Top 4 Ways To Start Mini Importation From China To Nigeria

Starting a mini importation from China to Nigeria is not a big deal, but you need a guide to be able to buy goods at a very cheap price from a legit resource in China without getting scammed.

Mini importation business does not necessarily require that you will have to travel to China before you can purchase the goods, rather you can stay in anywhere in Nigeria and order the goods without stress, but how?

Mini importation is a type of business by which you buy goods at a very cheap rate abroad direct from the manufacturers from anywhere in the world and resell at a moderate rate and make high RIO.

Is mini importation from China to Nigeria profitable?


Due to the high cost of things in Nigeria currently, I can boldly tell you that importing goods from China and reselling them in Nigeria is one of the ways to become rich.

Since you will buy the product at a very low price and resell it in your own country at the market price and make more interest rate.

But, before you import anything from China to Nigeria there are certain things you need to know first;


1. Importation from China to Nigeria is a seasonal business:

You need to go outside your home and conduct a market survey to know what people currently need at that moment for instance, during New year period people normally like to buy fancy gift for their loved ones, at that kind period you may think of importing such product.

In 2020 during the outbreak of COVID 19 Pandemic the hottest selling product in the market then was Face mask and sanitizer and people make millions of naira selling these products.

You need to be current to the latest trend that will enable you to know what you can buy and sell out faster.

Another good example is, when secondary school students resume school newly, the best thing to import and start selling at that moment is things like; Launch box, school bags, sandals etc.

You will not only make much money but also sell out this products out fast to import more.

2. Import what people will want not what you like:

What do I mean, most people normally import some products that usually end up in their store, reason being that they import product that people do not actually want.

Do not import things because it’s too beautiful and you think that people will like it, no! Only import things that are useful that you know that people will value.

Even if it’s new product that have not been to the market before try to make sure that people will like it, people only buy product that will solve their problem.

The question here is, can that product meet their need?

The major thought here is to buy on a cheap price and sell off as fast as possible.

Some of the products that people mostly import from China to Nigeria are;

  • Fashion accessories
  • Automobiles
  • Electronics appliances and gadget
  • Home and office appliances.


3. You must be calculative

Mini importation

Remember, you are not dealing with Nigeria currency nor are you dealing with Nigerians, the people that you are doing business with are people that are in China, most of them are not hearing English (Which is not a problem).

China people are using Chinese yuan and not dollar, always know the actual price of things that you want to order in Naira before placing an order since the prices of goods are mostly written in Chinese currency.

For instance, You buy 10 school bags at the rate of ¥10 Chinese yuan which is equivalent to N41,140 Nigerian Naira and N41,140 divided by 10 is N4,140 that means each school bag cost N4,140.

You need to calculate this by translating the money into Nigeria naira to be able to know if, price of school bags in Nigeria is it more than N4,140 or less to avoid you buying product that you wouldn’t sell.

What if you failed to calculate this and after buying you discovered that the price of school bag in Nigeria is N2,000 per bag, That means you will get into big loss!


4. Register your business name

Though this may not be necessary, registering your business name with cooperate affair commission (CAC) will make your business look legit.

This will also make people trust you more while doing your business.


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Best China site for Mini importation

Mini Importation from China to Nigeria

These websites are the best mini importation platform were you can easily buy products at a very low price direct from the manufacturer of such product.

Though the contents on these websites are writing in Chinese language but I will still show you how to translate it to English language, here are the sites.



How to translating chinese websites to English

If you are using Chrome as your web browser,

  1. Simply download the translate extension.
  2. To do this click on the hamburger icon on the far right of your browser and click on settings.
  3. This will bring out a fly out menu.
  4. Click on the extension button and click get more extension.
  5. Search for ‘Google translate’ and click Add to Chrome.

After installing the Google Translate head over to any of these site like; and click the translate icon on the far right of the browser and click translate.

Other websites that you can still use to import from China to Nigeria is site like; And

Which are websites that are written in English they do not need any special translator rather you can translate to any language of your choice if you are making use of aliexpress.

Aliexpress or alibaba are two most popular international online market place where you can find cheap china made products.

But things are mostly cheap in sites that it contents are written in Chinese language like because they are China’s local online market place.

On you can find many manufacturers of different products and on this platform their are over 50,000 legit sellers.

The difference between between Alibaba and is that is mainly domestic online market place and Alibaba is mainly an online international market place.

Alibaba is a B2B website, their best sellers are general items that can be mass-produced and sold wholesale to replenish inventory for companies. is a well known website which is also one of the largest wholesale online platform in China.


Finding Procurement Agents;

China site for Mini Importation

You do not need to stress your self purchasing the product by your self you may look for sourcing agent like Supplyia, which you can work with and manage all your different suppliers from source to delivery, making your supply chain much simpler and more efficient.

The work of procurement agent is to purchase goods for a clients or company. They also prepare purchasing order, requesting goods from a suppliers with values prices, they also provide updates on shipping.

What you need is to find a third-party procurement agent and sent them the links to your chosen products. They will take care of the purchase and shipping and send you the resulting bill.

People who are into mini importation from China to Nigeria will find it hard to tell you this and here are few of those procurement agents;




Have you seen that It is not difficult to start mini importation from China to Nigeria? Anyone can do it, the good part is that you do not need to travel to China before you can buy any product from Chinese company.

Did you have any question concerning this topic feel free to drop it in the comment box.

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