How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted Fast Within 24hrs

Today, I will be showing you how to get someone’s Instagram account deleted fast by reporting it and Instagram will take the account down within 24 hours.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform in the world with over 1,386 billion user and has over 500 million active user per day.


Most of the account on the platform are not real that is; most of them are fake account created by fraudsters, or created for impersonating someone else without the persons consent.

And some of the account on the platform are owned by some of our deceased brothers which we may like to get it deleted for reason best known to the person trying to shut the Instagram account down.

You may want to delete an Instagram account because the person scammed you or that your personal account was hacked by someone else.

Do you need to pay hackers to get the Instagram account taken down?


What is then the solution?


How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted By Reporting It?

If you want to shut someone’s Instagram account down because of harassment, violence or any reason you will need support from your friends to carryout this act successful.

In fact, you do not need the person’s password or any vital details before you can carryout this mission and you can also use this guide to delete your Instagram account that you are no longer using in which you have forgotten it password.



  • Open the Instagram App on your phone
  • Search and open the profile of the account your want to report
  • On the top right corner, click on the three dots (…) On top of “following button”.
  • Click on “Report”
  • Then select the option “report account”
  • Now, click on “it’s pretending to be someone else” or choose any other option that suit your report.
  • If you choose the option above, they will ask you, who is this pretending to be?
  • Me, someone I know, a celebrity etc just choose one.
  • Immediately you are done, Instagram will start reviewing the account through their technology or a review team and within 24 hours they will delete the account if they notice that the account is guilty.


Note: if you want to delete someone else Instagram account fast you will need different Instagram users to report that same account for the same offence within short period of time.


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How To Delete Someone’s Instagram Account Fast

How to get someone's Instagram deleted

If you wish to delete someone else Instagram account without the person’s login details you can easily do it through Instagram help center.


By telling Instagram vital reason why they should delete the account, with prove.

  1. Firstly, visit the Instagram help center
  2. Select the option that reads “someone created an account pretending to be me or my friend”
  3. Fill in your details such as name, email address and username of the IG account you wish to report
  4. Proceed and upload any picture of your valid government issued ID card that has your clear image. (For verification purpose)
  5. Under the additional information box, write down your complain
  6. Click on submit button and wait for a reply


Instagram will send you a mail regarding your report and if your report is accepted, the account will be deleted immediately.

Even if the new user of the account has deleted all your image and posts on the account Instagram team will trace the activities on the account for the past one year.


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Steps To Delete Instagram accounts For People Who Have Died

Most times we will wish to delete an Instagram account of our friends, sisters or brothers that are dead for reason best known to us, but deleting it may be so difficult because we do not know how to get someone’s Instagram deleted fast.

The steps below we help you to easily delete someone else account on Instagram fast.

  1. Open your browser app.
  2. Visit the Instagram help centre
  3. Proceed and enter your full name and other vital information
  4. Enter the profile link of the Instagram account you want to delete
  5. Give vital information regarding the deceased death
  6. proceed and upload a death certificate of the deceased for verification or power of attorney
  7. Proceed to write additional reasons why the Instagram account must be deleted
  8. Click on submit, and wait.


Instagram team will them review the account within few days and they will revert back to you, after deleting the account if they verify that what you sent to them is valid.


Frequent Asked Questions About How To Get Someone Else Instagram Account Taken Down:


How long does Instagram take to respond to a report?

Within 24 hours.

Instagram normally respond to each report within 24 hours after they might have investigated the reported account.


Do people on Instagram know if you report them?


The person that you report will not know that anyone reported his/her account, which means that the report is done Anonymous.


Does mass reporting works on Instagram?

Yes! and No!

It works and it does not work! How?

If you report an account for Instagram to take it down, they may not delete the account if they found out that the account didn’t commit any offence.

Most times, group of bad friends may come together to report someone else account because they know that if all of them should report the account it will be shut down.

Mass reporting can only work if the account in question have actually committed the offence, or if Instagram have been suspecting the account because of it activities.


How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?

Instagram will run a quick review on an account if more than five (5) persons have reported the account within 24 hours.

The fact is, their is no specific number if report that can delete an account because a report from one account can still make Instagram ban an account if they found the account guilty of the offence.


How to request for a review of a reported account

If you reported and account for Instagram to be taken down and they has not you can quickly request a review of the account or content of the account.


To request a review of the content you reported on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone;

  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings:
  3. Tap Help.
  4. Tap Support requests, then tap Reports.
  5. Open the update Instagram sent you about their decision.
  6. Tap See support options at the bottom.
  7. Tap Request review, then follow the on-screen.

The account or content will be reviewed again by Instagram, usually within 24 hours.

If they find out that they made a mistake before, they will let you know, and the content you reported may be deleted.


Conclusion; on How To get Someone’s Instagram Account deleted fast

All these processes of deleting someone else Instagram account works fast if done well, most especially if you have many Instagram users that helps you to report the account more.

The good news is that it is done Anonymously, which means the person you are reporting it’s account will not noticed that you are the one that did it.

Have you tried any of these processes of getting an Instagram account taken down before, and it works for you?

If no, what other method have you tried that actually works for you?

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