Top 5 Online Earning App In Pakistan To Earn Real Money 2023

Today, I will be sharing with you best online earning app in Pakistan that you can use to earn real money online without investment withdraw easypaisa.

Is it possible to make money online using app? Yes, you can earn millions of dollars through some of these apps if you understand how they works.

Some of these money making apps just require you to perform some tasks like; play game, offering your services, complete a survey or unlocking your mobile phone screen and much more.

So if you reside in Pakistan and thinking of a way to earn real money online then real earning apps in Pakistan should be your sure bet.

I have used some of these apps and I can confirm to you that they are legit, if you are a student, unemployed graduate or young girl looking for something to do to earn money online then, I will advice you to test any of these online earning apps in Pakistan.


Best online earning app in Pakistan To Make money in 2023:

earning app in Pakistan

Below are some real money earning app in Pakistan that you can use to make money online without investment withdraw easypaisa.

1. Mcent app

Mcent is one of the best online earning app in Pakistan that enables it users to earn money whenever they download other apps through Mcent app.

Unlike playstore that you will download application without any reward, Mcent app will reward you for any apps that you download through them.

However, mcent is just an app that lets you make money by doing something as simple as downloading apps and testing them.

As soon as you open one of these apps for the first time, you receive a small amount of money, and if you keep it for a week, you receive a little more.

To use mcent, you need a smartphone. You also need to be in one of the participating countries, such as the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc.

One of the drawbacks of mcent is that the app monitors your use of the apps, and it can freely access your address book. Of course, the app notifies you before doing anything, but that doesn’t make it any less invasive.

Mcent is an interesting money earning app in Pakistan that you can use to make some money by simply downloading and opening certain apps.


2. Slide app

Slide is another legit online money making app in Pakistan that enables an individual to earn a reward for using the application. It is a combination of a news and lock-screen app for Android phones.

However, slide enables you to make money by reading news through the app or unlocking your phone screen. In fact, it is a lock screen app that focused on displaying infotainment from the comfort of your lock screen.

This application is built with the main purpose of users to earn money the more they unlock their own phone screen.

To start using the app, you need to go to app store search for the app and install it, register using your Facebook account and start earning immediately.

They also offer referrals commissions; that is if you invite your friend, both you and your friend will automatically receive a top-up of Rs 10.

It is true that you can’t make big money from this app daily, but the earning is a good take home.

That is why I mostly recommend this earning app in Pakistan to students and teens, because this will enable them make some cash without having to depend on anyone.


3. Top up earning app in Pakistan

Top up app is an app that reward you whenever you used them to complete a surveys, install other apps and performing other tasks online.

This app is formerly known as the recharge me app, this rewarding app can help you to top up mobiles everywhere in the world using app. It’s your fast & reliable airtime service.

And your earning in this android app can be sent to your friends and family abroad including Nigeria.

However, this is one of the best mobile applications that allows you to send credit or add minutes to your friends and it is available for download on playstore for all smartphone users.


4. ClipClaps app

ClipClaps is an application that helps increase the views of certain internet videos. How? By paying users to watch videos.

In the few seconds it takes to watch a video, users can earn virtual currency, which may be easily convert to cash, Many people are earning 1000 – 1500 PKR daily from this app.

Clipclaps is the best money making app in Pakistan that will enable you to earn money by watching interesting videos on the app.

However, you earn here by playing games, watching videos and uploading links on your favourite videos.


5. Shopkick app

If you are a type that like shopping online then this online earning app in Pakistan will surely make you earn some buck.

To start earning reward on shopkick is very simple, just enter into an their online store do shopping and earn come reward called “Kicks” which you can cash out as gift cards.

It is free to register once you have downloaded the application and you make money each time you shop on their store.

That is why the company described themselves as “Indispensable application that makes everyday shopping more personal and rewarding”.

Unlike other online shopping sites that you will shop without gain, shopkick will will keep rewarding you each time you used their platform to shop.


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Requirements to make money online using app in Pakistan?

  1. A good smartphone
  2. Data bundle
  3. PayPal account
  4. 60minutes of your time daily
  5. Knowledge on how the apps works.

With the help of these money making apps in Pakistan you can become a dollar millionaire as a young guy/lady working online through any of these apps.

For a clearer understanding let me quickly throw more light on the requirements for better understanding.


  1. A good smartphone

For you to start making money online you need to get yourself a good smartphone the smartphone is the device that will enable you perform the activities that will make you earn real money.

For instance most of this earning app in Pakistan require you to download an application which will be useful to your phone, for example; lock screen app, when you unblock your screen if you are using the earning app you will earn immediately.

And for some you just need to download the game application and whenever you play the game you will be earning some points which you can convert into real money and withdraw direct into your bank account.


  1. Data bundle

You can’t have access to the Internet without data bundle it is this data that will allow you connect to the internet using your mobile phone or PC.


  1. Easypaisa account

The most popular means of online payment in Pakistan is Easypaisa. You will need to create an easypaisa account that will enable you receive your real money.

You can also use PayPal account to withdraw your earning from any of this paying apps.


  1. 60minutes of your time daily

You need to be spending at least 1hour of your time online everyday to be able to work using the app.

Yes! You need to work by using the app that will enable you earn the money, you are paid based in your work.

So, the apps are legit and you need to understand how they works before using them to avoid waste of time and energy.

Will you prefer to be spending 2hour of your time everyday chatting with friends or spending 1hour everyday making some bucks online?


  1. Knowledge on how the apps works.

As I have told you earlier that you need to understand the applications and how they work most especially what you will be doing on these apps which will give you reward.

These apps doesn’t perform exactly the same functions so, understanding the way each of them works is the best.


Which app is best for earning money in 2023?

Mcent app is one of the best application that you can use to earn money legitimately online in 2023, you earn real money on the app by just using the app to download other apps.


Which app pay user for playing games?

Are you a game lover, who always spend much of your extra time playing game on your phone? If so, you might be missing a great chance of playing online earning games in Pakistan.

I have personally earned (and received) thousands of dollars through easypaisa by playing games on my phone without investment.

Best earning games in Pakistan

Though, I have always believed that real money gaming is for entertainment purposes only, but I was truly surprised at how fun and profitable it can be.

I like playing games on my phone all the time but I didn’t know I could play games and earn money without investment in Pakistan.

Whether it was to pass the time, “hang out” virtually with friends, or achieve a new level, I was prepared to play real money earning games before I even knew it was a real thing.

Even if you usually just play games for fun or to pass the time, it is possible to bring in some extra cash while also enjoying your game-playing.

Here, I will show you best earning games in Pakistan that I have personally earned real money from which you too can play and also earn cool cash and withdraw daily via PayPal account or easypaisa.

The best application to play games and earn money without investment in Pakistan is Solitaire cash app.

What you will be earning on Solitaire app is points that you can easily convert into cash and withdraw easypaisa.


What is the best online earning website in Pakistan?

Do you want to start earning money online by working from home without investment? There are some online earning websites in Pakistan that can help you to work and make real money from the comfort of your home.

Those websites are what I will list out below, just like best earning games in Pakistan, I have also tested and earned money from this websites and I can confirm to you that they are not fake.

List of Online Earning Websites in Pakistan

  • Fiverr
  • Etsy
  • YouTube

1. Fiverr

This is a freelance platform where you can register to start offering your services to people while they pay you for your services, it is one of the best online earning websites in Pakistan that can easily turn you into millionnaire in dollars.

The basic services offered on Fiverr ranges from $5 and the charge may go up depends on the service. If your aim is to work from the comfort of your home as a freelance writer, graphic designer, website designer, app developer etc, Fiverr is your sure plug.



Daraz is one of the biggest e-commerce website in Pakistan with over millions of products, that is they sell different kind of products on their store, but how do people earn from this website? Individuals earn from daraz affiliate program.

To earn from daraz you need to register as an affiliate marketer on the website and start referring both your friends and enemies to buy things from daraz e-commerce store and for each item they buy you will always earn a commission.


3. Etsy

If you are a good artist and you enjoy creating craft and art works, Etsy is your best online earning websites in Pakistan where you can sell your work. It is a global digital marketplace where individuals come together to make, sell, buy and collect unique items.

The fact is that, it is one of the most creative online earning websites in Pakistan. If you want to design your studio with come nice decor them Etsy is the best place to visit.

Some of the major categories at Etsy are:

  • Personalized gifts
  • Home decor ideas
  • Bath & beauty gifts
  • Work from home
  • Tie-dye
  • Gifts for kids & babies


4. YouTube

If you have been looking for the best online earning websites without investment in Pakistan withdrawal easypaisa or direct to your bank account then having a YouTube channel will be the best for you.

The reason why I like this means of earning online is that you do not need to spend any money before you can start, if you are are an entertainer like;

comedian, musician or you like teaching a skill you can create a youtube channel and start showing people teach or sharing your comedy video on your channel, you will see a lot of individual that will alwayss come to your channel daily.

You can earn from your YouTube channel by been a brand ambassador, earn through google ads, or affiliate marketing and lot more.



I have been able to point out some mobile real online earning app In Pakistan that allows users to earn money by using them.

The fact is that most of them are free to register which means you do not need to invest anything, your own is just to gain.

If you are a young teen I will advice you to take this serious and you will be able to earn some dollars to start up a business or pay your school fees.

If I may ask, what is your opinion about these money earning app in Pakistan?


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