Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria (2021 List)

Anonymous: Sir, I graduated from UNILORIN last year but all the jobs I have been seeing are low paying jobs of less then N50,000. please sir, is their any highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently that I can be earning at least 2 million per year?

Answer: getting job in Nigeria is now like looking for USA visa from Nigeria, many Nigeria graduates have moved into businesses and other entrepreneur business because of lack of job or low amount they are earning from the one they got.

There are a lot of highest paying jobs in Nigeria this 2021 but it’s not easy to get, you need to spend years in the training to be able to qualify for the job.


What am I saying?


If you can’t start any lucrative business in Nigeria then it’s better to look for one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria so that you can be able live comfortable.

I will be telling you this jobs with their income per year. Let go…


Highest paying jobs In Nigeria 2021

Highest paying jobs in Nigeria

1. Surgeon:

The first on our list is surgeon; it’s a doctor whose major work is to treat conditions that may require surgery or physically changing the human body.

Surgeons lead a team of other doctors and nurses to make sure that a procedure goes normal.

He/she will be able to remove diseased tissue or organs, repair body system, or replace disease organs with transplants.

Surgeons in Nigeria earn a minimum of 12 million naira, because they deal with life.

For you to become a surgeon in Nigeria you need to study medicine and surgery at the university.


2. Petroleum Engineer:

Nigeria major source of income is through the sales of petroleum, the engineers that are involve in designing, testing and deploy means of extracting petroleum in Nigeria are well paid.

This job needs a lot of practical experience, you can’t just div in, because of this they are been paid at least 10 million nairas per year.


3. Pastors:

I know you are surprisedd to see a pastor as one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria? Let me shock you most pastors earn more than governors.

In country like Nigeria we so much appreciate our religious leaders most especially pastors. We respect them and treat them like kings, we shower them with different types of gifts and money.

But, most of them are been paid a monthly salary by the church. A Redeemed Christian Church of God pays junior pastors a monthly salary minimum of N50,000.


4. Aeronautic Engineer:

They are airplane engineers, their major job is the maintenance of aircraft technology in Nigeria.

An automatic engineer is a very lucrative job, that requires strong technical skills.


5. CEO/Business mogul:

Being a CEO is not easy because you will be the one that will be responsible for any success or failure of any company.

They oversee the company’s operations, production, marketing, and human resources. They make sure the company keeps on growing and satisfying their customer’s needs.

CEO or Business mogul earns about 30 million per year.


6. Pilot:

A pilot is a person who operates the flying, control aircraft. They learn how to control planes in space till they land.

This category of people earns about 8 million per annum.


7. Programmers:

This is a new era where everyone makes use of a computer to perform one activity or another. A programmer or coder is a person who creates computer software he writes code for many kinds of software.

Many companies in Nigeria need people with coding knowledge, that can build things like; Applications, websites, etc. They earn nothing less than 16 million per year.


8. Musician:

A musician or singer is a person who plays a musical instrument, especially as a profession, or is musically talented. Such as: Davido, WizKid.

The amount they earn per year is much but for any event they are attend they earn about 1 million naira.


9. Telecoms Engineer:

In Nigeria today, you can stay in any where and make call or browse at any time with your mobile phone. This is possible because of Network that is present in that location.

It is the work of telecom engineers to find out proper location to drop network machine that can serve the people in that area.

Companies like: MTN, AIRTEL and GLO are the major telecommunications companies in Nigeria.


10. Accountant:

An accountant prepares and reviews financial records. They provide financial advice to clients that range from multinational organizations and governmental bodies to small independent business and individuals.

An accountants often specialise in particular areas of practice, including audit, management, consultancy, accountancy, taxation and corperate finance.

To become an accountant you need to study it in school in department of accountant in any university in Nigeria.


11. Military officer

Military work is never a work that is being done with the major aim of making money, rather they are there to protect the citizens. Their aim is never for profit, but in other for them to be able to take good care of their own family the state or country need to be paying them.

In fact, our military deserve better pay than any other job in Nigeria, because this job requires; courtge, endurance and responsibility.

However, any one with the rank of a senior officer in Nigeria can earn about 1 million naira per month.

Their major roles are; Training of new recruits, planning and organizing military operations, etc.


12. Pharmacist

This is one of the most sought after job in Nigeria and one of the higherst paying jobs in Nigeria currently. This industry has the lowest unemployment rate and provides jobs for both recent graduates and craft professionals.

The salary a worker will receive here depend in the organization the person is working with. Let take for instance, state organizations offer monthly salary from N100,000 to N300,0000.

While, multinational companies and private firms pay from N200,000 do 500,000 per month.

Their major roles are; advising clients on taking prescribed medications, monitoring drug therapy and prescribed side effects, preparing of the drugs dosage per the doctor’s prescription.


13. Computer Engineer

We are now in digital world, where by everything we do is through the use of computer.

However, computer engineer is responsible for any technical support for all departments of the company, software system development, cloud storage account safety, software installation and maintenance, analysis of computer equipment etc.

This work is not an easy job that is why their income is always too attractive, they earn nothing less than N15 million per year.


14. Sailor

This is another strong job with high income, as a sailor your major work is;  handling of ship, ship maintenance, lifeboat crew management. The good news is that as a sailor you can work with any company or organization.

The wage depends on your rank and level of experience, you may earn N300,000 for a commander to N1 million monthly for a admiral.


15. Lecturing

Lecturing is one of the high demand jobs in Nigeria with the highest rate of employment per year. It is one of the top rated professions in educational industry because of the impact they are making the society today, helping in preparing the future leaders.

Lecturing is the mother of all jobs and some of their  roles are; maintenaing a productive classroom environment and personal counseling, development of an educational program and lecture plan, checking the academic progress of each students and compiling individual instructions.

Lecturers earn about N150,000 to N200,000 per month in Nigeria.



These are the highest paying jobs in Nigeria in 2021 their are other high income job but these are the top 15 highest paying jobs currently.

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