Make Money Selling Other People’s Products Online (N450k Earned)

Making money online as a beginner may not be easy, but the best way to start your online business is to learn different ways to make money selling other people’s products online.

Creating your products to market on Internet may be too difficult, but selling already created products might be easier to sell if there is an available target audience.

However, in this post, I am going to show you how to make money selling other people’s products online without spending a dime, even if you do not have a website or you have never done any online business before.

I am also going to show you simple ways to get people that will buy the product from you, that is how to locate where people that need the products are online.


Is selling other people’s products online legal?

Yes, I call this Affiliate marketing which is helping people to market their product and get a commission for helping them to sell the product.

Make money selling other people's products online

Most individuals and companies have different products but they have no one to patronize them and if you can refer anyone to them to buy any of their products and the person that you referred makes a purchase you will earn a commission.

Let me gist you

How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Products Online

You can sell either digital or physical products online, to sell digital products, you, first of all, identify a problem that a larger number of people or audiences are currently facing and then look for a good affiliate marketing platform that you can register.

The most popular affiliate marketing platform is Amazon affiliate program, you can register on the platform but before you join any affiliate marketing platform I have a good news for you.

Look for an area or where your target audience are located on internet or social media platform and market the product to them.

People mostly buy product that will help them solve their problem which means they will likely buy from people that actually understand their problem.

The major way by which I normally make money selling other people’s products online is that I usually create a website or social media platform where I will be talking majorly about things related to the product that I want to be selling to them.

Firstly, I usually start by telling people more about their problem, the causes, consequences of the problem and why they need solution to that problem.

Most individuals have a problem which they need to solve but they do not actually understand the problem nor do they know that such problem exist.

It’s through your awareness that people can start coming close to you asking for solutions that is were affiliate marketing starts. How?

You already have people that need the products right? Join any affiliate marketing program of your choice, refer anyone that need any of their products to buy the product through your link, if at the end the person make a purchase you will receive your commission instantly.


Where to get people to sell other people’s products to

  1. Social media platform
  2. Blog
  3. YouTube platform.

These are the major online locations where you can get people to sell other peoples products to, most require investment while some does not.

1. Social media platform

Their are many different social media platform that you can utilize to sell other people’s products online such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more.

How do they work? Personally I majorly use Facebook and Instagram for affiliate marketing. Let me show you how I normally get target audience on Facebook that will not only buy my product ones and left rather they will keep patronizing me from time to time.

  • Identify a problem or what a group of people need.
  • I will create a Facebook group on that niche, let say, my target audience are females, majority of them normally plate their hair, which means for me to be able to attract 90% of females into my Facebook group I need to create group based on let say hairstles, you may choose any other category.
  • Now, start posting about hairstles into the group, start talking about the latest hairstyles, trending hairstyles for females, etc.
  • Once over 2,000 people have joined the group, by then you can start talking about female health care if that is the niche of your affiliate program. Here, you can be talking about wigs, how to cure pinples, stretch marks oil, scar removing serum and skin lightening cream, etc, majority of ladies need this kind of product.
  • Any of them that needs it you can send your affiliate link to the person or you can be attaching your affiliate links to the post each time you want to post it, so they can always click the link to purchase any of the products that they need.

Most times you can always post the picture of the products with caption like “For sale” or for sale at a cheap price.

Selling other people's products online

Note: the reason why I used Hairstle group here is because I want to explain to you, how you can sell different products on different categories to particular gender.

While, how to make money selling other people’s products online using Instagram is that you can be talking about the products using videos, image or text and you can put the affiliate link on your Instagram bio.

You will always refer those that need the product to your Instagram bio to click the link on your bio to buy the products.


2. Sell other people’s product using  Blog

The second most popular ways to make money selling other people’s products online is through blogging. Blogging is a very great tool that you can use to market other peoples product while you earn your commission.

How? This need a small investment because you will need to buy domain and husting for your blog, once your blog is ready then, make sure you focus on a particular niche that you are interested in.

Register for any affiliate marketing program related to your niche, and start promoting the products through your blog, how?

For instance, you may create blog where you can be talking about latest phones, and whenever you write a review of any phone you will include your affiliate link on it by telling people to click the link to buy the phone if they want to buy it and for each person that buy through you, you will earn your commission.

Note: not just only phone that you can market through your blog, but any items that is marketable. But the best way is for you to look for most sold items on the platform before you start.


3. Youtube platform

The best way to make money selling other people’s products online is by creating a youtube channel, once your channel is ready you can start creating video contents relate to your affiliate program.

Whenever you talk about any product you will always add your affiliate link on your youtube video description so that you can always tell people if they need the product that they should check the video description for link to where to buy it.

The major reason why I like using youtube for affiliate marketing is that it’s free to use, not only that you also earn through other means such as earning from Google ads.


What can I sell online to make real money?

  1. Skincare products
  2. Led lights
  3. Smartphones accessories
  4. Bluelight glass
  5. T-shirt
  6. Bags
  7. Yoga pants
  8. Electronics
  9. Books, etc.

Above are things you can sell online to earn high commission and they are in demand products.

I mentioned bluelight glass, note that it’s not an ordinary glass rather a spacial glass with special lenses that most people that are always facing PC or smartphone always use to reduce the light coming from their device.

Can you make money selling on the internet?

Yes, you can make millions of dollars selling other people’s products online by using your laptop or smartphone.


How do I sell a product from one website to another?

You need to create a website and register for any affiliate marketing program of your choice and start selling products from that affiliate marketing website on your own website or online store.

This is just matter of you deriving traffic to that website and if any of those people that enter the website through you buy any product, you will earn a commission.

It is the most efficient way to sell other people’s product online, all you just need to do is to optimize your blog to appear on search engine like Google, so that you can be getting free traffic.


Can you sell other peoplele’s product in your online store?

Yes, you can create your own online store and start selling other peoples products, it may be that you buy it from them directly and start reselling or you are doing it as dropshipping.


Is it possible to sell other people’s products on Amazon?

Yes, it is possible to buy a product from a store and resell on Amazon, but if you buy the product on Amazon for you to resell it on the same platform make sure you use brand registry. You may be sued for reselling another persons products as someone else.


Affiliate marking is legal, and you can earn millions of dollars as an affiliate marketer in any country just by referring people to buy a product that you didn’t create.

Nonetheless, I have indicated various means on how to make money selling other people’s products online and how to getting real people that actually need the product and are ready to buy.

If you are finding any area difficult to understand kindly ask me question using the comment box below and I will personally reply to your question fast.

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