sharing high paying jobs in Nigeria that requires a degree certificate to get.

What am I saying? You will need to enroll yourself into rigorous academic training to be able to apply for this type of jobs in Nigeria.

It’s true that getting a job in Nigeria is hard mostly high paying jobs, but pursuing the career will always worth It, if you are able to get the job at the end.

Let go…


1. Petroleum Engineer

Nigeria is a country in west Africa that is blessed with many natural resources which petroleum happens to be among, it has being serving as Nigeria major source of revenue generation since many years back.

Extractions of this natural resources is not just done aimlessly, rather it needs the services of the experts which are petroleum engineers to be able to designing, teste and deploy means of extracting the petroleum in Nigeria.


What exactly do petroleum engineers do?

Petroleum engineers determines the best way to extract hydrocarbons (oil and gas) from under the earth.

They create special tools and methods which are used to dig up the ground for the purpose of extracting the crude oil.

They help evaluate how much oil are in a reservoir, how much can be produced. They determine the location of the oil well and the type of oil well that should be drilled.


Are petroleum engineers paid well?


Petroleum engineer is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently that requires you enrolling for rigorous academic training with a lot of good practical experience.


How to become a petroleum engineer:

Petroleum engineers is one the top paying industry in Nigeria that any worker can become a millionaire within one year.

It involves you enrolling into University or politechnic and graduate with at least Second class to be able to apply for any job in this industry.


However, A petroleum engineering degree covers many oil and gas engineering topics including;

Reservoir characteristics and management, drilling, well completions, production processing, transportation, and more.

Prospective petroleum engineers also study basic mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering as well as geology, physics, and economics.


How much do petroleum engineers earn per month?

Petroleum engineers earn between N500,000 to N1,000,000 per month.


2. Surgeon

A surgeon is a medical professional who socialized in performing surgery. It is a licensed medical professional that have the knowledge and right to perform a surgery.


What does the surgeon do?

A surgeon is a doctor who basically focus on evaluating and treating conditions that may require surgery or physically changing the human body.

They may perform surgery to remove or treat disease or injury. Surgeon normally lead a team of other doctors/nurses in the hospital to make sure thet a procedure goes well.

Surgeon is one of the highest paying career in Nigeria, we have different types of surgeon but the one’s that earn highest salary are;

Neurosurgery, Thoracic surgery, orthopedic, Plastic surgery etc. But the highest highest paid among them in the industry is Neurosurgery which earn an average salary of $746,544 per year.


How to become a surgeon:

It will take you 5 to 8 years before you can become a surgeon, here are steps;

  1. Get a bachelor degree
  2. Take the medical college admission test
  3. Excel in medical school (4years)
  4. Pass a licensure exam
  5. Undergo a surgical residency (3 to 7years training
  6. Finally, obtain state licence.

In Nigeria, the averages salary of a surgeon is about N550,000 per month.


3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is another highest paying jobs in Nigeria that is very lucrative. It can be refer to as chemist. It is a health professional who specializes in the preparation, property, effects, interactions and use of medicines.

They majorly focus on providing primary health care services, they care and also advice patients on the best way to take their medications.

Pharmaciest understands the ethics, art, and science of medicine analytical skills, and ability to think critively before prescribing any medication to anyone.

They undergoes regorios academic training in the university to be able to under the biochemical actions of drugs, ,drug uses, therapeutic roles, side-effects potential drug etc.


How Do You Become a Pharmacist?

To become a pharmacist in Nigeria, you have to study for at least 6years and get a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm).

After completing your degree, you will then be inducted into the pharmacy profession by the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria.

Here, you may decided to open your won private sector or work with government.


How Much Do Pharmacists Make?

N200,000 to N500,000 per month.

It is very profitable mostly if you are working with the government in the health sector.


4. Lawyer:

A lawyer is a person who practice law as an advocate, attorney at law or barrister. He is a legal professional who has attended law school and obtained a Bachelor of law degree.

They are licensed to prepare manage or defend a court action as an agent for another and who also gives advice on legal matters that may or may not require court action.


What is the work of lawyers?

Lawyers perform many duties such as;

Protecting the rights of their clients and in promoting the cause of justice, gives advice on legal matters, prepares contracts and wills, argue on the basis of the clients case.


How Do You Become a Lawyer?

To qualify as a lawyer you must have a bachelor’s degree in Law. However, before you can practice law in Nigeria, you must first be called to the Nigerian bar by the Body of Benchers after completing law school.


How Much Do Lawyers earn?

They earn between N150,000 to N1,000,000 per month in Nigeria, Lawyers in country like; USA may earn more higher.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics In 2020 median pay for lawyers is $126,930 per year.

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5. Lecturer

Highest paying jobs in Nigeria

Lecturing is one of the high demand jobs in Nigeria that is highly sought after, a lecturer is a person that lectures or teaches undergraduates and post graduate students in University or college.

It is not just one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria but also one of the most respected professions in Africa.

Lecturer Career Progression

There are different levels of the profession. While you work towards your own educational goals, you can start lecturing as an entry-level lecturer. Therefore, here’s a look at the progression:

  • Entry-level: You have your master’s and can start teaching, but may still pursue your Ph.D.
  • Lecturer: Your Ph.D. is complete and your class sizes may increase.
  • Senior Lecturer: Your responsibilities grow with your experience. You may even assess students who are not your own and give lectures at other universities.
  • Professor: After earning your Ph.D. and becoming a university lecturer, you can work towards becoming a professor. With many years of experience, professors produce research and publish findings in their field. They also have tenure, meaning they have earned a permanent position as part of the faculty.


How to become a lecturer in Nigeria

You can become a lecture immediately after your undergraduate studies with your degree if you have a first class position.

Or you may get your master degree before you apply for the job, here is how it goes.

  1. Get the right qualifications required
  2. Develop yourself through internship & networking
  3. Prepare a standard curriculum vitae or resume
  4. Meet the requirements
  5. Submit application for the lecturing job
  6. Earn a doctorate degree in an accredited university
  7. Keep learning to improve your skills.


How much does lecturers make?

Lecturers earn an average of N137,459 as a new lecturer, while professors earn N501,680.


6. Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant prepares and reviews financial records. They have studied accounting to a higher level and have gained professional experience in the industry.

Chartered accountant help to review financial information and also detect financial fraud. An accountants who are regulated by the professional bodies for accountants are known as chartered accountants.


How Do You Become a Chartered Accountant?

You must pass a series of demanding accredited exams in financial management, business strategy and taxation, to be able to qualify.

It may take an average of 3 to 7 years of academic training to get a professional certificate from ICAN, ACA, or other professional bodies.


How Much Do Chartered Accountants earn?

They earn an available of N282,480 per month.


7. Telecommunication Engineer

Easy jobs that pay well in Nigeria

A telecommunication engineer is basically focused on designing and installation of telecommunications equipments and facilities, such as; complex electronic switches system, optical fiber cabling, Ip networks and microwave transmission system.

Their major work is to maintain, install, and repair public and private telephone systems and test, repaired telecommunication cables.

How many years does it take to become a telecommunications engineer?


You will have to spend 4 years to study an undergraduate degree program in telecommunications engineering from a university accredited by the National University Commission.

Telecommunications engineers are employed primarily by telecommunication service providers, internet and broadband technology companies, research and development institutes, and the government.

How much is the salary of telecommunication engineer?

Between N75,275 to N502,516 per month.


8. Medical doctor

Medical Universities In Turkey

This is another highest paying jobs in Nigeria that is well respected and most rewarding, a medical doctor is a licensed physician who is qualified to promote, maintain and restore human health through the practice of modern medicine.

They can work in any health institution in Nigeria such as; Teaching hospital, private practice, specialist hospital etc.


How Do You Become a Medical Doctor?

Becoming a medical doctor is a long process filled with heavy workloads. Entry requirements for undergraduate medicine programs vary from university to university in Nigeria, but becoming a medical doctor requires at least 6 years of education and training.


How Much Do Medical Doctors Make in Nigeria?

N300,000 to N1,500,000 per month.


We are done with part 1, now let move over to the next part.


Best paying jobs in Nigeria that do not need a university degree:

In this section I will be showing you some high income jobs that you can be doing without a degree certificate.

During my research I noticed that most of this jobs are the highest paying in Africa and the world in general.

That you do not attend higher institution doesn’t mean that you can’t become a dollar millionaire, with your skill, talent or passion you can become a self made millionaire.

What are those jobs?


1. Musician

Musician is someone who sings, perform or compose music. Even a person who plays music instrument is also a musician.

It is a very great job to do, that will earn you both fame and money. If you are too talented in singing or raping you can become a dollar millionaire with few years.

For instance, in Nigeria Portable (Zazuu) became a millionaire musician within few years without a university degree.

Habeeb Okokiola popularly known as (Portable) has reveled the reason he dropped out of school.

Portable, who became the rave of the moment in December 2021, disclosed that he left school to focus on his music career because music is a money-making machine.

Their are other top musician who also left school to focus on their music career such as; Wizkid, who dropped out of University in his 200level. Olamide, Don Jazzy and 2Baba who reveal his own during an interview on Channels TV.

These people do not just dropped out of school rather many of them got frustrated on their way due to different challenges that they faced then.

A musician can earn up to N5-20 million per performance. Plus other compnies that will always sign you as their brand ambassador.

E.g Portable was offered over 50 million by Obi cubana as a brand ambassador of his new product Odogwu Bitter in 2022.


2. Software developer

Highest paying jobs in Nigeria without a degree

They are also known as programmer or a coder, is someone who write codes for different kinds of computer needs.

All the computer software, and phone application that you normally use are all programmed by software developers.

This work is a work that require patience and skills, you will need to learn different kinds of programming language such as; HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python etc.

It is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria that does not require a university degree to start you just need to learn the skill from anyone that knows it.

For instance, Swift is used for IOS apps, C is used for game development.

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language. It is a versatile language that you can use for a variety of different coding projects, like;

  • Data mining and visualisation
  • Machine learning
  • Web applications
  • Game development etc.


How much do programmers earn in Nigeria?

Programmers earn between N200,000 to N500,000 per month in Nigeria.


3. Commercial Farmer

Farming Jobs In Nigeria

A farmer is someone who produces crops and rears animals for man’s use. When you talk of a commercial farmer it is a person that rears animals or produces crops for commercial purposes.

As far as Nigeria is concern, farming is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria that is capable of turning you into a millionaire within some years.

For instance, you may start poultry farming, snail farming or fish farming in any where in Nigeria.

And in the western Nigeria you may focus on agriculture production like; Cocoa farming, while in the eastern Nigeria you may focus on Cassava farming or Yarm cultivation and in the Nortern Nigeria you may focus on Rearing of different kinds of Animals like; Cow, Goats, Donkeys etc.

To make much money from this kind of job you need to look for the area that is good for it. While others are running away from farming go deep into it by start a machanized farming system.


How much do farmers earn in Nigeria?

A farmer earn between N1 Million to N5 million per month depending on the type of farming system, in fact, it is the richest business in Nigeria currently.


4. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate broker is a person that stands as a middle man between a buyer and seller of properties. Their major aim is to help buyers look for properties and help sellers look for buyers.

In fact, you do not need any degree or money before you can start this job, you just need to have the experience on the business.

Their are some properties that you will sell and you will make up to N20 million gain from it, depending on the size and location of the property.


5. Social media marketer

A social media marketer is a person who promotes goods and services online for client’s.

To become a social media marketers you do not need to have a degree, rather you just need experience on how to market a product.

You need to know, how to introduce an unknown product to people using your social media platform and how to make people to take action by purchasing the product after reading the values.

You may also serves as an affiliate marketer in this category to be able to earn affiliate commission while promoting the product on social media.

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We have being able to reveal, some highest paying jobs in Nigeria with degree or without a degree certificate that can turn anyone into dollar millionaire within a year.

Most of this jobs are high demand in Nigeria due to their high salary. In my next article I will be showing you some lowest paying jobs in Nigeria without university degree or with degree in Nigeria.


Which other job did you know that have the highest salary?

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