12 Legit Online Business That Pays Daily In Nigeria Without Investment

Are you looking for how to make money online in Nigeria legitimately? Here is the legit online business that pays daily with free registration.

Alot of people have discovered that making money online is now very possible and in fact one of the fastest way to start earning money.

You do not need any scientist to tell you this fact, and it’s not a rocket science, indeed there has been digital transformation in the business landscape.

In today’s post, i will show you how you can work online from home and get paid instantly without any degree certificate.

As new ideas and inventions sprout in daily, it has become even more possible to make money daily, there are several hidden opportunities and many untapped businesses that can yield well.

As might be expected, so many Nigerians are now looking for ways to make money online, we do not need to be told of how hard the country is becoming, and unemployment rate is yet increasing.

A lot of people have become slaves to jobs, the most lucrative and guaranteed means to make money has been online, which is why we have brought this topic on today, to discuss the type of online business that pays daily or weekly that you can start.

However, there are many of those who manage to get paid jobs by many promising employers within the country.

But there are many people who face challenges of underpaying jobs most employees get their pay slashed after a period of commencing work in a particular organization.

Most people get delayed payments, most people get paid very low pay compared to efforts they will put in and these challenges had pushed people to look for online business that pays well, that way they become their own boss.


Why should you focus and spend your time building an Online Business in Nigeria?

Online business that pays daily

Without so many skills there are different business or things people do to make money online and we will list out some in this post

But to make good money online, you need skills and settling for the best online business that pays daily on our list today, will head you straight to a good line of daily income for yourself.


So, how does it really work?

Good thing is that, most of the online daily income business only need a little push and low capital to start, you do not to worry about getting an office or paying tax.

There have always been great ideas around making money online, if you have not been informed yet, about these ideas, then you will get to learn about everything you need to know.

So many day jobs (the traditional or white collar jobs) these days do not meet the needs of many Nigerians, so many people work hard only to earn little and this is one of the big reasons to find ways of making money online.

Find business that can pay you daily, and by earning online you can earn from thousands to millions.


I will share with you in this post just every aspect of this, how it works for a Nigerian, how to start and what to avoid, so stick around with me.

I mentioned that without having great skills you can make money online, yes that is right.


But let me not fail to mention that, having great skills will pay off than not having any, it will make things easier for you.

Are there legit online business that pays thousands of dollars daily? Yes, you can earn in dollars since you are leveraging your skills online or in Naira depending on the type of business you start.

What you need is knowledge and someone to put you through, and you can start your daily paying online business.

So many waste their time online with the conviction of making money, because they approach it the wrong way, having the right information will help in your journey of making money online, so that you will avoid all the ways that do not work.

I hope you will learn so much about online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment on this post, so try to get every of my points clearly.


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List of online business that pays daily in nigeria:

  1. Freelancing business
  2. Survey apps and websites
  3. Online tutoring
  4. Apps and Subscription Services
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Ecommerce business
  7. Online consultation
  8. Write for News companies /Meduim
  9. Become a Vloger
  10. Become a Blogger
  11. Become a proofreader
  12. Sell stock photos.


There are thousands of opportunities and online business that pays daily in dollars, yes, the online work market is so wide-ranging, and there are several sources from which you can earn money by doing things you already do in your regular life.

We have carefully selected the top remote business that we are certain you will be able to make a lot of good daily income from.

The benefits of starting an online business with skills you already have or will learn are countless;

  • first you do not have to spend money on transport everyday going to work or spend time in traffic.
  • Secondly, it feels good knowing you are in control of your time and space!

Does this sound interesting?

I think it does.


In this section we have picked out 12 best online business that pays in Nigeria that you can start right now, let explain how they work and how they pay daily.

These businesses are hot and relevant today! Without further ado, let’s dive in!


#1. Freelancing Business:

Online Business that pays daily

The first legit online business that pays on our list is freelancing it is a worldwide remote job that pays weekly or daily depend on the job.

This is not an incredibly new domain, so many companies in the past few years have turned to hiring online especially during the hit of a global pandemic when people could not live their homes.

Some many companies especially those offering online services are in demand of freelancers.

Freelancers are people who can work remotely from their home, perhaps with a computer or their smart phones doing various digital services.

Well, individual persons too sort for freelancers and not just companies.

Employing of freelancers is turning out to be more acceptable, it solves the problem of job difficulties in Nigeria, this has become more attractive for numerous organizations.

This sets out an unfathomable freedom for individuals with valuable skills to start an online business that pays daily on the side, and in the long run develop that into a supportable independently employed business.

That is how I myself  scales through and managed my content creating and consultant business by being  a freelancer on websites like, fiverr.com, upwork.com and a few others.

With the time you have, probably spent at home with no job or something good to make income for yourself, people are now utilizing this opportunity to make different floods of daily income for themselves.

The initial step to become a freelancer is to find the kind of work you might want to focus on, and this will be base on what you  know how do, your skills—regardless of whether it’s not a super skill, as long you have Digital skills which you can always learn then that is the first step towards starting your freelance online daily business.

For instance, let’s assume you have skills related to designing websites for organizations, that might be a more drawn out term project that you can focus on long term, web design  is a digital skill largely sort for.

You need to see to what you can do online, if you  don’t have any viable skills you can always learn one, then you have to design your time appropriately and stay zeroed in with the freelancing business, you need to get ready for a consistent progression of tasks (and at last pay).


  • One tip to starting the freelancing online business.

Once you start or before you start, build your image—the sooner you do this, the better.

What’s more, remember, you are your image. You must spend  time refreshing your online media profiles and make a portfolio on pertinent stages like Spill, Behance, Git or Stack Flood, to give some examples to clients when they ask for  the service.

It will give potential customers a thought of the kind of work you do and for whom you have worked.

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#2. Survey Apps and websites:

This is one of the online business that pays daily directly to bank account which so many people do not yet know of, but today you are going to learn about it.

It amuses me to share this with you, there are many apps and websites that will pay you just to do one or two task to give feedback about different products.

Good thing you don’t need to worry about learning any super skills, you can go there daily to take surveys or perform one or two tasks and you will get paid just after you complete them.

Sounds interesting right?

This is how it works, there are businesses that pays market research companies who use apps and websites to gather information on what customers like you think.

Those statistical surveying websites or apps, thusly, pay people like you to give that data.

The uplifting news is, they don’t  need you to come their office or anywhere for the job, right from your home you can do this.

You would  be able to take part in statistical surveys from the solace of your home just answering some questions.


Rather than wasting your time  looking through social media or doing some other things with no relevant value to time, you can make money daily for yourself by answering a couple of questions on those apps and websites .

Some apps and websites however will pay you to perform some tasks with your phone and get paid for it.

This is one of the great online business that pays daily.

You can do those tasks, take the surveys from your PC or smartphone, once you have these applications, whenever there is a task for you.

Most of these app such as PREMISE (Available on playstore) will convey message pop-ups or a SMS containing available task or surveys for you, so you can prommind know when task are available.

You do not need to worry about having a special skill, all you need is to find those apps and websites that pays for taking surveys or PERFORM tasks.

I have mentioned one, incase you skilled that line, one of those apps you can use is called “PREMISE” which is downloadable from the app store.


#3. Online Tutoring:

This is also one of the legit online business that pays daily with free registration. Not so hard I think, if you know one or two things that you can teach people then you can make money with that.

The good thing about offering online tutoring services is that you need not worry about who will buy your courses or participate in your training, because there are thousands of people online that are looking for online tutors to groom them.

You register as a tutor on websites like tutor.com and be teaching students online from the comfort of your home and get paid.

This can also bd done in several ways, you can record videos or audios, you can also compile PDF’s as ebooks where you must have covered one topic or the subject or the other that you know best then you can sell those.

There are so many places where you can seek such as Amazon, Fiverr and Udemy.

As long as you have your courses listed, you should be getting people buying your courses and you will sure be making money daily.

Another way to do this is to use WhatsApp groups or any social media platform like Telegram, you can give access to the group to people who pay for your course then you can start training them.


#4. Apps and Subscription Services:

You may have used an app one time or the other where you asked to pay for premium features examples of those apps are Netflix, or apps where you make in-app purchases.

So many people offer app based online business where they earn daily by offering subscription or paid content, this is something you can try also if you have what it takes.

Literally there are so many ways you can make money daily from an app you own, most people will put ads on their application and they get paid when people visit the app daily.

All you might have to do is to find someone who can build a relevant app for you that people would want to use, once you are able to build this then you can devise a business model such as selling subscription on the apps, selling ads on the apps or selling things on your app.

So far this one of the trending online business that pays daily, and it pays so well compared to most traditional businesses.

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#5. Affliate marketing:

Legit Online Business that pays

You may or may have not heard about this, but it is also one of the online paying business that you will enjoy, so far I have mentioned business where you do not need to worry about having super skills for example like saying “Developing an app or website“.

Yes those are in the list, maybe part of the freelancing jobs we mentioned, affliate marketing is on the list of online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment and it’s a super paying business.

Affliate marketing may not be a popular choice as so many people don’t know how it works, but you can always learn.

Here is how it works, you sign up on platforms or websites as an affiliate, and you get an affliate link, what you then do is find people who may be interested in buying products or services from those platforms and when anyone makes a purchase using the link or affliate ID you sent to them, you will get a Commission for the  referral.

There are companies doing this in Nigeria which you might know of and some of them is Jumia affliate, Konga and some others.


#6. Ecommerce business/Dropshipping:

Weekly online business that pays

Drop shipping business and Ecommerce business are kind of the same, but Drop shipping is more technical than the common ecommerce business people venture into.

Ecommerce business for example is  way of selling your goods and products online, most people do this by offering delivery service, that is to say when people buy from you, you deliver what they paid for to their locations.

This is one of the interesting online business that so many people now venture into and you too can start it too.

For the Ecommerce business, you will need a website, an app, or social media handle which you can use to market the products.

Talking about products these are physical goods that you can purchase cheap especially when you buy in bulk then you sell to pay online at a very good price.

Why you might need capital to get an ecommerce business started, you would not need to worry about that in Drop shipping.

In Dropshipping, you first look for people who might be interested in buying when you get people who order for one product or the other you get the payment.

Then you buy from companies where they are shipped/sold cheaper compared to what customer pays and in turn deliver to the customer who asks for it.


#7. Online Consultation:

Online consultantation

This is an advanced online business that pays in Nigeria, For this, you need to choose something you are best at then offer consultation services.

Example of Digital services people search consultant for are;

  • Business consultants,
  • SEO consultants,
  • project consultants and so on.

If you have a domain you are super good and you know you can guide other people as well then Online consultation business is for you.

There are so many platforms where you can get clients from, that is people who will pay you for each hour you spend giving advise to their business or endeavors.


#8 Write for News websites or on Medium.

Legit online business that pays fast

There are several News companies and websites that pays people for writing. Let’s take Opera news website for example, you get paid daily when people view each post you write.

On Meduim, which is also a website people go to find information, you will get paid for every visits coming to the content you wrote for them. How much you get paid, depends on the quality of what you are able to write.

Apparently, it means that you need to be a good writer to do well in these, you can be a good writer by learning.

Once you are good in writing, all you need to do is create account on those apps, or websites, for example news websites that employ people to write what is happening around.

This is a viable online business that pays daily, you get paid for every single visit to the content you write,

So if you are getting daily traffic to your contents which you can come about by writing good contents (information people will find interesting to read) then you will get paid well for this.


#9. Become a Vlogger:

Vloggers are people who create video contents on platforms like Instagram and YouTubes. This is a business many ladies have found pleasurable. But then , it’s for every body.

Of course, this is for the people who have talent and skills related to creating video contents that people would want to watch.

You can promote those videos on different video blogs like, YouTube, Instagram and even Facebook.

To create video contents you will need probably a good smartphone or good camera and you need to be good in creating meaningful contents.

A good example of how people do this is by creating tutoral videos, short movies or companies.

So the question is, how do money come from this?

Well, it’s not so complicated, once you are getting traffic to your contents, on platforms like YouTube, you can enroll for YouTube Monetization, where ads will be shown on your content and when people watch, you get paid.

Interesting right? Instagram on the other hands, you can get deals to advertise for different companies and you get paid for it.


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#10. Become a Blogger:


This is similar to Vlogging which we just talked about, but on the other hand, it’s much easier to become a blogger than a Vlogger.

Vloggers needs so many expensive equipments like cameras, but bloggers needs just a blog. And instead of creating video content, all you have to do is write interesting contents on your blog.

Then drive traffic (make people visit) to the website, then you can enroll for Monetization programs like AdSense offered by Google and you will be paid daily when people come to your website.

Apart from putting Google ads on your blog you can also do things like promoting other people or businesses and you will still get paid for it.

Apart from Google who pays you real cash in dollars for people visiting your site daily, there are other ads network that will still pay you.

So all you need is a blog and you need become a good writer, this is just one of the coolest means of making money daily online.


#11. Become a proofreader:

Are you a good editor can you make an article to be error free? If yes! Becoming a proofreader should be your best option because this online business will cost you almost nothing to start.

There are many individuals that are looking for someone that can help them to proof read their work before they can publish it, you can start advertising your business for more target audience to see.

As a proof reader you must have technical knowledge on how to use; grammarly app, ms word to correct typographical errors, spellings, grammars and punctuations.

You may start helping people to edit and proofread their work and get paid through proofreadanywhere.com.


#12. Sell Stock Photos:

This is the last online business that pays daily which we are going to talk about in this post.

Are you a good photographer or an artist? Can you create interesting photos, well if you can create great and very professional looking photos you can sell those photos.

There are website that pays people to sell great pictures, pictures of high quality.

What you will need for this therefore is a good camera, then you need to go around to snap and edit very high quality images of people or objects and you can sell the photos on websites, there are many of them which you can research online.


Some online business mistakes and best practices we recommend for everyone:

Just as i promised, I want you to know everything about making money online, there are things that work and don’t work so take note of this vital information which you will only find on this blog.

Many Nigerians never really think critically before deciding on what to spend their time on, if you want to be part of a time wasting business or the one that pays really poor despite the time put in, then you can ignore this post.

So if one or two friends say something is working for them and you did not take time to research about how it works and what is the best (for you) business to go into—then you will waste your time.

Also before you follow up advises from people suggesting which of the online business you should venture, be sure that they have something positive to show.

And maybe it sounded like a cool and interesting thing to do and you decided to find more information.

The aim of this section is to coach you, too many people think making money online is a cakewalk, then all too often these people end up with a bad business idea that they are doomed to struggle with – if it survives at all.


There are so many online business that pays daily, but many actually take some good practice and skill to bring up anything for you.

Just like investing your money into some shitty nasty website that says they will pay you daily or freelancing jobs that you don’t even have the skills for.

What business you decide to go into isn’t just going to end up being a decision about how you spend your workday.

In some businesses, you are going to be likely to make a lot more money with a lot less work.

Furthermore, what I suggest you think about most is this: What business are you most likely to succeed in or even survive in? Some types of businesses are much, much more likely to be successful than others.


How much time does it take to start an online business that pays daily?

I believe this is also an important thing to take note of that way, you know what is involved and what to be expecting.

So strategically, It depends on the type of online business you venture into.

Some have a very short startup period, but most are as long and complex, like starting a blog!!!

You should know what your financial goals are for each month?”   It will help you narrow down and leverage all you have got to pull up something great that pays well.

Some business like ecommerce can take time, because you need to gather information about who to sell to and what they need.

You will also do all types of other personalization considered when assessing which promotions/advertising programs would work best to get customers?”

So ideally, some business will take 1 or 2 days to start, for example, becoming a freelancer, you only need to get your profile ready and start sorting for clients who will buy your service.


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I have shared with you so many relevant online business that pays daily or weekly, i have also explained how working online can make a difference in your life.

Nevertheless, i mentioned only the viable and advisable solution to making money online.

Did you derived values from this post?

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