How To Read And Understand Fast (9 Secrets Revealed)

Are you wondering how some students normally read and understand what they read fast, did you really want to no their secret? If yes! You need to read this hot guide on How to read and Understand perfectly, in fact this is the best effective reading techniques.

How to read and understand

After reading this tips on how to read and understand you will be able to remember what ever you have read and understand easily because you have already understood it, to remember it will not be a problem.

This hot cake tips that am about to show you now have been helping me to understand what ever am reading in fact with this strategies you can prepare for Exam like JAMB or scholarship examination within a week.

This reading strategies is must read by all students that do not use to easily understand what ever they read, have you ever been reading a book like Philosophy and logic for the first time, I hope you enjoy reading it, But did you understand? No!

The book might be easy and very interesting to read but difficult to understand but I have the drug that can cure the sickness do not worry I will show you right here, I urge you to read do not skip any word until you get to the end of this article.

How To Read And Understand Fast

1.) You need to have a reason for reading

Your reason or purpose for reading a particular text will determine how you are going to approach the text that you are about to read, some of the major reasons why you may be reading a particular book are;

  • for entertainment
  • for guide or direction
  • To educate your self I.e on a particular issue.

Once you know your reason for reading then you will easily no how serious and type of strategy to apply for instance a student preparing for an examination will be more focus than someone reading news paper or ordinary book for entertainment.

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2.) Preview the text first before reading

For you to really understand a book that you are about to read you need to preview the book first to no the nature and what you will actually gain from the book, scan it from the beginning to the end.

Try and take good look at some areas like; Heading, subheading, some underline words, and words in bold, do not forget to take a look at the introduction and also the concluding paragraph of the book you are about to read.

those thing will give you clue on what you will be searching for when you start to read the book, for instance in my 100 level in Ebonyi state University (EBSU) I bought a book titled Introduction to Anthropology (SOC 105) I really love the book because of the way the author structured it,

some of the key words are underlined, if you calm down and read the book you will not find it difficult to understand. try and follow all this steps it is very important this is step two on how to read and understand easily let move on to the next step.

3.) Read With Target/Focus

Always remain focused when ever you are reading, make sure that you are searching for something important in the text in which you are reading let all your attention be in the book, do not read too slow and do not read too fast once you see any key point in the book jot it down.

if you do not understand any line clearly write the line and or underline it with either pen or pencil. If you keep on looking at it that you must understand it once you might feel tired and your focus and attention might be carried away.

4.) Immediately you stop understand what you are reading stop reading

I do see many students when their exam is too close they will start reading very hard just to make sure they finish one textbook in one hour that is not a good idea at all because you will easily forget 80% of what you have studied.

for you to actually understand what ever you are reading once you feel tired stop reading and stand up do some exercise before you move back to your sit , Do not force things inside your brain allow everything to enter gently so that you can easily retain it from your memory once you need it.

If you keep on reading when you stop understand, the once you have stored in your short term memory will start moving out of your memory.

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5.) Run away from every distractions

Turn off every TV of distractions around you, most especially when preparing for a serious exam, some times your friends , your parents, people around you might be the agents of distractions around you,

for you to read and understand stay away from them or tell them to give you privacy for the moment, another major agent of distraction might be your mobile phone if you want to read just put your phone on silent and keep it far away from you because if you keep it beside you when you are reading you might be tempted to touch it.

How to overcome distractions when it’s time to read

  1. Turn your phone to silent
  2. Sleep well at least 5 hours of sleep before you start reading
  3. Turn off your Internet access
  4. Tell people around you to help you by given you privacy and avoid noise making.
  5. Study with the best and current textbook

Yes! For you to read and understand you need to read the best textbook not only that read the latest textbook, the best textbook is one that is compreh,ensive it explain every thing in detail with different relevant examples for instance, “Comprehensive Mathematics in secondary” this book is the best mathematics textbook that I love using each time I want to solve maths.

No one thought me quadratic equation I learn’t it by my self using the comprehensive maths, I learnt it when I keep on following the examples, I solve many exercises before I understood it.

one of the major reasons why you do not understand a text after reading it is because you fail to calm down and read it, you do not follow the procedure on how to read and understand a text.

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6.) Solve as many exercises as you can

Never be lazy in the area of solving exercises, immediately after reading take it as your Job to solve many exercises it will really help you a lot, i could remember in my 100 level second semester when I was preparing for an exam of a course titles (Introduction to political science).

I was reading the textbook but am not understanding and some of those topics are inside my government textbook titled (Authority In Government) you might no the textbook if you are an art student, I quickly pick up the textbook and trace those topics and start reading after reading it, I move straight to exercises and answer ten questions.

Unbelievable to me that at the end I was able to get A in the course, my point here is that exercise help a lot because it shows that you really understand what you have been studying.

7.) Think in picture as you read

Try and bring what you are reading to your imagination, keep picturing it make it real this will make you to be able to understand it easily as you read.

8.) Don’t read out loud

If you want to understand what you are reading fast do not read out loud, read silently let your eye and brain do the reading will your mouth rest, reading out loud with your mouth might look as if you are making noise your mouth might even start paining you self.

I noticed that 99% of people who read silently usually understand easily without much stress.

9.) Avoid Rereading

In fact am once a victim of this until I noticed and I was able to correct my self, once I start reading it will look as if am not understanding what am reading, I will have to go back and reread it before i move on, and at the end I will end up not understanding anything!

I urge you to avoid rereading, the best way is for you to read the book first once you get to the end of the topic, move back to the beginning and start reading again. What I mean here is for you to rehearse again after reading till you understand it.

Other ways on how to read and understand perfectly is be judicious in highlighting and note taking, stay within your attention span and work to increase that span.

i believe that with the above reading tips on How to read and understand fast you will be able to read and understand easily without stress.

Did you think this tips can work for you?

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