How To Pass EBSU Post UTME Exam 2021/2022

For all candidates preparing for Ebonyi state university Post UTME examination this article will really help you because am going to show you how to pass EBSU post UTME screaning exam in order to stand a chance of gaining admission easily.

How to pass EBSU post UTME Exam.

Am also going to share with you the latest EBSU post UTME news and all you need to know plus what to read for EBSU post UTME.

Immediately the news about Ebonyi state university post UTME was announced many aspirants started panicking, let me shock you!

EBSU post UTME exam is the hardest but simplest examination you may ever write, how is it hard and still simple at the same time?

Ebonyi state university usually set very simple questions in their post UTME exam but they usually twist it in such a way that, if you do not think you will never understand it nor will you be able to choose the correct answer except by lock.

Let me still shock you, if you do not prepare adequately as if you are going to war you may not pass EBSU post UTME exam, you need to prepare very well so that you can come out with high score.

NOTE: EBSU General Cut Off Mark is 180 for you to qualify to register for Ebonyi state university Post UTME screening examination you need to score minimum of 180 depending on the course.

Easy Ways To Prepare And Pass EBSU Post UTME Exam

Now! I have decided to show you the easy ways to prepare and pass Ebonyi state university post UTME exam in one sitting without cheating and what to read for EBSU post UTME exam, kindly follow me slowly as I reveal the secrets.

  • You must have chosing EBSU as your first choice

as we all already known that EBSU does not accept second choice, even if they will accept second choice they might have admitted all qualified candidates that chose them as first choice.

  • Verify your exam venue before exam date

This is another important point, make sure you verify your examination venue before the exam date to avoid story, the exam venue might be change at any time without your notice.

but once you keep on checking the center were you did your re-printing you will keep on getting more information before the exam day, what if your exam venue is been changed and you do not notice?

  • Go to the exam venue on time with all required documents

make sure you arrived as the venue at least two hour before the examination, during my own time I make sure that I get to the exam venue three hour before the exam start with all my required documents.

Sometimes candidates fail post UTME simply because they came late to the exam hall, for them to be able to join others they have to rush everything and enter, in EBSU post UTME exam you do not need to rush, you need to relax your mind and brain for you to answer the questions correctly.

As you are going to the venue you need to go along with some important document such as:

  • Original JAMB result
  • Your post UTME registration printing out slipt.

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  • Target very high score

I urge you to have a strong high ranking score mentality, you need to target 100% if you want to get at least 88% in your post UTME exam.

Targeting low score is very bad because it will make you not to be more serious, but if you aim for high score you need to tighting up your seat belt.

  • Start reading now

Never wait till the registration end before you start preparing for post UTME if you really want to pass EBSU post UTME in order to gain admission this year you need to start reading now!

The best time to start preparing for Post UTME exam is immediately after JAMB examination, the smart students start reading now! The lazy students keep on procrastinating till the night before the exam before they pack the whole books on earth and start cramming!

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  • Always understand the exam question before choosing your answer

Read the question at least two times and make sure the question is clear to you before looking at the answer, do not just choose an answer rather read the whole option and choose the correct one.

  • Get EBSU post UTME past questions

My mentor do call this post UTME expo, past questions is the prophecy, it show you how EBSU post UTME question looks like how they do ask questions which will also make you to understand what to read for EBSU post UTME exam.

You need to buy EBSU post UTME past Questions in the bookshop or online.

  • Do not think of cheating or using Expo

If you want to pass EBSU post UTME clean any though of using EXPO or cheating in the exam hall because if the supervisor see you! Just forget about admission that year even if you score 350 in JAMB no admission for you.

Not only that any candidate seen with expo will be send out of the exam hall plus punishment that he/she is going to face, I will advise you to turn off every distractions and let your books be your best friend for now.

I wish you success in your post UTME examination.

What To Read For EBSU post UTME Exam

Ebonyi state university post UTME screening exam is always three subjects witch include :

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • General paper

In English you need to go and study concord, Lexis (fill in the gap), synonyms and antonyms plus oral English those are the major topics you need to go and practice, do not be afraid because their is no comprehension rather fill in the gap.

In Mathematics go and practice Quadratic equation, simultaneous equations etc you need to have a knowledge of further mathematics also.

General paper go and read more about things like when was Ebonyi state university established, what is the name of the vice chancellor of Ebonyi state university? Etc I will advice you to go and buy current affair and read also.

How to apply for EBSU post UTME exam

  1. Visit; and click START APPLICATION.
  2. Generate remital and pay the sum of N2000 registration fee in the bank.
  3. After you have paid, move to the portal and enter your RRR number to confirm your payment,
  4. After you have complete the form, submit your application.
  5. Print out your acknowledgement slip.

Did you have any question related to EBSU Post UTME Examination? if yes! Feel free to ask using the comment box below.

I wish you admission success, see you on your matriculation day.

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