15 Best Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria To Make Money

Are you searching for latest business ideas for ladies in Nigeria to start and make money in 2023? Am going to show you hidden business opportunities in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians, both young and old, struggle daily to find a suitable and profitable business for themselves, due to the harsh economy and population.

In any event, starting a great business as a lady is an interesting way of assuming responsibility for your future and to make money.

Yet it’s prominent to know that a business is something beyond the ware or borders of just deciding to sell something.

The most important step to figuring out how to start a business and the kind of business that pays for ladies in Nigeria is to read the information contained in this article which covers all the hidden business ideas for ladies in Nigeria and how to get you started.

If in any event, you already have a business idea you can validate your business idea, by looking through our well-researched list of business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, both young girls, housewives and single ladies who want something to do for themselves.

There are a lot of women and ladies in Nigeria, that find it hard to get jobs, more of the reason why we have written this post because we wish to unveil the hidden opportunities and entrepreneur business that ladies can start, the way to your prosperity as a lady is a right business.

We’ve listed out a well-researched list of independent business opportunities for ladies. You can pick one that you think could be the ideal best for you.


Things you would learn when you read this article;

We will be covering the following in this article.

  1. Find out how easy it is to start a business as a lady in Nigeria
  2. How to finance your start-up business plan as a lady
  3. Why starting a business as a lady matters
  4. Few marketing tips for small business startups in Nigeria
  5. How to be successful after successfully starting a business of your own
  6. List of 15 business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.


Many Nigerian ladies have started dominating the business landscape; all you need is to select the best business idea.

In the past few years, Nigeria has seen a significant increase of businesses managed by ladies and over the most recent couple of years, there have been multiple sources for entrepreneur ladies to start up something. In many business areas, ladies are making their essence felt.

In any case, for women planning to start their first business endeavour, picking the right business these ideas, is a subject of priority as no one wants to waste their time in trials and errors.

Ladies entrepreneurs these days are increasingly entering the business world that was once overwhelmed by men.


Look around you and you would find much business managed by young and vibrant ladies!

They are one of the effective business people, overseeing productive businesses like hair salons, sales outlets and more, and well-they all began poorly.

In this way, regardless of whether you don’t have large funding to start, don’t worry, as everything necessary is a smart plan to turn your life around.


Why starting a business as a lady matters:

Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

There is every reason to start a business; yes everyone needs to make money, so there are so many reasons to start a business as a lady.

Having a business is one of the most amazing ways for ladies to accomplish independence, from the rat race. As you would calculate so many ladies wants to be in charge of their accounts, so they go into business.

Apart from this fact, the ladies also might have needed to be a positive good example for their younger ones.

So there you see why a lot of ladies today are striving to build their own business, and as I already understand you are one of those ladies, and then you are on the right track.



What to expect as a lady starting a business of your own in Nigeria?  So much I would say, you need to be prepared to be your boss.

There is this very saying what men can do, ladies can do more. This saying has gotten a lot of ladies up on their feet; no one wants to sit at home idle, having no means of living.

This is enough reason why you need to build up your own business to get over those legends that say ladies can’t run businesses.

So many ladies are masters of their own today in Nigeria, and to think that there is a big window of opportunities open to us all Nigerians, the population in the country is large and there are so many people waiting to patronize your service or buy from you.

Starting a business is as easy as just figuring out what you can do, and if you do not know what you can do, or you think you do not have anything that you can market, there are always rooms open for you to learn new things, it all goes down to your interest.

Regardless of whether you are starting a business with the idea that you could change the world or just starting a business with the idea of just having something to feed yourself and your family, you should prove ways, and choose a profitable business, you need to observe and be very sure your chosen business idea is something that is needed in Nigeria.

In case you are searching for a home situated business, for mothers looking after babies, or if you just want to be a mum working from home, then, at that point this is the best article for you.

We’ve curated a list of more than 15 businesses to start in Nigeria for ladies, so if you have always wanted to start your own locally situated business.

We have put altogether authentic approaches that you can use to get yourself working and making enough money.


List of 15 business ideas for ladies in Nigeria:

  1. Cooking & Catering Business
  2. Hair Salon business
  3. Content writer/blogger
  4. Virtual assistance for companies
  5. Tutoring businesses
  6. Interior designer
  7. Event planner
  8. Selling Skincare and beauty product
  9. Caring for children
  10. Running an Online Store
  11. Restaurant business
  12. Home Cleaning and Laundry business
  13. Making Liquid soap
  14. Noodle frying business
  15. Ushering business.

In this section, we are discussing the best business ideas for ladies! It’s so important to analyze and determine which business would be suitable for you.

All things being equal, one thing that is worthy of note is that in Nigeria there are millions of ladies with great business ideas, ranges of abilities, and dreams they want to come true.

Just as you would already know there are female entrepreneurs in Nigeria who are owners of big and small businesses.

Ladies have always assisted with keeping the economy of Nigeria running while at the same time working on their own lives and developing better approaches to improve the world.

There are multiple opportunities available to ladies in and out of Nigeria! This is the reason ladies are the quickest developing business ideas from data gathered in Nigeria.

They generally discover inventive approaches to transform skills and information into productive businesses.

This list contains business ideas for ladies in Nigeria who want to work at home too…

Also, we’ve figured out how ladies can work from home and there are also perfect business ideas for you if you are in this category, such as while raising families and, sometimes, just wanting to work from home.

So knowing that ladies owned businesses are developing at a fast rate shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Nigeria will always boost independent businesses that are operated by ladies.


You can also do more outside this list of business ideas for ladies in Nigeria…

Presently though, this list is explicitly based on well-researched business ideas for ladies, that doesn’t imply that you’re bound to simply these business ideas.

You can use any business idea out there and make it your own! These are only probably the best business ideas for ladies that I’ve run over.

In case you’re new to starting a business, you might be a bit fearful and have huge loads of questions. That is alright!

As a lady we trust that you can start any sort of business that you have the information and experience for, but here are a portion of our top pick and best business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

We are going to focus on the list below. We have gathered that these are the most profitable business that you can easily start,

some of these only require your skills and those do not necessarily mean that you need to start setting up a space or office, but some of these ideas too will require you setting up the business.


1. Cooking & Catering Business

This is the perfect business ideas for ladies in Nigeria for those that appreciate cooking for other people.

If you are the go-to person to cook for family occasions and events happening around you or you like cooking for friends then you may have just found that kind of business to start.

You can transform that interest into business by starting a locally established food business.

You can start little if there are any occasions; try to make yourself available always for handling the cooking. You can setup up a business of your own and manage it all alone or with two or three partners.

To validate whether going into the food business is truly something you need to go after, you need to start and see if it works well for you.

Start-up costs rely much on how large you plan to start, the prices of food products and items in your location too will determine your capital plan, and where exactly you can place your restaurant of any means you plan to facilitate your catering business.

All things considered, you can hope to gather around  N60,000 to N100,000 to begin, your food business.


2. Hair Salon Business

With regards to starting a business, opening a hair salon business is a sure bet, As a lady, you must have already been to a hair salon before, so without any iota of doubt, starting a hair salon business is a pretty good start.

A hair salon has always being a productive business to start, there might be many salons currently being opened daily in a different part of the country but is not late to start yours.

One of the most important things, however, is to have hairstyling skills, starting your own business can be a bit difficult for people who do not have enough capital and that requires persistence and expertise.

The expense of opening your salon. No matter the amount you decide to start with or invest your resources into your new salon business will thrive, you’ll need to do all that you can to guarantee your salon’s success.

Looking good they say is a great business, regardless of whether you are the one looking great or you are the one making others look great.

At a point when people look in the mirror, it is because they want to check at how they look and obviously, they’d need the picture in the mirror to be appealing.

Ladies can go an extra mile just to look beautiful, compete with your friends /rival and make them jealous or get the attention of men, so there would always be people who would want to patronize you.

The hair is one of the significant pieces of the body that can either bring out one beauty or hide it; subsequently, a lot of ladies are exceptionally specific with regards to what haircut they make and how well it is made. This is the place where the hair salon business comes in.

No lady doesn’t love to have their hair made to look beautiful, so a hair salon business is a great business and the fact that everyone likes looking great conveys a positive message with regards to the fact that it will be so rewarding to start a hair salon

The significant benefit of this business over most different businesses is that you can place your hair salon anywhere, be it in your house, at the edge of your compound or a little leased, you don’t need to worry about getting huge capital to start.

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3. Content Writer/Blogger

This is one of the businesses to consider if you are a housewife who wants to work from home, as a content writer, you get paid to write for companies, and all you would be needing is a Laptop from which you can create content.

A lot of ladies also go into blogging, and this goes in line with writing, you create a blog and write interesting content for people to read, this can also be crafted into a business that you can do from home and you get paid through different mediums.

A lot of ladies today are succeeding well enough in this feed and generating enough revenue for themselves and their families.

You may however need to have a knowledge of blogging and to be a content writer, you can register as a freelancer on few platforms and start getting jobs.

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4. Virtual assistance for companies

What does a virtual assistant do? Well, virtual assistants give essential support and managerial and specialized services to other virtual companies, that is companies providing online services.

A virtual assistant is a fast-developing career field on account of the advantages that are offered to companies who hire them to perform various tasks.

This is one of the interesting businesses you can start in Nigeria as a lady, the field is open to all and even mothers working from home.

Virtual companies’ managers can save time and money by re-assigning task virtual assistants as opposed to recruiting full-time staff or performing out the actual work.

The scope of task performed by virtual assistance may vary and relies upon the necessities of the customer and the range of abilities of the aide. Some normal assignments a virtual assistant can perform are as follow

  1. Replying to emails sent by customers
  2. Answering customers via phone calls remotely
  3. Giving reports and evaluating customers feedback
  4. Offering client service, like addressing questions and handling orders
  5. Plan reports, letters and explanations
  6. Coordinate records and archives
  7. Making arrangements
  8. Requesting supplies
  9. Promoting a particular service for a company remotely to bring in potential customers
  10. Accounting, charging and bookkeeping
  11. Providing live chat support
  12. Email marketing.


5. Tutoring business

Well, this is also a hidden business opportunities for female in Nigeria to start.

As you would think, the best way might be to teach in coaching centres or to own a tutorial centre, well starting a tutorial centre a productive business in Nigeria!

A lot of students in Nigeria are always in need of extra classes outside normal school classes.

Building up a public tutoring premise will assume a significant part to assist students especially those preparing for exams, with getting prepared for their tests and guarantee that these students can pass their exams with ease.

As far as Nigeria is concerned, a tutoring service is a great business to start. Not only is well-paying, but the good news is also as a mother, you can perform the business from home by offering online classes to those who need it. And mothers too can do this!


6. Interior design Business

Interior designing business covers many sub-areas, for example, antique furniture refurbishing, decorating artificial flowers, basement rebuilding, ceramic tiles, sales and installation, custom furniture covers, home furnishing, designing stunning homes and many more.

This is a perfect business for ladies; you can make a great deal of money as an interior designer in Nigeria.

However, going to an interior decorating school might be significant for you. In case that is not what you would want to do exactly, I mean going to an interior design school to learn the skills, then you can learn it online.

Our today world is a computerized one. You can undoubtedly get to some expert courses on the web.

Once you have set up your business, you will need to meet new people and enlighten them about your business. You can never tell they could simply know others who needs an interior designer.


7. Event planner

The seventh business ideas for ladies in Nigeria we have on our list is event planning, for many reasons a lot of ladies love this service, so many ladies in Lagos have become celebrities being event planners.

One great thing about being an event planner is you can start your business. What you may have not realized is, this is what many people do instead of paying or renting an expensive office,

you can simply be an event planning with your home as your office where you keep your business equipment and sort for new jobs.


8. Selling Skincare and beauty product

Ladies do not joke with how they appear, on this basis, a lot of ladies purchase skincare and beauty products to keep their looks, if you are a lady imagining what business to start, this is also a very good choice.

All you need to rent a shop or space and buy these products very cheap and start selling them to others, you can make a lot of money from this too as it is a growing business in Nigeria, there are a lot of people that would stop by your shop to buy from you.

You can learn how to sell skincare products online without having a physical shop.


9. Caring for children

Ladies are good caregivers, as a lady you can start your own daycare centre business if you have the resources, you can also get a job to care for children in various organisations, you can start a daycare business if you have a flair for taking care of children.

You can make a lot of money helping other people look after their kids when they are away and, surely, daycare centres make a lot of money.


10. Running an Online Store

Business ideas for ladies

You can call this ecommerce business especially for ladies who prefer working from home.

You can start selling products and different items online, from the comfort of your home, all you need to do is have some cheap products at home, that you can sell for fair prices.

It could be clothes, skincare and beauty products, and then you can promote your business online and you can then offer delivery service using a dispatch rider or any suited means of delivery items paid for.

If you do this business and get well known over time, you could see yourself getting multiple orders coming in every hour of the day, all you need to do is to keep promoting yourself.

This is a very nice business for ladies in Nigeria, it requires little capital to start so find a way in can get you up and running.

This business you can start easily and you can use your home to start the business.

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11. Restaurant business

Have you always wanted to own a restaurant of your own? So many people these days who love cooking first now go into starting their eatery, so if you had always wanted to do this for quite a long time, it very well may be the time to start your restaurant business.

One thing to note however is, it usually is not easy, you would need to be having good capital to start your restaurant business.

Food is a daily need and people go hungry every day, you can succeed by starting your restaurant, it can be something small, as long as you have a setting, then you can start,

this might go hand in hand with the cooking and catering business, we mentioned earlier but why that specifically suggest that you can cook for occasions, having your restaurant might be a bit more profitable if you have a good way of starting.


12. Home cleaning and laundry service

The next business ideas for ladies in Nigeria we have on the list today is starting a laundry service or home cleaning.

This is a business that would not pose so many startup problems if you know what you are doing. As a home cleaner, you might get hired to clean homes or even offices.

Apart from this, you can start a laundry business, by setting up your office having a washing machine, then you can get a lot of patronages.

This will also bring in a great deal of income depending on where your interest lies.


13. Making Liquid soap business

These days there is a liquid soap that Is now made, and it is mostly known as a multi-purpose liquid soap, multi-purpose Liquid soap as the name infers is soap in liquid form, a cleaning agent which is for the most part utilized as a multipurpose soap.

This implies it very well may be used for; washing plates, clothes, tiles, vehicles and so forth, it has the properties of emulsifying oils and holds dirt in suspension.

The liquid soap making business is a big business here in Nigeria. Soap is an everyday need utilized in many homes for various things.

There is no place where you won’t find soap useful, be it in our homes, work environments, hospitals and so on which only means there is a demand for soap.


14. Noodle frying business

Noodles, as you know, is fast food and a lot of people eat them daily. You can start a Noodle fast-food business anywhere even in front of yours and a lot of people will patronize you.

There are so many businesses that you can start as a lady and Noodles business is just one of them, it is easy to start and requires very low capital.

As long as you know how to make this kind of fast food then you can start making profits, capital required to start is just around N2,000 to N5,000 as long as you have a place you can set up your spot.


15. Ushering business

The last business ideas for ladies in Nigeria which we have on the list today is Ushering business.

There is hardly a big event or occasion that is held without ushers. Ladies are beautiful, just as you are and there are events where you can be hired as an usher. You can make a great living out of this too.

Have you seen beautiful ladies standing at the entrance and strategic locations on an occasion?

They are who we call ushers, their responsibility is to smile at people coming to the event, get them comfortable, lead or direct them to their sits, they show these people coming in where to get the ticket or those who need to get to the restroom, the refreshment stand, and so on.

They have name tags on their chests, similar to ‘call me,’ ‘ask me”, ‘at your service,’ among others. They are usually wearing a uniform that complements the occasion. They are occasions ushers.

Who can do the business?  Any lady can do this business as long as you are up for it.

To start a profession in an usher services business, you should be the kind of person that is charismatic and have boldness to handle people, this is a well-paying business, but as I stated, you need to be charismatic, a decent communicator, analyst and practical.

You should have the ability to avoid getting angry under tension, be decent and pretty, be a good coordinator and human supervisor.

With all these in place, you can start and make a lot of money as an usher.



Now, you have seen our list of offline and online business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, you can now choose and see which one would fit you, remember that the list doesn’t stop here, we only picked out the best that we have observed yearly but the list goes on.

Thank you for reading our article on business to start as a lady in Nigeria.

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