8 Stupid Mistakes EBSU Freshers Make | No 2 Will Shock You

Today we are going to be discussing common mistakes EBSU freshers make and simple ways to avoid them, if you an aspirant or year one student of Ebonyi state University i will advice you to calm down and go through this article.

Mistakes EBSU Freshers Make

For you to be great in life you need to learn from the mistakes of others, the good news is that you don’t have to make mistakes, like most of us did, to get it right at first attempt.

It is a waste of mistake to make the same mistakes that others have made.

The journey to success is never easy, even the road is not smooth, some students might be telling you that EBSU is too stressful, never mind them. Only a lazy student that will tell you that, if success road is smooth that means everyone would have been successful.

Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due everyday.

8 Stupid Mistakes EBSU Freshers Make And Why You Should Avoid Them

1. Freshers are usually carried away and have little or not proper guide

Some freshers immediately they were offered admission, they will just rush and carry their bags and rush to campus without asking question about how things are been done, never be carried away by lack of guidance make sure you look for a good mentor that will be guiding you.

Surround yourself with people who add the fuel of advice and encouragement to your life, (Dave Ramsay).

a good mentor will give you orientation about how you should do things and how you should not, a good mentor will tell you to remain focus no matter how hard things might look, a good mentor will tell you once you enter campus remember were you came from, do not follow bad friends.

Make sure you select your friends like beans, always study your books, when the road is not clear always ask question.

2. Not taking General Studies Test (GST) Courses serious

Who GST help” this phrase have lead a lot of students into land of regret, missing GST lectures is one of the stupid mistakes EBSU freshers make, there are lot of reasons why students do not use to take GST courses serious,

  1. Because they do not use to take attendance
  2. The exam is always objective (OBJ)
  3. They will borrow note from there friends that attended the lecture and copy etc.

Let me shock you, if you do not attend GST lectures you will hardly pass GST exam, why? Because the lecturer always set what they tought in the class during exam, that you buy the textbook and read does not mean that you will pass.

Physics and Mathematics formular does not need grace, you just have to learn and understand how it work.

for you to be in safe part you need to buy the textbooks and also attend the lectures, never joke with philosophy and logic I see it as father all GSTs.

3. Paying lot of attention to dressing and makeup

What you wear to school really matter a lot, as a new student always dress decent and look smart, never wear mini skirt or show back to school, any cloth that will not reach your oneel never wear it to school.

Some girls usually wear sexy cloth and apply makeup just to attractive innocent male lecturers and their fellow male students, when you are suppose to be reading your books you will keep hanging out with friends that will end up leading you into trouble, this kind of students are the type that usually come up with the phrase “EBSU is stressfull“.

4. Skipping lectures

All lectures are important, skipping lectures is saying welcome to carryover, some fresher usually try to compare them self to old students, your friend tell you that he/she is not going to lecture today, you also said you too is not going!

Did you no that some lecturers usually take attendance very serious than you may ever think, not only that many lecturer usually set most of what they said during lectures in their exam, skipping lecture is the worst mistakes EBSU freshers make, I urge you to always attend lectures and listen attentively during lectures.

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5. Saying Yes to all distractions

run away from any thing that might distract you never welcome any thing related to distractions, a man once said,

You can’t do big things if you are distracted by small thing.

Immediately school resume as the case is right now, you will start to see different people hosting parties, which they will tag different names example; EBSU Freshers party, Year one hangout etc do you need to attend all? No!

Never let friend or people around you to distract you, sometime when you are trying to do your assignment some of your friends will come to call you to escort them to somewhere tell them you are busy.

Other distractions might come inform of people disturbing you with music in the hostel, most especially people living in face me I face you.

6. Know it all attitude

You are a fresher in the University never prove to no everything, even if you no it listen to other people’s opinion first, the stupid mistake you may ever make is trying to prove to your lecturers that you no everythini.

calm down and learn from others, no human is a body of knowledge.

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7. Going to Night class in group

Another stupid mistakes EBSU freshers make is going to night class in group, Ebonyi state university students mostly attend night class during exam, attending night class in group sometimes you end up gaining nothing, you go to night class to study not to discuss/gossip.

Once you notice that your friends have started discussing just step aside and look for any calm place to read, as for me if I want to go for night class I do not use to go with any one, so I will not see any close friends to talk to, I will just remain focus till time for me to go back home.

Only you fit motivate yourself.

8. Not staying in the hostel

some students immediately they are back from school they will drop there bag and rush out, some of them can’t count how many times they have slept in there own hostel.

Let me shock you, your hostel is were you can get a relevant information, some time if you have any personal issue you might tell people in your hostel they will help you, but if you are a type that do not use to sleep in the hostel who will no you, talk more of helping you.

If you are not informed you will be deformed.

Did you no any other mistakes that you think EBSU freahers make feel fremost drop it in the comment box below.

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