Top 11 High Yield Investment With Monthly Returns In Nigeria

High yield investment with monthly returns in nigeria, that you can start with very low capital and earn high RIO in return is what I will be revealing to you today.

I will be giving you expert advice right here on short term investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Investment is a risk, but that risk you are not taking is even the worst risk, the reward for taking on risk is the potential for a greater investment return.

What do I mean, some people invest into an unknown product without researching about the value and what they may gain for investing into the product.

These categories of people are these that make investment into some valuable products or business look like risk that doesn’t worth taken.

If you are aiming to invest and earn daily, weekly or monthly in 2021 then, this article is basically for you because am going to show you how to invest your money wisely in Nigeria.

What is investment?

An investment is simply an asset or item acquired with the aim of generating income or allow it to increase in the value over time.

For instance; you may purchase a product when the price is very cheap and wait for the price to go higher by then you sell it at a high price and make your profit.


Things you need to know before investing in Nigeria

1. Your personal financial status

Do you have enough money to invest? Can you wait for the business to grow and start giving you profits? Those are some hot questions you need to ask your self before you invest into any business.


2. What did you know about the business you want to invest on?

I always advice people not to invest into any business that they know nothing about, atleast you should know little about the business so that you can know how you can easily start getting your RIO.

Even if it is an untapped business in Nigeria that much People have not invested heavily on before and you noticed that you may earn high profit from it when you invest into it then you may take the risk.


3. How about the security of your money/the business?

Is your money or the business safe, the security of your investment is very important you can not just invest and look at it for water to carry your investment, who does that!


Why you should invest your salary

Are you a salary earner? If your answer is yes! Then am about to show you how you may become rich with the help of your monthly income, your salary is a seed that needs to be planted. It is important you take part of it and invest.

Salary alone cannot solve all your money problems. Create a plan B now, by starting investment with monthly returns in Nigeria.

Your salary is your capital to start your own business. Do not see it as pocket money to sustain you for a month, otherwise you will become addicted to salary and never outgrow it.

Most people spend their money. Few invest their money. And guess who the majority of people who spend their money work for?

They work for those who invest their money. Why? Because when you spend money, you work for it. But when you invest money, it works for you.

I want to remind you that you won’t be employed forever, start thinking about starting your own business, entrepreneurship is the key but you can’t just jump into it, you need to start your race from somewhere.

(Robert Mugabe) once Said:
“When your salary comes in time, you eat chicken. As the salary reduces you eat products of Chicken (Eggs) and subsequently, you begin to eat chicken’s foods like maize and millet.

Finally, when salary is finished, you become chicken itself, spending your time walking around just looking for what to eat! “

A wise investment will provide opportunities for one to always eat Chicken whenever he or she pleases!
Above are the major reasons why you should start investing your salary into some high yield investment with monthly returns in Nigeria.


Reasons why undergraduates/graduates should invest

As an undergraduate or graduate their is many reasons why you should also invest, but you may be saying but am not working, I know you are not working but you need to look for some business that you can start with little or no capital.

remember, their are some lucrative online business that you can start with little or no capital as a graduate or undergraduate in Nigeria such as; working on fiver, writing for opera news etc.

The money that you earn from those business can be invested into some high yield investment in Nigeria which will boost your financial status high.


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High Yield Investment With Monthly Returns In Nigeria

Investment with monthly returns in Nigeria


1. Agricultural investment

Agriculture is one of the best investment with monthly returns in Nigeria not only that it is among what makes Nigeria the giant of Africa.

Investing in some agricultural sectors like: cocoa farming, Cassava, maize, plantain, pineapple, rice and beans will really give you much profits in return.

for instance someone that invested into cassava farming or rice farming last year will be enjoying now because of high cost of agricultural products in the market most especially garri and rice.

If you are planning to go into agriculture I will advice you to go into areas like; Cassava, rice, beans and cocoa farming etc, they are the most consumed currently in Nigeria.


2. Transportation business

Have you heard of Uber, taxify, and Bolt drivers? I believe this may not be your first time of hearing it. Those companies are transportation companies that car owner’s can register with and earn income monthly.

the major steps to join this business is to buy a car and look for an experienced driver that will be driving it register with the company and start smiling at your account every month.

Most of these companies have their offices in Lagos and Abuja including in most states in Nigeria, for instance; Bolt transportation company recently start operating in Abakaliki and many car owner’s have started taking the advantages.


3. Real estate investment

This is another hot cake business that you can invest and earn monthly in Nigeria but the issue is that this business require much capital to start but the profit is always too attractive.

What does real estate mean? This means purchasing of property as an investment to generate income rather than using it as a primary resident.

The major aim of this business is profit maximization, you buy in cheap price and wait for the price to raise and you resell in a very high price.

You may even buy the land or property and be renting it to people and you will be getting paid by those you lease it to. This business is very profitable but you need to understand the business before you start it.


4. Invest in Livestock farming

Livestock farming remain one of the hot untapped business idea that worth investing on. Investing on livestocks like; Poultry, goat, cow, etc will keep giving you high RIO each month.

Investing in area like poultry farming will drastically change your financial level because you have many things to make gain from selling of eggs, chickens etc you may even start selling poultry feeds too.


5. Oil and gas business

Have you heard of “oil money” it is never small money it is always much, oil and gas business is a very lucrative business that also need much capital to start.

Investing into this business will keep giving you high profit every months depend on how much capital you invested into it.


6. Pure water production

The rate at which people consume pure water nowadays is increasing everyday and the price keep going high because of limited number of producers.

You can start pure water production company and start producing high quality sachets and table waters that is very clean and healthy for people to drink.

To invest into this business you need to look for location where their is few or no producer to avoid much competition. You may find it hard at the starting point of the business but you will actually enjoy it later.


7. Haulage service

This business is not only profitable but one of the viable investment with monthly returns in Nigeria today. but how does this business operate?

It is the process where by you purchase a truck or haulage and place it for rent to people who will wish to rent it to haul their goods. To rent one truck to haul your goods from one place to another in Nigeria starts at about N30,000 per trip.

The profits you will make from this business will be enough to purchase another haulage in fact you do not need to stress your self after buying it, you only need an experience driver only.


8. Hire purchase investment

This business is related to haulage service but in a different way, hirer purchase business require you buying things like; Bus, Keke napepe, Bike etc and give to people with agreement for the person to be paying you monthly.

This is how it really works; You buy the Bus, keke or Bike for the person the person will be paying you every month until the agreed amount is paid.

In this business you may earn double of the amount you purchased the tricycle or Bus before the agreed period runs out.


9. Fast Food business

I mostly advice young ladies that know how to cook to invest into this business because it is one of the best investment with monthly returns in Nigeria that is capable of making you rich.

Fast food business have been one of the business that hardly dies of within short time except if it is not well managed, you can be selling jollof rice, fried egg and indomine, meet pie, egg rolls etc.


10. Digital investment

Investing into digital currency such as cryptocurrencies can boost your financial level high within short period of time, you may decide to buy coins like; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin at a very low rate and wait until it raise then you sell.

You may even start daily trading if if you wish to earn daily to be able to increase your income.


11. Mini Importation business

Another good investment with monthly returns in Nigeria is mini importation business, this business is very easy and it give high return on investment.

To start this business you just need to look for product that is in high demand in Nigeria import it from other country like; China at a very cheap price and be selling it here and be making your thousands.

This is a wise investment for those that really understand it, importing goods that people will not like to buy may be a waste of investment as you will find it difficult to sell it.


Genuine Investment opportunities in Nigeria

Most young people usually find it difficult to discover what they may invest their money on each time they earn huge income.

I could remember when I earned my first N500,000 as a student working for someone for months before I get such huge income, but I find it difficult to discover what to invest the money into to be able to make more money.


I ended up purchasing different cloths and latest phone, I have lavished N200,000 before I finally discovered high yield investment with weekly or monthly returns In Nigeria that can give me more gains.

I regretted my actions, but I will never allow anyone around me to made such mistake again. You need a new investment, invest don’t try to impress anyone with your hard earned money.


Don’t let peer pressure rob you off your rear treasure.


Remember, money is not everything, but everything needs money.


Let me show you wise investment plan you may try this year:

  • Buy a plot of land in a low cost area
  • 50 bags of rice at a rural area to sell at a profit in an urban area
  • Trade in forex
  • Buy 6 Apple shares
  • Buy 3 Microsoft shares
  • Rent a one bedroom and use it for Airbnb
  • Buy treasury bonds
  • Join lendingclub and earn money lending money to people who are guaranteed to repay
  • Invest in a course and learn an income generating skill
  • Invest in poultry farm
  •  Buy 50 bags of garri in rural area and sell in Urban area.
  • Open small fuel station.
  • Open barbing salon and employ workers.
  • Start a POS business.

Above are what may turn you into a million in the near future, if you are still a student investing into any of the above business will really help you because you are going to create and build wealth before you graduate from school.

Remember, life may demand so much from you, do not just supply all it demands but be strategic in your supply.

No one tell you not to buy cloths, phones, cars. But before you buy any of these things make sure you have income source to maintain it else it will extract the little you have and turn you into a helpless poor individual.

Investment is good, I advice every young persons to invest.


The list of high yield investment with monthly returns in Nigeria is not exusted their are more, but these are the lucrative one’s currently.

It is not easy to invest and wait until it start yeiding profits, but those who take the risk always give testimony at last, their is no 100% guarantee of success in any investment but most risk worth taken because, that may be your chance of financial break through.

Almost all the businesses listed above are short term investment in Nigeria for wise investors.

Which of these businesses will you like to invest on?

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