Moniepoint POS Registration 2024 (Login ~ Get Machine Fast)

Moniepoint POS machine is the fastest and the most secure way to accept payments from anywhere in Nigeria, they make sure they provide extra security throughout all their channels of payment to avoid fraud or Theft.

However, they make payments very fast from any bank account that your customers are using either through ATM, bank app or USSD code, there network is the fastest which helps you to receive money instantly from your customers into your bank account.

And if you are a business owner and you need point of sales terminal for your business for ease financial transactions between you and your customers, then Moniepoint POS machine should be your best choice.

Moniepoint POS machine are used for many purposed which is not limited to; cash withdrawals, cash transfer, bill payments and airtime recharge.

To get the POS machine is easy, but it need some processes which you need to pay attention and understand. The POS terminal are only deployed to agents who have been vetted on a rigorous know your customer (KYC) process, which is a way of verifying the person that want to collect the POS machine.

The fact is that moniepoint POS machine can’t be given to an individual that has no physical address, or someone that it business is unreal or unverifiable. You need to have a legal business that you are operating or have a prove that you want to start a POS business or you want to attach the POS business to your already existing business.


How to become moniepoint POS agent:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on open an account now
  3. Enter your email address and phone number
  4. Verify your phone number through the OTP sent to you
  5. Enter your home or offlice address
  6. Choose your country
  7. Finally, click on submit.

After you have submitted your application, within 84 hours of your registration an aggregator or anyone who is in charge will contact you for more details.


Documents needed to become Moniepoint POS agent:

Below are the necessary documents that you need to submit before you can be qualify to become moniepoint POS agent;

Your identity card may be National ID, Voters card, or any other nationally accepted card.

The reason why they needed your BVN is to confirm maybe if the details you provided is actually real or fake.



What is Moniepoint POS charges and commission structure?

Moniepoint has the cheapest POS machine and a good commission rate but they all depends based in the number of transactions performed.

  • For withdrawals of N20,000 and below, Moniepoint charges only 0.5% of the transaction amount.
  • For transactions above N20,000 Moniepoint charges a flat rate of N100.
  • Moniepoint charges a flat rate of N20 for transfers

For Data Top Up:

  • MTN 3% commission
  • Glo 4% commission
  • 9Mobile 4.5% commission
  • Airtel 4% commission

For TV Subscription:

  • DSTv 2% commission
  • GOTv 2% commission
  • PHCN 2% commission
  • Star Times 2% commission


How to solve Moniepoint transaction limits

Is your POS machine showing “the transaction exceeds the daily transaction limit”, this is because you have reach your maximum transfer default level (KYC level 1).

Moniepoint set a transaction limit for those who haven’t upgraded to a business level. But if you are having such issue all you have to do is to upgrade your KYC level to a business and they would remove the limit. To upgrade to business level follow these steps.

  1. Login to your Moniepoint account and navigate to KYC level
  2. Scroll to your dashboard, click menu, and select settings
  3. From the drop down menu, Select upgrade.


How to login to moniepoint POS;

Wait for the page to load, you will be taken to your moniepoint dashboard, and in case you forgot your password or username you can visit moniepoint login page.

Click on forget password or username to retrieve any of them back fast.


Moniepoint POS Usage Rules:

  1. At least 4 daily deposits.
  2. Minimum of doing ₦80,000 daily withdrawal value (which differs with location).
  3. You will get 50% cashback of the ₦20,000 paid during registration if an aggregator has any cause to withdraw your POS device within a year of issuance.


Does moniepoint have an app?

Yes, moniepoint POS have an application that you can easily download on playstore and register/login to your moniepoint account.


How much is moniepoint POS machine in Nigeria?Moniepoint POS

The current price of moniepoint POS machine is N21,500 only, this twenty-one thousand five hundred Naira is not for buying the terminal rather its a caution fee that you need to deposit before the POS can be given to you.

You can get your money back if you decided to return the POS without any problem, but if the POS has fault before you return it, they may not give you the caution fee back.

After the moniepoint POS application, when will I get the machine?

You will get your POS machine Within 48 hours if you are in lagos but, for other states it may be within five business days.

What is moniepoint daily target?

N70,000. If you fail to meet the daily target your POS machine might be collected from you or they will lock it, and you can still unblock it by contacting them.


How do I unlock moniepoint POS device?

If your moniepoint device suddenly become inactive or locked you do not have to worry as the simple solution is here below that can help you to fix it by changing your transaction PIN.

  • Kindly login your app.
  • Click on profile on the upper right corner of the app.
  • Scroll down and go to PIN reset.
  • Enter your current password on the first space and then, chose a new PIN (4digits) and confirm on the space below.
  • Save or update to continue.
  • Finally, restart your terminal to get back to business.


Moniepoint  review;

Moniepoint POS helps you to get instant payment with zero delay through their reliable network, you can manage every of your business with the help of their mobile application.

They also, offer loan to those planning to start up a business, they can offer you loan of upto 5 million naria, that you can use to run and grow your business with very low interest rate.


Is moniepoint approved by CBN?

Yes, Central Bank of Nigeria approved Moniepoint as a fintech company in Nigeria to act as a mini bank mostly in rural areas and places where banks are far away from.


Moniepoint office address;

Moniepoint head office is located at number 12, Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki phase 1., Lagos State, Nigeria.


How do I contact moniepoint?

If you are having any issue with your POS device or you want to ask a question you are free to contact moniepoint through their email and a representative will attend to you as soon as possible.

Finally, Did you have any question related to how to get moniepoint POS machine in Nigeria? feel free to drop the question in the comment box below.

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