JAMB Change Of Institution/Course 2021 Portal (Now Opened)

JAMB change of institution and course portal is now open for any JAMB 2021 candidate that want to correct his/her data on JAMB portal .

In case you make any mistake during your JAMB 2021 registration either in your Jamb subjects combination, date of birth, your choice of institution or course etc.

JAMB change of institution/course form is now out, the portal is now open for any candidate that want to do his/her data correction.

However, if you are among those candidates that have been searching for answers to:

[Is JAMB change of institution still on sale?, JAMB Change of course and institution portal, How to do JAMB Change of institution 2021, How Much is JAMB change of institution?, When is JAMB Change of institution closing?]

Have you seen that you are not alone, Nonetheless, am going to answer all the above questions here in this article, I urge you to read with care so you can be able to get the full gist.

Is JAMB Change of Institution/Course still on sale?

Yes! JAMB change of course/institution 2021 started two weeks immediately after JAMB.

When is JAMB 2021 change of institution closing?

The JAMB change of institution/course closing date has not been announced, so you need to keep checking this page for update.

Why JAMB candidates apply for change of institution/course

Their are numerous reasons why most JAMB candidate apply for Change of course/institution, am going to list out some of those reason here now!

  1. Candidate having low JAMB UTME score, and this score might not be up to the cut of mark of the institution or course he/she chose during JAMB 2021 registration.
  2. Having out standing in O’level result either WAEC/NECO, most candidates that used awaiting result during their JAMB 2021/2022 registration usually face this kind of issue.
  3. Change of mind by the candidate about the institution or course he/she previously chosen during JAMB registration.
  4. Mistakes during registration, It is your chance to correct any single mistake that you make during JAMB 2021/2022 Registration.

Data Changes you can make on JAMB portal

Below are some of the things you can edit or correct in your JAMB portal and how many times it can be changed.

  1. Gender correction (Correction can only be done once)
  2. Names Correction (Correction can be done once)
  3. Passport photogragh (correction can only be done once)
  4. Correction of Gender (Can only be done once)
  5. Profile Editing (Can only be done once)
  6. JAMB UTME subjects correction ( correction can only be done once)
  7. Correction or changing Choice of Institution/Course (Correction can be done more than once, With different payment for each change).

Take Note: You can only change your Institution/Course before writing JAMB UTME exam or after you write the UTME exam, and this change can only be done once.

how ever you can also change when the change of course/institution portal is open. And if you want to do it before exam kindly visit JAMB CBT center to do it.

How much is JAMB change of institution/course 2021

The amount for UTME change of course/institution is N2,500 (Two thousand five hundred naira only), with this amount you can change your institution and your course both 1st, 2rd, 3rd even 4th choice at once before you submit.

You are going to pay bank charge of around N170 depend on were you pay.

Were can you do your change of institution/course in 2021

I will not advice you to do it by your self using your mobile phone or PC rather, go straight to JAMB CBT accredited center nationwide and tell them that you want to do JAMB change of institution/course they will ask you to have a sit.

How to do JAMB change of institution/course 2021 on JAMB portal

Note: it is on the same place (portal) that you are going to change both course/institution.

I will advice you to make sure you check the institution or course you want to change to no if they will accept your JAMB score, check their cut off mark if they can accept your JAMB score.

The steps below will guide you to be able to make payment by your self and you will not be required to pay the N2,500 again.

If you have paid but unable to click the change of course/institution button kindly move straight to the nearest JAMB CBT center to complete the change.

Follow this steps if you want to make payment by your self:

  1. Visits JAMB Profile login page by clicking on https://jamb.org.ng/eFacility_/Login (Do not worry it will open in a new tap)
  2. Enter your email address and password used for JAMB 2021 registration in the two boxes, then click on login.
Jamb change of institution
  • Immediately you logged in you will see your profile dashboard were you are going to see all available services.
  • Click on Registration (2021 only) from the list of service on the left side.
Jamb change of course portal

5.On the drop down select “2021 UTME data correction”

  1. If you want to pay using your Card immediately click on continue, but if you do not want to pay with Card you can use other payment method such as ATM, Cash at the bank or quick teller,

Note: make sure you copy the the transaction ID because it will be required later.

  1. if you used card to pay on the intersitch payment page, enter your card details and click on the pay button.
  2. On “My payment section” the details of your payment will be displayed and SMS and email which contain your unique transaction ID and payment details will be sent to you after the payment click on the continue button.
  3. Immediately after you have paid, you will be asked to provide the following; 1. Year of examination  2. JAMB Registration Number .
  4. once you have interested the data’s correctly a new option for preferred Institution/course and second choices will also appear.

(Any option that is available here will be based on the service that is available at the moment).

  1. To complete your application click on Submit.
  2. Finally, your application will be processed by JAMB if they approved it then your informations will be changed as you requested.

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I hope you understand the guide, if you are having issue in any area feel free to let me know using the comment box below.

How to reprint JAMB 2021 Change of institution/course slip

  1. Visit JAMB efacility portal https://jamb.org.ng/eFacility_/Login
  2. Enter your email address and password used during JAMB 2021 registration and click on login.
  3. On your JAMB profile dashboard, click on “Registration” from the left tabs then ,click “UTME data correction” .
  4. finally, click on “Re- print Change of course clip” .

Note: It is the same button that you will used to print both change of institution and course slip.

That is all for now about JAMB change Of institution and Change of Course on JAMB portal more updates loading…

Feel free to ask question using the comment box below.

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