Top 10 Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree In 2022

You do not have a degree but want easy job that pay well with no degree? here is a list of low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

Are there really jobs that will pay well, no degree and yet stress-free?

Let’s pause for a bit and talk about something important and I will give you the detailed answer you came here for, and before you even start to read, the answer is Yes, so what are examples of those jobs, and in which country?

Keep reading! By the time you finish reading this article you will have a new frame of mind and you will know where to start looking.


In today’s world, there are over 7 billion people, and as the world increases in population there continues to be thousands of opportunity for people to work and get paid in order to sustain a living.

While there are so many Job opportunities out there, we will be focusing this post on the low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

Talking about degree, it’s has become a necessity and the norm for people to go to school (college) and achieve a great level of education and then get a degree, which is relevant in the job industry, we use it to apply for Jobs.

People in various walks of life have set this as the norm, a standard company who wants to strive will always resolve to employing people they deem fit as professionals and people that they know will best be able to work to the company growth, this is where earning a degree comes in.


What we will discuss in this article

Let’s assume you are one of those folks who believe in entrepreneurship, however, regardless of where you stand on the entrepreneurial path, you may want a Job that does not require using a degree, obviously that’s what entrepreneurs do right?

But I have something interesting for you today.

Take note: Entrepreneurs are people that create jobs for themselves, they really do not bother about submitting their Cv’s for Job vacancies, instead they create job for themselves.

Is that what we are going to be looking at in this article?

Maybe yes, and maybe no, this is because these days their are Jobs created by other people that you can get employed to without having to start your own.

So now you get the idea, that’s what we are talking about. In this article, you will learn the following.

  • Jobs that pay well without a degree
  • Plus these jobs will not be the so much tasking line, I will show you the Low stress job that pay well without a degree.


What if I tell you that there are a several available kinds of jobs anywhere in the world that have are stress-free and you get to cash out a big fat check at the end of the month.


Now, I have gotten your attention, right?

But let’s pause for a bit, it sounds too good to be true, yea I know, who is going to pay you for sitting around or being lazy?


Here is the truth!

I am happy to break this to you, it’s not by working our ass out morning till night, that we know we have worked, and this is where the misconception in, so to clear the part of if there are stress-free Jobs.

There are many Low-Stress Jobs that Pay insanely well.  It just so happens that working hard and the amount of stress you take home doesn’t magically mean you will earn bigger.

In today’s world, they are so many certain and legit job that allows you to enjoy a colorful lifestyle without having to bear the brunt of an empty wallet at the end of the month, and the good thing is many of these jobs don’t require you to have a degree to be qualified, that’s where it becomes interesting.


In the next section of this post, I will list out about  10 of those low stress job that pay well without a degree.


Some more information for you

A good reason for why these low-stress jobs (which I am about to mention) exists, and obviously the high paying ones always comes down to a few factors such as high skill requirement, demand for talent, and the employer.

That’s to say most employers care about the skills and talent, and not always the certificate. So when you are skilled enough you could find that good paying job that will not be a burden to you.

Let’s face it, if your job weren’t in demand, it would just be a low-stress low paying job.


What exactly are ‘Low-Stress High-Paying’ Jobs and why is everyone not working there?

Before I drop the list for you, obviously you can scroll down to see, I did like you to know this.

If really these kinds of jobs exist, I mean the Low-Stress, High-Paying, and no degree required job, shouldn’t everyone be working there?

That did be a right question to ask.

Let me give a brief “High paying” doesn’t mean you become rich overnight, we will rather talking about jobs with median salary, as long as they are legit, you did be making a fair cool cash.

Rather than the very low paying ones, but at the same time, they are jobs that could pay more but may demand you having a degree, so for the no-degree jobs, you could also be sitting on a fair fat-salary.

The Low-stress high paying jobs usually have limited responsibilities, meaning some of them don’t require so much from you or the 5 working days kind of Jobs, some only require a high-skilled individual to concentrate on just one thing at a time.


That’s where you come in, if you are ready to lean certain skills or you already have these skills then these Jobs that I will mention in the next section will certainly be your best bet.


Please note before going further in this article

Some of these Jobs listed here are Jobs that you may have to create for yourself, while they are few that are created by employers which you can apply to.

For instance, let’s talk about working as photographer for yourself or for a company. A photographer has no real stress while taking photos, he only has to be present on bookings or in his studio, on the contrary, it’s something relaxing to do and he gets paid for it.

So now you have an idea of what Low-Stress, high paying Jobs are that doesn’t require having a degree, now let’s get to the list.


10 Low Stress Jobs that pay well without a degree

So here, we are on the list of the 10 Low-Stress paying Jobs that exist today, and some of these are jobs you have to create for yourself, and some are created by employers and you can work without needing a professional degree.

Also take note that, in general you need to have the skills, the good thing about these jobs are you don’t have to wake up early and rushing to the office everyday for work, these jobs are less Stressful and well paying, plus they don’t require you having a degree.

We can mention so many, but I will focus this post on the 10 on demand-jobs that are in on the best side today.


NB: By Low-stress, we are not saying you will not be lifting a pen or doing anything, but compared to the so many tasking jobs today, these comes with lesser stress especially with the fact that some of them are in your control if you will be working as a self-established business.

So here goes.


1. Working as Photographer:

Photographers take photos, some of them are self-established, also they are bigger establishment that employ people to work as photographers for event or field work.


And today photographers are getting good pay, they work at their comfort, and if you are self-established, it means you can have your studio anywhere you feel comfortable and most people use their apartments to operate as studios, you will find big and rich photographers doing this, anywhere in the world.


A good example of where you will find these people is Canada, California etc. But regardless of your country or state, you can work as a photographer and get good pay.


2. Electrical and computer well engineer:

Electrical or computer well engineer requires skill, most people do have to go to school (college) for this, but the truth is, there are aspects you can function well on as an electrical engineer if you are good in hard well engineering without needing to use a certificate.


It’s possible to have your own establishment, and some of the task you did function in is to fix electrical gadgets or computer wares, happy enough employers still employ people in this category today, all you need to do is to be good at fixing faults in electrical or computer wares.


You don’t have to deal with so many complexities depending on how and where you chose to operate.


This is one of the interesting, Low-stress, high paying Job that will find today.


3. Relationship/Life/Family Therapist:

Low stress jobs that pay well without a degree

Our next on the list of Low-Stress jobs that pays well without a degree is being a therapist.

Again, this is a line of work that requires skill, so many people today deal with stress in their life, which affects their relationship, personal life and family.


This is where having a therapist comes in; both in Nigeria and in International countries like USA, Uk and all over the world, people are willing to pay for a therapist or coaching session if they get the answer they are looking for.


This is one of the low-stress high paying jobs that don’t require a degree which you can do today.


4. Freelance Writer:

Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree

As a freelancer writer, you work at your leisure, and you choose when you work, I am not saying you won’t be lifting a pen, you still get to work, and writing is also a skilled profession.


Being a writer pays, companies and individuals are always hiring good writers, even movie producers hire script writers and get hugely paid.


So if you have the skill as a writer, then this could be your lucky job.


5. Social or offline Marketing manager:

The next line of trade of business that is low-stress and high jobs that don’t require having a degree is social media manager or let’s put it as social media influencers.


There are also those who work offline as marketers and employers look out for skills not degree when employing their marketers, as long as you are good in marketing, convincing people to patronize or buy a product/service then you can be employed as social marketer, both online and offline.


You see, this is also an interesting job because it pays well and is a low-stress job.


6. Digital content creator:

Digital content creators are people that produce films, bloggers included and the vloggers. Their job is to provide entertaining or educating content to their audience.


This has become a booming business in places like Nigeria, South Africa; you will find a lot of big and well paid content creators.


They also work to their taste; they are not forced to wake up every morning to resume at the office, Monday –Friday.


Also you don’t need to have a degree; you can become a well-paid content creator today from anywhere you are, right from your room if you know how to get started.


7. Musician/Artist:

Number seven on our list of Low-Stress job that pay well without a degree is being a musician or an artist.


Look around you, many of the people today in the world who are rich, Millionaires and billionaires are musicians or artists, who write songs, make music or paint arts.


You can be your own boss, or you can work under a manager, but in summary you are not tied to some business or formal ethics.

Sonetimes  you make the rules and formulate your business standards that comes a Low-Stress, even though in most cases you might need to perform in shows for more income, but in general you did still be on a comfortable lifestyle.



8. Soft Developer:

stress free jobs without degree

Software developing requires skills, not all developers today are graduates, and not all are working with their degrees, you can be a freelance software developer or working for a firm.


As a freelance software developer, you take on jobs one at a time, at your pace and build software for people/companies and then you get paid.


This job is highly satisfactorily and you would love it, but you do need to have a good skill as a developer and you can function anywhere.


9. Music or Video Producer:

Just like the Musicians and artist, we also have music and video producers, who make films and music. These sets of people are also largely paid, for instance shooting a music video in Nigeria goes all the way from a 100 thousand Naira to over 7 million Naira.


Producing movies too comes with a very good pay. You can learn the skill and join the world of music and video producers today.


This is an interesting Low-stress job, because you do not have to work Monday-Friday or report at the office every day especially if you are self-established.


10. Fashion/Event Decorator:

Last on our list of Low-Stress jobs that pay well without a degree is working as event planner or decorator. You can also be a fashionist.

All you do is make dresses, plan events or decorate homes, events and offices; you can work in any of these aspects and get well paid.





Now you have it, top 10 jobs that pay well and are not so tasking.

Obviously the jobs I have listed above stand as a low-stress job, and allows you to enjoy a colorful lifestyle without having to bear the brunt of an empty wallet at the end of the month.


What’s your opinion about this easy jobs that pay well without degree?

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