Best Investment Yahoo Format For Billing Client $2000 (Exposed)

Are you looking for the latest investment yahoo format that scammers are using to bill their clients? Am going to show you apartment and Bitcoin format for billing.

It is no more news that investment is one of the best ways to protect and boost your finance and many yahoo boys have take advantage of this to convince innocent people into investing into fake platform or product.

The investment platforms they do use usually look real, and this will help to scam victims of their hard earn money without the victim knowing the major intention of the scammer.

The victim may take the yahoo boy as a good financial coach or it may be someone the victim meet on dating app and the person started introducing the victim into the fake investment platform.

However, am going to show you bitcoin investment yahoo format and apartment billing format, as this will help you to detect someone trying to scam you or fake investment platform.

Note: The major aim of this post is not to promote fraud, rather to keep you inform about fake investment and not to fall victim of investment scam, be vigilant while trying to invest your hard earn money.


Latest Bitcoin investment yahoo format

This is one of the most popular investment format for billing client which many yahoo boys have been using to convince clients to invest in bitcoin.

Bitcoin investment yahoo format

BTC format for bombing is almost the same with binary investment formats, just that bitcoin is mostly for investing in crypto currency, while Binary persuades client’s into investing in fake binary trading.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or headquarter that you can easier receive or send through peer to peer bitcoin network without any intermediaries.

Bitcoin investment fraud is a means by which fraudsters convince their victims to invest and giving them information about the benefits so they can easily scam them.

A good example of binary scamming format is when an investor enters into a binary option contract worth $100 that promises to pay the investor a 95% return if Company values’s stock rises from its current trading price of $20 per share to $25 per share by a certain date.

And at the end of the whole thing the company refuses to pay the investor or the investment platform crashed without any trace of the investors money.


1. Using Fake Investment Sites

This is one of the new cryptocurrency formats used to scam people by yahoo boys.

People using this type of format usually create a fake bitcoin investment website which looks legit and they promise investors 30% or above weekly or monthly returns.

They pretend to be trading on your behalf, to give you some percentage of the proceed based on your cryptocurrency investment.

If you eventually deposit your cryptocurrency tokens (or coins), you will never get it back. Sometimes, you will be paid the first time to be convinced that it works, and this will when make you to invite more people to join which they will still scam too.

These scam websites are created in such a way that it promises to double invested bitcoin with no minimum.

This kind of scheme is where new investors cryptocurrency investments are used to pay the older investors.

Never think that someone can do cryptocurrency trading for you while you are sleeping.

If you cannot do it, there are other easier ways to earn more bitcoins with your investment.

If you are not smart enough to investigate any investment platform very well before you deposit your coin or money into it you may end up been a victim if BTC investment scam.

To avoid been a victim, always read more reveals about any platforms before you invest into it, if the platform is new and you have not see any one that have invested several times, do not try it except you are sure that it’s legit.


2. Social media random posting

I know you might have been seeing a lot of scammers posting on their Facebook or Instagram timeline about bitcoin investment and how they can help you invest your money into bitcoin for higher profits.

Many of them even go as far as, joining different Facebook and WhatsApp groups to post about this on the comment and in the group to attract more victims.

They design different fake screenshot of their past earnings and be posting on their profile and WhatsApp status always to attract more rich people they can dupe.

If your money have enter their wallet they will just collect it and block you, becareful of anyone you send your money, never allow greed to make you fall into scam.


Real estate investment yahoo format

Apart from BTC format for bombing clients, apartment billing format is another scam format yahoo boys are using to bill rich investors.

There major target are real estate investors or people looking for an apartment to rent either in Nigeria, USA, UK or South Africa.

To pull off this scam, the fraudsters usually use several tools and tactics to act as real estate agents or realtors.


Tools Used for apartment billing format for Client

Below are tools that fake real estate agents usually use online to scam their victims, and as someone into real estate you need to be aware of this to avoid scam.

  • A fake company website that states terms and conditions informing your clients of not accepting phone calls and needing them to pay about 10% upfront fees.
  • Professional email address
  • USA phone number to convince clients living in the United States.
  • Photos of the houses available for sale or rent online for clients to easily view pictures and make their choices without asking too many questions about how beautiful the houses look.
  • Fake house documents.


How apartment billing format works

Here, we are going to investigate and reveal how fake real estate agents usually scam their innocent rich victims of their hard earn money.

Many individuals in United states has fall victim of real estate scam and it will be very bad that you also fall into it, to be able to notice or detect fake real estate agents or fake real estate platform you need to read this article to the end.


1. Creating a real estate website

To use this apartment format, yahoo boys normally go as far as creating a good looking real estate company website which they use as major tool.

They will snap many beautiful houses from another country and post on the website, for example the houses they snap the images in United Kingdom may be posted as houses in United state or Nigeria.

Or they may go to internet and get many beautiful free images and post on the fake real estate investment website.


2. Each apartment are always cheap

They usually list a low price for each house to attract more individuals into the beautiful house. For instance, if other houses are listed on the platform with price tag of; $500,000 they may list their own as $300,000.

Not just that they will tag it promo which will end soon, just to lure innocent victims into making payment fast.

Prices are always too good to be true, but their sales descriptions will convince you as it will give you a reason to see it as a legit stuff.


3. Write sales description of the houses

Each house they post one their fake website will always have a distress sale description or reason why they want to sell or rent it.

For instance, the person may said that he/she build the house new and is looking for money to start up another project or try and convince the client.


4. Respond to clients messages

All your email and messages will be responded to, they can even go as far as doing fake video call with you just to earn your trust.

And if you insist that you want to meet them physically, that will be another chance to bill you $2,000 or $5,00 for transportation to the location,  which they will end up disappointing you.


5. Convince them to send a security deposit

They will make you trust them by using yahoo trust format for client before convincing you into making payment.

With aim that if you fail to make at least 20% payment another client is ready to make the payment and take the apartment.

An unsuspecting buyer, lured by the beautiful images of the houses, makes payment into a specified account provided by the scammer to purchase the property.

In reality, the property depicted in those images is never for sale but a property in another country or unexisting property.

Once the yahoo boy received the payment the website will be shut down or they will block the client from accessing the website.



I have been able to reveal apartment billing format and trust format for Bitcoin investment which yahoo boys usually use to scam their victim.

It is true that many individuals want to earn more money through investment, but there are many fake investment companies out there created by fraudsters to scam their innocent victims.

For you not to fall into investment yahoo format you need to be careful and make a research about a platform or property before investing, do not let greed lead you into becoming a scam victim.

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