How To Delete Addresses On Amazon Fast (5 Simple Ways)

Will you like to delete your shipping address on Amazon? In this article, am going to show you how to delete addresses on Amazon easily without any issue.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store that both manufacturers and buyers visit to buy and sell, is the platform that make all this work out, by helping customers to ship whatever they purchased to their door step.

If you have placed an order before the idea of changing the address comes to your mind due to either wrong address or you just want to change location.

Then, the best option is to delete all the addresses and add new one but if the order has been processed you will need to request for cancellation and make the changes before you order again.

Now, the question is how can I delete my addresses on Amazon? The methods that I have used to delete or added new address on my Amazon account are what am going to show you below.


What is Amazon shipping address?

How to delete addresses on Amazon

Amazon shipping address is basically where you live or where you want what you ordered to be delivered to. You may choose any place or location for your goods to be delivered to.

What if you mistakenly added wrong shipping address or you feel like changing your current address, how can you do it?


How to delete addresses on Amazon

  1. Visit Amazon website and login to your account.
  2. On the top right corner, click on your account icon.
  3. Now, choose manage your content and devices from the menu.
  4. Look for the address that you wish to delete, once you see it select it, and click on delete address.
  5. Finally, confirm the particular address you wish to delete and click yes, delete this one.

However, all user can manage their amazon account under your account section of the user dashboard. You can easily follow the process above to delete any address of your choice once you have logged in to your Amazon account either through website to Amazon app.


How to edit shipping address on Amazon account:

How to delete shipping address on Amazon

If you wish to add and manage your addresses on Amazon below is the simple way to add or update your Amazon shopping addresses.

  •  Go to Your Addresses.
  • Do one of the following:

To add a new address, select Add address. You will be asked to confirm your payment card number the next time you place an order using the new or edited address.

To edit or delete an address, select either Edit or Delete below the address you want to modify.

To set a default address, select the corresponding link below the address.

Note: Updating an address in Your Account won’t change the shipping address on any open orders, or on your Wish List.


How long is standard shipping in Amazon?

It is of two types:

  1.  FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon): Sellers send their product to Amazon’s stock and Amazon will ship the item. It takes 2–7 business days (2 days for prime or buyers pay extra for fast shipping).
  2. FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant): Sellers will send the item from their own stock. This way you can see the estimated delivery date in the listing and after your order is completed, Amazon also confirms order with the shipping time as well.


How do I determine my shipping address?

Above, I have show you how to delete addresses on Amazon website but in this section am going to focus on how you can determine your shipping address on Amazon.

  • Shipping addresses are the address to which you would like your order shipped.
  • Mailing addresses are the address where you currently receive mail, I.e POST Office.
  • Billing addresses are the address on the credit card that is being used to place the order.

So, the location to which you want the parcel to be dropped should be the shipping address. It could be your house address, office address or maybe someone else’s address in case of a gift order.


Can you change a shipping address on Amazon when the order has been shipped?

Yes, you can change your shipping address on Amazon even when the order has been shipped already to your location but has not been delivered. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Visit Amazon order profile and choose manage your orders.
  • Now, select the order that you wish to update and choose change shipping address.
  • Enter the new address and click update.

why can’t i delete my old address on Amazon

You can not be able to delete your old address on Amazon if the order item has already been shipped, the best way is for you to cancel the order and reorder again after changing your address to the new one.



You have been able to learn how to delete addresses on Amazon account and I have also show you why you may find it difficult to update your old address on your account.

If you are still facing any challenges related to shipping address kindly drop it in the comment box below.

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