NECO 2021 Registration Form Is Out See Starting, Closing Date And Price

When is NECO 2021 registration starting? The NECO 2021/2022 registration is currently ongoing now! In this article am going to show you all you need to no about NECO 2021 Registration form and all updates and guides concerning NECO 2021 that you need to know.

NECO 2021 Registration

Some of the key things that am going to point out here are: When is NECO 2021 Registration starting?,  when is NECO 2021 Registration closing date?, How much is NECO Registration, How to pass NECO without cheating etc.

I believe that you already no the important of NECO examination, I can said that it is one of the major accepted O’level result in Nigerian institution, it is NECO after WAEC result. Let me skip the wounders of this NECO and forge straight to turn on the TV for you to watch.

Is NECO 2021 Registration Form Out?

Yes! National Examination Council (NECO) Form is out but the form has not been released for sale.

When Will NECO 2021/2022 Registration start

NECO registration 2020 has started already and the deadline for the registration has also been announced. Note that NECO form is expected to be released for sale immediately after WAEC Examination.

When Is NECO 2021 Registration Closing Date

The closing date for the NECO registration is has not yet been announced, we will update this page once the deadline is announced.

You need to register as early as possible because the NECO Registration form usually closed three (3) weeks after the commencement of the registration.

How Much Is NECO Registration Form 2021?

The general price for the NECO registration is: Nine thousand, Eight hundred and Fifty Naira only no kobo, (N9,850). following the reduction of NECO form price and JAMB UTME in 2019.

Were Can I Register For NECO Examination ?

The major place for you to register for NECO is at any Secondary school, you can’t register for NECO 2021 by your self on NECO portal ( Since it is an internal examination that usually hold within (June/July).

I will advice you to register for NECO in your secondary school, because as an external candidate the school might charge you higher than the normal amount stated above, but this depend in the school you register.

I also noticed that the cost of registering NECO in Government school is lesser compare to the private schools.

Qualifications To Register For NECO 2021 Examination

Below are the requirements/qualifications to register for NECO examination in 2021.

  1. You must be in the Senior Secondary school (SS2 or SS3) the school may be a public or private school.
  2. You should no your future ambition , that will help you to choose the subjects that you will write in NECO examination.
  3. You must have the money to register for the NECO examination.
  4. You must know your birth date .
  5. You must have a phone number (SIM Card).
  6. Try and get your own personal email address.
  7. You must no the correct spelling of your (Surname , Middle name , Other names) , take note : any name you used in NECO registration is the same name you will continue using any were you are making use of the NECO result.
  8. Your home address.
  9. You should be prepared adequately to study harder for the examination.
  10. You should not the correct subjects that you are going to sit for in the examination.

How Many Subjects Can I Register For NECO 2021?

The minimum number of subjects you can register is

Eight (8) and the Maximum of (9).

Procedures To Register For NECO 2021

For you to register for NECO examination you are to obtain a draft and move on to pay a non-refundable fee of Nine thousand and fifty naira only (N9,850).

You are going to pay for stamp duty also through Bank draft or to school management , this will cost you (N50).

If it is internal registration the payment can be done in any NECO office or NIPOST offices Nation wide.

The mount for the registration covers

  1. Cost of Biometric data capture (Reprinting)
  2. A CD on Examination ethics
  3. Administrative charges.

Keep on reading as I reveal more guides/Updates to you now! And in case you have any question feel fee to aask

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NECO Latest Hot Tips/Guides

Can someone write NECO for me?

No! It is not possible for someone to help you to write NECO exam. as that is part of malpractice, even if the school or center allows someone to write the examination for you

and they noticed during the examination by the external invigilators the person might be arrested and your result might be councel or withheld.

Can I write NECO 2021 in another school apart from my own school ?

Yes! You can register and write NECO in any secondary shcool any were in Nigeria.

Is NECO harder than WAEC ?

the fact is that NECO is the easiest examination you may ever dream of writing NECO usually set questions based on the syllabus they gave out before the examination.

And those topics are usually topics that you have been thought in secondary school, I can boldly tell you that you can pass NECO without buying any textbooks just read your note (From SS1 till date) and make sure you understand it very well .

Can I pass NECO 2021 Using WAEC or NECO past question?

Yes! You can pass NECO using the NECO or WAEC past questions since both are o’level or secondary school standard,

NECO usually repeat questions each year and the only secret to smash NECO without much stress is to study NECO/WAEC past questions it will really help you.

Is NECO expo real?

No! Nothing like NECO expo, Do not listen to any one that tell you that is going to send NECO questions and Answers to you before exam because it is totally impossible to get NECO question before the examination start, do not fall into the hand of scammers.

a word is enough for a wise.

How To Get NECO past Questions and Answers

Their are two major ways to get NECO past questions:

  1. Online – by searching for NECO past questions on internet and download it Or
  2. Going to market or bookshop to purchase it.

How To Pass NECO 2021 examination In One Sitting

i have already told you that to pass NECO is as easy as drinking pure water, I have already covered this in my previous article, let it not sound as if am repeating it again you can quickly check it out How To Pass NECO 2021 In One Sitting .

Feel free to ask me any question related to NECO 2021 Registration using the comment box below.

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