10 Best Online Business To Make Money Daily In Ghana 2024

You can now work from home and get paid in US dollars as a Ghanaian and to make that possible you need to know the best online business to make money in Ghana.

Though, people have been doing online business in Ghana but understanding the new ways to earn dollars and more cedis online as a smart hustler should be your focus.

And today am going to show you ways to make money online in Ghana without paying, with free registration from the comfort of your home.

As a student, graduate, you can make money online on Ghana by doing online business and get paid through mobile money.

As a housewife, young lady or guy this online business can help you to earn at least 10,000 Ghana cedis weekly without stepping out of your home.

This is real ways to earn money online these days and get paid directly to your bank account even without paying money to start.

If you care to improve your financial status this year, this online business is all you need to start right now!


10 Best Online business to make money in Ghana

If you are among those searching for ways to make money online in Ghana, here am going to show you legit businesses you can do even with zero capital and earn money.

Online business to make money in Ghana

This online business can help you earn between 1,000 to 10,000 Ghana cedis daily from your home.


1. Forex trading

Trading forex is one of the ways to make money online in Ghana by trading different currencies in the foreign exchange market where currencies are traded.

You earn profit from this online business by buying and selling foreign countries.

Trading forex requires the trader to anticipate the strength of foreign currencies when pitted against one another, using preset currency pairs like the Euro and the U.S dollar.

Though, their is risk involve in this online business but with a good trading strategy you can get started with $100 and make good profit.


2. Freelancing

If you have any digital skill that you can offer people to make money online in Ghana, working as a freelancer and earn money from home should be your best target.

Ladies and girls in Ghana now prefer working form the comfort of their homes, even many students now earn daily income online by offering services to people from home.

Freelancing still remain one of the best online business to make money in Ghana without paying any thing to start.

You can sign up on platform like; Fiverr, upwwork, freelancer.com and more set up your profile and wait and see how different client’s will be rushing for you for you to work for them.

Earning 1,000 Ghana cedis or more daily is possible once you are good in your area of expertise.


3. Become an online tutor

The best way to make money online in Ghana is to become an online tutor. You can use platform like Facebook, WhatsApp to get students and teach time in a private group.

If you have been looking for how to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana online tutorial is the smart way. Make money teaching people inside a WhatsApp group.

You do not need any capital to start this business nor do you need to pay anyone before you get started, there are many online platforms where you can register as tutor and be teaching student and earn per hour.

Or you can organize a WhatsApp tutorial group and teach interested members what you know and get paid.

I mostly recommend this online business in Ghana to teach who want to make money online from the comfort of their home.


4. Start your own YouTube channel

People now consume video content more than written articles. With over millions of video searches everyday on YouTube you can make money by creating and publishing high quality videos on YouTube.

Earning between $100 to $1,000 daily on youtube is possible as a beginner. As someone looking for ways to make money online in Ghana YouTube app is all you need to start cashing out daily.

Video content creation on YouTube is a smart way to make money with your passion, either as a dancer, musician or teacher you can make more by publishing dancing videos on your channel.

As a Ghanaian teacher aiming to start an online business to make money in Ghana, you can earn money to your bank account by teaching different subjects than you are good at online.

YouTube is a free platform for both publishers to earn income and one of the easiest means to make money from home.

Apart from youtube paying you based on your views, you will also be earning cool cash by running advert for different companies.


5. E-commerce business

Start e-commerce today and say good buy to poverty and this can only be possible if you understand how the business work. It is one of the best online business to make money in Ghana currently.

Here you make money selling products online, and the product doesn’t have to be yours, but you need an online store to get started.

Ecommerce works by connecting buyers and sellers using various electronic channels.

For example, you need a channel, such as a website or social media, so customers can find products and services to purchase. Then a payment processor enables the exchange of goods or services.

You can decide to use social media like Facebook market place to market your products for free or you may decide to be promoting the product using your WhatsApp status.

If you have enough capital you can build a good e-commerce store online where customers can always visit to buy products.

Though, I have made over $500 profit from my e-commerce business which I started few months ago right here in Accra.


6. Blogging

There are many top bloggers in Accra that have been earning money online through blogging. It is one of the best online business in Ghana that pay through mobile money.

Though, it’s not easy for a beginner to earn from blogging for a start, but with the right mentor or free learning and practices on YouTube you can still start earning like pro is short period of time.

I mostly recommend this online business to students looking for how to make money online as a student in Ghana and get paid in dollars.

Though, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme but is a smart means of building a reliable passive income that will keep generating daily income for you.

After setting up your blog and you start getting enough traffic to your high-quality content, you can monetize your blog through sponsored post and other ad networks.


7. Affiliate marketing

I have been making money online selling other’s products and you too can. Here, you do not need to create any product or have the product, you just need to refer people to the product and when they make a purchase you will earn a commission.

As someone that want to make money online in Ghana, Affiliate marketing is the best online business you can start.

To started, you only need to look for legit affiliate program that pay high commission, register and get your affiliate link for each product and start marketing and for any user that buy the product through your link you will get a commission.


8. Sell video games online for cash

Boys and games are born together. Many of us enjoying playing video games. If you have games on your laptop, PlayStation, Sega Mega Drive, Xbox, Wee, PSP, or game boy, selling it is an exceptional way to make money.

It doesn’t take much of your time. You can even sell on some websites like, Amazon. Or You can tell people about your services and people in need of your services will seek you out.

Believe me, you can make a lot of money by installing video games on other people’s devices.


9. Copywriting

Copywriting is a high income skill in Ghana that can help you to make money online and get paid directly to your local bank account.

If you are good in writing persuasive content, content that can lead to sale not just that if your content can serve as a triggers to arouse interest in the reader, in order to generate conversions and sales you can make money online.

Many business owners, advertisers are currently in search of people with copywriting skill to help them write sales copy or content they can use to run ads.

Is a nice skill that if you have it as a graduate of any institution you can easily make money online in Ghana.


10. CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is another best way to make money online in Ghana.

CPA is a term that stands for cost per action.

Unlike affiliate marketing that prompts you to sell a product (that is, you make sales before you earn), CPA marketing does not prompt you to make sales before you earn money.

It is a type of affiliate marketing where you can earn even if you do not strike a deal or sell a product.

Yes, you heard me right! You can earn without you striking a deal or selling a product.

Cost per action marketing is an affiliate marketing model where you are paid a commission by companies with your referrals, users or customers perform or take a specific action generated from your CPA links.

These actions may include:

  1. Completing a Sign-up form
  2. Submitting an email address
  3. Downloading a file
  4. Taking a survey
  5. Submitting CC details.

What this means is that when some of the above actions are taken, you have generated a lead and the lead conversion translates to cash.

The more actions you can get, the more lead conversion and the more money you earn into you bank account.



I have been able to show you how to make money online in Ghana, either you are a student, graduate, non-educated or stay-at-home mum, this businesses are for you.

It is not easy to earn money online in Ghana through mobile money without investment.

However, to start online business to make money in Ghana you need to have a skill, service or product to sell, because those are things that can help you earn a lot of cedis online fast.

Which of these online business in Ghana will you like to start and why?

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