Top 5 Money Making Apps In Nigeria That Pay You Real Money

Will you like to know the best money making apps in Nigeria that can help you to make money with your smartphone?

There are many ways by which you can earn money through your phone but the simplest way is through apps that pay you real money in Nigeria.

Our smartphone is now money making machine which means anyone can use it to generate a lot of money on the internet. Instead of using your phone to catch cruise or gossip on social media you can simply register on some refer and earn apps in Nigeria to start earning.

It is a fact that there are many applications on your phone that you are not earning for using yet, you make use of them every day, what if I tell you that most of these apps on your phone can help you to earn cool cash online?

Even the popular social media platform “Facebook” that you normally log in to every day to chat and have fun with your friends can help you to make money online with your phone.

Not just Facebook, but many other apps that you have on your phone, but our focus here are money making apps in Nigeria that you can easily earn from as a Nigerian without having to look for any foreign account details before you can receive your earnings.


Legit online money making apps in Nigeria

It is no more news that many sites pay users for reading news and watching videos on their platforms still many people go to such platforms to read the latest news and watch interesting videos and in the end, they earn money to buy more data and pay bills.

What if I show you legit apps that pay you real money in Nigeria? That just involves you registering on the app and starting performing activities like; watching videos, playing games, reading the news and chatting with your friends, etc.

Money making apps in Nigeria

I started earning on most of these applications just immediately after I joined, as a broke Nigerian student that has no work and whose parents are poor I have no option rather but to look for how to make money with my phone, I was able to earn $200 from one of the apps which I pointed out below and I withdrew it into my PayPal account.


1. Swagbucks

The first money making apps in Nigeria in our list is survey app known as swagbucks. It is an application that reward you with real cash for completing a simple tasks.

You make money from this app by watching videos, completing surveys, giving your personal opinion, free trials and trying services with this app.

Most individuals use this as a side hustle, because it help you earn a little extra cash for doing things you are already doing anyway.

Like, Searching the web, scanning receipts, playing games, doing trivia, answering surveys, trying new apps or getting cash back rebates for online shopping.

Swagbucks pays real money to members which is known on the platform as SB. SB is a point that you earn daily for performing task online. 100SB is equal to $1 in real cash.

You can decide to redeem your earnings for free gift cards to Amazon, PayPal cash, and prepaid visa card.

Without any doubt swagbucks remain the best apps that pay you real money in Nigeria but to earn high on this site, there is a secret you need to know.

How to earn on swagbuck

  • When you download and install the swagbuck app you will earn 100SB, for installing and using the app.
  • Profile quize, you earn 25SB on swagbucks when you complete the information on your profile. And you verify your email you will also earn 5SB for the email verification.
  • When you discover new, product and service, this is a site that pays real money to user apart from the discount or free product and services they get.
  • You will also earn when you install an application through swagbucks app.
  • When you join their newsletter or buy ebook you will earn a reward for any of these actions.

However, swagbuck is among the most popular legit money making apps in Nigeria that can turn an average Nigerian guy into the next millionaire.

This app will help you to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria which will demand that you perform some tasks like; play game, watch video etc, while most are just refer and earn apps in Nigeria.


2. InboxDollar

The best online money making site in Nigeria that you can easily earn dollars direct into your bank account is through inbox dollar. It is a marketing research app that pay users for taken part.

The major reason why I like this money making apps in Nigeria is that it pay you $5 immediately you register on the platform. But the major way to make more money from the platform is by taking surveys. Online surveys normally pay $0.50 to $5.00 for less than 25 minutes of your time.

Another way to earn from this real earning apps is by watching video, this app pays you for each video you watch and it pay between $0.60 per day for just watching video or listening to it from the comfort of your home.

Major things you can do in this app are: take surveys, shop online, scan receipts, and watch videos to earn cash back from your phone.

How to earn big on inboxdollar?

  • Check their offer page always using different devices to check, because most offers are device specific. Like; Dasani or Aquafina.
  • Earn rewards for using inboxdollar search which is affiliated to bing which means they depend on bing for their search engine result.
  • Get paid to coupon, my favourites are; general mills, Purina, palmolive, and Nivea.
  • Watch video online; since you watch video on youtube without getting paid, why not watch on inboxdollar and earn money.
  • Tell your friends about inbox dollar and earn reward. This in one of the best refer and earn apps in Nigeria that pay you $1 for each referral.


3. Google opinion rewards

If you are someone like me that do not like collecting apps from another individual then you will really enjoy using this legit sites to make money in Nigeria. This is an app that help google surveys team to carryout surveys and they reward you with google play store cards.

However, all you just need to do is to go to play store and download Google opinion rewards app and start using it to answer simple surveys and earn google play credit.

This play store cards are being purchased by gift card vendors or you can used it to download it upgrade most applications.

The fact is that it is one of the apps that pay you real money in Nigeria, Renting or buying movies is how I spend my rewards. Answering general questions helps having to see ads that don’t matter to you in particular and seeing some that do if you answer the questionnaires honestly.

Never personal questions. You just can’t lose with this. It’s not a get rich quick thing. Sometimes I will upgrade to an ad free version of an app I like, but mostly it’s free new release video rentals for me.

Still, I really like this app! I had it installed for a couple years now, on a few different phones and I haven’t experienced any issues to date.

Although the payout is usually small, I like that the money is credited to my Play Store account instantly and the surveys are fairly short. For about 30 seconds of my time the reward is usually between 10¢ and 30¢, not too bad in my opinion.


4. Carry1st Trivia

Carry1st trivia is a PayPal games that pay real money in Nigeria that you can play to earn money daily into your PayPal or bank account. The game is fun and educative too.

It is a legit app that pay you for each question you answer which is why it is one of the best online business ideas for students in Nigeria because they earn money just by doing what they like most.

To start earning on carry 1st trivia game you need to download the app and sign up after registration you can then start playing the trivia game and earn.

However, carry 1st trivia may not be one of the apps that can make you rich quick but it is one of the best game apps that pay you real money in Nigeria as a smart teenager.


5. Foap

This is another legit money making apps in Nigeria that you can simply earn money just by selling your picture or image. Most of us normally snap our picture and upload on a platform like Facebook and Instagram without getting any reward that same way you can also upload your picture on foap app and make earn money, how?

There are a lot of big brands that are looking for pictures they can make use of for promotion or for blog posts these people need original images so if you upload your original image snapped with your phone if they see it they can buy it from you and pay you high amount of cash.

Foap can also help you promote your images on Getty images a legit platform that people also visit to look for original image to buy. Many of your friends might be selling their images on the platform too without you knowing.

But, what will I gain if I fail to share this apps that pay you real money in Nigeria by just selling your own image or art work? Nothing.

To get started on foap, you need to first download the app and register after the registration you can then upload your images and be waiting for buyers to buy it.



Though, these money making apps in Nigeria may not make you rich but they can help you to earn a lot of money with just your mobile phone you can turn it into money making machine by doing what you like.

The fact is that, I have earn a lot of cash from these apps which means I have tested almost all of them before writing this article and I still use most of them that pay me more higher daily till date.

However, I may not give you guaranteed that you must earn from the apps, that is, you need to make more research about any of them before downloading or registering on them.

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