How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram 2024

I will show you how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram, and the practical ways to tell if the person restricted you on dm, comments, or limited other unwanted interactions with you.

Just recently, my uncle had a problem with one of his friends, but after the problem, he noticed that whenever he messaged that his friend he wouldn’t reply, but after two weeks, his friend posted a question on Instagram which says:

What is the most sold product on mercari

The first 5 person that gets the correct answer will be rewarded.

My uncle commented unknown to him that his comment was not public rather he is the only one that can see it, how does he notice this?

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram He collected my phone and used it to check the post to know if he is among the winners because his phone’s battery was low, unfortunately to him he can’t find his comment, was it deleted? no! He was restricted from commenting.


How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram:

There is no straightforward way to know when someone restricted you on Instagram but you can easily know by following some steps which I will still point outline in this article.

Instagram makes it possible through its privacy feature for users to be able to limit unwanted interactions without having to block or unfollow someone they know.

Which makes it possible for you to be able to control if others can see their new comments on your posts. That is why when you DM someone that has restricted you on Instagram that your message will be automatically moved to their Message Requests, so you won’t see when they have read it.

The simplest ways to know if someone have restricted you on Instagram are;

  1. You will not be able to see when they are online or if they read your mesages.
  2. The person won’t receive any notifications for future comments from you.
  3. Your new comments on their posts will only be visible to you, and they can choose to see the comment by tapping See comment. If they want others to be able to see your comment, they will tap Approve to confirm, or they can delete it or ignore it.


What if the user does not have a profile picture?

Sometimes you might think that a friend has blocked or restricted you on Instagram when you can no longer see their profile picture but, the question is; what if they have removed their profile picture for personal reason?


How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram dm;

Message the person, if they do not reply wait for some hours or days before you message them again. If your first message was “Hello” or “Good morning” this time around send a constructive message, that is the message that will go straight to the point or ask them questions that will make them to respond.

If the person has restricted you in DM (direct message) your message will be moved to the person’s message request and the person may not get a notification for your new message and your message will not show seen even when the person saw the message.

All these are the reasons why it’s very difficult to identify when someone has restricted you on Instagram DM. Because most people may not restrict you from messaging them yet, they may decide not to check or reply your message.


How to know if someones restricted you on Instagram story;

Instragram story is a new feature on Instagram that was created for users to be able to upload multiple photos or videos together in a slid format without affecting or spamming their feed.

Most individuals usually restrict you from viewing their Instagram story without restricting other functions like message and comment.

How do they do it? Tap Privacy, then tap Story. Tap the number of people next to Hide Story From. Select the person you would like to hide your story from, then tap Done (iPhone) or tap back in the top left (Android). To unhide your story from someone, tap to unselect them.

Above is the manual way through which user can be restricted from viewing Instagram story, but the question remain, how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram story?

Their is no standard way to know, the only way to know if you can use a friends phone to check if they have updated their story if yes, and you can see it that means they have restricted you.


How to know if somones restricted you on Instagram comments;

Your friend may decide to restrict you from commenting on their post instead of blocking you for reason best known to the person. It might be that you always comment negatively on their post or your opinion is not always welcomed on their posts.

To verify if the person actually restricted you from commenting, comment on the person’s post, tell a friends to help you check your comment on the persons post immediately, because that person might approve it any moment, if that your friend can see your comment, that means you are not restricted.


How will you know when you restricted someone’s?

Know if someone restricted you on Instagram

It will show on the person profile that you restricted him/her but this will only be seen by you only and not the person that you restricted. Which means that if someone else restricted you, you will not easily noticed.


What happens if someone restricted me on Instagram?

My comment on other person’s post will always be hidden from public, it will not been seen by third parties. And my message will always be moved to message request without the person notice. I may not be able to view the person’s Instagram story.


Can Instagram restrict my account?

Yes, Instagram can restrict your account if you violate their community rules such as; spamming their platform with irrelevant or Adult contents, using fake account or pretending to be someone’s else.

They might restrict you for them to be able to verify the activities of the account, if it’s real and legit they will unrestrict you.


How long does restriction last on Instagram?

If you restrict someone on Instagram it can last for minimum of 7 days, you may decided to increase it if you wish.

Is restriction and mute the same?

No, restrict is different from mute. If someone mute you, you may not be able to see the person’s post on news feed anymore. But if they restrict you, you can see there latest post on your feed.

Is block and restrict the same on Instagram?

No, Restrict and block on Instagram are different. If I block you on Instagram you can not be able to see me when you search for my name on Instagram, you will not be able to see our previous chat nor can you be able to see anything related to me on Instagram.

While, if someone restrict you, you can still search for the person, see the persons latest posts on feed but, you will be limited to interact with anything related to the person’s account such as sending a direct message, commenting, etc.

Finally, I know that I have been able to show you how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram dm, comment or story. If you have questions about this topic kindly drop them in the comment section below.

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