30 Best Online Business That Pays Daily (Earn Dollars In Nigeria)

Will you like to know the best online business in Nigeria that pay in dollars? Here are legit online business that pays daily directly to your bank account in 2023.

Earning between $100 to 500 dollars offering services or selling products on internet, many students including graduates are currently doing some of this business and they are earning money either weekly or daily.

You can even start most of this online business in Nigeria without investment such as freelancing or affiliate marketing with free registration.

Their are many reasons why most Nigerians prefer to start online business and below are some of the major reasons;

  • You can stay here and work for big company in USA, Canada or china.
  • Their is no specific qualifications for starting an online business, people only care about your skill and what you can offer.
  • Anybody can work online either rich or poor, even someone without connection can work in high position online.
  • Internet gives you a high reach than normal offline business that people do, you can reach millions of people within a minute.


Legit online business that pays daily in Nigeria

We have carefully selected the top remote businesses that we are certain you will be able to make a lot of good daily income from.

These online businesses are legit and can help you earn lots of money online without investment from the comfort of your home.


1. Freelancing Business

Freelancing is one of the best online business that pays daily without investment. It is a worldwide remote job that pay daily or weekly depend on the job.

Online Business that pays daily

This is not an incredibly new domain, so many companies in the past few years have turned to hiring online especially during the hit of a global pandemic when people could not live their homes.

Some companies especially those offering online services are in demand of freelancers.

Freelancers are people who can work remotely from their home, perhaps with a computer or their smart phones doing various digital services.

Well, individual persons too sort for freelancers and not just companies.

Employing of freelancers is turning out to be more acceptable, it solves the problem of job difficulties in Nigeria, this has become more attractive for numerous organizations.

This sets out an unfathomable freedom for individuals with valuable skills to start an online side hustle, and in the long run develop that into a supportable independently employed business.

That is how I myself  scales through and managed my content creating and consultant business by being  a freelancer on websites like, fiverr.com, upwork.com and a few others.

With the time you have, probably spent at home with no job or something good to make income for yourself, people are now utilizing this opportunity to make different floods of daily income for themselves.

The initial step to become a freelancer is to find the kind of work you might want to focus on, and this will be base on what you  know how do.

Your skills regardless of whether it’s not a super skill, as long you have Digital skills which you can always learn then that is the first step towards starting your freelance online daily business.

For instance, let’s assume you have skills related to designing websites for organizations, that might be a more drawn out term project that you can focus on long term, web design  is a digital skill largely sort for.

You need to see to what you can do online, if you  don’t have any viable skills you can always learn one, then you have to design your time appropriately and stay zeroed in with the freelancing business, you need to get ready for a consistent progression of tasks (and at last pay).


One tip to starting the freelancing online business;

Once you start or before you start, build your image—the sooner you do this, the better.

What’s more, remember, you are your image. You must spend  time refreshing your online media profiles and make a portfolio on pertinent stages like Spill, Behance, Git or Stack Flood, to give some examples to clients when they ask for  the service.

It will give potential customers a thought of the kind of work you do and for whom you have worked.

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2. Survey Apps and websites

There are many apps and websites that will pay you just to do one or two task to give feedback about different products.

Good thing you don’t need to worry about learning any super skills, you can go there daily to take surveys or perform one or two tasks and you will get paid just after you complete them.

Sounds interesting right?

This is how it works, there are businesses that pays market research companies who use apps and websites to gather information on what customers like you think.

Those statistical surveying websites or apps, thusly, pay people like you to give that data.

The uplifting news is, they don’t  need you to come their office or anywhere for the business, right from your home you can do this.

You would  be able to take part in statistical surveys from the solace of your home just answering some questions.

Rather than wasting your time  looking through social media or doing some other things with no relevant value to time, you can make money daily for yourself by answering a couple of questions on those apps and websites.

Some apps and websites however will pay you to perform some tasks with your phone and get paid for it. This is one of the legit online business that pays daily with free registration.

You can do those tasks, take the surveys from your PC or smartphone, once you have these applications, whenever there is a task for you.

Most of these app such as PREMISE (Available on playstore) will convey message pop-ups or a SMS containing available task or surveys for you, so you can prommind know when task are available.

You do not need to worry about having a special skill, all you need is to find those apps and websites that pays for taking surveys or PERFORM tasks.

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3. Online Tutoring

If you know one or two things that you can teach people then you can make money by organizing tutorials online. Tutoring is one of the legit online business in Nigeria for student.

The good thing about offering online tutoring services is that you need not worry about who will buy your courses or participate in your training, because there are thousands of people online that are looking for online tutors to groom them.

You can register as a tutor on websites like tutor.com and be teaching students online from the comfort of your home and get paid.

This can also be done in several ways, you can record videos or audios, you can also compile PDF’s as ebooks where you must have covered one topic or the subject or the other that you know best then you can sell those.

There are so many places where you can sell such as Amazon, Fiverr and Udemy.

As long as you have your courses listed, you should be getting people buying your courses and you will sure be making money daily.

Another way to do this is to use WhatsApp groups or any social media platform like Telegram, you can give access to the group to people who pay for your course then you can start training them.


4. Apps and Subscription Services

You may have used an app one time or the other where you asked to pay for premium features examples of those apps are Netflix, or apps where you make in-app purchases.

So many people offer app based online business in Nigeria where they earn daily by offering subscription or paid content, this is something you can try also if you have what it takes.

Literally there are so many ways you can make money daily from an app you own, most people will put ads on their application and they get paid when people visit the app daily.

All you might have to do is to find someone who can build a relevant app for you that people would want to use, once you are able to build this then you can devise a business model such as selling subscription on the apps, selling ads on the apps or selling things on your app.

So far this is one of the best online business that pays daily, and it pay so well compared to most traditional businesses.


5. Affliate marketing

Another legit online business that pays daily with free registration is affliate marketing and it’s a super paying business.

Affliate marketing may not be a popular choice as so many people don’t know how it works, but you can always learn.

Here is how it works, you sign up on platforms or websites as an affiliate, and you get an affliate link, what you then do is find people who may be interested in buying products or services from those platforms and when anyone makes a purchase using the link or affliate ID you sent to them, you will get a Commission for the  referral.

There are companies doing this in Nigeria which you might know of and some of them are Jumia affliate, Konga and some others.

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6. Ecommerce business/Dropshipping

Dropshipping business and Ecommerce business are kind of the same, but Dropshipping is more technical than the common e-commerce business people venture into.

Ecommerce business for example is  way of selling your goods and products online, most people do this by offering delivery service, that is to say when people buy from you, you deliver what they paid for to their locations.

This is one of the high paying online business in Nigeria that so many people now venture into and you too can start it too.

For the Ecommerce business, you will need a website, an app, or social media handle which you can use to market the products.

Talking about products these are physical goods that you can purchase cheap especially when you buy in bulk then you sell to people online at a very good price.

Why you might need capital to get an ecommerce business started, you would not need to worry about that in Dropshipping.

In Dropshipping, you first look for people who might be interested in buying when you get people who order for one product or the other you get the payment.

Then you buy from companies where they are shipped/sold cheaper compared to what customer pays and in turn deliver to the customer who asks for it.

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7. Online Consultation

Best online business in Nigeria

This is an advanced online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment, For this, you need to choose something you are best at then offer consultation services.

Example of Digital services people search consultant for are;

  • Business consultants,
  • SEO consultants,
  • project consultants and so on.

If you have a domain you are super good and you know you can guide other people as well then Online consultation business is for you.

There are so many platforms where you can get clients from, that is people who will pay you for each hour you spend giving advise to their business or endeavors.


8. Write for News websites

Legit online business that pays daily

There are several News companies and websites that pays people for writing. Let’s take Opera news website for example, you get paid daily when people view each post you write.

On Meduim, which is also a website people go to find information, you will get paid for every visits coming to the content you wrote for them. How much you get paid, depends on the quality of what you are able to write.

Apparently, it means that you need to be a good writer to do well in these, you can be a good writer by learning.

Once you are good in writing, all you need to do is create account on those apps, or websites, for example news websites that employ people to write what is happening around.

This is a viable online business that pays daily, you get paid for every single visit to the content you write,

So if you are getting daily traffic to your contents which you can come about by writing good contents (information people will find interesting to read) then you will get paid well for this.

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9. Become a Vlogger

Vloggers are people who create video contents on platforms like Instagram and YouTubes. This is a business many ladies have found pleasurable. But then, it’s for everybody.

Of course, this is for the people who have talent and skills related to creating video contents that people would want to watch.

You can promote those videos on different video blogs like, YouTube, Instagram and even Facebook.

To create video contents you will need probably a good smartphone or good camera and you need to be good in creating meaningful contents.

A good example of how people do this is by creating tutoral videos, short movies or companies. So the question is, how do money come from this?

Well, it’s not so complicated, once you are getting traffic to your contents, on platforms like YouTube, you can enroll for YouTube Monetization, where ads will be shown on your content and when people watch, you get paid.

Interesting right? Instagram on the other hands, you can get deals to advertise for different companies and you get paid for it.



10. Become a Blogger

Online business that pays daily with free registration

This is similar to Vlogging which we just talked about, but on the other hand, it’s much easier to become a blogger than a Vlogger.

Vloggers needs so many expensive equipments like cameras, but bloggers needs just a blog. And instead of creating video content, all you have to do is write interesting contents on your blog.

Then drive traffic (make people visit) to the website, then you can enroll for Monetization programs like AdSense offered by Google and you will be paid daily when people come to your website.

Apart from putting Google ads on your blog you can also do things like promoting other people or businesses and you will still get paid for it.

Apart from Google who pays you real cash in dollars for people visiting your site daily, there are other ads network that will still pay you.

So all you need is a blog and you need to become a good writer, this is just one of the best online business in Nigeria today.


11. Become a proofreader

Are you a good editor can you make an article to be error free? If yes! Becoming a proofreader should be your best option because this online business will cost you almost nothing to start.

There are many individuals that are looking for someone that can help them to proof read their work before they can publish it, you can start advertising your business for more target audience to see.

As a proof reader you must have technical knowledge on how to use; grammarly app, ms word to correct typographical errors, spellings, grammars and punctuations.

You may start helping people to edit and proofread their work and get paid through proofreadanywhere.com.


12. Sell Stock Photos

This is the another best online business that pays daily which we are going to talk about in this post.

Are you a good photographer or an artist? Can you create interesting photos, well if you can create great and very professional looking photos you can sell those photos.

There are website that pays people to sell great pictures, pictures of high quality.

What you will need for this therefore is a good camera, then you need to go around to snap and edit very high quality images of people or objects and you can sell the photos on websites, there are many of them which you can research online.


Question: What Business Can I Start With 50k As A Student?

Life is sweet when you understand the legitimate ways to build wealth online.


13. Become a TikToker

Online business in Nigeria without investment

The best online business in Nigeria that pays direct to bank account is tiktok monitization.

A TikToker is someone that usually share short videos on an application call TikTok, this is one of the best online business for ladies that wish to earn money online by providing interesting short videos.

To start earning big money as a TikToker directly from TikTok, you must be above 18 years, meet a baseline of 10,000 followers, and have accrued at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

Once you reach that threshold, you can apply for TikTok’s Creator Fund through the app, and start making your money on tiktok.


14. Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell and exchange directly, without an intermediary like a bank.

It is a virtual currency, it is a type of money that is completely virtual. In fact, it is an online version of cash.

How can you make money from bitcoin?

You earn money from bitcoin by either doing daily trading or buy and hold when the price goes down and resell when the price goes up.

Ask people that kept BTC in 2010 that later sold it back in 2023 the gain that they made, you will be shock to hear it.


15. Become a Web designer

Web designing is a great way to make money from the IT industry, as a web designer you can help business owners to design their website while you get paid.

Web designers majorly forcus on coding, planning and creating of Internet site and web pages, many of them combine text with pictures, sounds, graphics and video clips.

As a website designer you can earn high income by help people work on their website or update an already existing one.

For you to earn high in this field you may base on UI/UX design.

Today, the highest online business that pays in Nigeria is web designing because many companies need website/blog that they can use to increase their online visibility.


16. Make money with your creativity

Problem solvers are money makers, if you can think and solve prolem you can make huge money online in Nigeria.

The best way to channel your creativity on a profitable track is to sell your work online.

If you are an artist or photographer, you can sell postcards and posters of your work, print them on T-shirts, mugs, and more.

If you already have a sufficient number of customers, you can take orders. Don’t be shy and don’t put low prices.

Check prices from already earning artists or photographers of your level and be guided by them.

If you are a musician, you can give downloads for your beats, songs, samples, and other stuff for money, or sell your music on stock services.

The major benefits here is that you can become a part of someone’s life, and your work can penetrate the homes and headphones of your clients.


17. Become an SEO expert

Another legit online business that pays daily in Nigeria is Search engine optimization (SEO) which means; the art and science of getting pages to rank higher on search engines like Google.

SEO expert is someone that understand how search engine (Google, yahoo etc) works, and how to gain search engine attention.

As an SEO expert you will know how to write a well optimized blog post that human and search engine will like.

You will know about on page and off page SEO and how to rank higher in search engines to gain more organic traffics.

You can starting making money as an SEO expert by helping companies work on their website/blog to make it rank more high in search engine.


18. Project writer

Online Business in Nigeria

Are you good in project writing, can you write a well researched content that is free from pragarism? If yes, becoming a project writer online will earn you a lot of cash.

As a project writer you will be helping final year students to write their project, helping them get easy to write topic, helping them to write literature review etc.

At least to write a project will cost more than N20,000. now, check if you can write five different project within two months calculate how much you will make.


19. Record a series of training videos

This will allow you to generate passive income online from your knowledge. Record a video explaining a topic that you are well versed in and sell.

Some platforms were you can sell your online course are;

  • Udemy for launching your first course.
  • Teachable for creating an online school with advanced marketing.
  • Skillshare for teaching creative skills.

however, recording instructional videos will take effort, but if you manage to create a popular and valuable course, you will receive regular passive income from the students who enroll in the course.

To write your first online course, think about a topic you know well and study it well enough to be able to explain it to the perfect teapot. The topic can be anything – web development, music writing, social media marketing, etc.

When you have decided on the topic and have prepared all the necessary materials, download an application that can record your actions on the screen and your voice explaining what is happening to the students.

Even if you have never done video recording and editing before, you can find instructions on YouTube or simply on the Internet.

You just need to spend a few days (or weeks, depending on how complex the topic is and how much you want to explain it) to record a series of videos and post them on the right resources, and then relax and reap the benefits of your labors.

You already have the knowledge, you just have to share it. Focus on teaching what you already know very well and everything else will come naturally to you.

It doesn’t matter what it is: developing applications for Android, creating accounting reports, or using ads.

Helping people is always nice, and if you get paid for it, it’s doubly pleasant. selling training video course is one of the best online business in Nigeria that pays currently.


20. Online forex trader

Forex trading is another profitable online business that pays daily, but for you to earn high in this business you must be a smart trader.

It is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can still make you rich if you are good at trading very well.

To trade forex, you need an online broker. Trading with a trusted forex broker is crucial for success in international currency markets.

As a currency trader or investor, you may have specific needs related to which platform, tool, or research requirements you have.


21. Product reviewer

This online business is related to blogging but here, you majorly focus on reviewing of products like; phone, laptops, website and other digital and non digital products.

For you to start this business you need to create a website or use your social media account, choose a niche and start writing review about profucts on a specific niche that you have chose.

You can be adding affiliate link to each of the products after review to be able to earn money from your work.


22. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

If you are a writer and you have been worrying about how you can publish your book, due to lack of money. this is an opportunity for you to start legit online business in Nigeria through amazon kindle.

Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon.

Get to market fast. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Make more money. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more.

Enroll in KDP Select and earn more money through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Keep control. Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. Make changes to your books at any time.

Publish in digital and print. Publish Kindle eBooks and paperbacks for free on KDP.

Get started to Self-publish your ebook on KDP for free, all you have to do is go to Amazon sign up after creating an account publish your eBook and set your price.


23. Audiobook narrator

This Is another best online business in Nigeria that is profitbale the truth is anyone can become an audiobook narrator.

All you need is a recording device, a book, and an ACX, Fiverr or any other voiceover platform account.

How much do beginner audiobook narrators make?

For instance, if you’re a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), you’ll be paid $139.25 per hour as a new narrator, according to Sapling.com.

Veteran narrators command about $168.25 per hour. So, either group would make over $1K for an eight-hour-day’s worth of work.

This business is not too common in Nigeria but people are earn huge income from the business.


24. On demand printer

Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfillment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made, often without order minimums.

For instance if someone order for a book after the payment for the book the person can print it immediately. This online business is profitable in Nigeria.


25. Domain Flipping

This is an art of buying a domain name that you know that people will always like to have from any domain name providers in cheap price and keep.

You can resell the domain name to any individual or company that need it at a high price or you can can sell it through any domain auction site like godaddy.com and make your profit.


26. Virtual PA

As we have personal assistant offline that is how there are online personal assistant too. virtual PA is even more popular than you think.

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who specializes in offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office.

Typical tasks a virtual assistant might perform include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

As a virtual PA you can stay in Nigeria and be working as PA for someone in United States of America.

To become an online PA is very simple, you just have to be trusted by your client and you must be creative in your work.


27. Copywriting

Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Copyrighting includes;

  • Building an audience
  • Selling a service/ product
  • Turning followers into buyers.

However, they also help to write, sales copy, advertising content and much more. If you have such skill you can monitize it through any freelance platform and get paid doing it.


28. Social media management

If you are good in engaging with members on social media platform like Facebook or twitter you can start helping reputable individuals to manage their social media platforms.

Most great individuals or celebrities do not usually have chance to manage their social media platform, you can request to help most of them manage it and be getting paid.

This is a legit online business that pays that can earn you thousands if not millions monthly, since you can be managing many social media platform at a time.


29. Graphic Design

Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. With this busness you can;

  • Make money
  • Build a business

By creating eye-catching visuals and graphics.

I know a friend that is earning nothing less than N100,000 monthly doing this as a student, he can design logo, fliers etc. You too can earn more if you can put more extra effort doing it.


30. Sell fast selling products online

You can start this online business in Nigeria by focusing on selling latest things that are currently trending, things that people are struggling to buy fast through the internet.

Fast selling products are products that people need urgently, you can sell those fast selling products through platforms like; Mercari, Facebook market place etc.



We have being able to point out some best online business in Nigeria that are legit and easy to start with little or no investment.

Most of these legit online business that pays daily involves you having a skill, been an expert in a field and having problem solving skill.

If you can’t solve a problem, you will hardly make money online, as I said before that Internet is one of the busiest place in the world.

People that are on Internet are people that are looking for solution to their problem or people searching for problem to solve, either free or paid.

For instance; on quora many people are earning income just by asking relevant questions while some are there just there to provide answers to the questions.

I hope you derived value from this article?

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