Apply For Opay POS Machine (New Price And Charges In 2024)

Will you like to know how to apply for OPay POS machine, transaction charges, price in Nigeria and how to get the machine fast?

Since Opay started up in Nigeria as a fintech company, a lot of Nigerians had scaled through its diverse opportunities.

Opay is a Nigeran based company backed by a Chinese company that also owned the Operamini browser, since OPay started its business in Nigeria it has perhaps stayed as the most mainstream payment processor in the country at this moment.

It is a fintech company and they facilitate mobile payments, such as sending and receiving of money but outside this,

You get the opportunity and the security of paying for foods, paying for your bills, airtime and data, and even withdraw cash from Opay agent.

Opay as a financial service company has been a profound means of livelihood for so many Nigerians that are into POS business.

Therefore, if you are ready and willing to start the POS business then you might fall in the category of those who want to know the types of opay POS machine in Nigeria that they can apply for.

Apart from these am going to also show you prices of different types of Opay POS machine and the best one to buy.


How much is Opay POS machine?

The fact is that, opay offers free POS machine to their customers but you can still buy the POS machine from online market place and below are the Opay POS machine price in Nigeria;

  • Android Opay POS machine (N70,000)
  • Opay traditional POS (N55,000)
  • Brand new Opay POS terminal (N54,000)
  • Opay MPOS new (N20,000).


How to apply for Opay POS machine In Nigeria

Opay POS is not the only terminal used by POS agents, but again it has remained the most used POS terminal since 2018, and like I stated, part of the reason is that it is free to get, you don’t buy the POS.

Opay POS machine

But there is a process to follow before you can get the POS machine and start operating your business.

So we are here to make it easier for you, in your journey to become an opay agent, we have provided you with step by step guide to request for Opay POS machine and how you can receive it after applying.


Here are some steps that you need to take to request for the Opay POS In Nigeria;

  1. Download OPay application.
  2. Login and Click on the More icon which you will find on the Opay app.
  3. Click on my POS icon which is also visible on the Opay App.
  4. You will be asked to accurately fill in the required details asked by Opay to get the POS machine, this will usually take you one or 2 minutes to supply.
  5. You will be asked to submit your bank statement for the last three months, this is also important, you can get your bank statement from your bank app, or you can visit your bank.
  6. Upload a valid ID Card of yours, most of the accepted means of id (Identification) are your international passport, National ID or Driver’s License, once you submit this you can move to the next step.
  7. You will be asked next to upload a picture of your business residence (Image clearly showing your storefront), this will help opay to verify that you have a store and you are ready to become an Opay agent.

You will not be asked to pay any amount for the POS, as it is offered free to eligible agents; however, agents must have a caution fee of N20,000 available in their OPay wallets.

Also to take note of, once your request for POS terminal is approved by opay, then the caution fee charge will take effect.

What is worthy to also take note of is that the sum (caution fee) will be refunded to you as an agent when you return the POS terminal.


How long will it take to get the Opay POS machine?

After you successfully apply for the POS machine/terminal, you do not have to wait for days to be approved or disapproved, all OPay POS requests are reviewed and processed within 24 hours.

Once your request for the POS terminal is approved, the agent support team will contact you to inform you about the best available date to pick up the POS terminal.

There you have it, you can then pick up your new OPAY POS machine and start your POS business swiftly as an Opay agent.


How much can I make by becoming an Opay agent in Nigeria?

Opay POS

Over N200,000 monthly.

A lot of curious people tend to ask this question, are people making money from the Opay POS business?

What is in it for me, will I become rich or have a steady flow of income when I start as an Opay POS agent?

Well, I believe sharing this information with you will help, it makes a lot of sense to know what are the opportunities available here before you jump right in, get the OPay POS machine and start the business.

One thing I did tell anyone who asks how viable the Opay POS business is, I tell them this, some people do POS  business and they transact in large amounts.

They start big and facilitate both big and small payment and they make money than most salary earners in the country, sounds interesting right?

Take note, it is not all POS stand in Nigeria you go to that will be able to give you let mention for example N100,000 cash when you need them,

yes but there those who are also able to transact in large amounts, and they get their profits in it especially in populated states in the country like Lagos,

and areas where it will take more than 30 minutes to reach a bank and another extra 30 minutes to 1-hour stay in the queue before they are finally able to make their transaction.

This is why POS business has become viable in the country, you will find graduates running POS stands as their business, at times most people do transactions around N400,000 daily and they make a lot of profits at the end of the day.

In summary, there is a good chance of succeeding in the OPAY business, the demand for POS service is on the rise as the population of Nigeria increases.

A lot of people will find it more comfortable to walk to an Opay pos agent and finish their financial transactions like sending money.

Receiving money or withdrawing money from their bank accounts instead of walking or travelling many miles to get to an ATM or standing in a very long queue before they can withdraw money or send money.

So if you are a person with no salary job or means of livelihood, this is a business opportunity for you, you can easily get the Opay Pos machine and start the OPAY POS business around your environment or a largely populated vicinity.

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How much does Opay charge per POS transaction?

These are Opay POS charges 2024:

  1. For withdrawals below N20,000, OPay charges 0.5% of the transaction amount.
  2. For withdrawal above N20,000, OPay charges a flat rate of N100.
  3. For deposit from N5000 and below, OPay charges a flat rate of N10.
  4. For deposit from N5,001 to N10,000, OPay charges a flat rate of N20.
  5. For transfer above N10,000, OPay charges a flat rate of N30.


These are OPay POS commission structure for Data Top Up:

  • MTN = 3% commission
  • Airtel = 4% commission.
  • Glo = 4% commission
  • 9Mobile = 4.5% commission.


These are OPay POS commission structure for TV Subscription:

  • DStv = 2% commission
  • GOtv = 2% commission
  • StarTimes = 2% commission
  • PHCN = 2% commission.

To earn more money on OPay as an agent, increase your daily transactions on the terminal.


OPay POS application FAQ:

These are the major questions you may likely have in mind while trying to register for opay either through app or website;


What documents are required to complete my OPAY registration?

  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • A utility or another bill dated no later than three months prior to merchant registration as proof of your address.
  • Copy of your national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport.
  • 1 passport photo.


What are the requirements to get OPay POS?

  1. Have an OPay Account.
  2. You must have been a POS Agent who is familiar with how multiple transactions are being carried out using a POS machine.
  3. You must have had a good transaction history on your OPay account.


How Much do I need to apply for the OPay POS Machine in Nigeria?

The OPay POS application is free. Although you must retain at least N20,000 in your OPay Wallet, it’s called a caution fee.

Immediately the POS request is approved, the caution fee is taken from your wallet.

The N20,000 will be refunded only when the agent returns the POS terminal.


How do I get OPay free POS in Nigeria?

To become an OPay agent, you only need to visit the app store, download the OPay application, and sign up “to become an agent”.

The sign up is free, you will also get a free POS machine.

Did you have any question?


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