How To Avoid Carryover In University (7 Secrets | Revealed)

As we all know that students must pass all their courses before they graduate from university and any course failed must be carried over. what then can a student do to avoid this nightmare called carryover in school?

However, I am going to show you how to avoid carryover in university. I have experienced it and I understood clearly how a student that failed a particular course feels!

I could remember a quot by Julius Caesar he said;

Experience is the teacher of all things.

The experience of others is a key source of learning and can lead to more learning than your own experiences.

Let me not sound like a motivational speaker, and quickly show you how to avoid carryover in university, but before that kindly go through the table of contents below.

What Is Carryover In University?

Carryover simply means the act of re-writing a failed course in the subsequent semester or year. A students is said to have carryover when he/she have grade F in any course.

How To Avoid Carryover In University

Below are the 7 easiest ways to overcome or avoid carrying a course over in higher institution.

How to avoid carryover in university

  • Choose your course of study by your self

Never allow any one to choose course for you, choose your desire course by your self, do not choose course because people are telling you it is a professional or nonprofessional course.

if you are a student that is not good in calculations why not look for course without much calculations and study, all I can tell you is that no course is bad to study, it all depends on what you want, this will help you to avoid carryover.

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  • Attend all lectures

To avoid carryover in university you need to make sure you attend all lectures, not only that go to the lecture hall with a jotter jot down all the relevant points from what the lecturer is saying.

Absence during lecture might make you to have carryover because most lecturers make attendance compulsory.

  • You hate assignment

The assignment is not compulsory the man will not use it! are some of the statements most lazy students make, when ever any assignment is given to you in school never waste time to do it and submit at the right time either to lecturer or course representative.

assignment is been given to students either to make them read ahead or to test them to know if they actually understood what they were taught in class.

  • Choose your friends like beans

Your friends are your correct definition, the friends you mingle with have a great impact in your academic performance, if you always mingle with friends that are hunger for knowledge you also will.

Never allow any one to make you to stop reading, in university reading is must.

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  • Thinking of sitting beside brilliant student during exam

Depending on someone during examination is very bad, when you stop reading and start thinking of sitting beside your best friend that is brilliant two things might happen to you;

  1. The supervisor might tell one of you to stand up and move to another sit different from the current sit, then it will remain either him/her or only you in the sit, how then will you be able to copy again from him/her?
  2. It is not adviseable to copy from a friend during exam, if the supervisor noticed that both of you are writing exactly the same thing the story might change.

So, my advise for you now is study and depend on your self during examination as that will help you to avoid failing.

I hope you are catching the hot gist on how to avoid carryover in university. please, if any point is not clear to you feel free to let me no.

  • Buy textbooks and get handouts

Only what you jot down during lectures may not help you to pass rather getting a textbook/handout for each courses is very important not only that you may also read up any topics that has not be thought in class.

If any lecturer bring out a textbook and tell you it’s compulsory try and make sure you purchase it as the textbook may attract extra mark for any student that buy it.

  • Give me back what I taught you in class

This is common statement in university, if any teacher/lecturer tell you to write exactly the way he/she taught you in class my dear, never try to answer your own way, if you do you fail! If you try to claim that you are brilliant you are (OYO) on your own. Follow simple instructions that he/she gives you and say good buy to failure.


Before you enter into the university set a goal, no what you are in the school to achieve, never forget to get a mentor who understand your goal. No lecturer will decide to fail you, be friendly with them they are human being like you.

Have time for pleasure their is time for everything, I will like to drop my pen for now I hope you grap something from this article titled how to avoid carryover in university?

feel free to let me know how you feel about this post using the comment box.

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