How To Prepare And Pass FUNAI Post UTME 2021 Examination

Have you ever ask your self about the nature of FUNAI post UTME and how to face FUNAI screening questions and be able to pass the examination easily, many funai aspirants have asked me so many questions about how to pass FUNAI post UTME exam without cheating.How to pass FUNAI post UTME

Today I have decided to to show all FUNAI aspirants the possible ways to prepare for FUNAI post UTME not only that am also going to show you ways to pass FUNAI post UTME exam and get high score.

FUNAI post UTME is not as difficult as most students think, FUNAI post UTME is the easiest exam you may ever write if you know the techniques on how to pass it.

If you really mean to join the race to be among those that Will get high score in FUNAI post Utme exam this year you need to calm down and read this article.

But before I go on i will like to talk more about FUNAI before i show you the real purpose of this great article,

Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (FUNAI) which was later renamed to Alex Ekwueme Federal University by the federal Government of Nigeria in 2018 , is a Nigeria University located in Ebonyi state, ikwo. FUNAI was founded on 26th February, 2011.

The university aspires to be a global class centre for learning and research that will be reputable nationally and internationally.

Let’s skip the wonder of the institution and forge straight to the business of the day which is, How to pass FUNAI post utme .

After the candidate must have passed jamb, there is still another screening examination to be taken before been fully admitted to the university of which FUNAI happens to be among the tertiary institutions that follows this pattern in admitting new students.

It is the joy and goal of every secondary school institutions that their students are able to pass external examination either which could be WAEC,NECO or GCE.

The passing of one of this examination qualifies them to write another examination which could be JAMB or IJMB.

I am not here to tell you stories or what is not real. You just have to read through this awesome tip on how to pass FUNAI post utme.

How To Pass FUNAI Post UTME 2021

The fact is that you can not pass FUNAI post utme without preparing to pass it and this brings us to another considerable tip which is ,how to prepare for FUNAI post utme.

You may have encountered some difficulties in some other exams you may have taken in time past.

You may have come to a point of asking yourself some of these questions such as;

How do I prepare for this exam. Many people are failing this exam. Will my case be different. Am I sure I will pass this exam and the rest of the questions that usually come to your mind unexpectedly.

Do not be troubled Believe in yourself and what I am sharing with you today and you will see your life changed permanently for good.

Again, how do I prepare for funai post utme?

(Part, A)

How to prepare for FUNAI post UTME

  1. Get any available material ready
  2. Create chances for extramural classes
  3. Get enough sleep as much as you can
  4. Develop a Healthy body
  5. Take your meal adequately
  6. Forget social media
  7. Why leave your TV set on?

Follow me up as we both discuss these points together on how to prepare for FUNAI post utme and also other university post utme.

Get available materials ready

Having materials for an exam at hand is very essential. This is because those materials you have will aid in enlarging your brain about the examination,

expanding the knowledge you have, helping in recalling and recollecting some useful information stored in your long term memory.

Materials such as ;

  • handouts,
  • textbooks,
  • Journals,
  • Current Affair etc

is not to be neglected while preparing for examination especially in a case of post utme.

A sword is weapon. It is better to have a weapon that would triumph than to face humiliation

The materials one has stand as the sword while the ability to make use of this sword (materials) is weapon (triumph).

It is important to have enough material while preparing for FUNAI post utme in order to pass FUNAI post utme.

Create chances for extramural classes

Attending tutorials isn’t any bad idea. No one is a body of knowledge. Get to acquire more knowledge which you may not haveOr which is not manifested in you for now.

Going to extramural classes means acquiring extra knowledge.

It is true some people don’t attend extramural classes and are still at the top of their class. I will not dispute that, but the fact still remains that A is not B and B can not be A.

“Knowledge differs, understanding differs, everything differs as far as human is concerned”.

Get enough sleep as much as you can

Someone may ask, why do I need to sleep when I ought to be reading my books. Why do I need to close eyes instead of burning the candle.

First, you need to understand what sleep does to your body and brain. Still, one need to understand that sleep can make one brainy and also a dullard.

Someone would still be pondering. Why is he saying it can make you great and lazy. Isn’t he contradictory in his statement.?

Of a truth your guess about this been contradictory isn’t a wrong guess.

The whole truth is that adequate and sound sleep helps to relax the brain which makes it easier to think and understand things quicker.

But sleeping from morning till night or the following morning will definitely Make you a dullard and unsuccessful in life.

So, you need good sleep to reason higher.

The important of sleep shall be discussed further

in part B, of this post which is how to pass FUNAI Post utme.

Develop a Healthy body

No doubt gymnasts claim that

a healthy body is a healthy brain and a healthy brain is equally a healthy mind.

A healthy body is one which is kept fit,

and for fitness to occur, they must be vigorous exercises such as running, jogging, high jump exercise etc.

Consider this as one of the reason why you need to keep your body healthy.

Health practitioners are of the opinion that food is not enough to keep the body healthy.

They asserted that..

a complete state of health is when the body is nourished, regular exercise ,

keep the body fit, attending social gathering, living a life of moderate alcohol intake or no alcohol

They believe it only at this point where all those mentioned are attained that one is completely healthy.

You need to keep your body and mind healthy to help you think and react to this.

One must be mentally sound in order to have higher understanding of things around him or her.

I want to ask you a question. Is your brain healthy? You need a healthy brain as you prepare to pass FUNAI post utme this coming year.

Don’t forget that one may read and still not have a healthy brain

Take your meal adequately

Food is so important in our daily life and surpasses to our daily activities, The activity one is involved should be given a kind of food that goes along with it.

Light food such as ; fruits, noodles and others are advisable to be taken while studying,

This is because it helps the body to balance and also makes it easy for the body to easily move around. A student should do away with food such as Eba, fufu, beans etc.

Students should also drink enough milk and glucose to supply both the body and brain energy needed to perform it operation.

Forget social media

Social media is a wonderful environment for communication and learning, but also an atmosphere of distraction. One who is ready to prepare to pass FUNAI post utme must drop social media aside.

Staying away from social Media doesn’t mean you should stop communicate with your friend anymore. It just that you have to stay focused.

Avoid any form of distraction and keep your mind focused . all your thoughts should centre on how to pass FUNAI post utme and not who to chat with this afternoon or this night.

Why turn on your TV set?

TV could also stand as an agent of distraction. If you really wanna prepare to pass FUNAI post utme then you must set your TV set aside.

Forget zee world for now, forget telemundo for now, forget televista for now, forget about super sport and the rest. Your major focus should be how to pass FUNAI post uutme


(Part , B)

How To Pass FUNAI Post UTME

Hi, remember we just discussed how to prepare for FUNAI post utme , but right now, we shall continue in this part B which is “How to pass FUNAI post utme.

I believe you must have been exhausted by now , if you really read all the points and explanation in how to prepare for FUNAI post utme.

Don’t worry, you can relax with a bottle of chilled drink while we continue. A friend of mine always say to me..

” Usulorinform, you bear me witness that the road to success is not easy right? ”

He has in time past repeated this question to me ,but I haven’t found a reason to respond to it.

Now, how can I pass FUNAI post utme?

This is very easy and straight only if you yield to these methods that we have carefully studied from those who in time past has taken FUNAI post utme examination and had passed with high grade.

Key Tips on How To pass FUNAI post utme.

Have you ever wondered why some of the things you find so difficult are quite easy for some other group of people?

Hey, it may not be that they are more intelligent, that they have brains than you nor they study harder than you. Its just that they know the secret which you do not know. Like in my previous article I wrote about Secret on how to pass JAMB which helped many candidates to score over 300 in JAMB

Here, I shall show you just four simple secrets on how to pass FUNAI post utme.

Read, review and understand. Intuitive mind. Elimination style Ceiling and other equipments in the exam Hall aid.

Hmmm, I don’t think you have heard anyone of those four mentioned above, but don’t worry because an adage says..

“Birds that are determined to eat food on ground must follow it mother all the time”

Kindly follow me as I take little of your time in expanciating these four secrets on how to pass FUNAI post utme.

1.) Read, Review and understand

Reading does not stop at reading. It is only a read if you have come to a point of having clear, deeper and divers understanding of what you have actually read.

You can understand what you read by constantly reviewing, memorizing or practicing.

What you have read do not fly to your long term memory.

It only have a chance of progressing to staying longer days in the memory if they have been constant reviewing and proper understanding of what has been read and reviewed.

2.) Intuitive mind

I want to let you know that you can just know an answer to a question in exam hall.

This secret two will surely be of high aid to people who find it a little bit difficult to read books.

Like I have being saying, all my desire is that you pass FUNAI post utme in a sitting with good grade

worthy of been admitted to study any of choice of course.

Intuitive mind works for those who have strong mind. The answer to a question pops at them whenever they look at the question. They may have not in time past come across such questions, but they believe they know the answer to it.

I am not telling you to go into FUNAI post utme and begin to guess answers to questions. What I am telling you is that the level of ones knowledge in a field of study or other field of study helps a lot.

3.) Elimination style

This method is quite similar to intuitive mind, but in elimination method, you know clearly among the options given (objective questions) that a particular option is odd.

The odd in the given options is usually the answer. This method helps to save time in examination hall which we surely foster you to pass FUNAI post utme.


The following can be found in Nigeria

a. Lagos

b. Ibadan

c. Ebonyi

d. Madagascar.

From the options here,

it can be deduced using elimination method even without reading the , that Madagascar is the right answer.

4.) Ceiling and other equipments in the exam hall

One would ask, how will ceiling and other materials in the exam hall help in passing FUNAI post utme.

I want to tell you that this method works when you don’t know the answer to a question. Like, you know you don’t know the answer. The best option left is to look up and wait for a while, answers will definitely come to your mind.

Wow, if you finished reading this, I want to say a big congratulation because you have already passed your FUNAI post utme this year.

I am very sorry this article has seized to end. I am very very sorry.

Part, C

Nature of FUNAI post utme

It would be so bad if I don’t tell you the nature of what you are trying to overcome.

In FUNAI, only candidates who has a jamb score of 180 minimum is allowed to partake in their post utme.

I am telling you this so that if you didn’t meet up, you can relax and prepare very well to pass your jamb with high score.

What are the cut off mark for FUNAI?

Below are the departmental cut off mark for FUNAI post

One who wish to pass FUNAI post utme must know the departmental cut off mark as well.

220 – 240 – medicine and nursing ( o’level , 1 sitting )

200 – mass communication, common law, pharmacy, anatomy, physiology

190 – computer science, English language, bio chemistry, micro biology, geology, all engineering courses except agricultural and biosystem engineering.

180 – all other courses.

The nature of FUNAI post utme is very straight unlike other Nigeria university.

After admission, what comes up is what they call department faculty screening.

Before the process, you must have accepted your admission and

also paid a one time fee known as acceptance fee which is not refundable at any cost.

Below are the documents needed for the screening

Your original o’level result, Birth certificate or affidavit, Jamb original slip, Attestation letter Reference letter of good conduct from an important individual.

Wow, I must appreciate your time because you made this post ,how to pass funai post utme exam come true.

Thanks for reading and I want you to practice what you have just read so as to enable you pass FUNAI post utme as you prepare for the examination.

Did you have any question? If yes! Drop it in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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